Nike Flex Experience RN

The Nike Flex Experience RN has become a staple in the cross training shoe market offering great comfort, exceptional breathability and outstanding performance for their price.  Users will love the lightweight feel and appreciate the durable qualities the shoe also has to offer.  Put this shoe up to just about any test and it will deliver a reliable response for running, weight training or anything in between.  Nike also has provided plenty of options for those who are picky about their shoe color.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Extremely breathable
  • Affordable
  • Great color options
  • Cons
    • Can be a little tight for some because of the somewhat narrow design
    • Not suitable for rough terrains or difficult trails
    • Key Features
      Nike's Tri-star outsole pattern has changed the way runners feet can adapt to the terrain. The patented technology enhances flexibility evenly throughout the shoe. The bottom of the shoe is truly impressive to see and even more impressive when in use. The strategically placed grooves provide exceptional traction and grip. The heel and toe are backed up by hard carbon rubber components which deliver durability for any type of workout.
      The midsole features Nike's impressive superb Phylon foam for a consistent layer of cushioning. This technology also adds to the shoe's responsiveness and durability. The dual-level cushioning system creates a smooth ride for runners taking on plenty of steps throughout their day. If you are looking for quality of comfort and a shock absorbing shoe, this one is a solid choice.
      Similar to its counterpart, the Nike Flex Experience RN has an extremely light upper with an unmatched breathable mesh. This shoe separates itself from its competitors with the Breath Tech advancements which have been added to the side of the shoe to promote airflow. It is extremely comfortable with a sock-like fit which is held together by Nike's Flywire cords. The welded overlays and ankle collar and tongue come together to create a supportive and padded feel.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN weighs 8.2 ounces for men and 6.5 ounces for women. After wearing these shoes for a few exercises, athletes will notice that they feel even lighter than the listed weight. Its perfectly engineered mesh upper and lightweight blown rubber outsole constitute a remarkably feather-like shoe fit for all training needs.
      The single-piece mesh upper delivers awesome breathable qualities for the Flex RN. The stitched overlay was replaced with a thinner version which promotes more room for the forefoot and enhanced breathability. Runners who tend to get hot feet or live in hot weather areas will be happy with the way the Nike Flex Experience RN can regulate the temperature of your feet.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN has a great amount of arch support which allows you to run in a natural and comfortable motion. A pretty cool perk to this shoe is the removable insole which provides extensive flexibility but can also deliver a comfortable ride without using the insole itself. Breaking in the shoes does not take long and users will immediately notice the excellent comfort these shoes have to offer.
      As with many of Nike's running shoes, the Nike Flex Experience RN was clearly made with style in mind. Their low-profile design towards the front slopes up nicely to meet the heel of the shoe which is a little bit larger than the previous year's model The specially stitched upper gives off a sleek look that compliments to the two-toned color scheme. Nike has come up several color options to appeal to nearly every fashion guru looking for a pair of great looking kicks.
      Many users of this shoe have noted that the Nike Flex Experience RN is more durable than they had anticipated. The artfully constructed upper not only provides a breathable effect, but also durable qualities that provide flexibility for your toes. The Phylon midsole is sure to last which is made of EVA Foam Pellets that are compressed and heated before being molded into the shoe. The added rubber components on the toe and heel of the shoe prevent wear and tear after every run.
      For what these shoes serve their purpose for, their protection is up to par. Assuming that you aren't going to take these shoes on difficult trail runs, they will hold up just fine. The breathable and flexible nature of this shoe is sure to provide protection from overheating and unwanted blisters. The two-layered foam midsole provides plenty of extra padding as does the tongue of this shoe.
      Because of the lightweight features of this shoe, the Nike Flex Experience RN is pretty responsive when it comes to running performances. Athletes will notice a quick foot turnaround which is paired with the exceptional flexibility of the shoe for an enjoyable ride. They do feel natural as your foot moves through the gait cycle which will add to your confidence when working out for longer periods of time.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN have an adequate amount of arch support. Also, the addition of welded overlays helps the heel with additional support without feeling too stiff. In high impact spots, the added rubber technology has increased the support in the sole, especially in the heel and toe regions. The Phylon midsole dual-layered cushioning really puts this shoe at the forefront of comfortability and support.
      This shoe was designed to take on generic road terrains which include track surfaces, asphalt, as well as grass and turf fields. Take the Nike Flex Experience RN into the gym and enjoy a stable and productive workout with their well-balanced construction. The Tri-star outsole was made perfectly to grip onto various terrain surface for a pleasant ride.
      For around $80, the Nike Flex Experience RN is a great shoe that matches the price. You may be able to find a little bit cheaper shoes that are still good quality, but this line delivers performance and style like no other. They have simple look but can match plenty of outfits. Furthermore, they're breathable, comfortable and flexible which make these shoes a smart investment for just about any runner.
      As previously mentioned, the Tri-star outsole technology is a very dependable addition to this year's model. It increases the traction and durability considerably. Compared to the model, this shoe is able to prevent smaller rocks from sticking to the outsole much better. Although it may not be a huge factor it is definitely an improvement. The exceptional grip makes the Nike Flex Experience RN a versatile shoe that can take a wide variety of terrains.
      You would hope these shoes would be pretty flexible based off the name alone. Rest assured, they are. The single-layered mesh is extremely flexible giving your toes more wiggle room as well as breathability. Additionally, the midsole and outsole have flexible qualities which aid in taking on uneven surfaces or faster runs with more obstacles. Athletes will greatly appreciate the adaptable characteristics of this shoe.
      The welded overlays on the upper contribute to the stable nature of the Nike Flex Experience RN . They also aid in the structural support of the shoe creating confidence in the minds of every athlete that uses them. Runners will also appreciate the support and stability this shoe provides with the natural smooth transitions through the gait cycle.
      The Nike Flex Experience RN has an 8-millimeter drop which is fairly average compared to other shoes on the market. This a solid measurement to start at if you are looking to establish a more natural gait. These are not bulky by any means and can be felt through their lightweight and breathable features.
      Key Features of the Nike Flex Experience RN
      • Phylite midsole technology for increased comfort and support

      • Tri-star outsole for reliable traction, grip, and flexibility

      • Rubber pods at the heel and toe for added protection

      • Flywire technology for a secure fit
      Bottom Line
      Nike has progressively improved their versions of the Flex Experience RN over the past several years. Earlier styles featured less stylish qualities but still consisted of reliable characteristics. Thankfully, the Nike Flex Experience RN combines all of the above into one shoe at a great price. If you want your shoes to take on your running exercises and gym workouts, this could be a great fit. They very stylish, comfortable and above all deliver an exceptional lightweight breathable feel.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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