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Stevia Vs Splenda: Which Sweetener Is Better?

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Stevia Vs Splenda: Which Sweetener Is Better? Stevia Vs Splenda: Which Sweetener Is Better? www.runnerclick.com

Many people try to watch what they put into their bodies. Athletes know that the human body thrives on carbohydrates to help fuel it through activity, and most packaged fuel sold for that specific purpose is riddled with regular sugar.  

Some of us prefer to use natural ways to sweeten our food. Other people are looking for sweeteners that both low on calories and high on taste, while not impacting your blood sugar levels (glucose).

Whether that is because of a health concern like diabetes and obesity, or that you have figured out that table sugar leaves you craving more sugar, you are in luck. There are many wonderful sugar alternatives out there.

In the battle of Stevia vs. Splenda, who wins?

What is the Safest Artificial Sweetener to Use?

According to Medical News today and dietitians, the top 4 sweeteners and sugar substitutes for people with diabetes are:

  1. Stevia: This is a natural sweetener deriving from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. 300 times sweeter than sugar, it can be purchased under many different brand names. 
  2. Tagatose: If you have never heard of this product, it is much more expensive than those readily available in stores. It is relatively new as a sugar-free substitute, and it has not gained steam like its counterparts.
  3. Sucralose: Most often referred to under the brand name Splenda, this is another excellent choice. Even though it is 600 times sweeter than sugar, it has very few calories.
  4. Aspartame: A very common name in artificial sweeteners since it has been around for so long. It is good for some things and not for others. Since it breaks down at high temperatures, it cannot be used for baking. 

Splenda Pros and Cons

Let’s first look at the positive aspects associated with Splenda:

  1. Zero calories.
  2. It is not considered a carb.
  3. There is no effect on your blood sugar.
  4. This sweetener holds up to heat so it can be used in baking.
  5. The FDA has not found any ill effects on the human body, despite vigorous testing. 

The negative aspects to Splenda:

  1. Even though Splenda is calorie-free, the bulking agent used can add calories.
  2. When heated up and used in baking, the taste can change through cooking.
  3. Some people report that when they eat or drink products with Splenda, they experience an increase in cravings for sugar that can lead to overeating or weight gain. 

Stevia Pros and Cons

First let’s start out with the health benefits of using the Stevia plant sugar as your artificial sweetener:

  1. No calories means you can take care of your sweet tooth without busting your diet.
  2. Stable blood sugar means that you do not get blood sugar spikes like you get with natural sugars.
  3. Stevia is derived from the Stevia leaf, not created in a laboratory.

As with anything, there are some negative aspects:

  1. Some users report stomach upsets. That can include bloat and/or nausea.
  2. If you are on certain medications you should not use Stevia. For example, some medications to control blood pressure and diabetes do not interact well with this artificial sweetener. 
  3. Some people report a bitter aftertaste from Stevia.

Splenda Vs. Stevia: Which One to Use?

In the battle of Splenda vs. Stevia, Splenda is the most popular brand on the market. They are similar since both options come in powdered, granulated and liquid form. Both give you sweetness without adding unwanted calories to the foods you eat and beverages you enjoy.

Most people report that Splenda is their choice because it does not have the bitter aftertaste of some artificial sweeteners. I agree with this assertion. Splenda is also slightly sweeter tasting, which means you need less of it to sweeten your beverages. 

However, if you want to bake with artificial sweetener, Stevia is hands down the best choice. Stevia helps create a better tasting overall baked good when I am looking to sweeten my favorite muffins. 

So to recap, Stevia vs. Splenda?

I choose Splenda for beverages and Stevia for baking.

I like to keep both in my pantry!

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