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If you want a pair of running shoes that are at least just as much about style as substance, check out Under Armour's Charged Escape series. These are shoes that have the bases for a great running feel covered, including nice foot ventilation due to a breathable fabric, but also ooze style as the design even features a rounded toe front. Even though the style is great, it is limited to the darker colors of black and grey when it comes to the men's variety at least; although there are various color options available for certain sections of the shoe like a red sole and emblem sections the shoe is generally dark. The shoes are built out of mesh on top with really nice fabric and offer a really cool midsole design as if you were looking at stars or a galaxy in the sky. The shoes also offer a nice performance ratio for the price with various features such as a dual-layered charged cushioning midsole keeping different areas of the foot softer and harder for better comfort. They also feature a nice although slight offset, a molded footbed to make a custom fit for the foot to cling onto, and rubber outsole for extra flexibility on the run. These are running shoes with style.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Molded Micro G sockliner for custom fit
  • Ventilation midfoot panels
  • Dual-layered charged cushioning
  • Cons
    • Slippery on some surfaces
    • Not a lot of traction or spike on outsole
    • Prone to wear and tear
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made out of rubber. This provides full ground contact on the run. The outsole's rubber comes with deep flex grooves for extra flexibility. You will want to be both connected and flexible when making tight turns on a runway or even during a jog around your neighboorhood. The outsole has a pretty nifty design as well with multiple colors that zigzag across in wave-like patterns.
      Just looking at the midsole's style you may fall in love with the shoe. It looks as if a galaxy of stars was inserted into it with its white-dot design and the way it connects with and transcends the outsole underneath it. The midsole comes with a feature called Molded Micro G, which allows the footbed to take the shape of the foot for great cushioning and fit. Another one of its features is Dual-Layered Charged CUshioning that makes the midsole firmer below the heel and softer below the forefoot. This blend of support offers comfort and performance in the right places.
      The upper has a very stylish design of greyish fabric above the outsole and midsole areas where the shoelaces slide in, and footrests. The fabric is made out of mesh construction and offers increased ventilation, so the foot doesn't get too hot or sweaty during runs.
      The shoes weigh in at 9.10oz or 258g. This is a nice lightweight to have a running shoe, and it will keep you running for the long term. You will not feel bogged down or uncomfortable with such weight and the only hindrance will be based on your performance and not the weight of the shoe.
      Due to the fabric on the upper sole or around the tongue and shoelace sections, being out of soft mesh, the shoes are very breathable. They offer ventilation from the top, and it allows for a cooler foot on a run.
      The shoes are comfortable to slip on and off and offer a very secure and comfortable fit. They come with multiple features to make this happen such as a Dual-Layered Charged Cushioning and Molded Micro G footbed. As previously mentioned, the charged cushioning offers different softness and hardness layers for different sections of the foot. The midsole is firmer below the heel and softer below the forefoot to get an effective comfort and performance ratio. The Molded Micro G feature allows the footbed to take the shape of a foot for a custom fit. However, there were some complaints of the shoes being on the narrow side for anyone who has wide feet this may be a consideration to take a note of.
      The shoes ooze style with a great design although it is darker in color and more masculine, making the shoes much more aimed at men than many other variations that can be worn by both sexes. The outsole offers a great wave-like pattern of colors while the midsole comes with a galaxy-like dot or star design making the shoes appear otherworldly. The top offers a soft fabric mesh in grey while most of the rest of the shoe is black. There are some color options available that add variations to emblems and the midsole. Overall, as a man's shoe, whether for running or even walking around town in, this is a great design.
      Some users complained about the shoes durability over long-term use. One person claimed they got holes after six-months of usage. How heavy this usage was it isn't clear, but do not expect these shoes to last you years. They are made for athletic maneuvers and sports, so the wear and tear will make its presence felt like any other lightweight sports shoe. The rubber outsole, however, offers a nice durable solution for the base of the shoe although the sides and top mesh can be damaged by prolonged use and tear.
      The shoes are made for running and will protect the foot from this endeavor. They are probably not the most effective hiking shoes out there nor the most effective shoes for sports such as soccer or basketball. As a running shoe, they have the bases covered although users complained of them being slippery during usage or the under sole being prone to slide. Some also complained of wear and tear after months. Overall, like a running shoe, they should meet the needs of most runners for at least a few months of heavy use.
      The shoes tend to be slippery and do not offer a spike of any kind. They do offer a nice offset for a nice difference between the heel being 10mm higher than the ball of the foot. This provides for comfort, but also a low enough difference for you to land effectively during jumps or turns.
      The shoes offer nice support with a rubber outsole that along with the midsole offer a nice offset for comfort during long runs and jogs. The top mesh section is also nice with added ventilation to support the top of the foot and keep it in place.
      The shoes do not offer a spike for track & field runs, but can still be utilized on various tracks and terrain of all sorts. They are not meant for high-altitude runs up rugged mountainsides, but any road, pavement, track or pathway should do well for them. The slippery nature of the rubber sole may mean running during wet or rainy pathways or on incredibly slippery surfaces may not work well with them on. Do not bring them to an ice skating rink, but on a standard pavement jog around the block, they will do.
      These are not the cheapest running shoes out there, but they are also not the most expensive. They tend to be a bit higher than many similar variations without the spike, but offer various features for a custom fit, previously mentioned, that may be reflected in their price. They also offer a style seldom seen in running shoes in general with a very masculine feel. You may have many options out there, but consider them for style, and some of the custom cushion fit they offer. If comfort is your priority on the run, this may be your shoe.
      This may be one of the shoes biggest weak points as although the shoes come with a nice rubber grip on the under sole; there is no spike or other features common in many high-performance running shoes. They are meant for long runs or jogs, rather than track & field sprinting, however. Users have complained about them being a bit slippery, which makes them not as effective on certain terrains such as during or after light showers or rain.
      The shoes are quite flexible due to the rubber under sole allowing for quick movement and quick turns of direction on a run. They also come packed with deep flex grooves for extra flexibility within the outsole and this is a nifty feature to have in any running shoe.
      The stability along with traction may be the shoes biggest culprits due to the fact they tend to be slippery under certain surfaces. They do not offer great traction, a spike under sole or any of such offerings. However, for casual running or jogging, they will get the job done. You should be fine as long as you do not land on ice or wet pathways.
      The shoes offer a 10mm drop or offset, which is pretty standard for this type of shoe. Although lately, the trend has been for shoes to be as minimalist as possible and with as low of a drop as possible, 10mm is a nice number for comfort, fit and performance.
      Key Features

      • Lightweight shoes for faster performance

      • Coreshort midfoot panels for ultimate lockdown and midfood support

      • Molded Micro G feature that offers a footbed with the foot molded around it

      • Dual-layered cushioning midsole for comfort and support

      • Rubber outsole that provides full ground contact with deep flex grooves for extra flexibility

      • High abrasion rubber on heavy wear areas under heal for increased durability
        Offset or drop of 10mm

      Bottom Line
      The shoes ooze style and offer many features that any runner would want in a running shoe. However, users complained about them being extremely slippery on certain surfaces, so keep that in mind when purchasing them for adverse weather conditions or light rain. The grip on the bottom is one of its weak points among many highs such as the extra cushion, and a nice drop they come packaged with. The price isn't the cheapest out there, but you are getting numerous features within these shoes. The grip or under sole may be a bit slippery, and the shoes may suffer over long-term wear and tear, but there is still a lot to like here. The style, in particular, stands out among running shoes. Keep in mind that although stability and traction may be weak, the shoe's rubber outsole is very flexible and allows for quick twists and turns. So with the negative comes a positive. It depends on what sort of running shoe you are looking for. Skip them for quick sprints or track & field, but for longer runs, jogging or marathons where comfort and ventilation are important, they should work well.
      Where to Buy
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