New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3

The New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3 is a neutral road running shoe. It was designed to be both comfortable and sporty. It has an ACTEVA midsole with a laser engraved logo. It also features a contact ground EVA outsole that adds cushioning and bounce to each step, as well as good traction and ground feel. The NB Response 2.0 Performance insert adds, even more, cushioning to the footbed and returns energy back to the wearer. Its textile, synthetic and upper is constructed to easily slip on and is flexible enough to accommodate different foot shapes. The bootie construction creates a sock-like feel that's comfortable enough to wear all day long. The synthetic saddle around the heel and midfoot provides support and light stability. It also has a no-sew application to prevent irritation and a breathable upper to allow ventilation. The 8mm drop means more cushioning in the heel for comfort and forward momentum. If you are a neutral runner in need of a cushioned gym or competition shoe, continue reading to see if the Fuelcore Coast V3 is right for you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable cushioning and support
  • Great color options
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • True to size
  • Wide sizes available
  • Great price
  • Cons
    • Sole may not be very durable
    • Not for long distance runs
    • Some people prefer different laces
    • Colors might not match photos
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made out of ground contact EVA material. It provides great traction and ground feel, as well as adding an extra layer of cushioning and support underneath the foot. It also helps prevent bruising to the bottom of the foot. EVA has better flexibility, traction, and bounce compared to a traditional rubber outsole, although it is not quite as durable. There are treads along the outside edges of the outsole, with slightly denser areas in the heel and toe for better durability during landings and toe-offs. The toe area has a laser engraved logo. An indented line connects the heel to the forefoot, with forwarding pointing arrows, for a smooth heel to toe transitions.
      The midsole is mostly made of ACTEVA, which has better compression and is lighter than regular EVA foam. It's able to maintain its shape over long periods of time, which improves durability. The upper layer of the midsole is an NB Response 2.0 Performance insert that cushions landings, absorbs shock, and rebounds the foot back into the air. There is only a small amount of arch support. The midsole has good flexibility to allow natural movement and an 8mm drop for cushioning and responsiveness.
      The upper uses textile, synthetic and mesh material. The mesh allows air to flow in and out of the shoe to keep it dry and cool. There is a synthetic saddle around the midfoot and heel that provides some structure, support, and stability, but is also stitched to allow ventilation. The material is not sewn on in order to reduce the risk of blisters and irritation. It was constructed so the wearer can easily slip it on and off, and uses a bootie construction that gives a soft, sock-like feel. The upper is also flexible enough to accommodate different foot shapes and allow the toes to spread comfortably. The shoe has a toe cap for protection, speed laces for stability and support, and light padding in the heel for comfort.
      This is a lightweight shoe. The men's shoe weighs 7.1 oz (201 g) and the women's shoe weighs 6.2 oz (176 g). The outsole uses ground contact EVA instead of heavier rubber. The midsole uses ACTEVA, which is about 24% lighter than regular EVA foam, and a lightweight NB Response 2.0 Performance insert. The upper is mostly mesh, which is lighter than other materials, and the textile and synthetic materials are stitched to be both lightweight and breathable.
      The New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3 is very breathable. The upper has a lot of mesh, which easily allows air to flow around the foot to keep it cool on hot days and long runs. It uses a no-sew design to eliminate the risk of blisters and irritation from the stitching, and the bootie construction provides a soft feel that also prevents irritation. Even the synthetic saddle is breathable due to its porous material that allows ventilation.
      The Fuelcore Coast V3 is comfortable enough to wear as a daily running, competition, or an everyday shoe. Its length is true to size, although a couple of people thought it was a half size too large or small. It comes in regular and wide sizes. Its upper has stretchable fabric in order to accommodate runners with wide or differently shaped feet and to allow the toes to splay comfortably. The outsole uses ground contact EVA, which adds an extra layer of cushioning to the sole unit. The midsole uses ACTEVA and an NB Response 2.0 Performance insert to cushion landings.

      The upper was constructed to easily slip on and off and has a sock-like feel. The no-sew application prevents irritation and blisters. The speed laces and synthetic saddle provide a comfortable fit around the heel and midfoot. The lightweight, breathability, responsiveness and support also make the shoe more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Testers did note that the cushioning tends to stay crushed if worn on longer runs, so this is not a good half or full marathon shoe.
      This shoe has great color options that were well-liked by reviewers. The design is a solid color with a lot of mesh and a breathable synthetic saddle. The outsole has a laser engraved logo on the toe area. Speed laces add stability and support, although a few people said they would have preferred elastic or regular laces. The women's shoe comes in Black with Phantom, Sunrise Glo with White, and Light Cyclone with White. Men can choose between Pigment with Energy Lime, Team Away Grey with Pigment, Black with Phantom, and White with Black. Most people thought that the colors matched the advertisement photos, but one reviewer ended up with a pair of shoes that was slightly different from the color in the photos.
      The New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3 has pretty good durability. A few testers noted that the outsole was not as durable as other shoes due to its use of EVA rather than rubber, although there are denser spots in the heel and toe for landings and takeoffs. A few testers reported the sole wearing down after just a few runs. The midsole has good durability due to its ACTEVA with good compression, and the NB Response 2.0 Performance insert is also durable. The upper is made of stretchable material that can easily be taken on and off, which improves durability due to its ability to bounce back to its shape.
      The Fuelcore Coast V3 has standard protective features. The outsole and midsole raise the foot off the ground and protect it from bruising, as well as cushioning landings and absorbing shock to protect knees and ankles. The drop means more cushioning and protection in the heel. The upper has a toe cap to protect against stubbing. The breathability protects against heat. The speed laces and synthetic saddle lock in the heel and midfoot to protect against rolling and sliding. As a neutral shoe, it does not protect against over-pronation.
      This shoe is very responsive. The outsole's ground contact EVA has good ground contact and energy return, and it also has a line connecting the heel to the forefoot for smooth transitions. The midsole returns energy back to the wearer with its ACTEVA foam and NB Response 2.0 Performance insert. The drop also helps bounce the foot forward with each step. The upper's flexibility allows the foot to move and the toes to splay naturally in order to pick up speed.
      The New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3 has comfortable support. The outsole acts as an extra layer of support due to its softer EVA material rather than standard hard rubber. The midsole has light arch support and the bottom of the foot is supported by the ACTEVA foam and NB Response 2.0 Performance insert. The upper provides support around the heel with its light padding and synthetic saddle, and the midfoot with the synthetic saddle and the speed lacing system.
      The Fuelcore Coast V3 is a road running shoe. Its tread was designed to go on light gravel, dirt tracks during competitions and events, paved roads, or light trails and paths. It can also be worn indoors as an everyday shoe or at the gym. It is not a shoe for running on trails, climbing rocks, going on snow or ice, or running marathons.
      This shoe has a great price. Its initial price was a little over half the average running shoe price, and most retailers still sell it at that price. It has a nice look, good breathability, and lots of cushioning, which make it a great choice for gym use and competitions, and its low price makes it popular for new and experienced runners alike. However, testers who wanted to use it as a marathon shoe were disappointed that the cushioning stayed compressed after long runs and needed a day or two to bounce back, so marathon runners will need to buy a different pair of shoes for their marathons.
      The New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3 has good traction, thanks to its ground contact EVA outsole. The material is stickier than some kinds of rubber, which provides a good grip to stabilize landings and when going uphill or downhill. The treads grip roads and hard surfaces well, although the shoe does not have lugs for gripping mud or technical terrain or spikes for racing or gripping snow or ice.
      The Fuelcore Coast V3 has good flexibility at all three levels. The outsole's EVA is more flexible than rubber, and the line connecting the heel to the forefoot allows natural movement and smooth transitions. The midsole is also flexible, with its compressed ACTEVA foam and NB Response 2.0 Performance insert that bend as the foot does. The upper is very flexible, thanks to its sock-like construction. It lets the toes splay comfortably, accommodates wider or differently-shaped feet, and allows the foot to pick up speed during take-offs and landings.
      This is a neutral road running shoe, meaning it has minimal stability features. It was not designed to slow over-pronation or to prevent the ankle from rolling or the foot from sliding when going over technical terrain. Its outsole helps stabilize landings and the midsole provides cushioning that helps prevent sliding inside the shoe. The upper has a saddle that stabilizes the heel and midfoot, and the laces help lock in the fit around the midfoot to prevent rolling or sliding.
      The drop for this shoe is 8mm. The heel is 32mm high and the forefoot is 24mm high. This high stack height means there is a lot of cushioning, which is good for new or injury-prone runners because it helps protect the joints. The drop means there is extra padding in the heel, which helps bounce the foot forward and return energy during heel strikes, and also adds protection for people with plantar fasciitis.
      Key Features
      • Ground Contact EVA outsole

      • Laser engraved logo

      • NB Response 2.0 Performance insert adds cushioning to the footbed and returns energy

      • Constructed to easily slip on and off

      • ACTEVA midsole

      • Textile and synthetic upper

      • Bootie construction for a sock-like feel

      • No-sew application helps prevent irritation

      • Synthetic saddle offers support and stability

      • 8mm drop
      Bottom Line
      The New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3 is a great road running shoe for neutral runners who are new to running, experienced runners, or anywhere in between. It is a lot of cushioning for soft landings and joint protection. It has a simple but well-liked style that looks good when worn with either regular clothes or running clothes. It is lightweight, breathable, and supportive, which makes it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. It also has good flexibility and responsiveness. Its low price makes it an attractive option for many people. The two biggest complaints were that the outsole was not as durable as other shoes and that the cushioning would compress during longer runs. Overall, this comfortable, sporty, and affordable shoe is great for athletic events, competitions, or use at the gym.
      Where to Buy
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