Under Armour Drift Reviewed & Rated

Many people are not aware that the popular sports brand Under Armour makes running shoes, but they do. This shoe is a unique version, the outsole does not run throughout the length of the shoe, but instead is strategically placed in the impact zones of your foot. This keeps the shoe lightweight. This Under Armour shoe is a comfortable shoe that has a sock-like fitting upper. This shoe is an affordable option, making it attractive to a wide range of runners. The Under Armour Drift is a lightweight, flexible, and comfortable running shoe option.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • ClutchFit Upper
  • Combination EVA foam and EVA midsole
  • Strategically placed outsole
  • Cons
    • Lacks durability for long distance runs
    • Not for off-road running
    • Key Features
      It has a unique outsole. Instead of the outsole running along the entire length of the bottom of the shoe, like most outsoles, it is strategically placed in the high impact zones of your foot. This enables them to remain a lightweight shoe. This outsole provides excellent traction and flexibility. The shoe performs best when used for light running and as a trainer. Many reviewers found that the outsole was not as durable when used for rigorous running. When used lightly, the shoe’s outsole is light and flexible; providing traction and versatility.
      The shoe has a supportive and comfortable midsole. This shoe has a dual layer system enabling optimal amounts of comfort. It has a cushioned EVA foam midsole. EVA is a well designed responsive and lightweight foam. EVA foam midsoles are known to be supportive while still maintaining flexibility. The shoe also features an EVA sock liner. This liner feels like a well cushioned, comfortable sock. The EVA sock liner also creates a comfortably snug fit. The enhanced fit, cushioning, and supportive nature of the shoe’s midsole is an attractive component of this shoe.
      It is an appealing combination of flexibility and a unique lightweight feel. The upper is made out of Under Armour’s well designed ClutchFit mesh material. This material can be compared to the popular Under Armour compression shirts; stretching to fit without giving a feeling of constraint. Many reviewers found the uppers of the shoe to be comfortable and secure. The Under Armour’s upper also utilize synthetic overlays; designed to provide structure and to keep your foot secure. This shoe also has a midfoot lockdown; for extra security while running. The Under Armour also has a shoe lacing overlay. Overall, it has a compression like fitting upper that is both secure and comfortable.
      One of the main features of the shoe is its lightweight quality. The unique outsole, with its focus on impact zones, and the comfortable EVA midsole contribute to the shoe’s lightweight quality. The men’s version weighs in at approximately 8.8 ounces. The women’s version weighs in at approximately 7.5 ounces. The benefits of having a lightweight shoe are the ability to prevent fatigue and to give your feet an energizing feel. Under Armour is an affordable shoe that is both lightweight and comfortable.
      The shoe is made out of a specially designed ClutchFit mesh material. This material is unique because it stretches to fit your foot, but is not constricting in anyway. The upper of the Under Armour is not only form fitting, but it is also breathable. The upper has well placed synthetic uppers that give this shoe structure and support. Although this shoe does offer some degree of breathability, some reviewers found that it did not offer as large of an amount of ventilation as they had expected. The ClutchFit mesh has a unique compression fit but it is not exceptionally breathable, although it does offer a moderate amount of ventilation.
      The Under Amour Drift’s comfort level is described as, “walking on clouds” by some reviewers. This shoe is designed to be comfortable. The EVA foam midsole is one of the factors contributing to the Under Armour’s level of comfort. This midsole is both flexible and supportive. EVA foam is also lightweight and comfortable. The Under Armour also utilizes an EVA sock liner that adds, even more, cushioning along with a contouring fit. Another factor of the shoe’s level of comfort is the ClutchFit mesh upper. The ClutchFit mesh is compared to Under Armour’s renown compression shirts; stretching to fit without feeling restrictive. Many reviewers found the ClutchFit mesh upper quite comfortable. Overall, the Drift is an exceptionally comfortable shoe.

      The Under Armour Drift features the popular minimalistic and streamlined style. This shoe is not designed with bright colors. Instead, the shoe utilizes matte neutral shades such as black, grey, and white. This style of the shoe never seems to go out of style, keeping the shoe a classic shoe no matter how trends change. Some reviewers were hoping to find more vibrant colors but many found the Under Armour’s aesthetics to be pleasant.
      The shoe performs best for light runs and as a trainer. This is because the outsole is placed on the impact zones of your feet versus the more traditional placement along with the entire shoe. Some reviewers found the shoe’s outsole to lack durability, but when used for light runs and training, many found the outsole to have enough durability. The midsole and the upper units both have moderate durability. Overall, the Under Armour Drift has a moderate amount of breathability, but perhaps not as much as you might expect in a lightweight shoe.
      The Under Amour Drift is designed to be used on the pavements and roads. This shoe is not designed to protect your feet from the elements of offroad running. The outsole with its focus on the impact zones of your feet protects the bottoms of this shoe from the pavement. The EVA foam midsole also protects your feet from harsh impact, by dispersing the impact throughout the shoe. The EVA foam is also responsive and flexible. The Upper unit of the Under Armour Drift is secure and supportive. The compression like ClutchFit mesh and the well placed synthetic overlays keep this shoe in place and help to protect your feet by providing support and a moderate about of breathability. This shoe also utilizes a molded toe cap for extra protection. Overall, the shoe provides moderate amounts of protection.
      The Under Armour Drift is a lightweight shoe that features a moderate amount of responsiveness. The outsole of this shoe is lightweight and flexible. The EVA midsole is both supportive and responsive. There is a reason that many running shoes utilize an EVA midsole, and the Under Armour is no exception. This midsole is lightweight, but still bends and moves with the natural movements of your feet. The upper unit of the Under Armour is also responsive to the movements of your feet while running. The ClutchFit mesh has a non-restrictive compression fit, hugging it tightly to your foot’s natural shape, while still having enough support due to the synthetic overlays. The Under Armour does a great job of blending comfort and responsiveness.
      Various elements contribute to the level of support featured in the Under Armour Drift. The upper portion, mainly composed of a specially designed ClutchFit material, utilizes well placed synthetic overlays to give this shoe support and a relative degree of stability. The Under Armour`s EVA foam midsole is also made of supportive material. The EVA foam is lightweight and supports your foot’s natural movements; keeping this shoe flexible and responsive. The shoe is not exceptionally supportive when compared to other traditional running shoes, however, the amount of comfort, flexibility, and lightweight feel make this a well-designed shoe.
      The Under Armour shoe is designed to be used on roads and pavements. This shoe is not designed for trail running: it lacks the lugs and extreme traction. Keep in mind that some reviewers found this shoe to be lacking in durability when used for rigorous runs and intense speed training. Ideally, it should be used on the road for light runs, everyday use, and as a basic trainer. When used in these capacities, this shoe is durable, lightweight, and comfortable.
      An appealing aspect of the Under Armour Drift is its affordability. The Under Amour Drift cost about $75.00. This is a relatively mild to low-range price for a running shoe. The shoe is a comfortable, lightweight, and flexible shoe. The minimalist neutral colors, and sleek design make this shoe a worthwhile purchase.
      The Under Armour Drift utilizes a unique outsole. The outsole is not placed throughout the entire length of the shoe but instead is focused on the impact zones of your feet. This unique outsole provides a lightweight feel and traction while running. Many reviewers were satisfied with the level of traction provided by the shoe. This shoe performs well on pavements and roads but is not designed to provide enough protection and traction for offroad running.
      The Under Armour is a flexible running shoe. The ClutchFit mesh upper is a compression material that hugs the natural shape of your feet. This material also bends and moves; giving your foot flexibility. The EVA sock liner and EVA midsole also provide adequate flexibility; bending and moving with your feet. Another feature that adds flexibility to the shoe is the unique outsole. Instead of the outsole rubber covering the entire length of the shoe, the rubber covers only the impact zones of your feet; providing flexibility and a lightweight feel.
      The shoe has a moderate amount of stability. This shoe is lightweight and flexible. The EVA foam midsole is used in many running shoes because of its ability to be lightweight and to provide stability. Many reviewers found this Under Armour Drift’s midsole to be comfortable and stable. The traction that the outsole provides also enables a certain amount of stability when running.
      The shoe utilizes a traditional drop of 10mm. Many runners are more comfortable with a traditional drop and find it to be more comfortable. The shoe’s traditional drop helps to minimalize impact and to propel you forward as you run in this lightweight shoe.
      Key Features
      • ClutchFit mesh upper
      • Impact zone focused outsole
      • EVA foam midsole
      • EVA sock liner
      • Minimalistic neutral streamline style
      • Affordability
      Bottom Line
      The shoe is a comfortable, lightweight, and flexible shoe. It performs best when used as a light running shoe. This shoe has a uniquely designed outsole; with a focused placement on the impact zones of your feet. The midsole is made out of an EVA foam midsole that is responsive, supportive, and lightweight. The midsole also utilizes an EVA sock liner; adding extra cushioning and comfort. The upper unit is made out of ClutchFit mesh; a compression-like material that hugs the natural shape of your foot. This material stretches to fit without feeling restrictive. The upper unit also has well placed synthetic overlays that give the Under Armour Drift support and structure. Overall, when used for light runs, the Under Armour Drift is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable.
      Where to Buy
      By Janell Schintu
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