Inov-8 F-Lite 260

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Inov-8 F-Lite 260 Review Facts

Inov-8 created their F-Lite 260 training shoe to be lightweight, agile, and completely stable during high-intensity workouts. The outsole is made from the brand’s Sticky Grip rubber for even stronger traction. A Powerflow foam midsole is enhanced with a Dynamic Fascia Band for greater cushioning and responsiveness. Breathable mesh forms the front half of the upper, while the rear half is comprised of synthetic materials for stability. And specialized Rope-Tec extends from the midsole to form protective overlays that make rope climbing a breeze. Reviewers feel completely cushioned and secure as they train and still feel just as comfortable when wearing these shoes in casual settings.

Editor's Pros & Cons

-Comfortable and versatile

-Offers great stability

-Plenty of toe room

-Very supportive

-Stylish design


-Does not fit true to size

-Inconsistent durability

-Limited color options

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  • This shoe provides a good balance between a training shoe and a lifting shoe.
  • Buyers like these for Crossfit and other training workouts.
  • Some reviewers like these for lifting; especially for squats.
  • The roomy toe box allows natural toe splay for getting a steady stance.
  • The outsole provides a good, sticky grip.
  • The minimal stack height increases stability when lifting compared to other shoes.
  • The laces stay tied during activity.
  • These have a little more cushion than the 235 model.
  • People who have years of Crossfit experience like these shoes.
  • These work well for rope climbs.
  • Quality craftsmanship is apparent in the construction.
  • The outsole doesn't get caught on rubber mats.
  • Some reviewers say these work well for light running.
  • The insole is comfortable for flat feet.
  • The sizing seems inconsistent with other Inov-8 shoes.
  • These are narrower than earlier models.
  • There are limited colors available.
  • The durability of the sole appears to be below average for Inov-8.
  • These are not recommended for people with wide feet.
  • The overlays on the upper may bunch up near the laces.
  • There is some color discrepancy from online photos.
  • There are mixed reviews on the look and colors.
  • The heel is narrow.
  • There are complaints of rub from the overlay on the toe box.
  • If you need a lot of arch support, these may disappoint.
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Fans of the F-Lite series will be pleased to know that the F-Lite 260 features that same outsole design as its predecessors. The only difference is that the sticky rubber compound, called Sticky Grip, that’s used to construct it now provides better traction both indoors and outdoors. Its tread pattern closely maps out the natural anatomy of a human foot, permitting a supportive wear and more natural movement. The outsole extends up and wraps over the front to create a toe bumper that safeguards against impact. In addition, a Meta-Flex runs across the widest part of the forefoot to allow more flexibility as well as a stronger toe-off.


Powerflow foam makes up the full length of the F-Lite 26’s primary midsole unit. According to Inov-8, it’s engineered to have 10% more shock absorption and 15% greater energy return than standard EVA foam. A Dynamic Fascia Band is also in place, mimicking that natural curvature of the foot and providing an even greater spring with each step. The brand’s specialized Rope-Tec covers the midfoot area for additional protection and a much stronger grip while climbing rope. Finally, a 6mm Power Footbed insole is included for added cushioning. This feature is also covered in mesh to permit a more breathable wear.


Most of the F-Lite 260’s upper is made out of breathable mesh, which targets hotspots where they happen most often. It wraps tightly around the forefoot and midfoot areas, giving what many have described as a sock-like fit. As for the rearfoot, it’s covered entirely by a synthetic material outfitted with TPU panels on both sides of the heel. This gives the wearer more stability, preventing accidental removal, and supports the foot during certain workouts. Inov-8’s Rope-Tec returns to form the shoe’s midfoot cage, giving greater protection during rope climbing and supporting the midfoot area along with the lacing system. Flat laces are also included for even greater security.


The F-Lite 260 is a relatively lightweight training shoe, with men's sizes averaging at around 10 oz. and women's at 8 oz. This is to be expected, as it has to provide an incredibly agile wear by allowing ease of motion throughout intense training regiments. Still, it does have some density to it thanks to its protective and stabilizing features. While they're engineered to not be too bulky or cumbersome, a little bit of extra mass lets buyers know that they'll be safe and secure during their workouts.


Though it doesn’t permit complete airflow, since its heel is made up of synthetic materials, the F-Lite 260 still works to actively target hotspots where they happen most often. The forefoot and midfoot areas are made up almost entirely of a breathable mesh material that offers a snug fit yet still provides unrestricted ventilation. This is enhanced even further by the inclusion of a Power Footbed insole, which is also covered in mesh for even greater airflow. This results in not only a cooler and dryer wear but also a drastic reduction in foot odor and the number of blisters or infections that the wearer may experience.


Overall, reviewers are very happy with how comfortable the F-Lite 260 is. The different technologies within its sole unit provide the right amount of supportive cushioning that’s also incredibly responsive. Whether they’re running, lifting heavy weights, or even climbing rope, crossfit enthusiasts are still given an easy, pain-free wear. And the upper completely supports the top of the foot while its mesh material provides unrestricted air flow to the areas that need it most, keeping the inside of the shoe cooler and dryer. Many have claimed that this model can comfortably transition from the gym into everyday environments. However, there are some who feel that this particular shoe is uncomfortably narrow, recommending that buyers go at least a size up.


The F-Lite 260 has the same silhouette as other models within the F-Lite line. It also features the same tread pattern and the same general midfoot cage design. Reviewers find this model to be a simple yet very sporty addition to their fitness wear collection that they can also pair up with a number of casual looks. The only complaint that some have is that there are only three different color options altogether. Men are offered blue/black, while women have purple/black in their sizes. As for those who prefer neutrals, grey/black is available in both men’s and women’s sizes.


Most reviewers have been satisfied by the F-Lite 260’s level of durability. Its sticky rubber outsole is highly resistant to abrasion, especially on paved or uneven surfaces. Its responsive Powerflow foam midsole retains its shape even after many intense workouts. Rope-Tec used on both the midsole and midfoot cage was specifically created to withstand constant rope climbing. And the entire back portion of the upper is encased in synthetic materials to help it maintain its shape. However, there were some buyers who noticed damage to the outsole and upper after wearing this model only a handful of times. Others claimed that the midfoot area lost its shape after a while and would start to bunch up every time the laces were tightened.


Whatever hazards a cross-trainer could possibly run into, the F-Lite 260 ensures that they're protected from all of them. Not only does its stick rubber outsole provide incredibly secure traction on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, but it also extends further and curls up over the toes to create a protective toe bumper. Its Powerflow foam midsole has a higher level of shock absorption than standard EVA foam, reducing the amount of pain that the wearer might feel at the end of their workout. The breathable mesh material of its upper allows hotspots to be eliminated where they happen most often, while its synthetic rearfoot section keeps the heel securely in place. The brand's specialized Rope-Tec technology covers the center of the midsole and forms a midfoot cage to safeguard the foot during rope-climbing exercises.


Since this shoe was built for high-intensity workouts, the F-Lite 260 has to provide a responsive wear. It achieves this by using Inov-8's Powerflow foam as its midsole unit. Though this version isn't nearly as thick as many other athletic shoes, the brand still states that it provides 10% more shock absorption and 15% more energy return than standard EVA foam. This is enhanced even further with the inclusion of a Dynamic Fascia Band, which mimics the foot's natural windlass effect for an even greater spring with each step. Reviews indicate that both these features contribute greatly to its overall protective, agile, and comfortable wear.


Though its platform isn't nearly as thick as other athletic shoes on the market, reviews indicate that the F-Lite 260 still provides enough support for high-intensity CrossFit training. The responsive Powerflow foam midsole is aided by a Power Footbed insole, giving the wearer an added layer of cushioning that also safeguards them from impact and retains its shape underneath their weight. While it's not suitable for all foot shape, the upper's narrow build keeps the top of the foot supported along with the shoe's midfoot cage and lacing system. Finally, the synthetic rearfoot is enhanced by TPU panels that support the heel and prevents any accidental removal.


Though it was made to be used mostly at indoor training facilities, the F-Lite 260's wear is actually surprisingly versatile. Its sticky rubber outsole, responsive midsole, and structured yet breathable upper allow the wearer to comfortably go through a series of high-intensity workouts. This includes weight-lifting, wall walks, rowing, and even rope climbing. It even includes added stability features and a specialized midfoot cage to keep the foot protected and ensure that it never slips out accidentally. Furthermore, these same features also make it an excellent choice for jogging or even light trail running. Reviewers state that its traction even works on wet surfaces.


The F-Lite 260 is definitely on the higher side of average when it comes to its price. On sites such as Zappos, Eastbay, and Inov-8's own online shop, this model can usually be found for $130. Lower prices are also available on Amazon and eBay, just as long as the buyer checks the online reviews first. Though some may initially be turned off by its original price tag, many find its versatile wear and levels of functionality during workouts to be more than worth the cost. Still, its inconsistent sizing and occasional lack of durability do have some feeling concerned.


Sticky rubber is known for providing incredible traction, so it only makes sense that Inov-8 uses it for their F-Lite training shoe line. The F-Lite 260 is outfitted with a more enhanced compound known as Sticky Grip, which allows for not only more enhanced traction but also an easier transition between indoor and outdoor environments. Reviewers that have bought this model solely for training are very happy with how secure they feel during their workouts. And the inclusion of Rope-Tec along the midsole and upper makes rope climbing even easier. Even better, a number of buyers have said that it works just as well during outdoor runs and casual settings, even when the ground is wet.


While reviews don't go into much detail about how flexible the F-Lite 260 is, its materials and product descriptions indicate that it focuses more on stability. The forefoot and midfoot areas of the upper are covered with a breathable mesh fabric, and a Meta-Flex groove runs across the widest part of the outsole to allow natural bending where it happens most often. The rearfoot area, on the other hand, is covered entirely in synthetic materials to provide structure and security. Still, reviewers have noted that it's easy to move around in as they go through training.


For a lightweight training shoe, the F-Lite 260 proves to be incredibly stable. Its Sticky Grip outsole provides incredibly secure traction on multiple surfaces throughout multiple workouts. The Powerflow foam midsole's high responsiveness is enhanced by a Dynamis Fascia Band to keep the wearer running along smoothly. While the breathable mesh of its upper isn't stable on its own, it gets plenty of help from Inov-8's Rope-Tec, which forms a supportive midfoot cage, as well as the synthetic materials and TPU panels that hold the heel in place. Finally, its lacing system is outfitted with flattened laces to ensure that they are always tied securely.


With a heel height of 14mm and a toe height of only 6mm, the F-Lite 260's 8mm drop provides just enough cushioning for those to still want that close-to-the-ground wear. And because it's slightly shorter than the average 10mm drop height, it also permits a much more natural gait cycle. However, those who prefer either a lower drop height or a zero drop platform will have to look through Inov-8's other models.
Key Features

Key Features

-Sticky Grip outsole with Meta-Flex
-Highly responsive Powerflow foam midsole
-Dynamic Fascia Band for greater energy return
-Power Footbed provides added cushioning
-Rope-Tec for rope climbing workouts
-Breathable mesh along forefoot and midfoot
-Synthetic rearfoot with TPU panels
-Only three colorways available
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Overall, the Inov-8 F-Lite 260 proves to be highly effective and comfortable when used for both CrossFit and everyday life. Its incredible traction, responsive cushioning, and structured yet breathable upper allow the wearer to move swiftly and securely through a number of different high-intensity workouts. It even comes equipped with added protection in the form of Rope-Tec to ensure a truly stable and versatile wear. However, its narrow design does make it unfit for certain foot shapes. And while reviewers do love its sleek and sporty design, they do wish that it was offered in more colors. Despite this, it’s easy to see why this model has become the go-to footwear for many fitness enthusiasts.