Saucony Omni 16

With the Omni 16, Saucony's goal was to produce a stability shoe that is structurally sound, mid-weight, and comfortable. This shoe offers a rare combination of stability and up-tempo abilities. The Omni 16 makes key improves from its last iteration, the previous Omni model.  In particular, the upper of the Omni 16 is less structured and more flexible than the earlier model. Runners who liked the Brooks Adrenaline GTS or the Mizuno Wave Inspire also liked the Omni 16 for its stability and support features. The overall design of the shoe promotes forward motion which adds speed to this shoe, making it more versatile. The price might make some folks nervous at first, but once they see how comfortable and stable the shoe is, they will see that it is worth the price tag. The Saucony Omni 16 has only been available to runners since June of 2017 and already runners are loving the look, feel, and stability that this shoe has to offer.

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Pros & Cons
  • Flexible outsole
  • Superior stability
  • Improvement to the upper from the Omni 15
  • Great responsiveness and shock absorption
  • Cons
    • Limited color options
    • Pricey
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Saucony Omni 16 is constructed using Saucony's patented TRI-FLEX design. This is a durable rubber that is designed to be highly flexible. The updated TRI-FLEX outsole design provides greater ground contact for stability as well optimal flexibility. While the midsole offers superior support for the overpronator, the outsole keeps the shoe lighter and flexible, which reviewers appreciated.
      Three unique technological elements make the midsole of this shoe a stable, comfortable ride for the runner who is looking for more structure. Saucony's patented SAUC-FIT is cushioning in the midsole that adapts to the unique needs of each runner. Since this is a stability shoe, one of the elements that keep the foot stable is the support frame found in the heel. This works to keep the heel in place and the gait cycle correct for each runner. Finally, the shoe features EVERRUN. This is a material found in the midsole that returns energy to the runner, reducing fatigue, and lessening the chance of injury.

      Saucony is a brand that takes the needs of their runners very seriously. For that reason, when runner commented that the last iteration fo the Omni line felt too stifling and stiff in the upper, they made the appropriate changes. The Saucony Omni 15 was covered in cumbersome overlays which have been eliminated to provide a more breathable fit. Saucony uses a material called FlexFilm which is a breathable, flexible material. It is made using a seamless design so runners don't have to worry about irritation or hot spots. It is stretchy and conforms to the unique shape of each runner's foot. Since the tongue of the shoe is almost completely attached to the upper, the shoe has a glove-like feeling. It wraps the foot in support but doesn't feel stiff or inflexible at all. The toe box of the shoe is more narrow, but still provides enough room for the toes to wiggle. The heel of the shoe, due to the stability features, cups the heel to help secure the foot in place.

      For the mild to severe overpronator, this is a very comfortable shoe. The upper is made from an engineered mesh that is breathable and soft. It is also seamless in construction which eliminates unwanted irritation that can be caused by seams. After many said that the overlays found in the Omni 15 were too stiff and caused too much discomfort, Saucony changed the design for the Omni 16 and eliminated those overlays. The midsole features stability support through the midfoot and heel as well as the perfect amount of cushioning. For runners who need more support in the arches of their feet, the SAUC-FIT is the perfect combination of comfort and support. This shoe is also offered in wide sizes for the runner with a wider foot.
      The redesigned upper of the Omni 16 is very breathable. Just by looking at the Omni 16, runners can see the open mesh. This design allows for maximum airflow to keep the runner dry and comfortable on their runs. The biggest part of the redesign was to remove some of the overlays in order to allow for more breathability.
      At 10.1 ounces, this shoe is in the mid-weight category. Runners were happy to trade a few ounces for the added stability features that the Omni 16 offers. The midsole of the shoe provides superior control and protection to the overpronator. Saucony redesigned the upper of the shoe to take away some weight, but they couldn't achieve a complete lightweight feel due to the added elements that keep the foot stable as well as the thick cushioning. Even though the shoe isn't the most lightweight on the market, the design of the outsole propels the foot forward, making these a good choice for speedwork as well as distance running.
      Runners liked that this shoe comes in great color combinations. Saucony is known to design shoes that are attractive but still unmistakably athletic in design. The woman's shoe is offered in a blue and gray or berry and coral color combination. The color combinations that are offered are vibrant and fun, but runners reported that they wished the shoe came in, even more, color combinations This is not unlike Saucony. Often when they design a new shoe, the only release limited color options and add more styles as the shoe gets older.
      Saucony has a reputation producing long lasting, durable shoes and the Omin 16 is no different. There are no specific design elements included in this shoe that make it uniquely durable. However, runners commented that this shoe looks and feels new even after extensive milages. The TRI-FLEX outsole is made from a durable rubber and protects the shoe from wear and tear.
      The key protective element of this shoe comes from the arch and pronation support. For the runner who is prone to overpronation, the design of this shoe helps correct the gait cycle, thus protecting the runner against potential injury. The cushioning in the midsole protects the runner by absorbing shock and returning that energy to the runner. This protects against premature fatigue and potential injury due to improper form.
      Even with the added cushioning and higher heel-to-toe drop, reviewers said that the Omni 16 still provides great responsiveness. The outsole combined with the active energy return make this a great shoe for not only long runs but also for your tempo work and speed drills. Runners especially loved this shoe for the track because of its high responsiveness.
      The Omni 16 is a shoe that is made for the roads, track, and treadmill. The TRI-FLEX outsole made the shoe very flexible and adds traction. Runners loved the shoe for their treadmill workouts because of the added grip. Runners reported that this is also a great option for cross training. Overall, this shoe should not be used on the trail as the underfoot does not support aggressive, uneven terrain.

      The Saucony Omni 16 supports the runner in a variety of different ways. Most notable is the arch support in the Sauc-Fit midsole. This material molds to fit the foot and helps support runners who need added arch support. Additionally, the upper is flexible and adapts to the shape of the foot to support the foot through the entire gait cycle. Some runners considered these to be a good choice for Saucony shoes for flat feet.
      While the price of this shoe is relatively high, it is actually only slightly higher than other stability shoes of the same quality level as the Saucony Omni 16. While this shoe might be a little more expensive, it comes from a trusted brand that has been making durable, reliable shoes for over 100 years. Reviewers reported that this shoe is more than worth the slightly higher price tag.
      The outsole of this made using Saucony's patented TRI-FLEX design. This design adds not only flexibility to the Omni 16 but it also adds traction. The flex grooves do a great job of gripping onto the road, runners reported feeling very safe and secure on the pavement, even during rainy conditions.
      Flexibility is found in two key places in this shoe. The upper was redesigned from the last iteration to provide more flexibility. Some of the stiffer overlays have been removed and have been replaced with a flexible engineered mesh material. Another area of flexibility is in the outsole. The outsole is made using Saucony's patented TRI-FLEX material. This is a durable rubber that has built-in flex grooves that promote natural movement.
      This is stability shoe. Runners who experience mild to severe overpronation issues, meaning their foot tends to roll in with each footfall, love this shoe because it provides superior support and control. Runners reported that due to the stability features, they can perform both long runs and speedwork in this shoe. The heel stabilizer and the unique Sauc-Fit midsole can help improve a runner's gait which reduces the risk of injury. This isn't a minimalist shoe and is not suggests for the runner looking for a lot of ground feel.
      Saucony has been working in their state of the art Saucony Human Performance and Innovation Lab to perfect the 8 millimeter drop which they believe to be a perfect heel drop. The work that Saucony has done reflects in the fit and feel of the shoe. Saucony believes this is a perfect heel drop for both speed work and long distance runs.
      Key Features
      - FlexFilm material of the upper is super breathable
      - SAUC-FIT midsole technology provides stability and cushioning
      - EVERRUN topsole absorbs shock and provides excellent energy return
      - Redesigned upper adds breathability
      Bottom Line
      Saucony took feedback from the Omni 15 and made key improvements to the Omni 16. This mid-weight shoe is breathable and provides superior cushioning and stability control. This is the ideal shoe for a runner who experiences mild to severe pronation. The stability features help improve the gait and reduce the risk of injury to the runner. Runners love this shoe for speed work as well as long distance runs. This versatility can be attributed to the 8 millimeter heel drop and the responsive midsole. Runners loved the arch support provided by this shoe too. This price tag is high, but runner report that it is worth every penny.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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