Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a smartwatch designed for fitness enthusiasts and anyone else who's always on the go. Buyers are able to track and monitor a wide range of activities that include running, cycling, swimming, yoga, and even pilates. They are also able to track their heart rate, stress levels, and sleep patterns while also having access to breathing and meditation exercises.

It is compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, which allows the buyer to set up and activate a number of different apps. These include Spotify, Samsung Health, and even Samsung Pay for use wherever it's accepted. Furthermore, working GPS is present for safer and more efficient outdoor runs and walks.

All of this is wrapped up in a sleek and smooth design that comes in four different colors and can easily fit into a number of different environments. And the fact that it only costs $200 makes it even more appealing to buyers.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Eye-catching design

-Lightweight and comfortable

-Access to multiple apps

-Multiple tracking features

-Bluetooth connectivity

-High display resolution

-Extremely versatile usage


-Disappointing battery life

-Lacks durability

-Inconsistant accuracy

Key Features
Buyers expect their smartwatch to be incredibly versatile, and the Galaxy Watch Active provides them with just that. Not only does it include tracking features for running, cycling, and various indoor workouts, but its water rating of 5 ATM means that it can also be used while swimming laps at the pool or while diving or snorkeling. However, it cannot be used while scuba diving or during high-speed water sports.

Even while the buyer is not active, they're still able to fully utilize this watch during their regular daily lives. It can monitor stress levels, heart rate, and the number of steps taken, and buyers are also given access to meditation and breathing exercises. A sleep tracker is also included for even better monitoring of health habits and overall progress.
Basic Features
All of the basic features that one would expect to find on their smartwatch are included on the Galaxy Watch Active. These include a timer, stopwatch, automatic daylight savings time, and a fully-functioning GPS. Buyers also have access to a schedule and weather tracker, allowing them to better plan their workouts and daily activities.

Unlike a number of smartwatches, which have a five-button configuration, this model has two buttons on its right-hand side to turn the screen on and off and switch between apps. However, most of its features can be accessed and utilized with the touchscreen.
Advanced Features
The Galaxy Watch Active is equipped with a number of tracking and monitoring features for both workouts and everyday life. According to its listing on the Samsung website, it can detect up to seven different types of workout and can track as much as 39 more activities. These include running, cycling, swimming, and even pilates.

Thanks to the Samsung Health app, this watch comes readily equipped with a heart rate monitor and stress tracker. It also features a full sleep monitor as well as access to breathing and meditation routines, which several buyers feel makes it truly stand out.

As an added bonus, Samsung Pay can also be accessed via this watch for quick and easy in-store payment wherever it's accepted. Buyers set it up by downloading the app and entering their credit card information so that all they have to do to pay is hold their watch in front of a card reader.
Reviews seem to be mixed when it comes to the Galaxy Watch Active's overall level of accuracy. Several have even tested out the heart rate monitor while performing a number of different activities such as running, swimming, yoga, and a number of indoor workouts. While some feel that it outperforms similar models sold by Garmin and Fitbit, others feel that its one of the worst-performing watches when it comes to this quality.

There also doesn't seem to be a lot of online information when it comes to this watch's GPS. However, on professional reviewer did test it out extensively and found that it performed well above average.
The Galaxy Watch Active is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi connectivity, which not only enables the GPS and compass but also provides access to call, text, and social media notifications. It also enables all of the watch's apps, including Spotify and Samsung Health.

All Samsung smartphones and most Android smartphones are able to work with this model, as are most iPhones that are currently on the market. Galaxy Buds can also be paired with this watch for easy music listening wherever the buyer goes.

While this quality has garnered mostly positive responses, a number of early reviews claimed that it diminished after a short period of time. It is unclear if this is due to an early manufacturing error or if it's a lingering issue that still needs to be addressed.
Several apps are already included in the Galaxy Watch Active. Buyers already have access to Spotify for music listening as well as Samsung Health for complete tracking and monitoring of their important statistics and progress. Calm is also present to provide buyers with interactive meditation and breathing exercises.

Buyer is also pleased to know that this device is compatible with Samsung Pay, which is accepted in more store locations than Apple Pay. After downloading the app and entering their credit card information, all buyers have to do is access the app and place their watch in front of a card reader.
Most buyers agree that the Galaxy Watch Active provides them with incredibly comfortable wear. This is thanks entirely to its chosen materials and smooth, lightweight build. Between the aluminum casing and fluoroelastomer band, buyers are able to wear this watch all day without experiencing any form of irritation.

In addition, this particular model only weighs around 0.88 ounces, which is noticeably lighter than most smartwatches. Because of this, and its slightly smaller build, it will never feel heavy or cumbersome at any point throughout the day.
Smartwatches are known for being sleek, simple, and easy to wear in multiple environments, and the Galaxy Watch Active definitely fits this design. Between its smooth metallic finishes and very simple wrist band, buyers can wear this model to work and transition to the gym, pool, or even the trail without having to worry about damage or appearing out of place.

Buyers are able to pick between four different color options when purchasing this particular watch. While black seems to be the most popular option, with silver being a close second, they can also choose between dark green and rose gold.
The way that listings describe the Galaxy Watch Active's durability level doesn't quite match what many reviewers are saying. It should be incredibly sturdy considering that its lens is made from Gorilla glass and its band from fluoroelastomer, synthetic rubber with high chemical resistance. And its water rating of 5 ATM means that it can be used for swimming, diving, and even in the shower.

However, multiple reviewers have claimed that this watch is not resistant to scratches at all. A few stated that after a minor bump or drop, the screen will already show signs of damage. Others write that its connectivity and battery life begin to falter after a very short period of time.

Since most of these reviews were written shortly after this watch's release, it's unclear if these results were due to manufacturing errors that occurred early on in production. Regardless, these are criticisms that potential buyers should still keep in mind.
The Galaxy Watch Active's screen is made from Gorilla Glass, which is known to be highly resistant to cracks and scratches. It's held in place by an aluminum casing and bezel, which is colored black. Aside from the two buttons on its right side, it also features a working touchscreen.

Its main display measures 1.1 inches in diameter, just a bit less than the average watch measurement. With the added casing, it measurements come in at 39.5 x 39.5 x 10.5. This makes it noticeably smaller and thinner than most watches on the market.

According to multiple listings, its display resolution is 360 x 360 pixels. Considering that many smartwatches have a resolution set at 240 x240 pixels, this means that the buyer will be given incredible image quality if they purchase this model.
Most smartwatches feature a band that's made from silicone, which is not only more resistant to damage but also feels smooth and comfortable against the skin. However, the Galaxy Watch Active's band is made from a material called fluoroelastomer, which is a synthetic rubber that utilizes fluorocarbon. Because it's made to have enhanced chemical resistance, it can withstand gradual wear and tear better than silicone.

The strap width is listed at 20mm, or 0.78 inches, which is standard for most watches. It can comfortably stay in place on the buyer's wrist without feeling too bulky or overwhelming. And while its overall length is not listed, it can be assumed that it will best fit all wrist sizes between five and eight inches around.
The Galaxy Watch Active is slightly smaller than most other smartwatches that are sold. Its screen is only 1.1 inches in diameter, and both its height and width measure 1.55 inches. The watch's thickness comes in at just under half an inch, and this extremely lightweight model doesn't even weigh a full ounce.

The wrist band is 20mm thick, which is actually standard for most watches, and product photos indicate that it can comfortably fit all wrist sizes between five and eight inches around.

While its screen might be smaller than average, its display resolution is anything but. Listings have this feature at 360 x 360 pixels, which means that it provides incredible image quality even for a smartwatch.
Ease of Use
Reviews are very mixed when it comes to how easy the Galaxy Watch Active might be to use. It only features two designated push buttons on its right side to turn it on, while every other feature can be utilized with the touchscreen. And because it is compatible with many other Samsung devices, especially the smartphones, buyers are able to set it up and track their progress easily.

Because this screen is slightly smaller than those found on other smartwatches, several buyers have found it a bit challenging to use and read. Those with wider fingers would have a particularly difficult time using this model.
Power Source
Unlike most smartwatches, which rely on a USB cable to stay powered up, the Galaxy Watch Active comes with a wireless charging pod. There's no need to worry about finding an outlet or damaging the wire over time. All the buyer has to do is place the watch on top of this pod and occasionally tap the screen to check on the battery level.

According to its Samsung website listing, this watch can also be placed on top of any compatible Samsung phone or a quick power-up whenever the buyer is on the go.

Reviews seem to be very mixed when it comes to this watch's battery life, which is listed at 45 hours for normal usage and 90 hours for low usage. While some seem to be satisfied with this, a large number of buyers feel that this is far too short for their liking. Considering that similar watches made by Garmin can last up to or even more than a week on regular mode, these feelings are more than understandable.
Even with everything that it offers, the Galaxy Watch Active still costs noticeably less than most other smartwatches that are on the market. It can be found on the Samsung website, and at other retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon, for only $200. Even lower prices can be found via a number of reputable listings on eBay.

Considering its multiple tracking and monitoring features, level of water resistance, and ability to blend into most environments, this watch's price is considered by some to be quite a bargain. Similar watches made by companies such as Garmin are known to cost anywhere between $300 and $600.

With that said, there are some buyers who feel that this lower price reflects the lack of features that they will get with this model. It does not come with the built-in microphone that's found on other Samsung watches. Furthermore, a number of buyers claim that they were disappointed by its battery life and lack of durability.
Key Features
-360 x 360 pixels
-Samsung Pay
-Samsung Health
-Pre-installed Spotify
-Tracking for multiple activities
-5 ATM water rating
-Bluetooth and WiFi compatible
-Gorilla glass lens
-Aluminum casing
-Fluoroelastomer wrist band
-Four color options
-$200 price tag
-45-hour to 90-hour battery life
Bottom Line
On the surface, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active seems to have everything that buyers would want in their smartwatch. Not only is it able to track multiple activities and vitals such as stress and heart rate, but it also helps the buyer wind down with breathing and meditation routines. It also provides access to music, text and social media notifications, and Samsung Pay for quick and easy purchases.

However, there are still a few features that are left to be desired. A number of buyers feel that its battery life is far too short, especially when compared to similar models made by Garmin. Others have complained about its lack of durability and inconsistent accuracy.

This model has still proven to be a high seller and garnered mostly positive reviews. With more versions in the works, there's plenty of hope that Samsung will take these critiques seriously and greatly improve this line of smartwatches.
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