Salomon Wings Pro 2

Incorporating over 15 different kinds of Salomon patented technologies, from the outsole to the upper of the shoe, the Salomon Wings Pro 2 is designed and built to comfortably embrace and protect your feet, so the last thing you have to worry about during your technical run, is your shoes. The Wings Pro 2 are neutral trail running shoes that bring great stability and comfort without sacrificing their flexibility. The QuickLace system brings a strong lace from one-pull tightening, also provides easy storage for your laces with the Lace Pocket. The SensiFit technology works to cradle the foot providing a secure and precise. The molded EVA and the footbed provide outstanding cushioning and anatomical support while the OrthoLiner sock liner combines a foam and an EVA heel cup that keeps your feet cooler and dryer.

The TPU toe cap and the 3D Stretch Air mesh provide protection and breathability for the runner, and combined with the tongue cover, the shoes should effectively keep the mud and debris away from your feet. Finally, and very important, the Agile Chassis System, give you the best stability and dampening while running over the toughest environments.

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Pros & Cons
  • Good durability
  • Outstanding control for downhill running
  • Secure fit
  • Great cushioning and protection
  • Cons
    • Slightly heavy
    • Sizing might prove to be somewhat tricky
    • Key Features
      The cushioned sole from the Salomon Wings Pro 2 is incredibly laid out so you can have a twofold layer of pressed and inserted EVA. The EVA layer on top is milder than the firmer base one, so together they give the best cushioning, protection and comfort holding the stagger brought on by the entries. The Salomon Wings Pro 2 moreover join a heel undercarriage that helps you to move speedier and less requesting from touching base to take off.
      The Salomon Wings Pro 2 feature a Contragrip trapezoidal technology that brings astonishing multi-directional handle. The outsole joins two flexible blends, one that gives a mind-blowing handle and one that gives sturdiness in the high-influence scopes of the shoe. With the Wings Pro 2, you can feel safe paying little mind to the likelihood that you continue running over free sharp shakes, the Pro Feel Film security plate gives all the protection you require without decreasing the flexibility of the shoe.
      The upper that the Salomon Wings Pro 2 features combine the 3D Stretch anti-gravel Air Mesh that provides the best breathability and protection, the SensiFit technology that gives you ample support and keeps the structure of the shoe, and the EndoFit sleeve that enhances the sock-like fit and improves the feedback and foot wrapping. Finally, the QuickLace System provides an easy-on-easy-off feel, while the tongue cover protects you from the mud and the debris from the terrain.
      The Salomon Wings Pro 2 men shoe weights 335 grams, while the women shoe weights 285 grams. Keep in mind the following: the weight provided here is just an average and will depend on the size of the shoe you wear. They are not the lightest of the bunch but the protection and comfort they bring is better than the average shoes.
      The better a shoe breathes, logically the more comfortable your run will be. No one wants to run in wet shoes that are sweat-soaked. Excess moisture can cause blisters to form. It's also true that it's very easy for your feet to overheat inside shoes, so properly ventilated shoes are important to reduce the chances of that happening. When it's super hot, you want a shoe that can keep your feet cool. The 3D Stretch Air Mesh from the Salomon Wings Pro 2 gives phenomenal breathability.
      The whole length of the Salomon Wings Pro 2 is intended to provide you with supreme comfort. The double layer EVA midsole absorbs any and all shock that results from each step when landing. In addition, the EndoFit internal sleeve works to hug the foot just right to maintain control and enhance stability. The ACS technology placed in the heel of the shoe will give you the “wings” you need to feel lighter, comfortable and protected while you face the toughest downhill runs and difficult types of terrain.
      The Salomon Wings Pro 2 is pretty darn stylish. From the Contragrip trapezoidal outsole that looks aggressive, to the protective TPU toe cap placed to protect your toes, the shoes make you feel and look amazing from the start to the end of the run. They're offered in 3 colors for men: Black/Dark Cloud/Radiant Red, Slate Blue/Light Onix/Granny Green, and Bright Blue/Black/Tonic Green; and 3 colors for women: Black/Dark Cloud/Madder Pink, blue Jay/Fog Blue/Lava Orange, and Lucite Green/Bubble Blue/Gecko Green.
      The Salomon Wings Pro 2 is built with high-quality components. This makes the shoe hold up wear to wear and tear. Still, the shoe remains flexible and lightweight. The outsole, composed of two tough materials, enhances durability even further, especially in high impact zones. The shoe also features anti-gravel mesh which is designed to be extra resistant. The shoe's tongue cover keeps out mud as well. The shoe stands up to durability tests just fine. Reviewers were quick to mention that the shoe's durability was a notable feature they were very pleased with.

      The Salomon Wings Pro 2 brings with it incredible protection. During runs, wearers should feel sufficiently protected underfoot, even ankles will feel protected. All this is thanks to the double-layered EVA midsole as well as the shoe's ACS heel tech. Both of these technologies ensure feet are protected from debris underfoot. The TPU toe cap also works to protect the front area of the foot from obstacles. The OrthoLite shoe liner keeps the wearer's foot dry and well-ventilated as well. You won't slip and your steps will be firm (especially when descending hills) thanks to the Contragrip outsoles; the ProFeel Film will make sure sharp rocks don't get in between you and your run; the 3D Stretch Air Mesh will keep you fresh; and the mudguards around the base of the shoes will keep you protected from the rocks and dirt in your way.
      The fit of the shoe is sock-like thanks to the Sensifit upper. The Salomon Wings Pro 2 brings a wonderful amount of energy return to an already so comfortable ride. The outsole of the shoe, made of Contagrip rubber, enhances ground feel and provides great traction. The EndoFit technology and the QuickLace system will also keep your shoes and your feet tightly and comfortable embraced while you run, providing you the best performance going up-hill, down-hill, in muddy and dry terrain.
      Don't forget to pay attention to what kind of shoe you need. Don't simply buy a shoe because it looks good or you've heard good things about it. Find out whether you pronate or not and stick to choosing a shoe that's right for you. The Salomon Wings Pro 2 delivers excellent support without sacrificing comfort. The shoe features two notable technologies - EndoFit and Sensifit - to ensure a snug fit. The shoe also features a dual-layer midsole composed of EVA foam.
      The Salomon Wings Pro 2 are trail shoes that work well on gravel, trail, off-trail and unstable surfaces. With the Descent Control technology incorporated, these shoes are especially good for running downhill. Special mudguards around the base of the shoe give you protection from the loose rocks during your run. Whether the surface is wet, muddy, dry, rocky or unstable, the Wings Pro 2 will ensure you're performing your best every time.
      The Salomon Wings Pro 2 shoe shows up heavily discounted online. You'll likely be able to find it at a lower price point since it's an older model. The shoe's price is dependent on the color option, size, as well as the width. On average, the shoe retails for about $145 USD. At their original retail price, they fall into the fairly pricey range but they do offer excellent quality.
      The Contragrip trapezoidal technology embedded in the outsoles of the Salomon Wings Pro 2 bring perfect multi-dimensional grip. The outsole combines dual rubber mixtures, one that provides a durable sole and a great deal of traction. The same Contragrip technology gives the shoes the ability to grip even when running over wet surfaces. The success of Salomon's Contagrip technology is a result of the proper mix of three major components: Density, Compound, and Geometry. Whether your thrill is walking, hiking, or running, the Salomon Wings Pro 2 will keep you in control and will provide the comfort and protection you need.
      The Salomon Wings Pro 2 is a pretty flexible shoe overall. Even with its various protective components, it manages to provide an adequate amount of flex. Reviewers enjoyed the shoe's pliability, especially on trail runs. They were pleased with the shoe's ability to protect underfoot and provide a smooth ride.

      The double-layer of pressed and inserted EVA midsole from the Salomon Wings Pro 2 and the SensiFit and EndoFit technologies, make this shoe one of the most stable shoes in its category. The sock-like feeling is incredible and the Contragrip outsole keeps you attached to the ground even in the worst conditions. The QuickLace system, apart from making them easier to take-in and take-off, provides extra stability from the outside of the shoe.
      What is a drop? Subtract the height of the forefoot from the height of the heel and you've got the overall heel to toe drop. The Salomon Wings Pro 2 has a drop of 10mm. The heel stack height is 27mm and the forefeet are 17mm. It's an average drop for this kind of trail running shoe.
      Key Features
      •ACS heel protection

      •Dual-layer of EVA midsole

      •3D Stretch Air Mesh

      •Wet traction Contragrip outsole

      •Trapezoidal lug for better descent control

      •Offered in a variety of bold colors

      •QuickLace System
      Bottom line
      If you've been seeking a very durable running shoe that also provides adequate protection, the Salomon Wings Pro 2 might be a great choice. The shoe is outfitted with various technologies that make it a great option for trail running. There's loads of protection underfoot, and enough support to keep you moving smoothly even on rocky terrain.

      The shoe is a bit on the higher end of the price range compared to other trail shoes but some might say it doesn't offer quite the same package as other models. The shoes are durable and are a pleasure to wear. The shoe is also available in wider sizes for those who need some extra room. Head to your nearest running shoe shop and give them a go, and don't forget to enjoy your run!

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      By Ryan Sabin
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