Nike Air Max 720

The Nike Air Max 720 features the brand's largest Air unit to date, with its heel measuring in at 38mm. Its full-length 720 Air unit provides a highly responsive wear than gives an enhanced bounce to workouts and jogs. In addition to this, its textile upper is outfitted with mesh pods instead of heavy-duty overlays for support and stabilization. A padded collar and hidden lacing system are also included to further ensure a lockdown fit. As an added bonus, this models impressive variety of colorways offer something for everyone no matter their individual style.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Colorful and eye-catching design

-Good for those who want more height

-Surprisingly durable materials

-Responsive midsole

-Comfortable wear


-Expesive price tag

-Very stiff midsole

-Does not fit true to size

Key Features
Reviews and listings indicate that Nike relies on a basic rubber compound for creating the Air Max 720’s outsole. This semi-translucent material covers all ground-contact areas and features multiple textured rings that encircle the shoe in order to ensure a better grip on everyday surfaces. Buyers don’t seem to bring up this feature a lot while reviewing it, however, so it’s hard to determine its exact level of performance.
The Air Max 720 features the brand’s tallest Air unit to date, measuring in at an unusually tall 38mm at the heel. Made from 70 to 75 percent recycled materials, this 720 Air unit runs the full length of the shoe to form its midsole. Not only does this allow it to be completely seen from all angles, but its substantial airbag ensures a completely responsive wear. In fact, it proves to be so responsive that most reviewers don’t even take note of how much heavier this model is than its predecessors. Its outer material also curves up and hugs the bottom of the foot for better stabilization. While most buyers are impressed it the overall new design, several have complained that it’s far too stiff for their liking.
A smooth textile fabric is used to create the Air Max 720’s upper unit, ensuring plenty of breathability. Mesh pods are also featured along the medial and lateral sides for stability, forming a wavelike design that’s similar to what’s featured on most Air Max models. The pods around the midfoot, heel, and toe areas are also reinforced with a hard synthetic material for extra protection and to further lock the foot into place. A hidden lacing system works with the padded tongue and collar for a truly lock-in fit, and a pull tab is attached to the heel for easier insertion.
It’s no real surprise that the Air Max 720 is on the heavier side, considering how substantial its midsole is. According to Runnersworld, a men’s size 12 weighs 17.8 oz., which is a lot even for other types of casual footwear in this size. While this particular model wouldn’t be a great choice for frequent running, its mass doesn’t make it totally unfit for an occasional jog or workout session. In fact several reviewers have even stated that the air bags within its midsole allow the shoe to feel far less cumbersome than it should.
Several reviewers, especially on the Nike website, have stated that the Air Max 720 isn’t as breathable as they would like it to be. Even though its upper is made from textile fabrics and features very few overlays, it does feature several mesh pods that are filled with extra padding. While this adds greatly to the shoe’s overall stability, it does limit the amount of airflow into the foot chamber. Despite this, many still find it comfortable enough to wear in both warmer and cooler temperatures.
For the most part, the Air Max 720 has been praised for offering a incredibly comfortable wear. The responsiveness offered by its 720 Air unit allows for not only enhanced energy return but also strong shock absorption that limits the runner’s pain and fatigue. The upper feels plush and smooth from the inside while still offering plenty of support to prevent over-flexing. One reviewer even stated that its underfoot cushioning felt surprisingly soft. This particularly impressive since multiple buyers have complained that its wear is very stiff, with one reviewer even comparing it to rigor mortis. Although a break-in period could definitely resolve this for most runners, its inconsistent sizing doesn’t help its comfort level at all.
Reviewers from have described the Air Max 720 as a “wearable Xenomorph” thanks to its waves, textures, and overall futuristic design. The substantial midsole unit is an incredible bonus for those who want some extra height in their casual footwear. Its upper maintains a similar curved pattern seen on other Air Max models, and a small Nike logo can be seen on both the medial and lateral sides. What buyers seem to be most happy with is this model’s impressive range of colorways, with many of them featuring a gradient effect. Both men’s and women’s sizes can be found in combinations that include that include Team Orange/Black/University Gold, Deep/Royal Blue/Black/Hyper Jade, and Night Maroon/Ember Glow/Total Orange/Black. Of course, more neutral options are also available for those who prefer them.
Even though it’s not designed for rugged activities or harsh terrains, the Air Max 720 is still surprisingly sturdy. Its translucent rubber outsole can easily hold up to use on concrete and cement, and is able to help the Air unit last longer. The midsole’s materials and overall construction, having done away with any sort of foam, are much more resistant to possible damage. Even its upper, reinforced with mesh and synthetic pods, is able to better maintain its shape and withstand wear and tear than a standard mesh structure.
The Air Max 720’s rubber outsole keeps the full-length Air unit protected against possible damage caused by roads and sidewalks. The shoe’s Air unit, itself, provides the wearer with incredibly enhanced levels of shock absorption and energy transfer, reducing their pain levels and keeping them moving forward through their workouts. While they definitely have aesthetic purposes as well, the upper’s mesh pods work together with the padded collar and hidden lacing system to safeguard against potential damage, accidental removal, and injuries caused by over-flexing.
With a full-length Air unit that can be clearly seen from all angles, it’s a given that the Air Max 720 will offer runners a highly responsive wear. Its inner airbag compresses to absorb the shock from each impact and then springs right back for a higher and more effective lift-off. This would typically result in reduced pain and fatigue by the end of the day, as well as an enhanced a ability to keep powering through runs. With that said, the shoe’s stiffness and overall weight do make it unfit for both everyday and long distance running. Those who need a great deal of bounce when playing basketball, or need extra help when powering through their occasional workouts, would definitely get the most use out of this model.
Most shoes with a stiff midsole are known to give a great deal of underfoot support and stability. While the Air Max 720 definitely does this for several runners, some have complained that it’s too stiff and becomes difficult to move around in. Thankfully, apart from the shoe’s break-in period, its insole is said to feel quite plush and cushiony in order to balance this out. Its upper takes care of the rest of the foot, with the help of some mesh pods that are placed on the lateral and medial sides and focus mostly on the midfoot and heel areas. Even the collar is sufficiently padded in order to support the runner’s ankles.
Just like other models within the Air Max line, the Air Max 720 is meant more for casual street wear than it is for heavy-duty running. Its weight and substantial midsole make it unfit for going long distances, and its overall construction isn’t intended at all for rugged terrains. Its responsive Air unit does allow the wearer to keep going through workouts and casual jogs, and its upper is able to be equally as comfortable in both warmer and cooler temperatures. There is, however, no online indication of how well this shoe can perform on wet or slippery surfaces.
Even for a Nike model, the Air Max 720 is incredibly expensive. Across all online retailers, from Eastbay and Dick’s Sporting Goods to the brand’s own website, it’s priced at a staggering $180. There are a number of buyers who definitely consider its eye-catching design, responsive comfort, and surprising levels of durability to be well worth the money spent. On the other hand, some are skeptical due to its stiff wear, inconsistent sizing, and lack of breathability. While sales can always be found on certain sites, it's also a good idea to try the shoe on or check the retailer's return policy before making a purchase.
Reviews don’t seem to give much detail about how great the Air Max 720’s traction might be, although it’s clearly intended to be used as a street shoe. Its translucent rubber outsole features a textured tread pattern with lines encircling each other for a decent grip onto most everyday surfaces, including concrete and cement. While buyers feel confident wearing this shoe in casual settings, as well as for simple jogs and workout sessions, there’s no indication of how well it can perform on wet or slippery surfaces.
Without a doubt, the biggest complaint that reviewers have about the Air Max 720 is its incredibly stiff wear. Since it features a full-length Air unit, instead of a type of foam material, it doesn’t have the pliability that’s found in most casual footwear models. This results in an unusually rigid feel that turns a number of buyers off, even those who prefer a more solid shoe. With that said, its wear can definitely be adjusted with the help of a break-in period, which typically lasts a week or two. Although it may still not be enough for it to be comfortable for some consumers.
Even though it’s not meant to be corrective, the Air Max 720 is still able to keep the wearer stabilized. Although its 720 Air unit provides a responsive wear that can keep the runner moving along smoothly, its stiffness does prove to be too much for some runners. This unit also curves up and hugs the lower part of the foot to prevent in-shoe wobbling, as do the mesh pods that are built into the upper. While these focus on holding the heel and midfoot areas into place, a padded collar and hidden lacing system truly provide a secure, lockdown fit.
Product listings and reviews don’t seem to mention the Air Max 720’s exact drop height. Most casual running shoes feature a drop measurement of 10mm, which offers a considerable amount of heel cushioning without impeding on the runner’s natural gait cycle. When comparing product photos of this model to shoes with this specific feature, it’s safe to assume that it also includes a 10mm heel-to-toe drop.
Key Features
-Translucent rubber outsole
-38mm 720 Air unit
-Textile and synthetic upper
-Mesh pods for structure
-Hidden lacing system
-Eye-catching colorways
-Expensive $180 price tag
Bottom Line
With its largest Air unit to date, Nike's Air Max 720 has received a great deal of positive feedback. Not only do reviewers love its wavy and futuristic design, but they've also praised it for its comfortable wear and high-quality materials. Buyers are given an extra bounce, as well as a wide range of color options, with each of their workouts and jogs. With all that being said, this particular shoe is definitely not meant for everyone. Its unusually stiff midsole takes some time to completely break in, and still might not be comfortable enough for certain runners. Others might not want a shoe with such a substantial platform height and prefer that their footwear allows them to feel closer to the ground. Yet those who don't mind, or even prefer, these qualities are more than happy to add this model to their collection.
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