Samsung Gear S2 Classic

The Samsung Gear S2 is a smartwatch that was designed for those who like to keep an active lifestyle. This model features apps which will ease the access of some fitness tracking devices. S Health is one of them and Nike+Running too! Anyone looking for basic fitness measurements will find this smartwatch to be a perfect match for them. This model, once set up is ready to receive smart notifications from any smart device. The notifications come as texts, email alerts, calls and app notifications such as Facebook alerts. This watch is able to track daily activity such as well as heart rate and steps taken throughout the day. It comes with a sleek design and it is versatile enough to be worn for numerous occasions.  The face of the watch can be customized to personal liking and the band can be changed as well. It offers a great navigation with the help of its touchscreen and rotating bezel. It comes at $299 and it poses as an affordable option compared to other devices on the market. This watch is really worth checking out!

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Affordable price
  • Quick notifications
  • Comes with voice activation capabilities
  • Comes with an extra band
  • Wireless Charging Station
  • Water-resistant
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Large display
  • Rotating bezel
  • Cons
    • Lacking sleep tracking
    • Lacking built-in fitness tracking
    • Key Features
      This model is more of a classic and not a fitness smartwatch. It features a level of activity monitoring that is minimal. It is able to track biking, running and walking with an estimated amount of calories burned. This watch is designed to be app-friendly and it comes with preloaded apps that can be easily connected to fitness devices. This makes the Samsung Gear S2 Classic an amazing choice for anyone who is looking for a versatile smartwatch.
      Basic Features
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic is able to keep track of the wearer’s activity throughout the day. Some basic measurements that the watch will provide are the wearer’s pulse, number of steps, (done by the watch’s health app), and heart rate. The watch also alerts the user when they have not moved in a while. The watch is also water resistant.
      Advanced Features
      The Samsung Gear S2 has the ability to offer a lot of different advanced features, especially with the ability to add apps. The watch is designed to receive smart notifications from the user’s phone, including messages, calls, and email and calendar notifications. The Samsung Gear S2 classic also offers an accelerometer, barometer and a gyroscope. The watch can also provide weather and news updates. The watch, while monitoring daily activity levels, also allows the user to monitor water and caffeine drank during the day. Notifications that come through the phone can also be customized so that the wearer only sees what he or she wants to see. Some of the notifications, like messages, also allow the user to respond back to the message. Some of the preloaded apps include S Health, Water consumption tracker, Weather, Nike+Running. However, if fitness tracking is an important aspect of what you are looking for, this would not be the watch for you. The Samsung Gear S2 classic is a good option for those looking for a smartwatch.
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic must rely on the accuracy of the apps that are loaded on the phone. However, reviewers felt that the accuracy of the step tracker was correct and in line with other devices. The heart rate, while not exact, offers a good estimate, like many other models available.
      It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to both Android and iOS smartphones. Reviewers felt that the connectivity for the phone worked very well, as notifications come through to the watch quickly and accurately. The watch is able to connect seamlessly with little time waiting for items to sync or start working. Compared to other models on the market, the Samsung Gear2 Classic’s connectivity works well.
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic comes preloaded with several apps, including S Heath, a water tracker, and weather. However, because it is a smartwatch, other apps can be added to suit the user’s needs. Some apps that can be added include Under Armour Connected Fitness, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo. By purchasing the Samsung Gear S2 classic, the user gets a free year of premium membership for these apps as well. The included S Health app has health in mind, as it tracks steps, monitors heart rate, and tells the wearer when they need to move.
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic measures 39.9 x 43.6 x 11.4 mm and weighs in at 1.058 ounces. Reviewers felt that the watch overall feels lighter than other models with rubber bands. While the weight is comparable to other models, in general, the watch feels more comfortable than others. The leather band is still breathable and gives the wearer adequate flexibility to move. The band also has suede on its underside providing even more comfort. The Samsung Gear S2 Classic is a comfortable option for users who are looking for an all-day option.
      The Samsung Gear S2 Classic is one of a kind when style comes in question. Many smartwatches have a distinct look on their own but this one looks so classic that many people cannot recognize it is actually a smartwatch. It appears just like a regular stylish watch. This watch comes with premium finishes and a leather band which hugs the wrist comfortably. The smartwatch comes with few band color choices and the watch faces are also versatile. This watch can be used and worn for any occasion.
      The Samsung Gear S2 Classic is made of ultra durable materials. It contains stainless steel, scratch-resistant glass, and leather. It is made to be resistant to wear and tear and it comes with an IP68 rated which makes it resistant to water, sweat, and even dust exposure. Reviewers felt that the strong materials made this is an excellent, durable watch. They also felt that no matter what they were doing, the watch also responded quickly.
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic has a circular face with rotating bezel. The watch has a display size of 1.2 inches with a resolution of 360 x 360. Reviewers felt that the face is durable and comfortable. While the watch has an adequate display size, it still helps the watch feel small enough so that the wearer is comfortable. Reviewers also appreciated the ability to switch the watch’s face, which is highly customizable and can be designed to accommodate all different types of occasions. Samsung has even managed to work with some big-name designers to create watch faces that everyone will find appealing. Overall, reviewers were pleased with the Samsung Gear S2 classic’s face. The touchscreen and rotating bezel help the user operate the watch from the face easily.
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic has a leather band that comes in a variety of colors. The strap has a width of 20mm and comes in two different sizes. The large is 130mm x 70mm and the small is 100mm x 70mm. The bands are also customizable and can be replaced easily depending on the occasion. The underside of the band also uses suede to keep the wearer comfortable in all situations.
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic comes in a small and large size. The large is sized at 130mm x 70mm, and the small is sized at 100mm x 70mm. Both sizes have a width of 20mm. Reviewers felt that the sizes accommodate different wrist sizes adequately.
      Ease of Use
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic is a relatively easy watch to set up and use. Within the circular design, the wearer can find the apps around its perimeter, and by rotating the bezel, the wearer can navigate through every aspect of the watch, including apps and notifications. The watch also utilizes a touchscreen, rather than buttons to allow for easier use. Notifications from smartphones and apps come through quickly and easily. The watch also has voice activation, allowing users to reply to emails or messages, as well as make calls simply by talking to the watch. This hands-free access is ideal for those in the middle of a workout, requiring little setup. Reviewers felt that the Samsung Gear S2 Classic is an easy to use watch that requires little effort to get up and run.
      Power Source
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic uses a wireless docking station to allow the watch to charge wirelessly. The user is able to simply place the watch on the dock, and the watch begins to charge. The Samsung Gear S2 classic uses a 250mAh Li-ion battery. Battery life is adequate for a full day’s use, depending on the amount of time spent using the watch. Typically, though the watch should get 2-3 days’ worth of battery life.
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic is priced at $299. This is an affordable price tag for this smartwatch. While Samsung was still working to get access to more apps for the phone, the number of items that are currently available already make the price a good one compared with other more expensive options on the market. Purchasers can feel comfortable that they are getting a high quality, stylish smartwatch that offers the opportunity to use the watch in many different ways.
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic has the ability to add much of what is needed through downloading apps, however, there are also additional accessories available for purchase. Samsung has made available heart rate straps and wireless chargers.
      Key Features
      - Preloaded Apps for Health, Weather and Activity Tracking
      - Smart notifications
      - Voice activation
      - Wireless charging
      - Customizable watch faces
      - Changeable bands

      Bottom Line
      The Samsung Gear S2 classic is a smartwatch that goes to the next level. With a comfortable and stylish design, users should feel comfortable in the ability to customize the watch to suit many different occasions. Its lightweight, yet high-quality, durable materials combine to make a watch that users feel comfortable wearing all day long. Samsung has preloaded apps to make this watch a contender for those looking for a smartwatch with a fitness tracker. While the serious athlete will want more fitness metrics, casual fitness wearers will appreciate the ability to load apps that already work well on smartphones like Nike+Running and MapMyRun. With the ability to sync the smartwatch with a smartphone, wearers can feel confident that they will always get their notifications on the device. Email and text alerts, phone calls, and weather and news updates, all come through to the watch quickly. Users can even use voice activation to reply to messages and make phone calls without using any hands. This is an added plus for users who are in the middle of a workout. Battery life is average at around 2-3 days, with some users getting less depending on how much they are on the watch. Charging is done through a wireless docking station, which can be done at night since the watch does not have a sleep tracker like other devices. With a price of $299, users can feel comfortable that they are getting a high-quality watch at an affordable price. Reviewers felt that this was a great option, they just wanted more fitness tracking abilities and sleep tracking. Overall though, this is a competitive option in the smartwatch category.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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