Nike Flex Experience RN 4

The Nike Flex Experience RN 4 is a great shoe for athletes looking for performance and style packed into one product. The fourth generation of the Flex Experience has various design updates and has enhanced lightweight features compared to the third model.  This shoe lives up to its name by providing exceptional flexibility while maintaining maximum comfort and durability for short and long distance runs.  Furthermore, the Flex Experience 4 is regarded as one of the most visually appealing running shoes that Nike has to offer.  Every user can be confident that they are rocking shoes with high quality and stylish flair.


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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Great for long/short distance running
  • Extremely stylish for athletic and casual purposes
  • Lightweight that is unmatched
  • Flexible
  • Cons
    • Some users noted they may fit a ½ size too small
    • Can have more of a narrow fit for some users
    • Not suitable for trail running
    • Not suitable for gravel or loose dirt paths.
    • Key Features
      The Nike Flex Experience RN 4 has outdone its previous version in many aspects including the outsole. Its durability has been enhanced with the implementation of thicker, high-wear rubber compounds, which protect the shoe from abrasion. The hexagonally shaped waffle pistons on the outsole also give the fourth generation a greater responsive performance. Shock impact is also applied for a smoother ride.
      The midsole of the Flex Experience 4’s provides several advantageous qualities for every runner. Its Phylite material creates smoother transitions during runs and provides the flexible support athletes need during their workouts. The Injected Unit Sole, which is the single unit that runs from heel to toe, creates comfortability for all types of uses. Additionally, the midsole possesses flexible and durable qualities that contribute to the overall damage resistant style of the shoe.

      The Flex Experiencer 4 mesh is perhaps one of the biggest changes from its previous model. Nike eliminated excess overlays in this version to create an even more lightweight shoe that can appeal to almost every runner. The single-layer mesh upper creates a non-irritating fabric that offers breathable and responsive coverage for every running experience. This design also provides a wider range of protection on the forefoot, midfoot and heel areas of the shoe.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN 4 comes in on the scale at 8.1 ounces for men and 6.7 ounces for women. This constitutes an ultra-lightweight running shoe with a considerable amount of protection. They will keep you feeling fresh during longer runs and provide an extra pep in your step when wearing them out with casual wear. With their snug fit, lightweight design, and stylish finish, these shoes are very hard to beat.
      Not only does the new and improved mesh provide additional flexibility, it also enhances breathability with its single-layered engineering. Runners will feel a bit more breathing room and space in the toe box which gives their toes a bit more wiggle room to take on various types of workouts. Forget the heavier overlay as included with the third version, and say hello to a brand-new stylish upper that provides exceptional breathability.
      The no-sew construction of this model considerably lessens the discomfort and irritation otherwise experienced with other running shoes. The Nike Flex Experience RN 4 also comes in a variety of widths which can appeal to all types of runners. Choose from narrow, medium, wide and extra wide widths to make sure the midfoot and forefoot are as comfortable as possible. If there is one thing that every user can agree on with this Nike model, it's that their comfort qualities are top notch.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN 4 is about as stylish as one can get when selecting running shoes. Wear them with short socks, long socks, joggers, sweats, jeans and anything else you can think of. The well-balanced, low profile construction comes equipped with style and performance in mind. Various two tone color schemes create a look that screams originality and taste wrapped in a perfectly crafted single-layer mesh shoe.
      As with the previous generation, the Nike Flex Experience RN 4’s are equipped with rubber outsole pods to protect from wear and tear. This time around, the pods have been enhanced which have increased the already considerable amount of durability this shoe has to offer. Rest assured, these kicks will be able to last a long time, which is something every runner can appreciate.

      The Nike Flex Experience 4 single-layer mesh upper provides a good amount of protection for various types of uses. The durable rubber outsole also enhances protection from high wear and tear areas that otherwise can be a problem on the previous model. Because of the comfortably snug, sock-like fit this shoe provides, runners are pleased with the secure feeling they experience when using this product.
      Similar to the third version of the Flex Experience RN, this model offers great responsive rides with every trip. Phylite midsole technology provides flexibility and shock-absorbing features that enhance any workout routine. Furthermore, the hexagonally shaped waffle pistons located on the outsole maintain responsiveness and spring back qualities with every step.
      The No. 4 line in the Nike Flex Experience RN is able to take on general road terrains. This includes the likes of tracks, grass fields, asphalt, and cement surfaces. Their lightweight and breathable features make them best suited for these terrains so it is best to stay away from dirtier trails such as gravel and loose dirt paths. Nonetheless, this line of shoes can adhere to the workout environments of most runners on most terrains.
      By now you probably have an idea that the quality of this shoe is definitely above average. Their style is well above that line which makes this shoe a great buy. At the relatively low price of about $70 its hard to find a great looking pair of shoes that can provide the versatility in both the athletic and casual style departments. If you are looking to knock two birds out with one stone, definitely think about the Flex Experience 4’s for your performance and style needs.
      The well-developed outsole of the Flex Experience 4 creates a great amount of traction for various types of runners. What’s great about this model is that the flexible waffle pistons offer just as much flexibility as it does traction. The fourth generation of this line will provide awesome traction and grip when working out on various types of road terrains.
      Flex is in the name, so you can definitely bank on a high amount of flexibility with this shoe. The masterfully crafted pattern on the underside of the shoe is created in a way that provides multi-directional flexibility for any type of run. Each groove faces a different direction to optimize flexibility, traction, grip and most importantly, performance
      The Nike Flex Experience 4 offers a fair amount of stability. If you are looking for a very supportive framed running shoe you will be better off looking into another line. But if you have gotten this far into the research on this model, you are probably more interested in a lightweight, flexible and stylish shoe. If that's the case, then you are probably looking at one of your best options on the market with the Nike Flex Experience RN 4.
      The heel to toe drop is measured at 7 millimeters for both men and women. The Nike Flex Experience 4 doesn’t have too much of a difference in the drop compared to the previous model. This measurement is just about average when comparing to other shoes on the market.
      Key Features of the Nike Flex Experience RN 4
      •New and improved single-layer Breathable upper mesh

      •More lightweight than the previous version

      •Great color variety for optimal style choices

      •Resilient foam midsole
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Flex Experience RN 4 is a quality running shoe that delivers style and comfort at a very reasonable price. If your looking to amp up your wardrobe for both casual and athletic styles, this line is a great investment. They are lightweight and provide supreme comfortability all the while providing the classic Nike look that can match just about any outfit. Nike has definitely stepped up this line with the fourth generation of the Flex Experience RN.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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