Under Armour Curry 5

The latest basketball shoe from Stephen Curry’s signature line is the type of shoe that pose more questions than it answers. Yes, it’s high-quality, breathable, lightweight and durable. The problem is that there are a lot of ‘ifs’ involved. Yes, it’s comfortable if you have high arches and don’t mind the break-in period. Yes, it provides magnificent traction, if you play on clean courts without dust. Yes, it’s fairly responsive, if you don’t require top-notch responsiveness from a shoe. Yes, it’s supportive, but only if you don’t mind a very tight fit in the forefoot and midfoot. Yes – it’s worth it if you’re that into Steph Curry.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic design
  • Breathable
  • Excellent stability
  • Good medial support
  • High-quality materials
  • Great traction on clean floors
  • Flexible knit upper
  • Cons
    • TPU shank causes severe discomfort for people who don’t already have high arches
    • Long break-in time
    • Inconsistent traction

      Key Features
      The outsole of the latest update to Stephen Curry’s line of basketball shoes, the Under Armour Curry 5, features a durable rubber compound that has an intricate traction pattern, said to be suitable for all courts. The rubber covers most of the outsole, while the midfoot area of the outsole is covered by the medial post that goes up to the midsole. The forefoot of the outsole features an overlapping square and circle traction pattern which adds to the grip the shoe offers, especially for guards who spend most of the time on the ball of their feet.
      The cushioning and the midsole of the Curry 5 are similar to that of the Curry 4 – EVA foam is utilized to provide comfort and protection while playing, which is somewhat underwhelming, given the cushioning and impact-protection technologies that exist nowadays. However, the midsole does its job, and the vast majority of players reported that it didn’t leave their feet feeling tired or painful. The difference between the 5 and the 4 is that the newer version is a bit softer and thicker, thanks to the Ortholite sockliner and softer heel cushioning, but that change isn’t very drastic. Some players complained about the midsole being higher, as a result of its thickness, which resulted in lesser ground feel – something that will irritate most guards. The general conclusion is that the brand has tried to adapt the shoe to fit the needs of more players, but in trying to fix it, it might have broken it for the guards.
      The upper of the Under Armour Curry 5 features a snug, knit construction that is further encouraged by the traditional lacing system that begins closer to the toes in order to provide a tight fit, security and foot lockdown. The external shell of the shoe resembles the familiar Anafoam compound in texture, but compared to the Curry 1, it is noticeably stiffer, which prevents full flexibility that the knit upper would otherwise provide. The foam outer part does break in with play, so this isn’t a big deal, except if you insist on full-comfort feel from the get-go. The back of the collar is padded in order to provide heel lockdown. The collar also features a wide pull tab for easy on/off.
      Basketball shoes usually weigh between 300g and 400g, if they’re constructed for speed and agility, and the Curry 5 is on the lower end of that scale. Weighing 11.8 ounces or 335 grams, the shoe allows you to move fast, without feeling clunky on your feet and like they’re slowing you down.
      The knit upper construction allows for sufficient airflow, regardless of how snugly you tie the shoelaces, so you can expect minimal moisture and a lot of ventilation when playing in the Under Armour Curry 5’s. The foot won’t sweat too much in the Curry 5, which will prevent blisters from forming, creating a more comfortable experience.
      The comfort of the Under Armour Curry 5 has been a point of contention amongst players, and it’s safe to say that the Curry 5 isn’t for everyone. Some players speculated that the shoe has a flaw in the design which causes the medial side of the shoe to dig into the arch of the foot and create severe blisters. While some consider this to be a consequence of flawed design, others are convinced that the shoe isn’t made for wide feet and that you have to have high arches, to begin with. This explanation for the blisters and discomfort that some users have felt is more logical, given that there are a number of players who have found the comfort of the shoe to be satisfactory during the entirety of use. Additionally, people have stated that the shoe had a decent fit after the break-in period, but that period was so hard for some players that they quit on the idea of ever wearing the shoe again. Aside from the problematic medial side, the Curry 5 fits true to size and the upper adheres to the foot perfectly. However, expect it to feel very tight in the midfoot and forefoot, regardless of your feet’s width.
      The UA Curry 5 is a very stylish, yet still functional shoe that can easily be worn off-court with casual and sporty outfits. The inspiration for the design derived from Pi, symbolizing Curry’s ability to accomplish the impossible. The Pi symbol can be found on the upper, with “3.14.18” printed on the aglets, and the squaring-the-circle theme is possibly best expressed on the outsole traction pattern. The general look and vibe of the shoe is modern, sleek and unobtrusive, leaving the entire beauty of the design on the shape, instead of color.
      The durability of the UA Curry 5 is satisfactory and the probability of this shoe lasting more than an average basketball shoe is great. The rubber compound used in the construction of the outsole looks like it’s going to bald quickly, but that’s not the case, and the external Anafoam on the upper also increases the overall longevity of the shoe. The knit used in the construction of the shoe is high-quality, so you don’t have to worry about it being durable – just comfortable.
      Compared to the Under Armour Curry 4, the cushioning of the Curry 5 has definitely improved, so the shoe does offer a bit more underfoot protection than its predecessor. However, this change won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, given that the extra cushioning means less ground feel, which is an absolute priority for a number of guards. Even with added cushioning, though, the Curry 5 offers minimal impact protection that translates to a somewhat stiff ride. Regarding the issue with the arches forming blisters due to the tight midfoot, you could resort to protecting your feet by buying an ankle brace, if you really want to wear the shoe, or if you’ve already bought it.
      The minimal cushioning of the Under Armour Curry 5 provides more bounce that the Curry 4. The obvious limitation to the energy-return capabilities of the Curry 5 is the EVA foam used in the midsole construction, rather than some more responsive foams on the market. That being said, the responsiveness of the Curry 5 is in line with what people are used to getting from the previous models, so if you liked the performance of Curry 4, you’ll like this shoe as well.
      The main characteristic of the UA Curry 5, especially when it comes to support, is the midfoot TPU shank that raises the arch of the foot drastically and keeps it locked and elevated. However, the positioning and build of this shank is precisely what’s causing people to get blisters and experience discomfort, so we’d strongly advise you to try the shoe out before making a purchase. If you’re determined to break in the shoe, try using tape to cover the arch and reduce the damage done to the skin. However, we’d only really advise people with high arches to opt for playing in this shoe, in order to prevent injury and potential infection. The fit of the heel on the Curry 5 is satisfactory, but nothing extraordinary.
      The Under Armour Curry 5 is an all-court shoe that can follow you wherever you go. The option to play both indoors or outdoors make this shoe a smart choice for people who need just one pair of basketball shoes for the entire year. However, try to not play on dusty terrain if possible, because the shoe’s performance declines the more dust there is, which we’ll discuss later on.
      The price of the Curry 5 is fair, considering how much high-quality materials went into its production. Regardless of the comfort the shoe brings, the rubber used for the outsole, as well as the knit used for the upper, are both excellent. However, looking at the price from the perspective of the midfoot shaft hardly being comfortable to anyone, buying the Curry 5 might be too much of a bargain. If you’re a collector or a die-hard fan of Steph Curry, buying these makes sense, but if you just want a durable and comfortable basketball shoe to play in – there are plenty of fish in the sea.
      The performance of the Curry 5 differs in quality depending on whether the floor is squeaky clean or dusty. If the floors are clean, the shoe will offer amazing traction, allowing you to stop, change pace and cut quickly and efficiently. However, all of the reviewers were unsatisfied with how the shoe performed on dusty courts, due to the fact that dust tends to settle in the traction pattern and create a balding, slippery effect. You could clean the shoes every now and then throughout the play, but who wants to do that, really? On clean surfaces, the traction pattern allows for good ground feel and provides an almost tacky feeling on the ground. It all boils down to what type of courts you usually play on.
      The sole of the UA Curry 5 is not as flexible as one might expect, due to the midfoot shaft, which prevents the otherwise very flexible sole to shine. The rest of the sole can be rolled into a ball, but the midfoot area will remain flat regardless. However, this means that the forefoot area has plenty of flex in it for when you’re on the ball of your foot, and the elastic upper knit material is flexible by definition and adheres to the foot beautifully, moving alongside it.
      The Anafoam located in the forefoot lateral wall and the rearfoot of the shoe, doesn’t only serve as a heavy-duty material that increases the longevity of the shoe, but it also provides some lateral stability, which is always a plus in a basketball shoe. The forefoot and midfoot, as tight as they are, do provide outstanding stability and prevent your foot from moving anywhere inside of the shoe, allowing you to move confidently throughout the game. Another great thing about the stability features of the Curry 5 is its wide shoe platform which protrudes on both sides of the forefoot, and the rearfoot as well, preventing you from losing your balance and enabling you to make confident movements. Needless to say, Curry wouldn’t be able to play as good as he does, without exceptional stability.
      The sole of the Under Armour Curry 5 basketball sneaker is reported to be quite flat, with the drop being in the 4mm range. This choice encourages the player to spend most of his time on the balls of his feet, which guards usually do. Additionally, the flatness of the sole provides additional stability, creating a literal, wide platform on which you’ll land safely after a jump, no matter how complicated the landing is.
      Key Features
      ● Rubber outsole
      ● Overlapping square and circle traction pattern
      ● EVA midsole with Ortholite sockliner
      ● Knit elastic upper with Anafoam external shell
      ● Breathable
      ● Comfort is an issue for a lot of customers
      ● Great Pi-inspired design
      ● Minimal cushioning
      ● Basketball shoe
      ● Very supportive midfoot shank
      ● Flexible, aside from the rigid TPU shank
      ● Satisfactory responsiveness
      ● Excellent stability
      Bottom Line
      The Under Armour Curry 5 is possibly the best-looking shoe in this line, with the shape-oriented upper and a modern sole blending functionality and looks into a well-priced whole. That being said, there are a few serious downsides to this shoe, which could talk you out of buying it. The first issue is with the medial TPU shank that causes severe blisters and discomfort to players who don’t have high arches, and the other major downside is the fact that traction quality deteriorates very quickly when playing on a dusty court. However, if you’re Curry’s fan, or you have high arches, narrow feet and usually play on squeaky clean courts – this might be a viable option.
      Where to Buy
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