Under Armour Spine Disrupt
The Under Armour Spine Disrupt is designed to be a solid all-around training shoe at an affordable price. This shoe is the perfect choice for runners who need a versatile option that is able to provide just enough stability without weighing the runner down. Under Armour has packed lots of technology into this shoe and the features are impressive. From the Full-length Micro G® foam cushioning to the rubber heel counter, Under Armour has gone out of their way to cater to the needs of even the most demanding runner. The Spine Disrupt is a natural progression of the Under Armour running shoe family and really pushes the brand to a whole new level.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh upper
  • Comfortable padding around the tongue and ankle
  • Solid durability to withstand many miles
  • Attractive design
  • Charged sock liner that molds to your foot
  • Cons
    • Narrow fit
    • Could have better arch support
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Under Armour Spine Disrupt is comprised of a durable rubber. This is designed to absorb impact and propel the foot forward with little-wasted energy. Under Armour also does a great job with traction on the outsole of the shoe. They employ their flex groove technology that goes down the center of the shoe resembling a spine. This provides enough grip and traction for most of the common running surfaces that runners come in contact with. The rubber heel counter found in the outsole helps to stabilize the heel and create a comfortable fit.
      The midsole of the Under Armour Spine Disrupt is packed with even more features and technology. Runners will appreciate the dual-composition of the midsole. Part of the midsole is considered the cage while the other component is known as the core. The core acts as a solid piece of stability technology while the cage surrounds and reinforces the core to offer a more protective ride. The fit of the shoe is also enhanced with the inclusion of a charged sock liner that molds to the outline of the runner’s foot. This perfect fit makes the shoe feel more comfortable over time.
      The upper material used for this shoe is a lightweight, breathable mesh. This is designed to be both breathable and quick-drying. Under Armour has also gone a step further with the upper material in order to provide more durability. They’ve added strategically placed, stitched leather overlays to the upper portion of this shoe. These overlays are found on the medial side of the shoe where premature wear and tear is most likely to occur. The breathability of these shoes are quite impressive and these uppers prove to be perfect for sweaty, warm weather runs.

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      This shoe is designed to be lightweight and supportive. It weighs in at only 9.4 oz. This won’t put it on the list of the best lightweight running shoes but it is certainly respectable for all of the features you’re getting for this weight. Under Armour was able to achieve a great balance of a shoe with many features that manage to still come in a lightweight package.
      Breathability is extremely important in a running shoe and Under Armour did not disappoint in this area when creating the Spine Disrupt. The upper material is engineered of lightweight breathable mesh. This gives the potential for lots of airflow into and out of the shoe. Whether you're wearing socks or not, the shoe will keep its cool even on the warmest runs. The breathability means that these shoes won’t be found on the list of top waterproof shoes but it’s a worthwhile tradeoff for the high ventilation.
      The Under Armour Spine Disrupt is a very comfortable shoe. The full-length Micro G® foam gives it a comfortable feel without sacrificing too much support. Energy is not wasted with the responsiveness of the foam cushioning. Each step feels well-supported and the foot is propelled forward naturally thanks to this cushioning. Under Armour has also included a rubber heel counter that better supports the rear portion of the foot and adds additional stability. Finally, the charged sock liner does a fantastic job of molding the contours of the foot and toes to create a customized fit.
      Style is a difficult subject to quantify. With the Under Armour Spine Disrupt, the style preference will be in the eye of the wearer. Under Armour has grown tremendously in the athletic shoe marketplace by creating stylish shoes that blend performance and fashion. Most runners will be quite pleased with the design of the Spine Disrupt. It comes in subtle color options that allow the runner to blend in rather than stand out. The wavy spine cushioning and support give a striking silhouette of the shoe along the outsole and midsole. The shoe also has some subtle reflectivity to give both function and fashion for a futuristic look. The Under Armour logo is always very subtle and tasteful on their shoes. Runners who are fans of brightly colored shoes will certainly love the white option paired with the bright red outsole found on the Spine Disrupt.
      Durability is a huge component to weigh when looking to buy a pair of running shoes. The perfect shoe should withstand the punishment of many miles on the roads or trail. This material is designed to take a beating and hold up to the wear and tear of each and every stride. The upper portion of the shoe has also gained some durability improvements over the previous model. The breathable mesh upper is reinforced in more areas now. The stitched leather overlays have been strategically placed in areas that are known to wear quickly, especially on the medial side of the shoe.
      The Under Armour Spine Disrupt fairs well in the protection department. A number of technological advances help to protect the foot from the elements and the impact of the running surface. The durable rubber outsole is the main form of protection. It runs from heel-to-toe and ensures protection against some of the most common running surfaces that runners come across. Runners will also appreciate the full-length Micro G® foam along with the 2-piece midsole. This midsole consists of both a cage and core element that better protects the middle portion of the foot. The breathable mesh upper protects the ankle and upper portion of the shoe from the elements as well. Finally, the metallic reflectivity found on the gray color option adds another layer of protection to give runners higher visibility when running in low-light situations. When worn with the right reflective running gear the runner will be much more likely to be seen by drivers while running at night.
      The responsiveness found in the Under Armour Spine Disrupt mainly comes from the Full-length Micro G® foam found along the bottom of the shoe. This helps the runner transfer their momentum from one stride to the next. The responsiveness is also aided by the charged sock liner that molds to the runner’s foot. When the liner is properly connected to the contours of the foot, there is more responsiveness and less wasted motion and instability within the shoe.
      The Under Armour Spine Disrupt has a solid amount of support for the average runner. The breathable lightweight mesh upper provides excellent support around the toes and ankle area. The upper is slightly flexible but keeps the ankle supported throughout the run. Under Armour has also provided a rubber heel counter that supports the rear of the foot and protects against heel pain. Finally, the flex grooves and cushioning found throughout the outsole of the shoe are really the biggest source of support. Regardless of whether you’re a heel striker or a forefoot striker, these grooves support each stride and disperse the impact felt by the foot. Of course, those runners who are looking for additional support may want to try some extra tools that provide arch support.
      The Under Armour Spine Disrupt is a shoe designed for speed and versatility on the road and the track. Its lightweight construction and breathable mesh upper make it perfect for warm runs on hot pavement. Fortunately, the shoe also has a great spine traction system running down the center of the outsole. These slightly raised lugs and flex grooves will help to get a better connection with the running surface and minimize slipping. Runners will be able to confidently run through soft trails and gravel. It’s not recommended to take these shoes on more demanding trails that feature uneven terrain or rugged features like jagged rocks, roots, or ice. Those looking for a more traditional trail running shoe should look elsewhere.
      In most cases with running shoes, you get what you pay for. Under Armour continues to build their impressive line of products that have given them a solid reputation in the running gear market. They’ve moved beyond traditional cross-training apparel and have really begun making a name for themselves when it comes to running. Under Armour shoes certainly don’t fall into the budget shoe category. With the amount of technology found in these shoes, runners should be extremely happy with the value they are receiving. Savvy runners may be able to find deals, but paying full price for the Under Armour Spine Disrupt will be well worth it.

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      As stated earlier, traction isn’t the strongest area for the Under Armour Spine Disrupt but it gets the job done. Runners will be pleased with the traction provided on the bottom of the outsole by the flex grooves and raised lugs to better grip the running surface. Runners should be aware that debris will likely get stuck in the valleys between the flex grooves, so additional care will be needed to keep the outsole clean. It’s not recommended to take these shoes into extremely slippery situations where ice and snow are involved. However, the traction should be sufficient for light mud or loose gravel.
      The Under Armour Spine Disrupt is pretty good when it comes to flexibility. It won’t be confused with any of the ultra-flexible minimal shoes on the market, but it still provides enough flexibility for most situations. The Full-length Micro G® foam used in the midsole is particularly bouncy and flexible. The breathable mesh upper material is also flexible enough to move with the foot. Where the flexibility of the shoe really comes through is in the flex grooves found on the outsole of the shoe. These grooves bend and flex with each stride in order to provide a more comfortable, supportive ride.
      The stability of the Under Armour Spine Disrupt comes mainly from the rubber heel counter. This helps support the rear portion of the show while keeping the heel secure. There will be less internal foot movement and the heel remains in place. Fortunately, the flex grooves in the outsole of the shoe also help to keep the shoe balanced and stable when covering different types of terrain. Also, there is added stability found in the upper material of the shoe. The breathable mesh upper hugs the ankle and forefoot in a way that stabilizes the movement of the foot.
      The Under Armour Spine Disrupt has a heel-to-toe drop of 10mm. This is a fairly large drop for a running shoe and it will feel particularly substantial to any runners who are used to one of the many zero drop shoe options. The drop may feel even more pronounced due to the flex grooves found on the bottom of the outsole. Runners who prefer this elevated feeling will really enjoy the drop on the Spine Disrupt. Those who are looking for a more neutral feeling will want to look elsewhere for a shoe with a much lower heel-to-toe drop.
      Key Features
      • Charged sock liner

      • Breathable mesh upper

      • 10 mm heel-to-toe drop

      • Micro G® foam cushioning

      • Rubber heel counter

      • Lightweight design
      Bottom Line
      The Under Armour Spine Disrupt offers a lot of technology that will be well-received by serious runners looking for lightweight speed and support. Under Armour was able to keep the weight low while still delivering a complete set of features. The full-length Micro G® foam cushioning will be greatly appreciated as a source of support and stability. The many subtle color options of the shoe will also appeal to a wide range of runners who are looking for a stylish shoe. The Spine Disrupt is a solid overall option for any runner looking to get many features in a lightweight package that won’t break the bank.
      Where to Buy
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