Nike Air Zoom Fly 2

Nike is known for their diverse selection of athletic apparel, and they’ve done a great job building a strong portfolio of running shoes throughout the year and have upped their game in 2016 with multiple styles, fits, and features. Whether you’re looking for a well-cushioned shoe or something more minimalist, Nike has likely produced something that will fit your needs. The Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 isn’t Nike’s most prominent shoe, but it still offers some much-desired features that many runners are looking for.

This low-profile trainer offers a responsive and stable ride every time out. Lightweight and durable, the Zoom Fly 2 is best on roads and race days. Its enhanced outsole is made of carbon rubber, offering excellent traction, and has been updated from the previous edition to be more reliable without adding significant weight. Its midsole combines two technologies—Cushlon foam and compression-molded Phylon—for lightweight and resilient cushioning. In addition, its lightweight upper mesh has been updated to enhance breathability and comfortability. Stylish, stable, and lightweight: for runners looking for a top-notch everyday trainer, the Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 is a trainer they can depend on.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight and flexible throughout, from the upper to the midsole to the outsole
  • Breathable upper despite bonded overlays
  • Durable outsole that provides great grip and traction on the road
  • Can be used for daily use and cross training
  • Cons
    • Too narrow in the heel and midfoot causes discomfort for some runners
    • Lack of support leads to sores and blisters on the bottom of the foot
    • Not suitable for trails.
    • Key Features
      The outsole uses Nike’s BRS 1000 technology. Made of carbon rubber, it features various different pods and designs that provide plenty of traction and grip on multiple surfaces. On the toes of the outsole and along the sides, there is a lined pattern that is slightly elevated. This pattern gives good grip on the surface while providing solid cushioning. Closer to the middle is mini square pods that further add to the cushioning of the midsole. Nike uses carbon rubber on the outsole, which means the Zoom Fly 2 has an extremely durable outsole that extends to the upper. This design is for runners who like to use their entire toes when pushing off.
      The midsole of the Zoom Fly 2 combines Cushlon foams and Compression-molded Phylon. This combination delivers a dual density midsole that provides excellent cushioning, stability, and durability. Despite the dual density of the midsole, the shoe is still lightweight, which speaks to the quality of Nike’s midsole design.

      The midsole also uses Nike’s Air Zoom technology, which are small pockets in the midsole that helps create pressure points, reducing the amount of stress on the feet and legs during a run while also enhancing the flexibility of the shoe. Overall, it’s a strong, smartly designed midsole that’s lightweight, comfortable, and increases overall stability.
      While the outsole and midsole are strong points of the shoe, the upper is where the Air Zoom Fly 2 may fall a bit short in the eyes of some customers. Nike uses a lightweight seamless mesh in the upper with bonded overlays. It’s not a bad upper by any means but it’s also not their Flyknit upper, which is more flexible and breathable. The Flyknit upper is a single piece of knitting that provides unbeatable comfort and durability, while the upper on the Air Zoom Fly 2 is a standard upper material that can be found in just about any running shoe. At first glance one may assume the overlay disrupts the breathability of the shoe, but once you take a good look at it you’ll notice that there is plenty of ventilation throughout the upper.
      The Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 weighs in at 8.5 ounces/241 grams, which is considered a lightweight running shoe. As previously mentioned, Nike had obviously put a lot of thought into the Zoom 2 to have so much tech integrated into it without substantially affecting its overall weight. Its dual density midsole, carbon rubber outsole, and overlays on the upper give the impression that it’s a much heavier shoe, but Nike’s smart design of the Zoom 2 has ended up delivering a lightweight shoe.
      While the upper isn’t their strong Flyknit material, this shoe still has good breathability throughout. Nike improved the upper from the Air Zoom Fly to make this second edition more lightweight and breathable. There are plenty of ventilation areas throughout the shoe, most notably on the upper forefoot and throughout the heel and sides.
      The biggest complaint with the Air Zoom Fly 2 is that the heel and midfoot are a bit too narrow. This can make for a tight fit on the back end or if you have bigger feet. If you do have bigger feet, just go up a half or full size--otherwise, you’re not going to have a good experience when running in these shoes. Aside from that, these shoes are comfortable throughout.

      The upper fits well on the top of the foot and provides plenty of flexibility for the foot to move around naturally while running. Its standard lacing system allows the runner to make them as tight or as lose as desired. The midsole gives strong cushioning while running, and the Air Zoom technology helps disperse the pressure when the foot strikes the ground. While they are made for running, the Zoom Fly 2 can be for everyday use as well. They are comfortable enough for daily errands, running, or walking.
      Typically, Nike is unmatched when it comes to different color options and styles on their shoes and all athletic apparel. You can go with black and white or bright crimson and neon green, among other color variations. This is a muted sneaker and not as flashy as other Nike sneakers. The Zoom Fly 2 has a sleek and strong look to them, but they are nothing that would stand out in a crowd—which, depending on one’s taste, can be a good thing.
      Runners can expect to get around 300 miles out of the Zoom Fly 2, which is about average for a running shoe. The seamless upper is very durable and is supported by the bonded overlay. It’s an upper that is not going to wear and tear over time. Its dual density midsole is sturdy and the Air Zoom technology helps with overall durability. Of course, the real test for any shoe durability is how its outsole holds up over time.

      Common knowledge dictates that once the outsole starts to wear and tear, the rest of the shoe usually follows suit. Luckily, the Air Zoom Fly 2 outsole features carbon rubber, which is as durable as it gets. The different patterns on the outsole help keep the shoe lasting for a long time and its outsole really shines with its waffle pattern tread. Despite being designed for competition, many runners use the shoe as a daily walking shoe and for cross-training, which also speaks to the durability of the shoe.
      Despite its lightweight, this shoe still delivers solid protection. The overlays on the upper help keep the top of the foot guarded while its carbon rubber outsole keeps the bottom of the foot protected from any hazards found on the road. The seamless upper is designed to reduce any rub against the top of the foot, which protects against any kind of irritation or blisters. The heel area also offers a great amount of protection. The carbon rubber outsole wraps around the heel of the shoe, which translates to higher protection in an area that tends to wear down quicker. This is especially great for heel strikers.
      The lightweight of the Zoom Fly 2 gives it great flexibility. With four cut areas on the outsole, the shoe flexes at every point. And if the outsole to the toe of any shoe is extended—as it is with the Zoom Fly 2--flexibility is a must, as runners push off and often depend on that extended outsole. On top of its flexibility, the responsiveness in the Zoom Fly 2 is very strong. The midsole is soft and well-cushioned underneath the foot, and its springiness can be felt in every stride. The upper stretches with the top of the foot during a run, further adding to the overall responsiveness of the shoe.
      The Air Zoom Fly 2 provides great stability but some runners have complained about a lack of support, which is especially noticeable if the runner has higher arches. Its 8mm drop is a bit middle-of-the-road for a lot of runners, as many prefer a 6mm or 10mm drop. A few runners have remarked that they don’t even use these shoes for running due to the lack of support.
      The Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 is meant for the road, and it’s probably wise to keep them strictly on the road. While the outsole features different traction points and provides great grip, it’s just not suitable for the trail or any type of rougher terrain like gravel. But as long as a runner keeps to asphalt and pavement running paths, there shouldn’t be any issues of being unable to traverse the terrain. Its extended outsole further helps with grip, so runners can run easy knowing that the shoe will grip the ground no matter their running style.
      Perhaps the best selling point of the Zoom Fly 2 is its unbelievably low price. Inexpensive, especially for a Nike product, this trainer is durable, has a solid grip, and is quite comfortable at a fair price. While the lack of support may deter runners away from them, simply as an everyday sneaker it’s tough to get a brand name like Nike at a better price.
      The traction of the Zoom Fly 2 comes in the form of the textured waffle pattern that adorns the outsole. This pattern helps grip the ground and keeps the runner moving over traditional running surfaces. In addition, its carbon rubber outsole is similarly well-equipped to encourage grip on the road.
      The upper of the Zoom Fly 2 is made of a standard mesh material found in many similar Nike trainers, which offers a fair amount of flexibility as it stretches and moves with the foot during a run. Its duel layer midsole also provides a good amount of flexibility, particularly in its springiness with each stride.
      With an 8mm drop, this sneaker offers a fair amount of stability, particularly for neutral runners. However, this is not specifically a stability shoe and those that suffer from fallen arches or overpronation may need additional corrective insets before feeling comfortable in this sneaker.
      The Zoom Fly 2 features an 8mm heel to toe drop, which is just a few millimeters lower than the standard drop found on most sneakers. This should not cause a problem with most runners used to the standard drop, though those who are used to maximalist or minimalist running shoes may need a period of adjustment.
      Key Features
      Dynamic Support midsole disperses pressure and stress on the foot during a run

      •Seamless upper that is both lightweight and breathable

      •BRS 1000 outsole technology that uses carbon rubber and different patterns to increase grip and durability

      •Cushlon foams and Compression-molded Phylon combine to form a dual density midsole

      •Sleek and simple design that looks stylish
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 is a solid running shoe for short runs and daily use. The upper is lightweight and breathable, and its outsole features a waffle pattern that provides a great deal of grip on traditional running surfaces. The midsole and outsole are well-built, combining lightweight and durable material that provides a good experience for your foot. Best of all, the Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 is exceedingly affordable, making them a great choice for running, walking, or just as an everyday shoe
      Where to Buy
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