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The Best Ways to Display Race Bling

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There are many easy and creative ways to display race bling like making or buying a wooden hanger. The Best Ways to Display Race Bling www.runnerclick.com

After putting in the hard work and a whole lot of heart, the runner crosses the finish line with tired muscles. But there is no greater feeling than the extra weight that is felt around the neck once they are awarded their race medal. Wearing that bling post-race with pride is a must. But runners should display their race bling well beyond the race.

Displaying race bling is a much better alternative to just tossing it into a drawer to be forgotten about. But many might not know exactly how or where to hang their medals. It is actually really easy to get creative with race medals—especially when paired with displaying bibs. All that’s needed is a little inspiration.

Why Hang Race Bling?

Those new to racing might feel silly at first about considering to display their medal. Those who have run a handful of races might not know exactly what to do with their growing collection. But all runners new and seasoned should hang their bling up.

Photo: Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

The medal given is a symbol of the runner’s accomplishment. Every time the runner looks at that medal they can be reminded of the training, the commitment, and the perseverance. It’s a reminder of the goal set and the reward of chasing that dream and completing it.

Some people decide to run specific races based on the hardware. So cool bling deserves to be displayed so that it can be seen every day.

Ways To Display Race Bling

Medal Hangers

If coming up with something creative for your medals is a hurdle right now, go simple and don’t overthink it. One of the easiest and best ways to display race bling is with medal hangers sold from companies like Gone For A Run or sold by sellers on Etsy. These typically come in either a metal or wood option with an inspirational quote on top. The medals can then be hung underneath the quote on a “hang bar” or with hooks. The wood options can be personalized to come in various color options and some even have the option to add your own quote.

Photo: Lauren Keating | RunnerClick

Medal hangers can also be made with a few items from a craft store including sanding down a piece of wood and adding the hooks oneself.

Shadowboxes, Frames And Display Cases

Another cool way to display race bling is to create a shadowbox. This can be individualized for just one race with its bib and other items from it. This serves as a great memento for a first race, or big race like a first marathon.

Runners can also make a DIY display case by removing the glass from a long frame. Add fabric to the back and pin the medals on the back. Arrange them in an artistic way with some dropping lower than others.

Try using different sized frames as well. Remove the glass and tie around the top of the frame for a great display. Plus using frames are easy to hang when it comes to mounting to the wall.

Photo: slgckgc | Flickr | Creative Commons

The No Hanging Option

Another creative way to display the medals is to wrap the ribbon part around a piece of wood or floating shelf and only have the medallion part shown. Think of this like way as having the appearance of a watch. This is a neat and tidy way to showcase them. The wood of shelf is then mounted to the wall. Just make sure to fill the space up with medals first instead of having to take it down after every race to hang a new edition.

Other Ideas

Add them to home decor. Add hooks to a floating shelf or decorate a wooden pallet to be displayed like a piece of artwork and loop and tie the medals from the wood. Some opt to place them inside a large vase, wine or beer glass and display them that way. This brings a new meaning to will run for beer. The possibilities are endless depending on which room the medals are to be displayed.

Make it a magnet.  Another fun idea is to whip out that hot glue gun and remove the ribbon part of the medal. Glue a magnet onto the back of the medal and use as a magnet on the fridge.

Make it festive. Take the ribbon off the medal and instead add a small hook. This can now be used as an ornament for the Christmas tree.

Where To Hang

Which takes us to our next point. Display your medals in a home gym or near your treadmill if that is an option. Those who don’t have a designated workout room or section of a room can display theirs in their bedroom, the living room or even as a work of art when placed in the frame or display case along just about any wall.

Photo: Lauren Keating | RunnerClick

Remember that runners can also donate their medals to charity for those who don’t wish to display them and have no personal reason for holding on to them. Charities give medals to sick patients who are in need of a morale boost. This also means the runner can literally be running the race for someone.


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