Nike Flex Experience RN 6

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Nike Flex Experience RN 6 Review Facts

The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is a neutral road running shoe. It was designed to provide a lightweight and sock-like feel with good breathability and flexibility. The seamless upper has a streamlined look with minimal overlays, giving a sock-like fit. It also has single-layer mesh for better ventilation, which is more closely woven than the previous edition for better durability. The injection-molded EVA midsole provides lightweight cushioning. The rounded heel allows the foot to move naturally for faster transitions, and the traditional lacing system provides a secure fit. The outsole has IMEVA for cushioning and responsiveness and carbon rubber for durability. If you are a neutral runner looking for a comfortable and stylish daily running shoe with enough flexibility to allows your foot to move naturally, continue reading to see if the Flex Experience RN 6 is right for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great support and traction
  • Feels lightweight and comfortable
  • Stylish, many color options
  • Good breathability and flexibility
  • Very affordable
  • Wide size options
  • Upper could have better durability
  • Narrow toe box
  • Sizes run slightly small
  • Stiff cushioning
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  • I found these to fit pretty tight but the length is good. They took a lot of break in time but now they are uber comfy. They formed to my foot and I love that.
  • These are great casual shoe for me. I had to buy a whole size larger but that is my only complaint.
  • I like the shoe and how light they are. I had to get them a little big like I do with all my shoes because I have an abnormally long toe and they were still a little shorter than I am used to. I don't wear socks with these and after they were broken in fit great. Be aware that different colors are different sizes, I found.
  • I got these in dark grey because I have found Nikes hard to keep clean. They are super comfy and I am happy with how light and easy the fabric is.
  • ORDER A SIZE UP! Other than that, I say these are great. They worked great on my run and they didn't kill me in the break in time, which was very minimal.
  • I wear a size 15 and these are great. They have held up great with my gym and lifting time and are able to take all my impact when running. I love these shoes. Almost feels like a comfy sock, but can handle impact from running in the gym.
  • I like that these were lightweight and that the worked with my bunion. These are all around great sneakers for any style of runner.
  • If you are looking for comfort and style, these are the shoes for you. I work in a hospital and am on my feet all day and I am super impressed. I went up a half size because Nike always runs small.
  • I bought these for casual wear and they work great. Wonderful and stylish for wearing out, I do not feel they have the stability for running. They run small so get a size up.
  • I didn't have to break these in and they fit my wide foot great. I am not sure what all the fuss is about. I work on my feet all day and I think these are outstanding in comfort.
  • Lightweight and comfortable, these shoes work great for my everyday use. I would say for runners, these are only for short distances but they work for lifting. I love the colors and will probably buy more for casual wear.
  • These do not have a wide enough toe box for my long distance runs but are great for my everyday use They are super comfortable and look great with jeans. I ordered a size larger and they work great.
  • I had to return these for a half size larger and they fit great. I wear these for all my daily and nightly shenanigans. They are great comfort and really stylish. If you want a great casual shoe, this is the one for you.
  • I am in love with the arch support and the comfort is like no other shoe I have. I have a narrow foot and these fit snug.
  • I really like running in these shoes. They fit me like they were supposed to right out of the box. I was surprised because these seemed wide and Nike is usually a rally narrow shoe.
  • I use these for all my exercising, which i switch up daily. I like that they make my feet look smaller than they actually are. I went a half size up because the original were mashing my toes. Otherwise, these are amazingly comfortable.
  • I like wearing these to do everything. They don't weigh down my ankles because they are so lightweight. The most comfy shoes I have.
  • They are stylish, light and they work great for my everyday errands. I like that they are super airy when I use them to run. My feet are nice and cool. I would not suggest these in winter.
  • These felt great on my bunion. The insoles were great and they fit my foot like they were made for it.
  • The material on these lets the air run through them. They are super light and they are equally as comfortable. I am really enamored with this shoe.
  • These are my Zumba shoes ad they love to dance. I do not run much but when I do they keep my feet nice and cool. Great shoe for the price. I suggest getting a half size up.
  • I was looking for a good pair of shoes for the gym and these are perfect. They keep me stable and feel good when I am on the treadmill. They fit like they are supposed to as well, which is great considering they are Nikes.
  • I went up a size with these and they were great. I found these gave me all the support I needed when I was hiking the streets in Europe. I put tons of miles on these and they did not bother me once.
  • They changed the sizing again. I hate that I cannot just buy a shoe that I have been liking and not worry about the size being correct. It is way too tight across the toes even after returning and going to a larger size. They are way to high on my heel and ae rubbing blisters. These are just a really bad design. I am super disappointed.
  • These shoes do not fit! What the heck. I have been wearing thee the whole time they have made them. They are too short too and they hurt the back of my foot a lot. I am so sad about these.I love the older shoes.
  • The tread is coming off way to soon and the thread is a nightmare. These shoes are so poorly made. I would not recommend anyone waste their money on these.
  • I do not like these shoes at all. They came in way too small and they felt like they were made of plastic. My ankles were s uncomfortable and they had no support.
  • These are not strong or durable. The mesh tore right out of the box and are unwearable after 2 months of normal use.
  • I tried these shoes on in the store and they didn't have grey. I ordered them online the same size and the gray was way smaller. I am really confused why Nike always has these sizing issues. I am probably going to start looking for other brands. Plus, the stitching was coming loose after a couple wears.
  • I tried to follow the sizing on the chart and these still were extremely too small, length and width.
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The outsole is made of carbon rubber and injected molded EVA (IMEVA). The carbon rubber is placed on the heel and toe areas for better durability during toe-offs and landings, and when going over abrasive surfaces. The IMEVA is used everywhere else to add cushioning and bounce to each step. The outsole uses a hexagonal lug pattern that allows the foot to move quickly in any direction and provides great traction, even on wet surfaces. The lugs are flatter than the previous edition in order to give better stability. There are grooves between the small hexagonal lugs that make the outsole very flexible for faster transitions and a natural ride.


The midsole is a full-length layer of IMEVA foam. It is lightweight and cushions landings. It also provides fast and smooth heel-to-toe transitions and absorbs shock. It has some flexibility, although it can be stiff during the break-in period. The rounded heel allows the ankle to move naturally and provides light support. There is also a small amount of arch support, suitable for neutral runners with medium to high arches.


The upper is made of a single layer of mesh with minimal synthetic overlays. The mesh covers most of the shoe and tongue and keeps the shoe well ventilated. It is lightweight, although it is denser and more closely woven than the previous version for better durability and structure, and helps keep the foot place to prevent sliding. The upper pattern is seamless and streamlined for a sock-like fit that does not irritate. The traditional lacing system provides a secure fit that locks in the midfoot. The tongue and collar are padded for support and comfort but have slightly less padding than the previous edition.


The men's shoe weighs 9 oz, and the women's shoe weighs 7 oz. This is fairly lightweight compared to other neutral road shoes, and testers said that it felt light when running. The outsole uses the lightweight IMEVA foam for most of the surface area, and only uses the heavier carbon rubber in small sections of the heel and the toe area. The midsole is made entirely of IMEVA foam, which is lighter than standard EVA foam, although the thickness offers more cushioning and protection than a minimalist shoe. The upper is mostly the single-layer mesh that is very lightweight, although it is more closely woven than the previous edition. It does have less padding in the collar and heel, which takes away from the weight.



This shoe has good breathability. The mesh is a single layer, so the air does not have to travel far to get in and out of the shoe, and the denser mesh does not take away from breathability. There are small Nike logos on the sides of the midfoot and some synthetic material for durability in the lacing system, but they do not affect overall breathability. The upper is also seamless so it does not trap air or rub against the skin, preventing blisters and hot spots.


According to most testers, the Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is very comfortable to wear. The fit is mostly true to size and has a good-sized toe box, although a few reviewers thought it ran slightly small or that the toe box was narrow. Wide sizes are available for this shoe. The outsole has IMEVA material covering most of the area, which helps cushion landings. The IMEVA layer in the midsole also provides soft cushioning, although a few reviewers thought it was slightly stiff in the beginning. The midsole is lightweight and breathable, keeping the foot cool and dry, and uses a seamless construction for a sock-like feel. The lacing system provides a snug fit and the light padding makes the fit around the collar and heel more comfortable. This shoe is comfortable enough to wear all day long.


The Flex Experience RN 6 is very stylish and has many color options. The upper is mesh with large Nike logos on the midfoot near the heel. The outsole has a hexagon-shaped pattern, and the sole unit has a good thickness of cushioning and protection. The more than 25 color choices include black, white, grey, green, pink and purple, with logo and outsole accents in those colors as well as orange, yellow and light blue. The stylish look allows the shoe to be worn either as a daily running shoe or as an everyday shoe.


This shoe has good durability overall, but a few testers experienced problems with the upper. The outsole uses IMEVA for most of it, which is not as durable as rubber, but the carbon rubber in the heel and toe adds durability in those high-impact areas for toe-offs and landings. The midsole is IMEVA, which has good durability for midsole foam. The upper uses a closely-woven mesh that is more durable than other kinds of mesh, although a few testers experienced wearing out near the bottom, likely due to it being a single layer. The lacing system uses a synthetic material for better durability in the holes, and the forefoot has overlays to improve durability in case of stubbing.


The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 provides good protection. The sole unit has a good thickness to protect the foot from punctures or bruising from debris or objects on the ground. The outsole's grip protects against slipping. The midsole's IMEVA absorbs shock in the heel and midfoot as it lands and transitions. The closely-woven mesh upper protects against overheating and the seamlessness helps protect against blisters and hot spots. The snug fit and rounded heel prevent sliding, and the harder area around the toes protects against bruising.


The Flex Experience RN 6 has good responsiveness. The outsole's IMEVA material adds bounce to the wearer's step, and the hexagonal shapes and flexibility create a natural, smooth and fast transitions. The IMEVA in the midsole also helps with transitions, as it transfers energy from the heel to the toe with each step. The rounded heel shape allows the foot to move naturally. The mid-sized drop provides some forward momentum, as there is slightly more cushioning in the heel to spring the foot forward. The upper allows the foot to move freely and the toe box is wide enough to splay for toe-offs.


Reviewers found that this shoe has great support. The outsole and midsole use IMEVA to lift the foot off the ground and support under the foot. The midsole has a neutral level of support around the arch and a rounded heel for extra support in that area. The upper provides a light amount of support, using a single layer of mesh and light padding in the tongue and collar that is not quite as thick as the previous edition but is still supportive.


The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is a road running shoe. The outsole has flat hexagon-shaped treads that perform well on hard surfaces such as roads, paths, and gym floors, as well as light trails. It can ascend and descend on hills that are not too steep and can be used on either wet or dry terrain. It was not designed for the snowy, slippery or technical terrain.


The Flex Experience RN 6 is very affordable. The shoe was 35% lower than the average running shoe price when it was released. Current pricing is as low as 40% off but can also be much higher if a specific design or size is chosen, as there are over 25 color combinations available in regular or wide sizes. Not every size and width is available in every color. Testers were very happy with this price, as the shoe is comfortable and has good breathability, flexibility, and support. Nike is also a very popular brand name. The low price makes new runners more willing to try out the shoe, and people who like the style can get multiple pairs in different colors.


This shoe has great traction, according to testers. The hexagon-shaped treads grip roads and hard surfaces well, and the shape allows the wearer to move in any direction. The treads can grip wet or dry surfaces without slipping, and the carbon rubber in the heel and toe improve traction when landing or pushing off. The treads are thin, so they provide enough stability to go up or down hills, but do not grip technical or slippery terrain well.


The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 has good flexibility, as its name suggests. The outsole uses mostly IMEVA, which is more flexible than carbon rubber, and grooves surround the hexagon-shaped treads to allow the shoe to bend with the foot and move in any direction. The midsole's IMEVA foam has some flexibility, but some testers thought it was slightly stiff, especially during the first few runs. The upper is flexible because of it almost completely meshes, which allows a free range of motion and the foot to flex naturally throughout the gait cycle.


The Flex Experience RN 6 has more stability than a barefoot or minimalist shoe, but less than a stability or trail shoe. The outsole's grip helps stabilize landings to prevent slipping, and the thinner treads than the previous edition help make it more stable. The midsole has light cushioning around the heel and arch, which has enough stability for neutral runners but does not stabilize the foot to prevent it from over-pronating. The upper has minimal stability because it has so few overlays. The lacing system creates a snug fit around the midfoot that helps keep the ankle from rolling, and the fit around the heel helps keep the shoe in place. It is stable enough to go on roads with small ascensions but not enough for trail running.


This shoe has a drop of 7mm. This is a mid-range drop, below the standard range of 10mm-12mm but above the minimalist or zero drops. The cushioning is more evenly distributed than the higher drop, which can make the cushioning feel more comfortable. It has some forward momentum, but not as much as a higher drop shoe, which also helps with stability. The mid-range drop works well with this shoe, as it can be worn by entry-level runners, runners with different preferences or used as a transition shoe for someone who is interested in trying out a zero drop shoe someday.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Single-layer mesh for excellent ventilation

  • Streamlined and seamless upper pattern provides a sock-like fit

  • Injection molded EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning

  • Rounded heel allows the foot to move naturally

  • Carbon rubber on outsole for durability

  • IMEVA gives cushioning and responsiveness to the outsole

  • Traditional lacing system for a secure fit

  • Hexagonal lugs provide great grip and a natural ride
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is a comfortable shoe that allows the foot to flex and transition naturally. It is lightweight, flexible and breathable, making longer runs comfortable. It has good responsiveness and support, and some stability. It gets good traction on wet or dry roads. A few people had issues with the size or width, the stiffness of the cushioning while breaking in, or durability around the edges of the upper, but most people did not have any problems. The low price, medium drop and wide range of color options make it an attractive choice for entry level runners or people who like to have running shoes in different colors for rotating on daily runs.