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Under Armour is a well-known company for anyone who takes fitness serious and runners definitely can fall easily into that category. Under Armour offers many unique products on the market, and the Under Armour Fat Tire running shoe is definitely one of those products. You've likely never seen any running shoes like these. They look like a shoe that has a bike tire stuck to the bottom. This is a unique choice in the running shoe industry. They definitely look different and to some a bit strange at first. Looks aside, are they functional, and do the job as they should? We will find out in this review.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Design of the shoes
  • Very comfortable to use while running on rough terrain
  • Midsole design protect feet from stones and other objects
  • Protects your feet like no other running shoe
  • Cons
    • For some people does not offer enough stability while running
    • Can be too tight, maybe not the best choice for people with wide feet
    • Not usable in wet or rough terrains.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Under Armour flat tire is a unique feature of this running shoe. The Outsole looks like a bike tire, which is a unique design choice never seen before in any running shoe. This design choice is nothing more than impressive. Because of its size and volume, it allows you to run through any surface without much feeling of discomfort. You could run on rocky trails without feeling much of the trail at all. The outsole is covered by varied aggressive lugs that are made by the famous tire company Michelin.
      The midsole of the Under Armour flat tire running shoe is also somewhat unique. The midsole is bouncy and squishy. Which gives you great comfort while running through rough terrain. The Midsole will absorb a good amount of the shock created while running. It's been said to "swallow" rocks and roots, so you don`t even feel them when you step.
      The upper part of the Under Armour flat tire shoe does allow your feet to breath, but it's not water resistant or waterproof. Which can create some problems while running, especially with the shoe designed like this? The problem is that the outsole is a big chunk of rubber which does not allow the water to drain out quickly, that can create the feeling that you are running barefoot on a wet surface. It is good that upper part of the shoe allows your feet to breath, but as it is not waterproof, and in combination with the rubber outsole it can produce an uncomfortable run.
      The Under Armour Flat Tire are pretty heavy shoes. They weigh 369g (13.5 oz) for men and 309g for women. This can create some discomfort while running for a long time in them. Many users have reported this problem. So if you like light running shoes then the Under Armour Flat tire definitely aren't for you.
      Under Armour flat tire offer somewhat good breathability, but only for top part of your feet. Bottom of your feet won't have any room for breathing because of the big rubber outsole. So if your feet sweat a lot while running this can be a somewhat big problem for you.
      The Under Armour Flat Tire gives you great comfort while running, even on hard surfaces. They keep your feet safely inside with no chance your feet slipping inside the shoes. The soft and bunchy midsole gives you the feeling that you are running on clouds. Which is definitely great.

      Under Armour flat tire are not the most stylish running shoe, as a non-running shoe should be, but don`t get me wrong, they are not ugly by any means. But, they are also not focused on style. They look as they perform: as a unique, capable running shoe that does its job as it should.
      The Under Armour flat tire are very durable shoes, especially on the outsole. There is pretty much no way to break the outsole of the shoe while running, because of that they can really last for a long, long time. Maybe they will be the only running shoes that you will use on hard terrain. Who knows. The upper part of the shoe is not that durable, but it does its job and it will also last you for a very long time. The durability of the Under Armour flat tire is great, nothing less can be expected from Under Armour.
      Under Armour flat tire offer you a great protection. As the outsole of the shoe is made of thick rubber, there is practically nothing in an environment that could break the rubber and injure your foot. Also, squishy and bouncy midsole absorbs almost all the force created while running, so there is pretty much no danger of injuring your joints while running on the hard surface. This is probably the best protection that any running shoe offer to their user.
      Under Armour flat tire respond great on the rough terrain. They allow you to move freely around, because of their weight many people would think that they are not responsive enough. But believe me, you would be surprised when you see how much responsibility they offer. For this big and heavy shoes, the responsiveness is pretty amazing.
      Under Armour flat tire offer amazing support for your feet. They keep your feet locked inside the shoe, but not too hard, just enough to keep your feet safe while running. Also, believed heel inside the shoe adapts itself to any landing angle which allows you to jump and land without the fear of injuring your feet or heal.
      Under Armour flat tire is built for the harshest terrain. They are the „tanks“ of the running shoes. They allow you to run on pretty much any hard surface that exists. And that is why they are created. To give comfort while running, even in the most inhospitable running surface. That is the reason why they are so amazing in their own way. They do an amazing job for what they are intended to.
      The price of the Under Armour flat tire running shoes for some people will maybe be too much. But when you take in consideration for kind of environment these shoes are made, and what kind of materials are used to make them. For me the price is fair. You can get any better running shoe for the same price, especially with those kinds of capabilities. And shoes are from the well-known company, because of that, I would expect them to cost even more. But the price is just perfect if you ask me.
      Under Armour flat tire provide you with amazing traction. There is practically no way that you will slip and fall down. You will run without fear of falling down in them. They provide great traction on land, rock, mud and etc. They are pure perfection when it comes to traction, and much of that falls on Michelin and their aggressive lugs on the outsole of the shoes.
      Under Armour flat tire are not very flexible because of the big outsole. But this kind of shoe is not meant to be flexible. Under Armour flat tire needs to provide you with the best comfort while running on hard and other tough surfaces like rocks, roots and etc.
      Under Armour flat tire at first, you feel like they are not offering you enough of the stability. But as you use them more and more you will realize that they offer almost perfect stability. Big outsole provides you with enough stability even in the toughest terrains. That is what makes this running shoes so special, they do perfect the things that they suppose to.
      The drop of the Under Armour flat tire is good, the classic 10 mm for men and women.

      Key features
      •Michelin® Wild Gripper outsole rubber compound with unique traction lugs for grip and stability on any terrain

      •Full-length Charged Foam

      •DWR finish repelling water without sacrificing breathability

      •Rugged textile upper with bonded abrasion panels
      Bottom line
      Under Armour flat tire are definitely one of the unique running shoes that you will find. They offer some amazing benefits, but also some major drawbacks. They succeed in the most important thing, to provide you with comfort while running on the rough surface, and they do that pretty amazing. But the drawbacks cannot be overlooked. Because after a few miles of running, they will fatigue your legs because of their mass and size.

      You can`t expect them to be light when they have practically a big bike tire as an outsole. Also, they have a problem with drying out, your feet will be wet and soggy while using them, especially if you run in a wet environment, or have a tendency to sweat a lot. So what is my final opinion? They are great...for the running conditions they are meant to. But for any other terrain, they are pretty much unusable, especially in a wet environment. So should you buy them? It is all up to you, do you need this kind of shoe or not? You decide.
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      By Ryan Sabin
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