Salomon Speedtrak

The Salomon Speedtrak is a revamped version of the Fellraiser. Outdoor enthusiasts love this shoe for obstacle races and long distance ultramarathons. Regardless of the weather conditions or terrain, this shoe can handle it. The upper has been redesigned to include a more durable, more breathable upper. The upper now comes with TPU overlays to lock the foot in place. The midsole features a simple, but effective EVA midsole foam that absorbs shock and keeps the runner close to the ground. Runners love the responsive, durable outsole of this shoe too. It uses Salomon’s tough Wet Traction Contagrip to grip the terrain below regardless of the conditions. The lug system is specifically designed to ensure that mud and debris shakes off quickly. The Speedtrak is lightweight enough to promote speed and agility for the runner but it is durable and protective enough to take the runner through some of the toughest terrains. The price is reasonable considering how long this shoe lasts for and how protective and secure it is to the runner. The style is rugged and bright and runners loved that it got them noticed on the trail and set them apart from other racers.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Great for obstacle races
  • Bright and colorful
  • Protective
  • Durable
  • Cons
    • A little pricey
    • Cannot be used on roads
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this shoe provides amazing traction and durability and enables the runner to tackle some of the toughest terrains in the toughest conditions. Salomon uses their Wet Traction ContaGrip outsole for the Speedtrack. Not only does this design feature an aggressive lug system that protects the runner, it also shakes off excessive mud and debris to keep the shoe free from dangerous elements that can reduce the traction. This outsole makes this shoe a great choice for obstacle races and even ultra marathons. Salomon made key improvements to the rubber material of the Wet Traction ContaGrip from the Fellraiser. Not only does it protect the runner from the harmful elements of the trail, it also lasts a long time.
      Salomon decided to go with a tradition EVA midsole foam. This foam tends to be bouncier and more responsive than some other options on the market today. The EVA foam is also a lighter in weight to help the shoe keep its overall lightweight fit and feel. The shoe also features an EVA shaped sock liner that provides superior support and more effective transitions from the toe off to the heel strike.
      The upper of the shoe is where Salomon made some key changes to the Fellraiser. The upper material is a closed mesh that is designed to simultaneously keep debris out of the shoe while allowing maximum airflow to reach the foot, keeping it cool and dry. The entire upper is designed using Salomon’s patented SensiFit material. This material is secure and snug and cradles the foot and creates a unique fit for each runner because it adapts to the unique shape of each foot. The QuickLace system utilizes a single pull-tight design to make for an easy on and off fit that stays secure regardless of the conditions of the trail. The upper of the Speedtrack also features TPU overlays that are constructed from a durable, synthetic material. These overlays not only protect the runner from the elements of the trail, they also provide added durability to the shoe. Finally, Salomon finished off the upper with a protective toe cap that is made to keep the foot safe from roots and other unexpected trail elements. Runners found this element to be particularly useful for obstacle racing.
      The upper of the shoe is able to provide superior air flow while also providing protection from debris and trail elements. The upper features an anti-debris closed mesh. This allows air and moisture to exit the shoe to keep the foot cool and dry, but it also protects against harmful trail elements from entering the shoe. Runners reported that even in extreme conditions, their feet stayed cool and dry and free of irritation and blisters.
      This is a lightweight trail shoe that finds the right balance between protection and durability and a lightweight design that allows the runner to go fast. The shoe weighs in at 8.4 ounces which makes this one of the lightest trail racing shoes on the market today. Salomon was very smart in their engineering and was sure to only include technology that would protect the runner, add durability, but not add too much extra weight. The lightness of this shoe enables the runner to go fast and go far.

      The Salomon Speedtrak would not have been so highly suggested for ultra marathons and extreme trail runs if it wasn’t comfortable. Those races, in particular, require a high level of comfort, so even the smallest irritation can stop a runner in their tracks. The midsole foam features a traditional EVA foam which is lightweight but provides superior cushioning. The upper is breathable and the SensiFit technology molds to the shape of the foot, creating a unique fit for each runner.
      This shoe is bright and is designed to get the runner noticed. The colors options are bright and plentiful and the overall style is very different from anything on the market today. The synthetic overlays serve an important purpose to the shoe but they also provide a unique look to the shoe that runners enjoyed.

      This shoe provides superior durability through the use of the Wet Traction Contagrip and the synthetic overlays of the upper. The Wet Traction Contagrip is made using a highly durable rubber. This material does an amazing job of holding up against some of the toughest miles. Additionally, the upper features durable synthetic overlays. Runners were pleased to report that they experience zero rips or tears or fraying in the upper due to the overlays. The Salomon Speedtrak protects better and last longer than other similar trail running shoes in the same class.
      This shoe provides ample protective elements which is a key reason why the Salomon Speektrak is such a great obstacle course racing shoe. For starters, the upper is made from an anti-debris mesh that protects the runners from debris entering the shoe and causing irritation or pain. The upper of the shoe is also designed with a protective toe cap that protects the foot from unforeseen elements on the trail like rocks and roots. Finally, the outsole of the shoe is designed using Salomon’s patented Wet Traction Contagrip. This provides superior traction to keep the runner safe on uneven, muddy, and slippery conditions.
      The EVA midsole used in this shoe provides responsive cushioning. Runners also liked that this shoe was low to the ground, giving them a better connection with the trail. This enabled the runner to make quick and efficient changes to pace and direction, which kept runners safe from slipping and falling on the trail.
      This shoe provides ample support through the EVA sock liner and the synthetic overlays found on the upper of the shoe. The EVA liner supports the runners by molding to the foot and working to keep the foot in place. The new addition of the TPU synthetic overlays hold the foot in place and eliminate the risk of unnecessary movement. This is especially important during obstacle races or ultra marathons and ensures that your form stays consistent.
      This shoe is designed for the most adventurous runners. Runners commented that whether they were running on mud or through water or on uneven, loose terrain, the Salomon Speedtrak handled it with no problems. Because of the superior traction and durability, runners loved this shoe for obstacle course racing, ultramarathons, or even hikes. This shoe can easily handle a groomed trail, but it is designed for the toughest conditions out there.
      Considering how many technological features this shoe has, runners were surprised at how affordable it is. This shoe comes in right at the average price point of quality trail running shoes on the market today. Additionally, the shoe has proven to stand up against the elements so well that it doesn't need to be replaced as frequently as other trail shoes.
      The Speedtrak was praised for its traction. The outsole is designed using Salomon’s patented Wet Traction Contagrip. This not only provides superior traction, but it also is designed specifically to shake off excess mud or debris in order to ensure that the runner stays safe and secure on the trail. The outsole features a multi-directional lug pattern to keep the runner safe whether they are running up steep hills or traversing down rocky down hills. This is also one of the key reasons this shoe is suggested by other runners for obstacle races like Spartan Races or Tough Mudders.
      The Sensifit upper material provides a flexible, adaptive fit for the runner that conforms to the unique shape of each foot. This is a lightweight, breathable material that moves with the natural movement of the foot. Additionally, the midsole of the shoe provides ample flexibility. The EVA midsole foam is designed to provide responsive cushioning that moves with the runners natural gait cycle.

      Although there are many great shoes on the market today that specifically address issues with pronation, the Salomon Speedtrak is not one of them. This shoe is designed to move with the foot as opposed to working to change the gait style or cycle. The EVA midsole foam does conform to the shape of the foot and provides some arch support, but there aren’t any specific pronation support features in this shoe.
      This shoe features a 6-millimeter heel drop. Runners loved how close and connected to the ground they were. The nearly flat feeling of the shoe enables the runner to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in the direction and surface of the trail below them. Runners reported that because of the lower drop, they felt more stable during their runs.
      Key Features
      - Wet Traction ContaGrip provides good traction
      - EVA midsole foam provides responsive cushion
      - Anti-debris closed mesh of the upper protects the foot from trail debris
      - Quick lace system enables the runner to easily slide the shoe on
      - SensiFit upper material provides maximum flexibility
      - Protective Toe Cap protects the runner from roots and rocks
      Bottom Line
      The Salomon Speedtrak is a tough trail running shoe designed to take athletes across some of the toughest terrains. This shoe has a lightweight design that is also highly durable and provides superior traction. The upper keeps debris from entering the shoe and the midsole provides a responsive cushioning that runners love. The price is average for a shoe in this class, and runners love the bright, unique style and look.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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