Puma Carson Runner

Puma is fairly well known around the world for their athletic and sports equipment, including their many varieties of running shoes. The Puma Carson Runner is one of Puma’s running lines that is very stylish and can fare well as an everyday shoe, while still offering good features for fairly serious running and training as well.

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Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Stylish design



Decently well-cushioned

Well priced


Some complaints about size

Price varies

Key Features
The outsole of the Puma Carson Runner is made of Puma’s EverTrack material, which is a special blend of carbon rubber. This material is designed to be very durable and is quite resistant to repeated abrasions. Additionally, carbon rubber is generally very gripping, which is an added bonus of it. The outsole also features EverRide material in the outsole, which is supposed to add a bit of extra cushioning. This is usually not the job of the outsole, but it is a nice added touch here. Overall, the outsole material is decent at its job, but not particularly outstanding in any way.
The Puma Carson runner features a midsole that is made of injection molded EVA foam. EVA foam, or ethylene-vinyl-acetate, is a special type of material that is used often for midsoles thanks to some of its useful properties. Mainly, it is very springy and responsive, it retains its original shape well, and it is lightweight. These are all very useful properties, that lend themselves well to the midsole of the Puma Carson Runner. The EVA in the Carson Runner is also injection molded, meaning it fills into more places where it can cushion and support the foot effectively. Apart from this EVA foam, the midsole doesn’t offer many other features to aid in cushioning or responsiveness. As a result, the midsole is not amazing but still is pretty decent.
The Puma Carson runner’s upper is made of a mesh design, which is a very good, and also very standard choice. Mesh is great because it is woven, meaning it is naturally flexible and breathable thanks to the holes woven into it. The mesh is Puma’s own special design which is supposed to be extra breathable as well. The upper also features an antibacterial liner inside the shoe, which adds some comfort and helps prevent bacteria from growing inside the shoe. Overall, the upper is pretty solid at providing stability and flexibility, while remaining breathable.
Lighter weight shoes tend to be more minimalistic, and offer a more natural stride at the cost of less cushioning. Heavier shoes tend to offer the opposite of this, with more cushioning and a less natural stride. The Puma Carson Runner is pretty light, weighing in at about 7 ounces. This is pretty light compared to most trainers which fall around 10-12 ounces. This is in line with the cushioning and feel of the Carson Runner as well. Overall, the weight is not really a surprise for the shoe and is a good indicator of the type of shoe the Carson Runner is.
The upper of the Puma Carson Runner is pretty good, as mentioned earlier, thanks to its special mesh design. As mentioned above, this design allows air to come in and out thanks to the holes woven in it. Apart from this the upper of the Puma Carson Runner doesn’t do too much, but the mesh definitely provides enough breathability.
Comfort in the Carson Runner stems mainly from its upper and outsole. The upper contributes through several of its components. The mesh is quite comfortable thanks to the fact that it is very flexible and breathable. The lace support system adds to this with its great security, which makes the shoe fit snugly and comfortably. Finally, the liner in the shoe adds some extra comfort within. The midsole contributes with its EVA foam cushioning. This foam reduces impacts while running which makes the stride a bit more comfortable. These two aspects of the shoe are what contribute to comfort the most, and do a pretty good job at that. The Puma Carson Runner is a pretty comfortable shoe as a whole.
In terms of style, Puma tends to be a bit more versatile than most other running shoe brand. Puma’s shoes aren’t as traditionally styled as some brands like Brooks or Asics, and they tend to fall on the more minimalist styled side, like Adidas or Nike. The Puma Carson Runner is a very stylish shoe and has a clean and simple design, as is common in Puma’s shoes. The Puma Carson Runner is a great choice for doubling as an everyday shoe because of this, and is overall a stylish shoe.
The Puma Carson Runner is fairly average in terms of durability. The main factors that contribute to this are the midsole and the outsole. The midsole’s durability comes from its EVA foam once again. EVA foam retains its original shape very well, and as a result lasts a long time, even after repeated impacts. The outsole contributes with its carbon rubber material. This material resists abrasions particularly well and is a common choice for outsoles because of this. Apart from these two features, durability is not really emphasized by any aspects of the Puma Carson Runner. As a result, the shoe is decent when it comes to durability but not really exceptional.
The main sources of protection in the Puma Carson runner are the upper, the midsole, and the outsole. The upper contributes to protection with its solid mesh covering, which protects the foot from the outside elements. The upper also secures the foot well with the lacing structure, which makes the shoe more snug, which can protect from sprains and twists. The midsole contributes through its injection-molded EVA foam, which does a pretty solid job of reducing shocks and impacts. This obviously protects the foot while running. The outsole adds a bit of extra protection with the EverRide material in it. Overall, protection in the Carson Runner is pretty decent thanks to the midsole, and, to a lesser extent, the outsole.
The EVA foam midsole of the Carson Runner does a pretty good job of returning energy, because of the previously mentioned properties of EVA. The fact that the EVA is injection molded also contributes to this, through its placement in the sole. Overall, responsiveness is pretty good in the Puma Carson Runner.
The key factors that add support in the Puma Carson Runner are its midsole and upper. The midsole once again adds support with cushioning via its EVA foam. This foam cushions the foot while running and reduces impacts, which helps support the foot a great deal. This makes for a better stride, that is safer and more comfortable. The upper contributes with its lacing system and mesh design. The lacing system does a pretty solid job of securing the shoe around the foot and providing a good fit. This, in tandem with the flexibility of the mesh design, lend a great deal of support to the foot. Overall, support in the Carson Runner is decent because of the upper and the midsole.
On most runnable terrains, there will not be issues with the Carson Runner. They probably will excel on city-like terrains like road and concrete, but they should still fare well on trails or grass or other terrains. The Carson Runner should also be usable in rain so long as caution is exercised. Only the most extreme terrains should be avoided, like mountainous or icy areas.
The Puma Carson Runner is a fairly cheap shoe, which is definitely a plus. Despite being fairly low priced, the Carson Runner still offers decent features for a running shoe, and good styling as well. If found for their lower end of prices, the Carson Runners are definitely a good value and well worth it.
Traction on the Puma Carson Runner is pretty average. There should not be an issue on most surfaces, particularly in the city. This is mainly thanks to the carbon rubber of the outsole. Caution should definitely be taken on more slippery surfaces, but overall traction should not be a major concern.
The Puma Carson Runner gets a majority of its flexibility from its upper. The upper adds flexibility through the mesh, which is woven with holes into it intentionally. There aren’t many other features in the Carson Runner that contribute to flexibility. The upper does tend to be the main factor however, as it is the part that holds down the shoe. As a result, the overall flexibility of the Carson Runner is pretty good.
The Puma Carson Runner is decently stable, and the main contributing pieces are the upper and the midsole. The upper once again with its snug and secure fit. This fit stems from the lacing system and goes a long way in directing and stabilizing the foot. The fact that it does this while still maintaining flexibility makes it even more effective and useful. The midsole contributes once more with its EVA foam. The foam cushions the foot and reduces shocks, which makes for a more stable stride. Stability is overall decent in the Puma Carson Runner thanks to the upper and midsole.
The 8mm drop on these shoes is arguably on the lower side, but is generally pretty average. Most trainers have a drop around 10-12 mm, and the slightly lower drop on the Carson Runner mirrors the somewhat lightweight design of the shoe. The drop shouldn’t be an issue for most.
Key Features
- Mesh upper with good breathability
- Injected EVA foam midsole
- Stylish design
- Fairly low price
- Lightweight
Bottom Line
The Puma Carson Runner is a pretty solid shoe, especially when considering the price. Although not exceptional in any particular area, the shoe still offers solid technology and has a very stylish design. For anyone seeking a more casual running shoe that can also be used for other purposes, the Puma Carson runner is not a bad choice.
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