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The On Cloudflow is a super attractive running shoe made for neutral wearers. Its pros outweigh its cons by a mile and the shoe is well worth its price tag. The trainer is the perfect lightweight option for shorter, faster efforts. Looking forward to a spring 5K but starting to feel like your current shoes are nearing the end of their life? The Cloudflow might be worth considering for your next short distance race or as a  dedicated speedwork shoe. It's got the perfect combination of features for runners looking to go fast. A little bit of cushioning provides protection and a flexible, responsive design makes toeing-off feel like second nature. The eye-catching design helps make the Flow an even more attractive option. The shoe only needs a few tweaks to make it perfect. A grippier outsole would help with traction, and smaller openings would reduce the potential for crud build-up in the hollowed out pods. Other than that? There's not much wrong with this shoe. It's up to you to try it out, of course, and see whether it works for you. But the On shoe is ready to perform right out of the box.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Great impact protection
  • Super lightweight
  • Attractive colorways
  • Quality construction
  • Responsive 
  • Flexible 
  • Cons
    • Outsole pods are a debris magnet
    • Traction could be improved 
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this shoe features ClouTec rubber. This material covers those snazzy looking hollow pods that are visible via the shoe's side profile. The rubber provides traction and those pods provide a generous dose of energy-return. There are an impressive 18 CloudTec pods underfoot, which deliver an extra bit of cushion and superior rebound. The traction on the Cloudflow isn't stellar, but it's good enough that it doesn't bring the whole shoe down. Reviewers thought grip could be improved, but it didn't reduce their love for the shoe. Some users also pointed out another tiny annoyance with the Cloudflow. The outsole pods are a debris magnet. They pick up dirt like nobody's business and dirt doesn't easily fall off or out of the pods.
      The midsole of the Cloudflow is made up of Zero-Gravity EVA foam. A bouncy, comfortable foam that absorbs the forces of impact when running. It's not a super generous helping of cushioning, the shoe is designed for short distance efforts after all, but reviewers were pleased with the feel and performance of the midsole. They appreciated the softness of the foam and felt that it was durable enough for its intended purpose.
      The On brand shoes upper is made of a Mesh-Weave construction. This upper delivers in many ways. It's breathable, supportive, and even features an anti-microbial layer to prevent smells from building up. Inside the shoe, you're in for a treat. The sock-like wrap makes it feel like you're just slipping on your favorite pair of footy pajamas. Reviewers loved the lightweight feel of the upper, its attractive design, and its ability to ventilate exceptionally well. Reviewers liked the length of the laces on this shoe, but some complained that they were thin and easily untied on their own. This seems to be a common issue with this shoe brand. The thin laces look great, but they're not at all functional. A few reviewers also had issues with the sizing of the shoe.
      The neutral trainer is a relatively lightweight shoe. Reviewers seemed to agree that the shoe felt incredibly lightweight. The Cloudflow is meant for shorter distance efforts, so it's no surprise that its paired down and uncomplicated design makes for an air-like feel on a run. The women's version weighs about 6.7 ounces and the men's a little heavier at 7.76 ounces.
      The shoe is super breathable thanks to its lightweight upper covering. The weave design ensures that air goes in and out of the shoe easily. Reviewers appreciated the thin construction of the upper commenting on its lightness and durability. The Mesh-Weave ventilates super well and the sock-like design of the interior of the shoe fits just right without offering too tight a wrap.
      Reviewers loved the Cloudflow, especially because of how comfortable it is. The combination of 18 CloudTec outsole pods and a Zero-Gravity EVA foam midsole make for a wildly smooth ride. The Speedboard technology in the shoe also helps to promote a smooth ride. The design is flexible, too, so movement feels natural. A few reviewers had issues with the sizing of the shoe and were stuck having to size up or down, but that's a common occurrence with running shoes of all types and brands.
      This is one good-looking shoe. The Cloudflow features a sleek upper design with an attractive contrasting two-toned midsole. It's available in a variety of colorways so there's something for everyone. The gorgeous color options seem to have been handpicked to evoke a feeling of speed. For men, the shoe is available in grey & orange, blue & neon, black & grey, orange & grey, dark blue & neon, and dark blue. For women, the shoe comes in a light blue ombre, fuschia & red, teal & orange, black & white, navy & aqua, and peach & dark grey. Reviewers raved about the attractive design of the trainer and loved that there were plenty of colors to choose from.
      Durability shouldn't be a concern with this On shoe. It's well-built, made with quality materials, and each part of the shoe is made to last. You wouldn't run in it for longer distances, but that's mainly due to the lower level of cushioning. The upper is ultra-breathable but sturdy. The midsole cushioning protects well from impact and will keep doing so for a while. The outsole's pods are covered with a resistant rubber material and won't easily break down or crack open.
      The Cloudflow provides protection in many ways. Its midsole cushioning is a prime example. The shoe is made for shorter distance efforts, but that doesn't mean you get a flimsy midsole without protection. The Zero-Gravity EVA offers a layer of padding in between you and hard surfaces to keep your body from experiencing too much aftershock with each step. Reviewers loved the cushioning in this shoe and found it made running fast a little easier on the body. The upper and outsole also have protective properties. The upper is durable but very breathable to ensure users stay at a comfortable temperature. The outsole CloudTec pods add a bit of extra protection underfoot, too.
      This shoe is very responsive thanks to its 18 CloudTec pods. The pods are like little air pockets of energy and help users propel up and forward on their runs. The Zero-Gravity EVA midsole cushioning provides energy-return as well. Reviewers loved how responsive the shoe was. It's a great choice for faster efforts because of its responsive design. The shoe even features a Speedboard technology, which helps with the user's transition from heel to toe, and lift-off.
      When it comes to support, the On shoe provides just enough for neutral wearers thanks to a snug Mesh-Weave upper with a sock-like interior wrap. The cushioning is supportive, too. The Zero-Gravity EVA midsole material is comfortable but not without a bit of rigidity to give users the right amount of support. Reviewers were happy with the Clouflow's supportive construction and found the shoe good enough for plenty of short distance running.
      The On Cloudflow is not a good candidate for trail running. It's a road shoe through and through. The pods are pretty notorious for picking up dirt and mud even on non-trail surfaces. Hit the trails with these and expect to pick up a serious amount of extra gunk, adding weight and instability to your ride. Keep to the roads for a smooth, effortless, and speedy ride with this trainer.
      Reviewers were quick to say that although the shoe does have a pretty high price tag, it was well worth the money. It's nearly perfect, save for a slightly slippery outsole and its dirt-attracting pods. Reviewers didn't put much weight on those negatives, though, and seemed to think that those two issues were not at all dealbreakers. The price reflects the quality of the shoe. A shoe that's comfortable, provide enough cushioning for its intended purpose, is light, and not to mention looks great, too.
      This is one area where the Cloudflow could definitely improve on. The outsole is covered with a resistant material to protect the pods, but the design stops there and doesn't provide enough texture in the outsole to provide stand out grip. Reviewers pointed out this issue but didn't seem to harp too much on it. There's enough grip underfoot for most instances of running. Runners just need to be careful when things get a bit more slippery outdoors.
      The upper, made of a Mesh-Weave material, is super flexible, which reviewers liked. The shoe itself also provides some flex and in combination with the Speedboard technology helps to provide a responsive, natural feeling ride. Movement from heel to toe feels snappy, and users were able to get a sufficiently quick transition and toe-off thanks to the shoe's design. This construction, in tandem with the shoe's lightweight design, makes it a perfect choice for faster efforts.
      A neutral shoe won't provide the same kind of pronation control as a stability shoe, but it shouldn't feel flimsy and sloppy. Not to worry, the On Cloudflow provides a stable structure for runners, with comfortable but solid cushioning to land on, and a supportive overall build. The upper hugs the foot just right and the interior wrap does a great job at keeping the foot in place inside the shoe, without making it feel too tight. Reviewers agreed that the Cloudflow felt stable enough for quick speedwork sessions.
      The shoe features a 6mm drop, which is in the middle range of drop heights. Some reviewers who chose the Cloudflow for its lightweight design and opted to use it for speedwork sessions complained that the drop was too high for their liking. The drop might feel a bit excessive for minimalist enthusiasts or dedicated forefoot runners, but otherwise, it's a good middle ground for most users.
      Key Features
      - 18 CloudTec outsole pods for cushioning and energy-return
      - CloudTec rubber outsole
      - Zero-Gravity EVA foam cushioning in midsole
      - Mesh-Weave upper combines breathability and support
      - Sock-like interior for a snug foot wrap
      - 6mm drop
      - Available in several colorways
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Clouflow is a comfortable shoe geared towards speedier workouts. Unlike some other 'speed'-type shoes, the Flow provides decent impact protection. It's super lightweight, but it's paired with quality construction that doesn't feel flimsy or lacking. The design is responsive, snappy, and flexible. And the look of the shoe is top notch. Some reviewers didn't like the pods' tendency to get filled with dirt and others felt the traction could be improved. But otherwise, reviewers loved the Flow. The sleek trainer is a solid option for anyone looking to update their current sneakers a few months before a goal race or for users who want a dedicated speedwork shoe.
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      By Steph Coelho
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