Asics Gel Torrance

The Asics Gel Torrance is a great-looking sneaker that combines support, comfort, and breathability. Typically, Asics sneakers do not follow current style trends but the Gel Torrence is in the style game with its knit upper and low-profile design. These sneakers boast Gel cushioning in the heel and SPEVA foam in the midsole which is both supportive and shock absorbent. Another great thing about these shoes is that they are durable with their high abrasion rubber on the outsole and supportive synthetic overlays on the upper. Although these are not the best sneaker for running mile after mile, they are an excellent choice for a low-cost high quality casual or light-workout sneaker.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • A very affordable price tag for such a high-quality sneaker
  • Stylish upper makes these sneakers versatile
  • Lightweight and very breathable
  • Gel cushioning at the heel attenuates shock
  • Comfortable SPEVA midsole and knit upper
  • Cons
    • Some users say forefoot runs narrow
    • Not a great choice for long-distance running or heavy training
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this sneaker does not contain a lot of exciting technologically-advanced features or amazing lugs. Rather, the outsole of the Gel Torrance is more like a regular old sneaker. Because this shoe is not designed to be a high-performance shoe, it doesn’t contain many exciting features in its outsole. The high abrasion rubber, otherwise known as AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) is designed to help prevent the outsole from wearing out too easily and to protect the rest of the sneaker from regular wear and tear. The AHAR is placed throughout the entire outsole and features a textured triangle-like pattern on the rectangular rubber pods. There are also a few flex grooves on the forefoot and one at the rear of the sneaker to aid in more flexibility.
      The Gel Torrance has a midsole made up of a lightweight EVA material called SPEVA. This material is designed to deliver excellent bounce-back while also decreasing midsole breakdown. This makes the midsole both highly reactive with great energy return and comfortable. This sneaker also features Asics’ Rearfoot Gel cushioning system which provides both shock absorbency and a smooth heel to toe transition. Because the Gel cushioning system is placed in the rear of the shoe, this is a great sneaker for those who are new to running or those who tend to be heel-strikers. The fact that the Gel cushioning attenuates shock on touch down is definitely a positive for runners who may fall into either of these categories.
      The upper of the Asics Gel Torrance is both attractive and breathable. It is made up of a few different fabrics, the most obvious being the knit-like material at the forefoot of the shoe. This knit material allows for airflow and comfort and does not constrict your feet at all. The knit part of the upper makes up the tongue of the sneaker as well. From the midfoot to the rear of the sneaker, the Gel Torrance features another breathable textile fabric in a slightly different color. This tight-knit fabric also aids in breathability but also acts as a supportive saddle to your midfoot and works together with the synthetic overlays placed over it to lock your foot in place. The lacing system is attached to these synthetic overlays so when you adjust the laces tighter, you fasten the sneaker to your foot more securely. At the rear of the sneaker, you will see the “Asics” word logo peeking through the mesh overlay placed at the heel. The heel also includes a heel pull tab for an easier on and off experience. The upper of the Gel Torrance also has a comfortable removable sock liner.
      Although the Gel Torrance has a layered upper, it is still fairly lightweight. The men’s sneaker weighs in at 8.5 ounces while the women’s weighs around 7.4 ounces.
      Both the inner lining of this sneaker and the upper materials give this sneaker decent breathability. The soft sock liner not only makes the shoe extremely comfortable, even without socks, but it also allows for good airflow into the foot chamber. The forefoot of the Gel Torrance is made up of lightweight breathable woven textile material so this is the most breathable portion of the sneaker. The midfoot and rear of the sneaker is not quite as breathable because these sections of the shoe contain more textile materials and synthetic overlays. However, these lightweight layers are also breathable so they do not detract too much from the airflow.
      Asics Gel cushioning has been regarded as an extremely comfortable cushioning system by many consumers of past Asics sneaker styles and the Gel Torrance is no exception. The company’s Gel cushioning system is placed at the heel of the Torrance to allow for a more shock-absorbent and comfortable fit in the heel. The SPEVA foam found in the sneaker’s midsole also allows for excellent comfort as well. The toe box of this sneaker has gotten the most complaints regarding comfort, however. A number of consumers have said that the toe area tends to run a little narrow but if you are using them for casual wear, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
      In the past, Asics sneakers have been extremely sporty-looking which, really, is not a problem considering they are designed to be exercised in for the most part. However, with the Gel Torrance, Asics decided to give the casual style a little more attention. One of the current style trends in today’s sneaker market is woven sneakers and shoes that look like they’ve been knit, especially on the forefoot. One look at the Gel Torrance, and you’ll see that Asics hit the mark in this style trend. The toe box area of the Gel Torrance has a knit-material look to it, no matter what colorway you choose. The rest of the sneaker features a sportier look but all of the colorways are subtle enough to wear them with almost any casual outfit. Because the Gel Torrance is not meant to be a high-performance shoe, the casual style goes with its performance.
      Many sneakers on the market today are made up of a woven textile material or a mesh. Both of these materials tend to wear easily due to their lack of structural integrity. However, the trend of sneakers is going in the lightweight direction, so this is a sacrifice many shoe companies are willing to make in order to deliver a lightweight and breathable shoe. With that said, because there are synthetic overlays at the midfoot and rear of this sneaker, its upper is more durable than many other knit sneakers. The textile is tightly knit and has a layer of supportive synthetic material over two-thirds of it resulting in a more durable upper. The SPEVA midsole is designed to break down slowly so this is naturally more durable than some other foam midsole materials. The high abrasion rubber found on the outsole of the Gel Torrance is also very durable because it is specifically designed to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. All in all, this is a durable lightweight sneaker, especially if you buy them for casual use or light to moderate exercise.
      The Asics Gel Torrance will protect your feet from getting tired and sore even if you wear them all day. These sneakers are not engineered to be worn through high-intensity workouts or long distance running, so if you plan to wear them for such activities, you will likely not feel as protected as if you were to wear shoes designed for these exercises. With that said, the Gel Torrance is a protective shoe for light to moderate exercising and running or for everyday use thanks to the Gel cushioning system, AHAR outsole, and responsive SPEVA midsole. Your feet and joints will feel comfortable and protected in these sneakers.
      Although the Asics Gel Torrance is not designed to be a high-performance sneaker, it does have some responsive qualities. The Gel cushioning system that is located at the heel of the shoe is the most responsive feature of this sneaker. This cushioning system attenuates the shock as you strike down on your heel and pushes you forward, delivering a smooth heel to toe transition. The sneaker also has a SPEVA midsole which is engineered to absorb shock and then immediately return to its original shape which automatically delivers additional response.
      The Asics Gel Torrance is not designed to be a highly supportive sneaker. Rather, they are made to deliver comfort and support for everyday wear or light exercise. The Gel cushioning system at the heel of the shoe will aid in shock absorbency and will help to support your heel and guide your feet through the heel to toe transition smoothly. The synthetic overlays that are placed at the midfoot will also help to support your foot by keeping it snugly supported within the textile fabric of the upper.
      These sneakers are equipped to carry you throughout your day as a casual sneaker or as a lightweight gym shoe or light running sneaker. They do not feature aggressive lugs on the outsole or advanced technological properties to guide you over long-distance runs. The high abrasion rubber on the sneakers’ outsole, combined with the responsive SPEVA midsole and breathable upper will allow for a comfortable all day wear if you wear them for activities for which they are designed.
      One great characteristic of the Asics Gel Torrance is the fact that it is very affordable. These sneakers can be purchased for anywhere from $55 to $70 currently. Considering the fact that these shoes bear the well-known Asics name, they are an excellent value.
      The outsole design of the Asics Gel Torrance does not lend the sneaker to a great amount of traction. However, with that said, there is enough high abrasion rubber to help you gain the traction you need over typical everyday work or casual surfaces. There is no aggressive lug system or grippy material featured on the shoe so it will not grip the ground with incredible strength but it will keep you steady in the everyday.
      Because this sneaker is made up of lightweight materials, it is pretty flexible. The breathable woven upper moves easily with your foot as it flexes while the SPEVA midsole materials allow for a decent amount of flexibility as well. The sneaker’s outsole features a large amount of high abrasion rubber so this is the least flexible portion of the sneaker. However, there are a couple of flex grooves present on the forefoot which give the shoe a little more flex.
      These sneakers are not stability sneakers and do not offer a lot of stabilizing features. The Asics Gel Torrance is a great sneaker for someone who has a neutral gait. The Gel cushioning and SPEVA foam will keep your foot supported and relatively stable. However, if you are looking for some extra stabilizing features, you may want to look elsewhere for sneakers.
      These sneakers have a neutral drop and are good for runners without foot issues and concerns. They are not the best choice for distance running or serious training but they will help carry you through shorter runs with their neutral drop.
      Key Features
      - Gel cushioning at the heel of the shoe helps to absorb shock and deliver a smooth heel to toe transition
      - Lightweight knit upper is extremely breathable
      - Synthetic overlays at midfoot and into the rear of the sneaker add extra support and allow for a snug fit
      - SPEVA midsole is designed to attenuate shock and return back to its original shape quickly
      - Asics High Abrasion Rubber in outsole makes the sole extremely durable
      Bottom Line
      In the end, the Asics Gel Torrance is an affordable, lightweight, stylish, and breathable sneaker. Although it may not be the best choice for serious training or long-distance running, the shoe features enough comfort and support features to protect your feet and joints if you decide to take them for a jog or to the gym. They are pretty durable so you’ll be able to wear them for quite some time if you aren’t too hard on them. Asics is a well-known brand and made this sneaker to be a stylish casual to light gym time option that you can wear out on the town as well. With such a small price tag for such a high-quality product, they are worth a try.
      Where to Buy
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