Saucony Cohesion 6

Saucony has a reputation for producing good quality, lightweight, affordable running shoes. The Saucony Cohesion 6 is another example of a trainer worth attention. It’s not the most technologically advanced running shoe by Saucony, but it is still a good shoe, loved by many runners for many reasons. Light, breathable, very comfortable and durable — these are just a few characteristics of Cohesion 6 by Saucony.

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Pros & Cons
  • Heel GRID System absorbs shocks and adds stability.
  • Outsole and midsole provide good cushioning.
  • Snug fit adds comfort and support.
  • The good grip allows running on different terrains.
  • Cons
    • May not provide enough support for feet that require it
    • The shoe has a limited amount of technologies.
    • Some users note that the size of the shoes runs small; it is advised to buy at least ½ size bigger than you used to.
    • A few buyers complained about the unexpectedly fast damage of the shoes.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Saucony Cohesion 6 is distinguished by its special design with decoupled heel and flexible forefoot, aimed to provide comfortable running on the road and other more complicated terrains. This construction makes running and walking in the shoes very smooth and comfortable. The outsole is made of a very lightweight material, XT-600 carbon rubber, ensures easy and run. The heel is padded and equipped with advanced cushion integration system, so it reduces the shock of impact.
      The midsole of the Saucony Cohesion 6 is made of IMEVA, an injection molding EVA material. It is very lightweight and durable and provides great additional cushioning as well as absorbs shock. But what makes the shoe especially cushioned is Saucony’s proprietary GRID technology incorporated in the midsole. The GRID is a cassette in the rear part of the midsole. It consists of interwoven Hytrel™ filaments that bend to the shape of the heel on impact. This helps keep the heel in place and gives it stable cushioning.
      The upper in the Cohesion 6 is updated from its its predecessor. The mesh is thinner, more breathable, durable and adds to the comfort of the shoe. The upper fits different types of feet, including wide feet. Saucony also added a Strobel board to the Cohesion 6 which provides a better step in comfort and cushioning.
      The Cohesion 6 is a lightweight shoe. The men’s US size 8.5 weighs 10.2 oz (289 g), while the women’s US size 8 is 8.4 oz (238 g).
      The upper is made of highly breathable mesh that ensures feet will stay cool and dry. This is especially good for long runs and other kinds of training in high-temperature conditions. Because of its excellent breathability, many users also use this shoe for high-intensity training.
      The design of the Cohesion 6 is highly ergonomic and provides a comfortable fit for various types of feet without additional support. Users note that the shoe does not require a break-in period, and felt comfortable from the beginning. The Cohesion 6 works well for those with wider feet. The Cohesion 6 has a roomy toe box.
      The Cohesion 6 is presented in a few color combinations, mostly based on grey/silver main tone. Some of them find the color schemes boring, while others appreciate the neutral colors and that they were able to wear it with their casual clothes. The shoe also features reflective details in the design, which provides style and safety whilerunning in the dark.
      The shoe is very durable from its sole to the upper. Even though all the details of the Cohesion 6 are very lightweight, they are still made of durable materials. Though the mesh on the upper is thinner than the previous versions' upper, reviewers stated that there were no signs of wear even after a few hundred miles.
      The decoupled heel design itself creates enough cushioning to protect one's feet from hits against the ground. The rest of the sole is made of high-quality carbon that creates enough shock protection for the rest of the foot too. All-together, the Cohesion 6, as a very basic shoe, has decent protective characteristics.

      The Cohesion 6 has quite generous responsiveness, especially for such a simple shoe, but compared to other shoes, the responsiveness is just average. The midsole with its IMEVA material as well as Saucony’s GRID technology provides the most responsiveness. These technologies take the impact and turn it into energy that propels a runner forward.
      The shoe is intended for an average foot, and it does not offer any additional support. But many users note that it’s quite supportive even while running trails and other complicated terrains. What makes it outstanding compared to competitors from other running shoe brands is Saucony's proprietary GRID technology that ensures special support in the heel part of the trainer. However, the Cohesion 6 is designed for road running, and this is where it can guarantee the maximum support one can expect.
      Officially, the Cohesion series is created for roads. But great traction and support make it quite useful on other terrains, including difficult ones. Some users confess that even use the shoes for obstacles or mud running — choosing it for the low price but then discovering that they work well even on slippery surfaces.
      Price may be one of the main reasons why people purchase and re-purchase the shoes. The model first entered the market back in 2013th, and today the remains are sold for really attractive low prices. The Cohesion 6 may be considered a very good buy considering quality-versus-money factor. Quite many users confess that they buy a few pairs of the model 'for future use'.
      The material and construction of the outsole, including proprietary Saucony's Triangular Lug Design, makes is very grippy on various terrains. Even though it’s intended for running roads, the Cohesion 6 is often used for trails and even mud running. Users note that the material and special detailing of the sole provide enough traction even on rugged and uneven surfaces.
      The shoe is very flexible from heel to toe. The design on the outsole with a decoupled heel part adds flexibility to the whole sole. And the upper part snugs the foot like a glove providing both support and freedom of movement. The users mark flexibility as one of the main features of the Cohesion 6.
      The stability of the shoe is provided by Saucony's patented GRID System technology used in the midsole. The system centers the heel on impact, and this way ensures stable and superior cushioning. There are many other cushioning technologies on the market but GRID is the only one that makes it stable.
      The heel drop (also referred to as just 'drop' or 'offset') is a measurement of the thickness of the shoe's heel. The number informs how much taller the heel is than the forefoot. It the case of the Cohesion 6 this is 27mm and 15mm. That means that the shoe has 12mm heel-to-toe differential which makes it easier to land on the midfoot or forefoot while running. This is a common drop for versatile running shoes of the kind.
      Key Features
      • Cohesive and hard-wearing XT-600 carbon rubber outsole.
      • Proprietary Triangular Lug Design enhances traction and durability.
      • Light, flexible IMEVA midsole providing more comfort and cushioning.
      • Saucony’s Heel Grid System absorbs shocks and improves stability.
      • Thinner mesh in the upper enhances breathability.
      • Strobel board in the mid of the shoe makes it lighter and more comfortable to wear.
      • Reflective elements on the upper enhance visibility.
      • Good price combined with good characteristics make users re-purchase the model.
      Bottom Line
      The Saucony Cohesion 6 is a neutral, comfort fit running shoes for jogging, amateur runs, and other fitness activities. Thanks to its pretty good support and stability plus perfect breathability it may be recommended for long runs in warm weather — your feet will feel comfortable and ventilated enough to run for hours. However, if you not just run but strive for personal and other records, you should better look for more advanced trainers. The Cohesion 6 is pretty packed with the brand's inventions and technologies. But there are much more technically interesting products in Saucony's range of running shoes. This one is good but rather simple and not intended for professional running.

      However, it’s a decent and tough wear resistant shoe that can serve for hundreds of miles even when it’s used in rough and uneven terrains — even though the model is made for road running. The best proof of the fact that the shoe is good is the fact that people re-purchase the model after the first try. Most people buy a few pairs of the model not because it quickly tears off. They simply love the shoe and its low price. And they use it for a number of activities, from running to various fitness training classes and just casual walking.

      Another widespread comment on the model: Saucony Cohesion 6 is an ideal shoe for a novice runner. And, taking into account its low price, this sounds reasonable — a great trainer to try running and decide if you need something more elaborated.
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