Saucony Omni ISO

The Saucony Omni ISO is a stability shoe that also works well for neutral runners who want extra cushioning. Instead of one midsole technology, it utilizes the brand's PWRFoam and EVERUN for responsive wear that also encourages natural movement. Stability comes from the shoe's Medial Post, which keeps the foot from rolling inward as it lands on the surface below. A breathable, engineered mesh upper is outfitted with a soft lining and floating inner support cage. This creates ISOFIT technology, which enhances the shoe's adaptive sock-like fit. Finally, an aggressive heel clip is attached to the shoe's printed-on midfoot cage, which integrates with the shoe's lacing system. All of these features work together to provide a completely stable and comfortable wear that lasts even for long distances.

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Pros & Cons

-Lightweight wear

-Fits true to size

-Very comfortable

-Provides great stability

-Responsive midsole


-Very few color options

-Might be too soft for some

Key Features
The Omni ISO's outsole features the brand's Tri-Flex design, which works to increase energy transfer along with providing a much more durable wear. It also includes a series of deep flex grooves that run from forefoot to midfoot to ensure flexibility. Saucony utilizes two of their distinct rubber compounds when creating this feature. The first is IBR+ technology, located in the forefoot area to give the runner greater cushioning and responsiveness. The heel section is made from XT-900, a specialized carbon rubber that enhances traction and ground control. Thanks to its incredible sturdiness, it even protects the rest of the shoe from potential damage.
Two different technologies make up the bulk of the Omni ISO's midsole unit. Highly durable PWRFoam takes up most of this space, ensuring long-lasting cushioning and shock absorption. A smaller layer of EVERUN is placed on top, marked by a different color, to enhance responsiveness and provides the runner with a stronger bounce and much smoother gait cycle. Both of these units are full-length, ensuring an extra comfortable wear. The SRC Landing Zone is also present to enhance these technologies. Of course, it's the Medial Post that makes its wear truly distinctive. It corrects over pronation by keeping the foot from rolling inward as it makes contact with the ground below.
Engineered mesh is used to construct the Omni ISO's upper, ensuring a sock-like fit and completely breathable wear. Though this material already provides great support on its own, it still needed some extra features in order to fit the mold of a stability shoe. The brand's ISOFIT technology takes the form of a soft internal lining and floating support cage, which easily adapts to the runners every movement. For added security, an external support frame was also put in place. An aggressive heel clip wraps around the back, and printed overlays hug the midfoot and integrate with the lacing system to ensure that the foot stays in place all day. Finally, a padded collar and tongue give extra support and comfort.
The Omni ISO seems to have an average weight range for a running shoe, with men's sizes averaging at 10.7 oz. and women's sizes at around 9.5 oz. Many stability shoes tend to be a bit heavier than this, due to all the corrective features that they contain. Although this shoe's corrective features are very minimal, they're still designed to be highly effective. This results in a surprisingly lightweight and comfortable wear that easily fixes the runner's gait yet never leaves them feeling restricted or overburdened at any point.
There's no doubt that one of the greatest advantages of engineered mesh is that it's extremely breathable. As a result, aside from greater stability and comfort, the Omni ISO also gives a great deal of airflow. Marked with a number of ventilation holes all along its facade, the shoe's upper easily eliminates hotspots and provides the runner with a cooler and dryer wear. Although its substantial midfoot cage and heel clip do limit airflow somewhat, it's still completely open in the forefoot where hotspots occur most often.
Across the board, runners are very happy with how comfortable the Omni ISO's wear is. The use of both EVERUN and PWRFoam within its midsole unit, along with an SLC Landing Zone, provides a substantial amount of cushioning and shock absorption that even reduces chronic joint and muscle pain. The inclusion of a Medial Post enhances this further for those with overpronation. Its engineered mesh upper and soft inner lining allow plenty of airflow. When paired with a floating support cage, runners also have an adaptable wear that reviewers claim fits true to size. The added external support systems, along with a padded heel and collar, only enhance this feeling further.
The Omni ISO features the same general silhouette as previous models within the Omni line. It also features the same tread pattern and midsole design as its most immediate predecessor, the Omni 16. Overall, many reviewers and fans of this line were happy with its sporty yet somewhat minimal look. The only complaint that reviewers consistently have about its appearance is that it has very few color options. Both men's and women's sizes are available in either a dark blue or light grey color scheme.
Though stability shoes are generally designed to be more durable than an average model, due to the strength of their corrective features, there isn't much indication of how sturdy the Omni ISO is. Due to its lightweight engineering, it would be safe to assume that the outsole's IBR+ technology won't be as quite durable as the XT-900 compound that makes up the heel. And while the is upper made up of engineered mesh, its heavy, printed-on overlays allow it to last longer against constant use. All this said, some online reviewers have praised the midsole unit for maintaining a consistent level of cushioning no matter how long or how often it's been worn.
Though it's not quite as protective as shoes meant for more challenging terrains, the Omni ISO is still able to protect runners from most of the everyday hazards that they might encounter. The XT-900 rubber compound on its heel not only improves overall traction but also safeguards the rest of the shoe against potential damage. The responsiveness of its midsole technologies combine with a Medial Post to correct overpronation and greatly reduce the amount of pain and fatigue that the runner will feel by the end of the day. While an engineered mesh upper and ISOFIT technology create an adaptive wear, an aggressive heel clip and printed-on midfoot cage integrate with the shoe's lacing system for a secure fit that completely prevents accidental removal.
Aside from its comfort and stability, reviewers are also very impressed with how responsive the Omni ISO's midsole is. Its PWRFoam technology already provides the runner with plenty of shock absorption and energy transfer on its own. However, the use of EVERUN technology and the SRC Landing Zone enhances both of these qualities even further. Those who prefer a natural bounce and adaptive wear in their running shoes would definitely be wise to consider this model. With that said, there are some reviewers who have noticed that they have to break the shoe in a bit before they really feel its responsiveness.
Thanks to the use of both PWRFoam and EVERUN technologies, the Omni ISO's midsole unit is not only responsive but also provides the runner with plenty of durable support. The engineered mesh of its upper features a soft inner lining and floating support cage that wrap around the foot for a secure, sock-like fit. This is enhanced even further by the combined efforts of the attached heel clip, printed-on midfoot cage, and lacing system. Finally, a padded tongue and collar provide both greater comfort and an incredible amount of ankle support.
Though several other models within the Omni line were made for trail running, the Omni ISO was designed to be used on road surfaces. The materials and overall design of its sole unit were created to not only provide decent traction on concrete and asphalt but also to give the runner a cushioned and bouncier wear that helps them power through workouts and long distance runs. And the breathability of its upper unit allows it to be very comfortable to wear during warm weather months. There's no indication of how well this model performs on wet surfaces, but given its lack of water repellency it's safe to say that it's not an all-weather shoe.
Though it's far from Saucony's cheapest model, the Omni ISO is still more reasonably priced than its other stability models. Across all online retailers, from Zappos and Running Warehouse to the brand's own website, this shoe runs for $130. This is considered the higher side of average when it comes to all high-quality running shoes. Furthermore, its performance, comfort level, and corrective features definitely seem to justify this cost to a number of buyers.
Online reviews don't seem to focus on how good or bad the Omni ISO's traction is. Still, its tread pattern's design does indicate that it provides a fairly strong grip on road surfaces. Its heel section utilizes Saucony's XT-900 carbon rubber compound to keep the runner extra secure during the landing phase of the gait cycle. The tread is also more textured towards the center to ensure greater stability. As stated before, there is no indication of how well this shoe performs on wet surfaces.
For a stability shoe, many reviewers find the Omni ISO to be surprisingly easy to move around in. As the name suggests, its outsole's Tri-Flex design features deep flex grooves all across the forefoot. Its PWRFoam midsole, coupled with a layer of EVERUN, easily moves along with the runner's movements to ensure the most natural movement possible. Of course, it's the engineered mesh upper and ISOFIT technology that truly provide the most adaptive wear possible. Only the Medial Post and significant overlays are present to ensure necessary stability.
Though it's marketed as a stability shoe, the Omni ISO's corrective features are noticeably more minimal than others. Still, those who live with overpronation found them to be just as effective. The main component is the Medial Post, located within the shoe's midsole, to keep the foot from rolling inward as it lands. An external support system comes in the form of an aggressive heel clip and printed-on midfoot cage, both of which are attached to each other and connected to the shoe's lacing system. Both wrap around the heel and midfoot areas respectively to keep the foot from wobbling around within the chamber.
Most stability shoes on the market seem to have a heel-to-toe drop height that's below the average measurement of 10mm, is this provides the runner with better balance and posture. With a heel height of 28mm and a toe height of 20mm, the Omni ISO follows this design trend with an 8mm drop. It also means that the runner will still get a substantial amount of cushioning and heel support for greater comfort.
Key Features
-Tri-Flex outsole design with IBR+ technology.
-XT-900 carbon rubber makes up the heel
-EVERUN and PWRFoam for the midsole unit
-Medial Post to correct overpronation
-SRC Landing Zone for a more responsive wear
-Engineered mesh upper with ISOFIT inner sleeve
-External support frame for greater stability
-8mm heel-to-toe drop height
Bottom Line
Even though the Saucony Omni ISO is widely marketed as a stability shoe, it can still provide a great deal of comfort and support for neutral runners. Reviewers are especially impressed with its level of cushioning, which is both significant and durable enough to keep them going through long distances. Its sock-like upper is outfitted with plenty of extra support features to keep the foot locked into place. And those who live with overpronation will find that the Medial Post makes a great deal of difference when it comes to their gait. Although there are some buyers who wish that this model came in more color options, and some aren't entirely satisfied with its cushioning, overall reviews suggest that this shoe would definitely become a staple for most runners out there.
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