New Balance Vazee Prism

The New Balance Vazee Prism is the first shoe of this series to the New Balance brand. A first of its kind, New Balance managed to create a shoe that falls into the performance sector while also remaining in the stability sector. As a stability shoe that has a remarkably comfortable design, the shoe benefits low and heavy mileage runners alike. It is ideal for a runner that wants a cushioned, yet lightweight shoe. Runners get speed without losing support. In the new design, New Balance has created a trainer that is also lightweight. The shoe also provides flexibility, breathability, and comfort – combining features in a unique and streamlined way. The cushioned midsole provides the support and stability runners need utilizing New Balance’s REVlite cushioning. With arch support stability, a medial post for extra stability, and a breathable upper, runners will be impressed with this comfortable, sleek shoe. And we can't omit the fact that this shoe has an affordable price tag that makes this shoe a great pick for everyday runners who need that extra stability.

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Pros & Cons

REVlite cushioning creates soft impact

Affordable price tag

High performance without sacrificing support


Features a medial post for extra stability


Grip suffers in the rain

Some felt that the toe box was too tight

Key Features
The New Balance Vazee Prism’s outsole uses a mixture of carbon rubber and blown runner to prevent wear while also providing a cushioned experience. The shoe uses carbon runner in the high wear area, adding an extra bit of durability to the shoe, while the forefront uses the blown rubber to help with the shoe’s traction and cushioning. There is also hard foam throughout the sole unit creating an extra layer of protection on the outside of the foot. The shoe also boasts a medial post that helps fight overpronation. The Vazee Prism also has Full EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) Strobel board that helps promote more comfort to the wearer. While a lot of these features add to the shoe’s comfort and stability, there is a lack of grip. Reviewers needed more traction in wet conditions. Overall, though, reviewers thought the outsole was above average.
The Vazee Prism’s midsole uses New Balance’s Revlite foam throughout the shoe. This foam is unlike anything that’s been used before, as it is super lightweight, yet responsive. While the foam is naturally firm, it is deceivingly light, giving the wearer shock absorption with power through the transition. One runner described it like a springboard-like ride by natural pushing the wearer forward. The only complaint regarding the outsole was that it could be a bit more flexible, yet the shoe is still highly durable and comfortable. Runners should feel comfortable knowing that New Balance has taken its time designing this unique, lightweight foam that does not sacrifice stability or cushioning in any way.
The New Balance Vazee Prism has a high quality upper. The shoe uses a no-sew material application to create a highly breathable upper, creating a cool, dry experience for runners. Open mesh covers a majority of the shoe aiding its breathability. The no-sew upper also reduces the risk of blisters. The upper also uses heated overlays that provide added support and structure to the wearer. The shoe uses a deconstructed heel that offers additional support while preventing heel slippage. The Vazee Prism uses the oblique toe box that creates a fit that hugs the foot. However, some felt that the toe box is too snug and creates a feeling that the shoe is too small. Also, a few runners felt that the shoe’s minimal upper did not secure the foot enough. Overall, though, the Vazee Prism’s upper is still above average.
New Balance has created an ultralight, streamlined shoe that helps runners feel secure without sacrificing performance. The shoe comes in at 9.9 ounces for men and 8.3 ounces for women. The superlight foam cushioning provides added support without adding weight. The shoe is a fast, lightweight option for everyday and heavy runners. Even with the shoe's light weight, runners said that they had ample stability throughout the shoe.
Breathability is above average for the New Balance Vazee Prism. With a mesh upper and new sew material application, the Vazee Prism provides a cool, dry experience. The open mesh covers a majority of the shoe adding to the shoe’s breathability as well. This light-weight material keeps the foot comfortable and stable throughout runs. The shoe’s comfort and breathability create a shoe that is hard to top.
Comfort ratings are clearly high for the New Balance Vazee Prism. Made for heavy and everyday runners, the shoe has features that combine to create a highly comfortable ride. The Vazee Prism uses a full EVA Strobel board, offers arch support and uses a mesh upper to create the optimal comfort experience. The Revlite midsole provides an ample amount of cushioning during impact while adding to the shoe’s responsiveness. The Vazee Prism also uses a medial post to prevent the foot from rolling inward. These features combine to create a blend of strength and stability while adding comfort. The shoe also uses a bootie-style constriction that is said to hold the tongue and upper together. This creates a snug fit that most people were looking for. However, some did feel that the oblique toe box made it feel like the shoe was too small, affecting sizing. Otherwise, the shoe’s comfort is well above average on this lightweight, supportive shoe.
The New Balance Vazee Prism comes in a variety of bold colors, going along with the style of many new running shoes that are colorful. New Balance has definitely created a sleek style to go with the performance shoe. The only issue that is noticed is the amount of white on the cushioning that doesn’t go as well with the rest of the bold shoe. However, overall, the shoe’s style works with what New Balance is going for with this shoe.
The New Balance Vazee Prism has average durability. The New Balance’s added cushioning, this stability shoe has a strong rubber outsole that is highly durable. The carbon rubber coverage contributes to the shoe’s great durability, but it does not impact the shoe’s grip which is somewhat lacking. The midsole is another strong feature that helps create a durable shoe with the Revlite foam. The mesh upper contributes to the shoe’s durability as well, although one reviewer felt that the upper durability was lacking a bit. Overall, though, there were no complaints from heavy runners about wear and tear that impacted mileage.
There are several features that contribute to protection on the New Balance Vazee Prism. The shoe’s outsole provides protection from tough surfaces. It uses a mixture of carbon runner and blown rubber to create a unique, protective barrier. The shoe uses carbon rubber in parts of the shoe that experience high wear and blown rubber on the forefront to help with cushioning and traction. The shoe’s Revlite foam cushioning also provides an added level of protection on tough surfaces with rocks.
The New Balance Vazee Prism is designed to create a responsive running experience, without sacrificing on the overall weight of the shoe. The Revlite foam cushioning is ultralight, yet responsive. The cushioning helps during impact yet allows the foot to springboard creating a smoother transition and more power. The deconstructed heel also helps support natural movement while providing heel support. Runners felt that the shoe naturally pushed them forward, helping with their running overall running performance. The 8mm drop also contributes to the shoe’s smooth, responsive right. One reviewer felt that the heel feels lower and more out of the way because the toe is turned up, which propels you forward. Overall, the comfort and responsiveness of the New Balance Vazee Prism help runners with the performance while still offering stability.
The New Balance Vazee Prism is clearly designed with support in mind. The shoe is unlike anything that is on the market with a super low weight and an incredible amount of cushioning. The stability and support of this shoe are second only to the speed this shoe offers. The Vazee Prism uses a medial post to provide extra stability. The medial post is positioned on the inside edge of the shoe to help stop overpronation. The Revlite cushioning is firm, but also offers support during impact. The shoe’s deconstructed heel is another layer of support on this strong shoe, all while allowing for natural movement. The shoe also utilizes a bootie-style construction that keeps the foot snug and protected. Reviewers felt that the Vazee Prism offers a lot of support throughout both heavy and light mileage running. It is a great option for those looking for an extra amount of support with performance.
The New Balance Vazee Prism is made to be used on the road. While the shoe does have the Revlite foam cushioning and flex grooves, many felt there were some slight traction issues during wet conditions. While the shoe is not made for running on a trail, it still performs well on many road surfaces and there is still plenty of grip. Overall, the shoe should be worn on dry paved terrain, although there is some flexibility.
The New Balance Vazee Prism retails for approximately $99. However, as v2 is out now, it is possible to get an even better deal on this shoe. Even at retail, reviewers felt that this stability shoe that combines its lightweight, comfortable and high-performance features, is an affordable option. Runners would expect this shoe to be a much more expensive price. The affordable price makes this shoe not only a great price for those that are seasoned runners, but also those who are just starting out. Runners who purchase this shoe will get a performance shoe for a great price.
The New Balance Vazee Prism has a strong grip on most surfaces and conditions. The shoe is designed to be used on the road. The blown rubber used on the outsole, though, provides more traction. The flex grooves also contribute to the shoe’s traction. The only issue wearers had with traction was in wet conditions. The shoe’s grip does not perform well when wet. This could be a potential issue depending on where you are running. Overall though traction is still average.
While often cushioned and stable shoes like the Vazee Prism often don't offer much in terms of flexibility this shoe does offer a strong amount of flexibility. Most stability shoes often do not offer much flexibility. The lightweight cushioning still lets the shoe move. The flex grooves contribute to the shoe’s flexibility, as well as the upper and deconstructed heel. These features combine to provide stability and flexibility in a unique way that still helps with performance.
The New Balance Vazee Prism is a lightweight, yet highly supportive and stable shoe. Even at under 10 ounces, the shoe’s features deliver a stable, high-performing shoe. The shoe’s medial post is built to provide extra stability. The deconstructed heel also contributes to the shoe’s stability. The oblique toe box creates a snug fit that offers additional stability, as well as enough room in the forefoot. The shoe is said to be slightly wider which naturally helps with the shoe’s stability. Many runners felt that the shoe’s combination of comfort and stability, without sacrificing performance made it a strong option for heavy and everyday running.
The New Balance Vazee Prism has an 8mm drop. While a slightly larger drop than most runners typically prefer, one runner felt that the shoe felt more like a 4mm drop shoe.
Key Features
• 8 mm drop
• Revlite foam cushioning
• Bootie construction
• Medial post that prevents overpronation
• No-sew upper material
• Laces made of performance stretch
• Lightweight
• Incredibly fast
Bottom Line
New Balance does well with this shoe. Taking the time to design a shoe that has the features runners looking for stability want in a shoe, paid off for New Balance. The company has managed to create a stable, supportive and comfortable shoe, while also making it incredibly fast. At just under $100, the shoe can be found at a much lower price now that the v2 is out. The New Balance Vazee Prism is an ultralight and fast shoe that combines features like Revlite foam cushioning, a breathable, mesh upper, a medial post, and an 8mm drop to make this shoe flexible, responsive and stable. One runner compared the shoe to a springboard as its cushioning propelled her forward during transitions. The sleek, stylish design that utilizes bold colors also appeals to runners. While some wearers did feel that the shoe was a bit snug in the toe box, it could be recommended to order a ½ size larger. Heavy and everyday runners alike need to look at this shoe if stability and speed are key features needed in a shoe.
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