Under Armour Fat Tire 2

Under Armour teamed up with Michelin on this shoe to produce a trail running and hiking shoe that is virtually indestructible and designed for every weather condition you can think up. The shining star of the Fat Tire 2 is the Michelin rubber outsole. The first iteration of this shoe was met with overwhelming positivity by the running and hiking community, so Under Armour listened to their athletes when redesigning the second version. Runners will be pleased to know that the midsole and the outsole of this shoe have stayed virtually the same, with the big updates coming through the upper. The engineers behind this design added supportive features like a bootie-like construction and an ankle collar. They made sure to include weather resistant materials and protective details to keep the runner secure and safe throughout their adventure. This shoe has a unique look to it and comes in a few different color options. The advanced technology used to keep runners safe and secure in these shoes does come at a cost, and this shoe is not suggested for runners on a super tight budget.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Unique style

Extra durable outsole

Aggressive lug system

All weather



Limited color options

Key Features
The outsole is one of the standout features of this shoe. Under Armour and Michelin teamed up to create an outsole that has been inspired by the durability and overall toughness of Michelin bike tires. The Michelin Wild Gripper outsole is designed to hold on tightly to the ground below it. It can handle rain, mud, and even snow. It not only adds traction but also durability, protecting the runner from sharp trail debris. The underfoot of the shoe looks and acts exactly like a bike tire would.
The midsole of this shoe has not been changed from the original Flat Tire. Under Armour relies on their patented Charged Cushioning to provide runners with a comfortable, protective ride. This material adapts to the shape of the foot and works to absorb the shock from each fall, helping to reduce the risk of injury and also allowing the athlete to go further and longer on their hikes and trail runs. Runners can expect to find a cushioned sock liner along the interior of the shoe that creates a bootie-like fit. The midsole also features Cupron Anti Fungal Pro Fibers that help the foot stay free from bacteria and help the runner stay free of athlete’s foot.
The upper of the second Flat Tire is where runners can expect to see the most drastic updates. The upper of this shoe now features added details to protect the runner against the elements as well as add durability to help with the overall longevity of the shoe. The Under Armour Storm fabric of the upper is made with Durable Water Repellent technology to protect runners from all weather conditions. This material keeps the foot dry and cool regardless of the outside conditions. The unique Boa Closure System comes with nylon coated steel laces. They feature a unique twist shut mechanism along the side of the lacing system that locks the foot in place and creates a more secure fit and feel. Another new addition to the upper is the ankle collar that is designed to add support and protect runners from various elements found on the trail.
Considering how much muscle this hiking and trail running shoe packs, runners were surprised that is wasn't heavier. It does weigh in at 10.3 ounces for the women's size nine and 12.5 ounces for the men's size nine, but that is much lighter than other durable, highly protective hiking shoes on the market. The Michelin rubber outsole is protective and designed to withstand all terrains and the ankle collar adds extra material, and yet, Under Armour still managed to keep the weight to a minimum.
One of the areas where runners commented that this shoe could use some improvement was in the upper and the overall breathability. Some runners commented that they found the original design of the Fat Tire's upper to be more breathable. This iteration uses a lightweight softshell that is layered beneath durable, protective Under Armour Storm Fabric that is water repellant and keeps trail debris away from the foot. Additionally, the lacing system, specifically the BOA closure system, is designed to be more protective that breathable. To make up for the lower rate of breathability, Under Armour included a special midsole material that helps to eliminate 99% of bacteria.
This shoe combines protective elements and plush cushioning that results in an overall, very comfortable ride. The water repellent upper and the Michelin Wild Gripper outsole help to keep the runner protected from the elements, resulting in the ability to comfortably travel further distances and workout for longer periods of time. The Charged Cushioning midsole is designed to absorb shock. It is also known to adapt to the unique shape of the foot, providing the perfect amount of arch support. Finally, this shoe features an interior sock liner and a bootie-like fit that runners found very comfortable.
This is a great option for the runner whose idea of style is standing out. There is nothing basic about this shoe's design. Many runners commented that they received a lot of attention and compliments while running in this shoe due to its unique aesthetic. The unique lacing system and the ankle collar make this shoe stand out and give it a futuristic look. The color options are limited to only two for men and two for women, but the colors that are offered are vivid like Bayou Blue and Steel or Premiere Purple and Rhino Gray.
Trail runners and hikers know that a hiking shoe is only as good as it's outsole. This shoe follows that rule by creating an outsole that is highly durable and provides the runners with superior traction. The entire shoe, from the upper to the midsole, to the outsole, is designed with various elements that allow the shoe to last longer and hold up to difficult terrain and weather conditions. The outsole is literally made from the same material as a bike tire, allowing the runner to tackle the toughest terrain without the fear of punctures. Likewise, the upper is covered in a durable rubber that is also water repellent. This not only keeps the upper looking newer for longer, it also holds up against aggressive mileage.
Under Armour included a wide variety of protective elements when they designed this shoe. For starters, the upper is covered in Under Armour Storm Fabric. This fabric is water repellant and durable. Along with the padded ankle collar, this entire upper design repels debris and other dangerous elements found on the trail. Additionally, this fabric protects the foot from the elements and keeps it dry and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. The outsole protects the foot from sharp debris in the trail through the puncture proof Michelin material that lines the underfoot and sides of the shoe.
Runners commented that even though this outsole is thicker than some others on the market, the material is highly responsive. This, combined with the Charged Cushioning midsole material help the runner adapt to changes in direction and pace. Since the Charged Cushioning midsole material is designed to absorb shock and return energy to the runner, they found it to be very responsive.
There are two key supportive elements to this shoe. The first, and most iconic, is the Boa Closure lacing system. This lacing system uses steel coated laces that attach to a unit along the side of the shoe. It locks the laces into place, keeping the foot supported and free from unwanted movement.
This shoe is best suited for off-road adventures. The different protective elements that are found throughout the shoe help the runner feel safe and secure on even the toughest terrain and the most treacherous weather conditions. The Michelin Wild Gripper outsole material comes equipped with an aggressive lug system that helps to dig the runner into the ground and propel them forward. This shoe is good for all weather conditions including ice, snow, and mud.
This shoe is not suggested for the runner on a super tight budget. All of the technologically advanced details and top quality materials quite literally come at a price. This is the second, but not the newest version of this shoe, so for runners who are looking to get a Fat Tire model, this one will cost less than the newest model, but even that is still more pricey than some can spend. Even though the shoe is more expensive than the average hiking shoe on the market, runners raved about the durability of the shoe and reported that they did not need to replace this shoe as often as others.
Runners will have a hard time finding a shoe that provides better traction than the Fat Tire 2. Just by flipping the shoe over, runners can see the aggressive lug system that lines the underfoot. In addition to this powerful, gripping lug system, the entire underfoot of the shoe is covered in Michelin Rubber that is designed to hold tightly to the ground below the foot. It allows the runner to really dig in and propel forward with each step. This shoe can easily handle rain, mud, snow, or ice.
This shoe is not known for its flexibility. The shoe is designed to add support and protection to each workout. Runners found the Michelin Wild Gripper outsole to be more rigid and less flexible, in order to protect the foot from the elements. Although the upper is made with a soft shell, the shell is covered with a durable, water-resistant rubber that greatly reduces the overall flexibility.
This shoe is marketed as a neutral running shoe. This means that the shoe is not designed to assist with major over or under pronation issues and is not designed to change the gait cycle of the runner. However, the Fat Tire 2 does offer minimal stability features, like a lower flatter drop, that helps runners to keep their feet flat and balance during their gait cycle.
This shoe features a slightly lower drop than a traditional running shoe. The classic drop for running shoes is 10 millimeters and this shoe features a drop of 8 millimeters. Trail runners appreciated this slightly lower drop because it provided them a flatter, sturdier landing pad. This made it easier for them to traverse uneven terrain. Runners reported the slightly lower drop took a small amount of adjustment although it is by no means a zero drop shoe.
Key Features
- Under Armour Storm Fabric with Durable Water Repellent technology
- Interior Sock Liner
- Michelin Wild Grip comes with aggressive lug system for added traction
- Charged Cushioning midsole
- Cupron Anti-fungal Pro Fibers keep foot hygienic and reduce the risk of athlete’s foot
- Neutral running gait
- Ankle collar to protect against debris
- Boa Closure System for a locked down lacing system
- Water resistant
- 8 mm drop
Bottom Line
The key feature of this shoe is certainly the rugged, durable outsole that makes it a great option for the true outdoor enthusiast. Hikers and trail runners know that a good trail shoe is built from the ground up and Under Armour teamed up with Michelin to help them create a durable, protective shoe that is similar to a bike tire. The outsole has an aggressive lug system that keeps runners safe and secure during their excursions. The upper of this second iteration of the Fat Tire model is where Under Armour made the most updates. The new design of the upper consists of a new lacing system and a bootie-like fit that locks the foot in place and provides more cushioning. This shoe features Under Armour’s patented Charged Cushioning midsole that absorbs shock and helps to keep runners pain and injury free. The unique design is attention-getting, but all these bells and whistles do come at a price. This trail running and hiking shoe is not the best choice for the runner on a budget.
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