Samsung Gear Fit Reviewed for Performance and Quality

The Samsung Gear Fit is a smartwatch designed to help get you moving toward a healthier lifestyle, and some see it also as a way to graduate from the first steps of training to crossing that finish line.

With Gear Fit proprietary OS, Tizen, a speed of 160 MHz, Samsung created one of the first sports watch hybrids. It is compatible with Galaxy devices with Android™ version 4.3, WVGA, 800X480 or better screen resolution, and 1+GB memory.

Samsung Gear Fit tries to give you the best of both worlds when paired with the Samsung Fitness and health apps. People consider it as a great motivational tool because it can be programmed to set goals and track progress. It offers a built-in heart rate monitor and even communication like mail and phone call notifications. With your Galaxy device, you will need to use your phone to respond.

Keep reading our in-depth Samsung Gear Fit review to find out if it is worth the investment.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Samsung created the first merger of fitness activity trackers and smartphone features with the Samsung Gear Fit. The Samsung Gear Fit was designed to track daily activity like steps, sleep, calorie counting, and run data as well as offer limited access to your smartphone. While you cannot reply, the Samsung Gear Fit allows for access to your compatible smartphone so that you can receive correspondence notifications for mail, messages, and phone calls. The Samsung Gear Fit is touted as beautifully designed and comfortable with a slim curved body and face so much so that some feel it is a nice casual wear watch. The display is clear and long and easy to read with adjustable lower light viewing settings.


The long, curved face of the Samsung Gear Fit makes it somewhat awkward to read incoming notifications. The only apps actually on the watch are available through a Samsung proprietary OS and offer little functionality. Secondary apps must be synched through the phone's interface. There is no onboard GPS, so the Gear Fit relies on that of the paired smart phone. The built-in heart rate monitor and pedometer are reportedly unreliable. Heart rate monitoring occurring during the activity is not available for later analysis as it is not recorded. Users cannot pause running activity on the watch. The Samsung Gear Fit was expensive at initial launch.

Key Features
The first installment of Samsung Gear Fit is a wearable designed to track daily activities like walking and sleeping as well as function as an essential notification center for your smartphone. The watch can monitor step count, sleep, and heart rate as well as basic metrics for a run or cycling adventure like pace, distance, and duration; and its altitude sensor can provide elevation data but, unfortunately, users were disappointed that workouts could not be paused.

Though, while on the move, one can receive alerts for email, messages, and phone calls but must use their paired phone to respond. To some this is a blessing, allowing you to focus on where you are in your journey at the moment. All in all, Samsung Gear Fit is a solid piece of gear that you can own
Basic Features
The Samsung Gear Fit measures steps with a pedometer; records exercise; and sleep; acquires Heart rate; and manages notifications. In measuring daily activity as well as sleeping patterns, it aims to help you improve your health and keep you moving in the right direction.

The Gear Fit can be beneficial to runners and cyclists as well by helping set basic training parameters and measuring pace, time, and distance each time you are on the move. Loaded with motivational features that let you track your runs and keep track of your progress and the ability to stay in touch with what's happening in your life, the Gear Fit is one of the first entries on the market to blend the two worlds.
Advanced Features
With its water and dust resistance, the Gear Fit is built to withstand the next big adventure. Tracking your workouts with pace, time, and distance, it can also provide heart rate feedback. The built-in monitor receives input via the LED on the rear of the face of the watch and does display in real time but does not record each continual measurement for later analysis.

As a safety feature, a send help message can be sent to a person you designate complete with location should you find yourself needing assistance.
Touting an HR Sensor, Accelerometer, and Gyro Sensor, but with no onboard GPS, the pedometer feature and heart rate monitor are reportedly unreliable by some reviewers. While there are those that feel the heart rate monitor built into the rear of the watch face and measured by LED is in keeping with their recorded data from other sources. To many, it has proven to be less accurate than they had hoped.

Citing issues specifically with sweat or water, many found it to be off by more than generally accepted. The pedometer has received more mixed reviews with more split on its accuracy. It seems either to be right on or way off. This lack of reliability has created a lack of confidence from consumers who expect to receive a top-notch product, especially for the steeper asking price.
The Samsung Gear Fit connects to compatible Galaxy devices via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. There are some that have had issues relating either initially or losing signal, but Samsung cautions to be sure 30' proximity is maintained with no obstacles and that the Gear Fit Manager App is up to date.

Still, some users have tried troubleshooting to no avail and are displeased with the watch. Again, this is an area where feedback is mixed.
To set up the Gear Fit, one must use proprietary Samsung apps: Gear Fit Manager and S-Health. The proprietary nature precludes the inclusion or addition of any third-party apps to the device. S-Health allows access to fitness apps like strava or runkeeper on your compatible phone, and you can scroll through them as needed on the watch.

The watch can display up to three icons on the screen at a time and can sync up data about 3 hours (or more if preferred) post activity.
Weighing in at 0.95 oz. or 49 g, the Samsung Gear Fit also measures slim at 0.92" x 2.26" x 0.47." Many are pleased with the overall size, its impressive lightweight, and the all-around comfort of the watch with its curved design and soft curved band. The rubbery feeling band is a standard 22mm and, in this initial model, is one size fits most.
With its sleek, streamlined design and a standard charcoal black band that is interchangeable with a wide range of colors and styled, most are pleased with the look of the Gear Fit. The most acclaimed feature, pleasing many despite even negative feedback, is its bright curved display.

Overall, many feel that this watch looks good on the move as well as out and about. It may not be elegant but it is handsome, and most seem to appreciate this.
With an IP67 rating, the Gear Fit is purported to be dust and water resistant for a short duration in shallow water so wearing it for regular day-to-day activities or even on a dusty trail should not affect its function and this is a feature some wearers enjoy.

There was some concern over the sturdiness of the charging cradle and some users claim the watch itself stopped functioning after a short time, but overall, most wearers found the Gear Fit to be durable.
The display on the Samsung Gear Fit is one of its most significant selling points. Users appreciate the bright 1.84" curved 128x432 resolution Super AMOLED display citing it as "beautiful"; however, some find the reading text is difficult on it as it is long and awkward.

And The Gear Fit does not allow for auto brightness so one will need to manually adjust the screen for sunny conditions but note that this change lasts a short time before resetting to traditional brightness mode.

The 22mm band of the Samsung Gear Fit is almost universally cited as comfortable and stylish. It comes standard in charcoal black and sports a rubbery feel. There are many options available for replacement with colors to suit almost any taste.
Sizes Available
This watch band comes in one size and, with multiple holes along the length of it, it fits a large variety of wrist sizes. However, there are some that don't fit neatly into this group and have been disappointed by Samsung's lack of a more extended band option.
Ease of Use
With one home key on the touch screen display, users should be able to navigate the multiple menus with a little practice easily. The charging is intuitive as it locks into a small charging cradle via USB port and the heart rate monitor is built in for easy access. It may not have the features some would desire, but most users rate the Gear Fit as relatively easy to use.
Power Source
The Gear Fit sports a lithium-ion battery that Samsung claims can last 3-4 days on average and with low usage, this can be extended to 5 days. Users are not as confident in the battery life claiming it drains much quicker, sometimes, even a few hours.

Samsung advises being aware of screen brightness and other ways in which battery is used more and faster as in turning on/off frequently but still some experience issues — the battery charges via USB powered charger cradle. The rear of the watch face is where the charging cable will connect to the small proprietary charging dock.

Users say it is easy enough to clip in but feel a certain amount of delicacy is required.
At the time of its release and with its innovative blending of genres, the price was higher, but most seemed willing to open their wallets for the investment. However, it seems many feel the Gear Fit is a bit pricey for what it can offer.
Included with purchase are the charging cradle and a quick start guide. While there is no size option available for the Samsung Gear Fit, interchangeable bands are available for additional purchase in a variety of colors from the manufacturer and third parties as well to please most users.
Key Features
Beautiful sleek curved design with a bright Super AMOLED display.

Many find the one size band to be comfortable and stylish and with interchangeable bands colors available, most can find one that suits their tastes.

The Gear Fit was created to track daily activity like walking, sleeping, and even running and cycling.

With an on-board heart rate monitor, the watch can help keep you in check as you pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Using only GPS available to paired smartphones, the running and cycling features are less than impressive to some.

Allowing limited access to your compatible smartphone, one can view correspondence and receive alerts but not reply.

The initial asking price for the first installment of Gear Fit is high, but as its time on the market continues, it does drop.

Accuracy of the heart rate monitor and pedometer has come into question.

Bottom Line
Being the first of its kind, blending smartwatch functions with daily activity tracking, The Samsung Gear Fit has had people talking. Feedback has been split down the middle with some loving the new features and others waiting for a more improved version.

It seems Samsung may have tried to bundle too much together too soon and this innovation has had its price but what can be learned and applied to future releases of the Samsung Gear Fit may be well worth this first foray into new territory. With a hefty price tag and less than stellar performance noted by a large number of wearers, it seems that waiting until Samsung has worked out its kinks might be the optimal way to go.
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