Saucony Triumph 10

The Saucony Triumph 10 is a neutral cushioned shoe made for the road. This Saucony shoe provides a good deal of cushioning, and an upper that provides excellent ventilation. The shoe is geared towards runners who run with a neutral gait or those who are supinators. The shoe also offers plenty of protection, especially in its midsole. This shoe can definitely handle long distance training. This tenth iteration of the shoe includes a few updates. The shoe is slightly lighter than before and it offers better arch support. A new crash pad provides a smoother ride and deeper Flex Grooves offer more flexibility. In addition, the upper has added support and the overlay design has been updated to modernize the look of the shoe. The Saucony Triumph 10 is appropriate for a variety of runners no matter their footstrike. The shoe is an especially good option for heavier runners who require extra padding underfoot.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • High amount of cushioning provides ample impact protection
  • Soft, responsive cushioning
  • Comfortable fit that's true to size
  • Flexible, smooth ride
  • Good amount of arch support
  • Cons
    • Some found the color options too flashy
    • Heavy, high mileage runners cited durability issues
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Saucony Triumph 10 features iBR+ technology. The lightweight blown rubber material is unique in that it adds a bit of cushioning the outsole. It helps protect from impact and attenuates shock better than other outsole materials. The shoe also features XT-900 technology. The carbon rubber material provides ample grip and is made to last. The heel of the shoe has a newly designed crashpad to improve the landing feel of the shoe and to ensure a smoother ride. The outsole also features deeper Flex Grooves than previous versions making the Triumph 10 one of the most flexible iterations so far.
      The Saucony Triumph 10's midsole is composed of PowerGrid PowerFoam cushioning. The full-length material provides a plush ride for the wearer and ample impact protection. The cushion will continue to provide a bounce ride even towards the end of a long run. The midsole also features energy-efficient SSL EVA foam. This material provides excellent rebound and enhances an already smooth and comfortable ride. The cushioning is similar to previous versions of the shoe. It's the same soft cushioning that Triumph loyalists love providing excellent energy return with each step.
      The upper of the Saucony Triumph 10 has been revamped quite a bit. The fit has been improved in this version of the shoe. The upper is constructed of breathable mesh and features overlays (and underlays) which provide support and add to the overall aesthetic of the shoe. The upper also features SACU-FIT technology which allows for a snug and secure fit that locks down the wearer's midfoot. The upper has a bit of give so it can adapt when your foot swells towards the end of your long run. The interior of the shoe contains a ComfortRide sock liner which wicks away moisture and helps to ensure a cool, dry interior environment. The sock liner also helps to stave off bacterial growth thanks to its anti-microbial properties. Contrary to previous versions of the Triumph, the 10 has a roomier toe box which allows for natural toe splay.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 weighs in at about 10.7 ounces for the men's version. It's a fairly standard weight for the type of shoe you're getting. This version of the shoe is actually slightly lighter than previous versions, so Saucony did manage to shave off a bit of weight. They likely did this by removing some of the upper's many overlays.

      The Triumph 10's midsole contains enough cushioning to protect you for miles, and the outsole is tough enough to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear. For this amount of cushioning and protection underfoot, it's not a surprise that you're not getting the lightest shoe in the neutral category. It's a trade-off, but it's one that's worthwhile and the shoe is certainly light enough to be used as a daily trainer.
      The Saucony Triumph 10's mesh upper offers good ventilation, even in very warm weather. The breathable mesh is distributed throughout the upper and helps to keep the wearer's foot cool and dry. The interior ComfortDry sock liner helps to wick away moisture and reduce sweat buildup. In this tenth version of the Triumph, the upper also features a roomier toe box. The larger forefoot area helps with ventilation and enhances comfort.
      The Saucony Triumph 10's comfort was highly praised by the majority of reviewers. The midsole features ample cushioning to provide comfort for miles. The upper fits better than before thanks to SACU-FIT technology which locks in the midfoot without being restrictive. The newly expanded toe box provides enough room to accommodate natural toe splay. The interior ComfortDry sock liner provides an additional layer of padding and comfort for the wearer. In addition, most reviewers found the shoe fit true to size and had no issues with unwanted pressure points or hot spots.
      Saucony has gone with a modern and fresh look with the Saucony Triumph 10. It's likely not a shoe you'll wear casually, but it still manages to hit the mark when it comes to style. There were few comments from reviewers about the shoe's look. Many were pleased with the stylistic changes made by Saucony. The upper's look featured the most pronounced changes with the removal of quite a few overlays. New underlays change the aesthetic a bit and the shoe remains stylish enough. A few runners found the color offerings a bit too flashy. The neon accents were a bit too much for some runners looking for more an understated look.

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      The Saucony Triumph 10 is a durable shoe. The outsole features iBR+ and XT-900 areas to help protect against regular use. The shoe will definitely be able to handle high-mileage training. Even the midsole cushioning is meant to continue feeling fresh towards the end of a long run. The Triumph 10 seems to be more durable than the previous versions and the majority of high mileage runners were happy with the shoe's solid construction. A few heavier runners commented on durability issues and complained that the soles and flimsy mesh upper wore out easily. They were in the minority, though.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 outsole offers up the first layer of protection. The outsole is composed of iBR+ and XT-900 materials. These materials help to keep runners stable thanks to their excellent grip. They also ensure the shoe can handle a lot of use.

      The Triumph 10 also offers up protection in the form of a thickly cushioned PowerGrid PowerFoam midsole. The full-length cushioning provides a comfortable ride that effectively attenuates shock. The PowerFoam cushion is paired with SSL EVA foam to deliver maximum protection for the wearer and absorb the impact of each footfall. Heavier runners and runners recovering from injury will feel comfortable running in the Triumph 10. Reviewers who were injury prone appreciated the high amount of midsole cushioning featured in the shoe.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 is very responsive. The energy-efficient SSL EVA foam found in the midsole provides excellent rebound for the wearer. The PowerGrid PowerFoam cushioning is plush and provides a good amount of energy-return. Reviewers found this version of the Triumph was more responsive thanks to the improved heel crash pad. The new crash pad design improves the ride of the shoe significantly and ensures the transition from heel to toe is smooth and unencumbered.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 falls into the neutral category. It's geared towards runners who do not overpronate (and also those who are supinators). Still, the shoe provides a supportive base for runners. The full-length cushioning in the midsole provide a stable base upon which runners can move forward. The SACU-FIT upper also helps to provide support for the runner. Reviewers found the fit true to size and secure enough to keep them locked in. The flexible upper material allows for an adjustable snug fit. The Triumph 10 also features enhanced midfoot arch support, a big improvement from previous versions of the shoe.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 has a durable outsole which features iBR+ and XT-900 technology. Both materials are intended to provide exceptional durability. The durable outsole can handle a variety of surfaces, though it's made for the road. The new and improved heel crash pad provides a smoother ride for the wearer. The shoe can be used on a variety of surfaces including indoors on the treadmill or on non-technical trails. The outsole should be able to handle a beating but the lugs are not aggressive enough for rough trails and mountain running.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 is fairly priced considering its bevy of features. The shoe is in its tenth iteration and there's a reason for its longevity. It's a solid shoe that has consistently managed to please neutral wearers. It's an appropriate option for long-distance training and high mileage runners. A select few runners were displeased with the shoe's lifespan but these tended to be heavier runners who were running very high mileage. The shoe is well-cushioned and can handle a lot of mileage, same as with the rest of the shoe. The shoe is durable enough to make the price tag worth it. For those seeking extra protection underfoot, the Triumph 10 is a good deal.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 features an XT-900 outsole that also contains iBR+ rubber for added traction in various weather conditions. The shoe provides great grip underfoot and keeps runners stable when moving forward. The shoe does well whether it's raining or sunny. As always, it's best to use caution during the winter months as the tread pattern is not aggressive enough to handle very slippery surfaces.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 is one of the most flexible versions of the Triumph so far. The new deeper Flex Grooves underfoot provide exceptional pliability and help to enhance an already smooth ride. In addition, the shoe's upper is also flexible enough to accommodate various foot shapes and the foot swelling that comes with long-distance training. The shoe's flexible nature allows for a natural kind of movement and for a greater feeling of comfort.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 is a neutral training but wearers still felt that the shoe provided enough stability overall. The grippy iBR+ and XT-900 outsole ensure runners are not slipping and sliding while they run. The full-length midsole cushioning provides a stable and supportive base for runners. And, of course, the SACU-FIT upper provides a fit that's snug and secure so runners don't feel wobbly as they move.
      The Saucony Triumph 10 features a 9.7mm drop. It's a bit higher than the standard 8mm drop for Saucony. The drop is still fairly small, though and the shoe remains appropriate for a variety of runners, from forefoot to heel strikers.
      Key Features
      - Deeper Flex Grooves in outsole make the Triumph 10 the most flexible iteration so far
      - IBR+ technology in outsole provides shock attenuation
      - XT-900 technology enhances durability and traction
      - SACU-FIT ensures a snug, locked-in fit
      - New heel crashpad
      - PowerGrid PowerFoam midsole material is plush and responsive
      - SSL EVA foam in midsole enhances energy return
      - Breathable mesh upper
      - Underlays and overlays featured in upper and help to add support
      - ComfortRide sock liner adds a layer of comfort, wicks moisture, and prevents bacterial growth
      Bottom Line
      The Saucony Triumph 10 provides maximum cushioning in the neutral category. The road shoe offers excellent support and a secure fit. The midsole cushioning provides enough padding underfoot to attenuate shock and protect runners from impact. The majority of reviewers were very pleased with the comfort of the shoe. With a few minor updates, Saucony has managed to improve the Triumph once again. The solid shoe is perfect for heavier runners, those looking to run high mileage, those prone to injury, or those just recovering from an injury. The energy-efficient, responsive ride is paired with a wider toe-box to enhance the wearer's comfort level. The shoe not only provides a comfortable ride but also looks stylish. This tough shoe can handle a variety of road conditions and is a good choice for a variety of runners.
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