Under Armour Fat Tire 3

As the third model of Under Armour’s Fat Tire sneaker model, the Fat Tire 3 offers more flexibility and breathability than its predecessors. The outsole is very durable because Under Armour partnered with Michelin to develop an outsole that models a reliable traction-able bike tire, which is definitely a plus. Under Armour also included a couple of antimicrobial features in this sneaker that will help prevent stinky bacteria from forming. The midsole is just cushioned enough for those looking for a flexible yet comfortable trail shoe. This model is breathable, cushioned, flexible, and durable, and features the efficient BOA lacing system.

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Pros & Cons
  • The extremely comfortable liner in the upper is antimicrobial
  • Michelin tire outsole is very durable and offers great traction
  • Charged cushioning foam insole is comfortable and responsive
  • Available in a number of colorways
  • BOA lacing system is quick and efficient
  • Cons
    • Some say that the BOA lacing system is not reliable
    • One reviewer said the synthetic overlays came detached quickly
    • Key Features
      Not only does the shoe’s name suggest that it will perform like a tire in terms of traction and durability, but the material that makes up the outsole is the product of the Michelin tire company. This outsole is inspired by rugged Michelin bike tires and is called the “Wild Gripper” outsole. By just looking at the outsole, you will be instantly reminded of tire treads. The aggressive multidirectional lug system appears on the length of the outsole as well as partially up around the midsole. These lugs have nubs on them to add to the traction capability and they will help you grip mild to aggressive terrain with ease. This outsole has been hailed as flexible, durable, lightweight, and grippy.
      The midsole of this lightweight trail shoe features Under Amour’s Charged cushioning foam material. This lightweight foam extends the entire length of the shoe and works to absorb shock and also supplies responsive cushioning. The energy that is absorbed by the Charged cushioning releases as energy and response that will propel you forward with cushioned comfort. Under Armour also included a removable molded Ortholite sockliner that not only delivers additional comfort and support, but it also contains moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties that will help keep bacteria from forming and thus eliminating odor.
      The upper of this trail shoe is made up of a breathable and flexible textile material that is designed to move and flex with your foot and allow for good airflow. It also features welded textile overlays to maintain the structure and to add to the sneaker’s durability. The inner sleeve of the Fat Tire 3 contains Cupron Antimicrobial Pro Fibers that aid in the shoe’s ability to prevent smelly bacteria from forming. This sleeve material is soft and also adds more comfort to the shoe. As an update to the Fat Tire 2, the collar and tongue of the shoe are equipped with more padding than before to protect against irritation and Under Amour removed the neoprene sleeve that was featured in the previous version. Another update is the style of the tongue. Unlike its predecessor, the tongue of the Fat Tire 3 is attached to one side of the shoe to allow it to fit more like a sock and to prevent it from moving around. An obvious feature of the upper is the L6 BOA speed closure lacing system that allows for a quick, snug and comfortable fit. Although the previous version also featured the BOA lacing system, the wire has been replaced by string and several consumers say this update is a good one.
      A large number of reviewers remarked on the fact that these trail shoes feel light on the feet. They are not the lightest trail shoes on the market, but considering that they have tire rubber on the outsole and a pretty hefty cushioned midsole, they are remarkably lightweight. The men’s weighs in at around 11.4 ounces while the women’s weighs around 9.6 ounces.
      Under Armour listened to consumers and improved the breathability of the Fat Tire in version 3. Unlike the previous version, which included a neoprene lining and “UA Storm” material in the upper, the company went with a breathable textile material instead. The sneaker does feature a number of synthetic overlays over the textile, but this is to help maintain the integrity and durability of the sneaker. The textile that makes up the sneaker is designed to allow air into and out of the foot chamber. In addition to the improved breathability, Under Armour also equipped the shoe with an Ortholite sockliner that has antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties as well as Cupron Antimicrobial fibers in the upper's lining to prevent an uncomfortable sweaty foot environment.
      Many reviewers sing the praises of the comfort level offered by the Fat Tire 3. Accordingly, many people said the shoe is comfortable on the feet right out of the box and do not require a lot of break-in time. One consumer said the shoe is like wearing a slipper with cushion everywhere you need it. The Charged Cushioning system that makes up the shoe’s midsole delivers excellent shock absorbency and cushioned comfort. The inner lining of the shoe is soft and comfortable as well and the heel collar and tongue are padded so you will be protected from irritation. The textile upper with synthetic overlays is designed to fit like a bootie and will adapt comfortably to your foot.
      These lightweight trail running shoes are definitely unique in their style. The tire tread alone gives these shoes a different kind of appearance but many consumers say it is a welcome one. They have a low-profile design and definitely do not appear bulky or stiff in their appearance, compared to other trail running sneakers. With that said, the upper may not appeal to everyone because of the triangle-looking overlays; some people think it gives the shoe a “busy” look. The colorways offered are mostly a black/grey design with a contrasting pop of bright color throughout. Of course, this will not be appealing to everyone, but for the most part, people seem to be pleased with how this shoe looks.
      The outsole of these shoes is extremely durable thanks to the Michelin rubber that is used in its engineering. Thanks to the tire-like rubber used in its makeup, these shoes will be able to withstand hundreds of miles of trail running. The midsole is protected by this Wild Gripper outsole and will be able to hold up for a long time as well. Because the breathable textile upper is protected by a synthetic overlay, it should be able to withstand hundreds of miles of wear as well. However, it should be noted that there was one reviewer who said these overlays started to separate from the textile upper after a short time.
      Thanks to the Michelin rubber found on the outsole, this shoe will protect your feet against a multitude of underfoot debris on even the most technical of trails. The midsole provides excellent protection thanks to the shock absorbency offered through the Charged cushioning foam. The Ortholite sockliner also provides protection by filling up the negative space within the foot chamber, protecting you from blistering. The synthetic overlays featured on the upper help to keep your foot secure and stable, protecting your foot from moving around within the sneaker.
      Under Armour engineered the midsole of this sneaker with response in mind with the use of Charged cushioning foam that is featured in the midsole. This material is engineered to absorb the pressure applied with each step and then release it to help propel you forward. This technology gives the shoes good marks in terms of responsiveness and it also works in conjunction with the Michelin rubber on the outsole to help give you a fairly springy ride. Because this shoe has a decent amount of midsole cushioning, you should not experience high underfoot feel, but you will feel a cushioned response.
      There are a number of trail running shoes on the market that offer a lot more support due to stiff and thick upper materials. Because this sneaker is made up of lightweight Charged cushioning in the midsole and flexible and lightweight textile materials in its upper, it does not have a lot of stiff and bulky support. However, the cushioning provided in the midsole will adapt and form to your foot and will help to keep you comfortable and safe. The upper is flexible enough to adapt to your foot shape and also supports your foot through the synthetic overlays that keep the shoe snug on your foot. Thanks to the L6 BOA lacing system, the shoe is able to mold quickly and easily to your foot, giving you a second-skin fit, which will support you by not moving around.
      The Under Armour Fat Tire 3 is designed to be a lightweight trail running sneaker and is ideally-suited for mild to technical terrain. The outsole is engineered to take on the most technical of terrains and will perform accordingly. However, there are a number of reviewers who state that they use these sneakers for asphalt running and some say they even get away with wearing them as casual shoes. Because these sneakers are not bulky or overly technical, they are pretty versatile.
      These lightweight trail shoes are a little pricey due to their specialized design. The Michelin rubber outsole, technologically advanced midsole, and BOA lacing system make these sneakers more advanced than other trail shoes. This means they are a tad pricier comparatively. At $150, you may want to try them on in person before making this purchase.
      If you have ever ridden on a mountain bike, you will know that the tires have to offer a decent level of traction in order to protect you from slipping. With that in mind, the outsoles of these sneakers were designed to mimic such tires as far as traction goes. The multidirectional lugs will allow you to tackle tricky terrain and will keep you upright while doing so. A large number of reviewers were impressed by this sneaker’s traction capabilities, whether in wet or dry conditions. A number of consumers commented that the outsole’s tread design and the fact that the lugs come up onto the sides of the sneaker and the rounded sole design help to grip different terrains better.
      The Wild Gripper Michelin rubber used to make up this sneaker’s outsole is extremely durable but also pretty flexible. Even though the fairly aggressive lug system is designed to tackle tough terrain, the outsole is not overly bulky or stiff. The midsole is made up of lightweight Charged cushioning which is designed to absorb shock and supply excellent cushioning support while maintaining flexibility. The upper is made up of a lightweight and breathable textile which is also extremely flexible. In the end, this is a very flexible lightweight running shoe.
      These trail shoes are engineered to be neutral trail running sneakers so they do not offer a whole lot in terms of stability. With that said, they do have some stabilizing features thanks to their engineering. The synthetic overlays and L6 BOA lacing system both keep the shoe snug and secure on the foot so your feet should feel secure within the shoes. The tongue is sewn to one side of the sneaker so it is made to fit more like a sock, keeping it snug and secure on your foot.
      These shoes have a fairly neutral drop at 8mm. This means that you get plenty of cushioned support and should not have much underfoot feel but you won’t have to worry about feeling like you are floating too high above the ground with over-cushioned support.
      Key Features
      - Wild Gripper Michelin rubber outsole designed to deliver traction and durability
      - Charged Cushioning midsole is both comfortable and responsive and absorbs shock
      - L6 BOA lacing system allows you to quickly and easily secure the shoe snugly to your foot
      - Ortholite sock liner delivers additional comfort and support as well as antimicrobial features
      - Cupron antimicrobial fibers imbedded into the lining of the upper help to prevent bacterial odor from growing
      Bottom Line
      These lightweight trail shoes are great to look at and offer a lot in the way of protection and traction. They are breathable and deliver comfortable breathable support and also response. Although they may not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone, they have a sleek silhouette and offer an adaptable fit. There are a large number of reviewers who say these are worth the price due to the cushioned comfort and amazing traction that they offer. If you have a neutral gait and are looking for an excellent quality lightweight trail shoe, these just may be the sneakers for you.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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