Saucony Shadow 5000 EVR

For the brand’s 120th anniversary in 2018, Saucony decided to update and re-release one of their most iconic models from the 1980s: the Shadow 5000. Although it matches many of the design elements of the original, especially when it comes to the overlays, this version now comes complete with newer technology and a much sleeker design. Its rubber compound outsole features a chevron tread pattern for increased flexibility and a better grip on road surfaces. It now features a full-length EVERUN midsole for more durable and flexible cushioning that can easily hold up in hot or cold temperatures. And its upper is now made with a soft and flexible knit fabric that allows for an easier wear and plenty of breathability.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons

-Highly breathable

-Comfortable cushioning

-Supportive wear

-Simple yet stylish design

-Very versatile


-Lacks protective features

-Inconsistent sizing

Key Features
Since not much detail is given about the Shadow 5000 EVR’s outsole, it’s safe to assume that the brand uses a basic rubber compound to construct it. This material covers most of the underfoot, except for a section in the center of the midfoot region that exposes the midsole. It also curls up over the tip of the toe area for a bit of protection against accidental impact. And it features a chevron tread pattern throughout most of the underfoot, providing suitable traction for most everyday surfaces.
One of the biggest changes made to this particular model was the inclusion of Saucony’s trademarked EVERUN midsole. Made with thousands of fused TPU beads, it provides the runner with soft and sturdy cushioning and a highly flexible wear that provides the runner with 83% energy return to keep them powered up. The shoe’s top sole is made of the same material, giving it a higher level of cushioning and flexibility. As with all other models featuring this technology, a laser-cut crosshatched pattern wraps around the entire circumference of the midsole to enhance responsiveness. This, along with the redesigned upper, is what reviewers say truly makes this shoe such a comfortable option for all-day wear.
Along with its midsole, the most obvious change that this model has made is it's brand new upper. Leather and suede have been swapped out for a flexible engineered knit fabric, giving the runner an incredible amount of breathability that the original could not. Its new printed-on overlays match the original’s stitched-on leather overlays exactly, maintaining the shoe’s known style and providing necessary structure and support. A veg-tan heel accent is stitched to the back for even greater stability, aiding the shoe’s padded collar and lacing system with keeping the foot locked into place. Although reviewers seem generally satisfied with these updates, those who prefer vegan-friendly footwear are especially happy with the changes that Saucony made.
Product listings indicate that the Shadow 5000 EVR falls within the average weight range for a running shoe, with a men’s size 9 shoe weighing in at 10.4 oz. Although there are no listings that show how much women’s sizes average out, they’ll most likely weight around two ounces less than the men’s. Reviewers greatly appreciate its lightweight wear, as this allows them to wear it all day for both work and casual settings. However, this same feature may limit its overall stability when it comes to using this shoe for workouts or other forms of athletic activity.
Thanks to its redesigned upper unit, the Shadow 5000 EVR offers the runner a highly breathable wear. Although its printed-on overlays are still laid out in the same patterns as the original Shadow 5000, its knit fabric upper is still completely exposed along the forefoot and across most of the sides, where hotspots tend to form, keeping the foot cool and dry. Reviewers love the increased amount of airflow that they get from this new model, especially since the original was made primarily of leather and suede. This doesn’t come without its downsides, however, as some buyers say that that this same quality makes the shoe unfit for cold and windy conditions.
Across all online review platforms, buyers can’t stop praising the Shadow 5000 EVR for its comfortable wear. Its full-length EVERUN midsole unit provides the runner with soft and flexible cushioning that’s up to three times more durable and three times less sensitive to temperature, allowing it to give continuous support for even longer. It also features a topsole unit for an added layer of cushioning beneath the underfoot. Its knit fabric upper is much more adaptive and breathable than the original version, preventing blisters and other types of skin irritations as it’s worn all day long. Reviewers are also happy that this model generally fits true to size, although there are some buyers who say that it fits a little bigger than they expected. Besides this, and the fact that it gives a bit too much airflow during colder months, buyers are happy to make this their everyday shoe.
This newer model has successfully retained the original outlines of the first Shadow 5000 model while bringing some much-needed updates to this classic design. Leather and suede are replaced with a flexible knit, and bulky, printed-on overlays are swapped out for ones that are printed-on to give the shoe a more streamlined appearance. Its simplified yet stylish look can easily pair with a number of different casual outfits and fits in perfectly around most everyday settings. Although there aren’t many color options available, most reviewers don’t seem to be bothered by their limited selections. Buyers can find this model in white, black, and red options, and a special mint green version is also available via certain online retailers.
Reviews don’t seem to indicate how durable the Shadow 5000 EVR is overall. However, its full-length EVERUN midsole has been specially engineered to last up to three times longer than standard EVA foam. It’s also not nearly as temperature sensitive, which allows it to give more consistent cushioning for longer. And the rubber compound that covers its outsole allows it to last longer even after constant use on paved roads. Obviously, its redesigned knit upper would be more prone to accidental tears than the old leather and suede version. But this particular fabric was created to be as adaptive as possible in order to prevent early damage.
While the Shadow 5000 EVR is quite limited when it comes to its protective features, it’s still able to safeguard against most everyday hazards. Its full-length rubber compound outsole features a chevron tread pattern that easily grabs onto paved surfaces underneath for a smooth run. This unit also curls up over the tip of the toe area for minimal protection against accidental impact. Its EVERUN midsole’s responsive wear greatly reduces the amount of pain and fatigue runners will feel after a long day on their feet. And its upper’s adaptive and breathable wear actively prevents skin irritations, blisters, and foot odor.
With the inclusion of Saucony’s full-length EVERUN midsole comes an increased level of responsiveness. The thousands of fused TPU beads that make up this unit work together to absorb the impact of each landing. They then transfer this into 83% energy return to keep the runner going while on long distance. Although this particular model is designed more for fashion and casual wear than it is for athletics, this feature can still keep the wearer moving along smoothly and comfortably during a full day of walking. It also proves to be incredibly useful during more casual activities such as jogging or skateboarding.
Most who have tried shoes with EVERUN and EVA foam can say for certain that Saucony’s midsole technology gives them more comfortable and continuous support. Not only if this material more durable and flexible, but it also lacks the temperature sensitivity found in standard EVA. Because it won’t stiffen up in the cold or become too soft in hot weather, the runner is given more consistent cushioning throughout the year and almost anywhere they travel to.
As a casual street shoe, the Shadow 5000 EVR is designed to be used on most everyday surfaces. The outsole’s chevron tread pattern not only enables easier movement for the runner but also allows for a stronger and more stable grip on concrete and cement. The EVERUN midsole’s lack of temperature sensitivity allows it to better support the runner and maintain its shape throughout the year. Although most reviewers are happy with the changes made to the shoe’s upper, as they enable a more comfortable everyday wear, they still have their own setbacks. While the shoe’s high level of breathability does make it a perfect fit for warm weather conditions, it also means that it’s less than suitable for colder temperatures.
While the original Shadow 5000 goes for just $90, the Shadow 5000 EVR is priced at a very hefty $140. Since this is above the average price-range for running shoes and is noticeably higher than most of Saucony’s other models, some buyers may be a little put off by how much it costs. However, reviews that describe its incredible comfort and easy, versatile wear show that it’s definitely worth every penny that’s spent. Although this model generally fits true to size, buyers should still beware as it occasionally fits half a size too large.
Reviewers don’t seem to talk much about the Shadow 5000 EVR’s level of traction. Its chevron tread pattern, which runs down most of the underfoot, is very different from the original model’s triangular pattern. This particular design is meant to allow a strong yet flexible grip on paved roads and sidewalks. There is, however, no indication of how well this model can perform on wet or slippery surfaces.
Another benefit from this model’s updates is the increased level of flexibility that it offers. Its outsole now features a chevron tread pattern that runs across the underfoot to permit a more natural gait cycle. The construction of its full-length EVERUN midsole enables it to be even more flexible than standard EVA foam in order to give the runner more continuous cushioning throughout the day. And the decision to swap out its leather and suede upper for an engineered knit fabric further enhances the shoe’s pliability while eliminating the risk of skin irritations.
Because it lacks the materials used to make the original model, the Shadow 5000 EVR isn’t considered to be quite as stable. With that said, it still gives enough structure and security for neutral runners. Its chevron tread pattern gives a stable grip during runs across paved roads, and the EVERUN midsole’s responsive wear keeps the running moving along smoothly. Although the veg-tan heel accent is used more for looks, it still helps the shoe retain its shape after frequent use. It also serves as a type of heel counter that works along with the shoe’s padded collar and lacing system to keep the foot in place.
Reviews and product descriptions list the Shadow 5000 EVR’s heel-to-toe drop height at 4mm, the same as the original Shadow 5000 model. While this height is unusual for a casual running shoe, since most feature a 10mm drop, reviews indicate that this isn’t an issue. In fact, it may be a huge factor in why this shoe is so comfortable and easy to move around in. Plus, its heel height of 24mm and toe height of 20mm still allows for a great deal of cushioning.
Key Features
-4mm heel-toe drop height
-Rubber outsole with chevron tread pattern
-Full-length EVERUN midsole
-Flexible knit upper with overlays
-Veg-tan heel accent for stability
-Four color options available
Bottom Line
Even though the Shadow 5000 EVR was just a special anniversary edition model, Saucony still went out of their way to create a comfortable and stylish street shoe that works perfectly for everyday life. The outsole’s rubber compound covers the full length of the underfoot in order to protect the shoe and allow it to last even longer. Its EVERUN midsole gives comfortable cushioning that’s equal parts durable, flexible, and responsive. And its soft knit upper comes complete with lots of airflow and printed-on overlays that perfectly match the original Shadow 5000’s designs. With these, and a select range of color options, buyers can easily wear this model to work, while playing casual sports, or for a full day of casual activities.
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