Nike Flex Experience RN 5

Nike has presented the running shoe industry with yet another lightweight comfortable shoe fit for all types of runners. The Nike Flex Experience RN 5 are a great pair of shoes for neutral pronating runners and those looking for a stylish addition to their casual wear.  The fifth edition of this shoe brings back the highly praised single layered mesh upper for ultimate breathability. This version also keeps the durable qualities as seen in the previous models.  At a moderately low price, the Flex Experience 5's are a great way to combine performance and style into one pair of running shoes.

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Pros & Cons
  • Highly durable rubber components for a long-lasting wear
  • Lightweight for the casual and athletic runner alike
  • Extremely breathable mesh upper
  • Affordable
  • Cons
    • May fit a half size too small
    • Can feel a little tight on the foot
    • Not suitable for rough terrains.
    • Key Features
      Nike has been and continues to be the leader in athletic innovation. In this model of the Flex Experience, they have continued the high-quality rubber compound that lies on the outsole of this shoe. They are strategically placed in various places to prevent wear and tear in the most common areas of an athletic shoe. The outsole even provides additional traction for those taking on various types of terrains. Full-length flex grooves work well with the soft cushioning to provide protection, grip and durable qualities with every run.
      Also carried over from the 4th generation of Flex Experience shoes is the Phylon mid-sole which gives this model the lightweight feel all runners can appreciate. It's responsive, relatively thin, and provides a low-profile look to the shoe which also contributes to its stylish features. The two-part Phylite technology enhances comfort and shock impact while providing natural movement through the gait cycle. The frontal portion of the midsole gives the shoe more flexibility when pushing off the toe during runs.
      One of the most impressive features about the Nike Flex Experience RN 5 is the incredible mesh upper that every user seems to rave about. Instead of using heavier synthetic overlays, Nike has manufactured a single layer mesh upper for a breathable feature. Airflow is maximized with the Breath Tech system and gives the foot a snug fit when in use. The seamless design also minimizes irritation and encourages sockless wearing.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN 5 weigh 8.4 ounces for men and 6.7 ounces for women. Compared to other running shoes they are lighter in weight which runners notice when using these shoes for both longer and shorter runs. After lacing up this pair of shoes you will undoubtedly feel lighter on your feet which can be a huge advantage for beginner runners looking to exercise as much as possible. Nike used a minimal amount of components on the outsole which allow the shoe to feel less bulky. Pair that with the single layer lightweight upper and you will not be disappointed on how these shoes feel on your feet.
      Thanks to the newly designed upper, breathability come as second nature with the fifth edition of this running shoe. The two-tone heel mesh delivers structure and breathable comfort. Avoid those days with sweaty toes after exercise with the Nike Flex Experience RN 5 and be confident in a lightweight and cool run on any surface. You'll notice a nice airflow even when walking which gives this shoe an edge when pairing it with casual attire.
      The comfortability of the Nike Flex Experience RN 5 is top-notch. It's safe to say you could wear these all day and would never complain. Nike made sure to add in extra cushioning in the midsole for durability and comfort. The outsole, specifically the underfoot, is engineered with conveniently placed rubber pods for a well-balanced feel that enhances comfortability. Even the single-layered mesh upper extends the quality of comfort with soft breathable materials.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN 5 has an eye-catching look that will be sure to satisfy plenty of your stylish needs. Its low-profile look and two-tone design can tie together just about any athletic or casual outfit. Color schemes vary with choices that involve bright colors offset by a charcoal grey and black undertone. The highlights on the tongue match the grip on the heel to bring the shoe together visually.
      The design on the underfoot of the shoe provides an ample amount of durability. The heel and toe are also reinforced with extra cushioning and rubber compounds to prevent wear and tear on the areas that are at high risk. Nike also implemented a vinyl acetate sock liner on the inside of the shoe for extra comfort and added protection. It also serves to prevent irritation and abrasions when putting on and taking off your shoes.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN 5 are up to par when it comes to protection. Although they are very lightweight in nature, the high-quality rubber outsole offers durable protection for your feet. The patented sock liner technology will also protect your foot from irritation and blisters during all types of runs. Overall, the protection could be a little better but the lightweight, breathable features and stylish design could make up for it.
      Many have noted that the Nike Flex Experience RN 5 is a very responsive shoe. This quality comes from the masterful design outsole especially on the underside of the shoe. Runners will notice that the rubber compound pod grips not only provide excellent traction but also important shock absorbing features. Furthermore, the Phylon midsole's lightweight sole was engineered as thin as possible but still creates a responsive effect when traveling over various terrains. The cushioning system carries the foot well-through the gait cycle with a padded landing every time.
      The heel, as well as the upper, give the Nike Flex Experience RN 5 a great supportive feel. The Breathe Tech system will keep every runner's foot comfy and snug with its supportive fit. This shoe's heel is brought together with extra stitching which provides a concise fit on the back portion of the shoe. This shoe appeals to a wide variety of runners due to the neutral arch support which can appease different types of pronating runners.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN 5 is a road terrain product that will deliver quality runs every time. They are ideally meant to take on track, grass, light dirt and cemented surfaces while maintaining its durable features. If your looking for a more versatile shoe that will take on rougher terrains, you may be better off searching elsewhere. For what they are, the 5th line of Flex Experiences will hold up well for just about every runner on all generic surfaces.
      Nike has made a price friendly shoe with this edition. For around $60, you will be investing in a high-quality shoe that will perform with a great stylish look. If you are looking to add to your athletic and casual wardrobe, the Nike Flex Experience RN 5's are a great addition. Nike also has provided this shoe with a fairly good amount of color options to fit your tastes personal style.
      The underfoot of the Nike Flex Experience RN 5's provide a great amount of traction on road surfaces. They feature a reinforced heel and toe which creates a flexible, responsive feel while enabling a no-slip grip. The rubber compound pods will deflect loose dirt and rocks as you take on road terrains at any speed.
      Flexibility was at the forefront when Nike created these shoes, as made obvious in its name. The Phylite midsole creates smoother transitions for an awesome experience filled with flexibility and comfort. The lightweight features pair well with the flexible feel that runners will notice on long and short runs. Additionally, the full-length flex grooves create a more enjoyable experience when taking on uneven terrains.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN 5 has a solid amount of structure all around. the heel comes together well as the toe provides flexibility and stability for toe-offs. The heel was engineered a little bit bigger to provide additional structure; however, it doesn't add any bulky features to the shoe itself. Your foot will be able to move naturally with every movement which answers to any of the stablility questions that one may have about this model. All in all, it has a solid amount of stability.
      The heel to toe drop is 7mm. The heel height is 26mm and the forefoot height is measured at 19mm. A standard drop for a running shoe is 10mm, so for those runners transitioning to a lower, make sure to gradually get used to them in order to prevent injury.
      Key Features of the Nike Flex Experience RN 5
      • Phylite midsole cushioning systems

      • Single layered upper for breathable mesh

      • Waffle pistons on the outsole

      • High abrasion rubber
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Nike Flex Experience RN 5 combines comfortability, breathability, and style into one cohesive unit. Though they are not meant for the most rugged terrains, they will provide an exceptional performance on generic road surfaces. Breath easier knowing your feet will be able to do the same with the impressive single layered mesh. Starting at just $60, Nike has provided yet another quality shoe that can provide plenty for beginning and advanced runners alike.
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