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6 Running Camps & Retreats You’ll Want to Sign-Up For

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6 Running Camps & Retreats You'll Want to Sign-Up For 6 Running Camps & Retreats You’ll Want to Sign-Up For www.runnerclick.com

Remember being a kid and heading off to summer camp?

Choices range from basketball to bible camp, camps for people who move, and those who would prefer to curl up with a good book.

Ever ask yourself why kids get to have all the fun?

Well, you don’t have to. Now, there are running camp getaways for adults.

6 Top Adult Running Camps

1. Camp Runabout

Camp Runabout

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Camp Runabout is an all-inclusive camp that takes place a couple of times a year in Pennsylvania.

Participants must be 21 to register and attend, which makes sense, given that they serve bloody Marys and mimosas with breakfast and advertise a full bar for participants to enjoy while socializing.

You experience it all while at camp. There is a little bit of running, some workout classes, and world-class guest speakers to help you with your goal setting. Since balance is important, you will also have the opportunity to make s’mores and hang out. 

If you register early, you can enjoy these 4 days and 3 nights for roughly $625. 

2. Run Wild Running Retreat

Run Wild Running Retreat

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Designed especially for women, there are multiple choices for every skill level. These mindfulness retreats take place all over the world. You heard that right. From the Canadian Rockies and Moab, Utah, to Catalonia, Spain, Sonoran Desert, Arizona, and Banff, Montana.

You can run in a desert in the United States or through the trails of Iceland. The sky is the limit.

Of course, all this amazing scenery does not come without a potentially big price tag. You can search running retreats by destination or by ability level. These trips range in cost ranging from $2,200 – $5,200 for a one-week excursion.

Also, it is worth noting that your transportation to the destination is an extra expense, and not all meals are included. 

3. Craftsbury Outdoor Center Running Retreats

Craftsbury Outdoor Center Running Retreats

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Craftsbury running camps in Vermont have something for all age groups. They sponsor running camps for adults but also tweens and teens. Understanding that sometimes people prefer to be with like aged athletes, they have a Master’s group for those over 50, as well as camps for mixed age groups.

The camp itself is modestly priced at around $500, but that price does not include lodging or food.

The beautiful camp lodge does include meals in its price, however. 

4. Active at Altitude

Active at Altitude

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Partnering with ATRA, the American Trail Running Association assures you will have a beautiful, pristine running experience at this camp in Estes Park, Colorado. Featured on CNN as one of the best trail running camps for adults, they advertise as appropriate for beginners and advanced trail runners.

Camp is a full 7 days in spring, and costs depend on if you are willing to sleep bunkhouse style, if you will take a roommate, or if you want a private room.

Cost ranges from $1200 – $2,000, all-inclusive.

5. The Cool Impossible Running Camp

The Cool Impossible Running Camp

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In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, it is a weekend of running fun. Runners of all ages get the opportunity to explore the mountain trails and discover their boundaries.

To register, they recommend that participants can run for two hours comfortably, so this is not one for true beginning runners. With both morning and evening group run sessions, you can plan to leave tired but satisfied with what you have gotten out of your body.

Camp costs of $650 (2021 rates) do not include transportation or lodging. 

6. ZAP Endurance Running Vacations

ZAP Endurance Running Vacations

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The Blue Ridge Running Vacation is advertised as appropriate for all running abilities. July is a wonderful time to retreat to Blowing Rock in the North Carolina mountains for this runcation as you can beat the heat while you learn about nutrition, strength training, running form, and the mental aspects of running.

This unique six-day training program can cost as little as $2,100 if you are willing to room with someone $2,500 if you prefer to room alone. 

If running is your gig and you are looking to spend time with other people who love running as much as you do, there are some incredible opportunities out there. Running camps will have you learning about running while you experience things firsthand.

This might be just what you need to kick start your next training plan or a catalyst to help you fall in love with your sport again. 

3 Running or Fitness Escapes

While doing a deep dive into running camps for adults, I could not help but notice something amazing: the running vacation.

Not quite a camp but not a race; these wellness experiences are more like guided running tours. 

1. Trail Running Escapes: This features many different running camps for adults. They vary in price, location, and other aspects. One to highlight is held in the Santa Monica Mountains where athletes travel 68 miles over four days. You get shuttled from the hotel to the trail for the day.

The total elevation gain is over 14,000 feet. The fee of $545 does not include transportation or hotel, but they do supply great options. A second escape put on by this same group is perhaps better for beginners.

On this excursion, athletes run 45 miles over 5 days, with only 4,400 feet of elevation gain. 

2. Wine Country Trekking: If you are like me and two of your favorite things are wine and running, this might be just the trip for you.

A 5 day and 4-night adventure, participants stay in luxurious hotels, have opportunities for fine dining and touristy things, and also hike or run 9-10 miles each day on beautiful trails.

Prices start at roughly $1300 per person.

3. Unite Fitness Retreat: Although some people would see this as a weight loss retreat, that does not do justice to this camp. While there is certainly a focus on nutrition and can help you kick start dietary changes, it is so much more.

Participants will go to exercise classes, join in on team hikes, and learn about nutrition. This all-inclusive resort retreat can be attended for approximately $3,500 for one week, for those willing to share a room. If you prefer privacy, a solo room does not cost much more. 

Whether you are looking for a running camp or another type of fitness retreat, there is something out there for you.

Although some of the price tags seem high, can you put a price on your physical and mental health?


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