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The Swiss running shoes from On are ones that focus on suggesting to run how you are meant to run. Their brand does not want to fit into categories of minimalist, maximalists or motion control, they want to create the most comfortable run for every runner at the same time that adapts to your own running style and requirements. The On CloudFlyer is a shoe that features some of the best of the brand.

The On CloudFlyer running shoes provide you the feeling of running barefoot while giving you the most protective and comfortable feeling. The lightweight stability and the remarkable cloud cushioning work in synch with the inherent stability of your body and gait. The original star lacing system helps to provide a snug and more secure fit enhancing the comfort, stability, and responsiveness of the shoe. These bring a combination of original technologies that put the shoes in the top of the list for people that like to develop their own running style while feeling lighter, responsive and free during the most demanding run.

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Pros & Cons
  • Wide and prominent sole for more stability
  • Very versatile
  • Enhances natural gait cycle
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Grip on wet surfaces is not ideal
    • Will need to be replaced sooner than other similar models
    • Not a good option for severe overpronators
    • Key Features
      The On CloudFlyer incorporate the 12 “clouds” Zero Gravity foam for extra cushioning and stability, and the low abrasion rubber pads for more durability in high impact areas. That combination of elements provides the best comfort during long runs while still being flexible and lightweight.
      The On CloudFlyer shoes contain Cloudtec technology which brings extra cushioning from the outsole in. The shoes have a curved rocker midsole that brings extra support and enhances the natural movement of the foot making for a more efficient and comfortable ride.

      The On CloudFlyer's upper features a no-sew material offering ventilation and a tight fit. Thanks to the seamless fit, the shoe feels like slipping on a sock. No irritation nor hot spots with these shoes, keeping you away from blisters during your runs. The Start lacing system makes sure to wrap up your foot in the most secure way.

      The On CloudFlyer has a heel strap that allows a super easy entry and a TPU heel cap that provides visibility when you are on the run in dark conditions. You will find good breathability with these shoes and great padding in the upper area will make these shoes a great companion during your long runs.
      The men's version of the On CloudFlyer weighs about 283 grams (9.9 oz.) while the women version comes in at 243 grams (8.5 oz.). The shoes provide a real cloud feeling as they are really lightweight. On CloudFlyer shoes will ensure you can run a quick paced workout.
      It's always a good idea to ensure your foot can breathe inside your running shoes. Without proper ventilation, you run the risk of developing painful blisters which can slow you down or even stop your training altogether. The On CloudFlyer's breathable material should make your runs cool and comfortable.
      The 12 “clouds” Zero Gravity foam brings extra cushioning and stability to the wearer. In addition, the On CloudFlyer's cloud rubber pads on the outsole of the shoes provide a nice padded base. The shoes can go fast without sacrificing comfort. And, of course, the seamless design ensures blisters are kept to a minimum.

      The On CloudFlyer is offered in various appealing colorways. A very casual style makes the shoes a very good option for looking great while running and while wearing them casually. Some of the bright color options are sure to keep you visible even when the sun goes down. The brightness is enhanced by a reflective strip on the heel of the shoe.

      The On CloudFlyer has a snug fitting seamless upper that's built with durable materials. The shoe provides overall support by ensuring the wearer doesn't move too much inside the shoe. Even with its tough materials, the shoe maintains a lightweight. In terms of durability, some reviewers did find the shoe had issues, though.
      The On CloudFlyer is a great option for long distance runners who need a little bit of extra support even as neutral runners. The full-contact outsole ensures runners don't fall even if they go fast. The cloud cushioning offers a nice amount of padding to help absorb shock and is suited for cushioning the ride of mild pronators.

      Built with various technologies, the On CloudFlyer offers a controlled ride on pavement. With a tight yet comfortable fit, the upper keeps the wearer's foot secured and allows the energy filled midsole to shine. Some reviewers did find that the grip of the On CloudFlyer was not as great when faced with wet weather.

      Never go buy shoes without getting fitted first! For instance, the On CloudFlyer is not a good option for severe overpronators. You'll be comfortable and supported if you're a neutral runner or a very mild overpronator. The cushy cloud cushioning provides a supportive base and the wide frame of the shoe works well for wide footed runners and ensures excellent full-ground grip.

      The On CloudFlyer are best used on the roads. Wet trails are not a good match for this shoe. The shoe does breathe well, though, even when there's precipitation.

      The On CloudFlyer have a fairly high price for a neutral shoe. Make sure the shoe is comfortable, fits well, and works for you before purchasing.
      The On CloudFlyer's rubber outsole grips surfaces pretty well thanks to the shoe's Cloud tech. Although the outsole lugs are not aggressive, the shoe works well on the roads. The cloud-shaped sole acts to stabilize the wearer and provide rebound.
      The On CloudFlyer offer a nice amount of flexibility. The seamless construction ensures some flex when moving in the shoe. The outsole is quite flexible as well, but remember that the durability is poor. The midsole is also pliable and is nice and responsive.

      The clouds in the outsole of the On CloudFlyer running shoes act like stability balls, responding to every movement you make. That technology also provides a solid foundation for a natural and more powerful take-off and a smoother landing. Cushioned landing and barefoot feeling take off, great for long runs. The On CloudFlyer running shoes activate your postural muscles and enable you to stabilize your foot strike without any artificial support. The CloudTec technology enhances a barefoot feeling: less impact, shorter ground contact time and a good running form for a swift take off. Great stability.
      The On CloudFlyer has a drop of about 7mm a little under the standard drop height for neutral shoes.
      Key Features
      •Heel Clouds Technology


      •Seamless upper

      •Zero Gravity foam technology

      •Star lacing system

      •Wider Platform

      •Collapsible Clouds
      Bottom Line
      The On CloudFlyer is great for those seeking to run or race long distances. It's suitable for neutral wearers or mild pronators. The shoe provides a nice fit thanks to its seamless technology and is nice and lightweight. It does perform poorly in terms of durability, though. With such a high price tag, some might find the durability issues are a deal breaker. They do well on the roads but perform badly when it comes to rainy weather. Another downside to the shoe.

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      By Ryan Sabin
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