Under Armour SpeedForm Intake 2

The Under Armour SpeedForm Intake 2 is a great all-round road running shoe that has checked all the important fields. Right off the bat, it’s one of the most stylish shoes in recent months and boasts a simple and effective design that relies on color and texture. Intended for neutral runners for daily running, this is a reliable shoe that offers everything a city runner needs: light weight, flexibility, durability, breathability, cushioning, springiness and a great grip on dry surfaces. All of this comes at a price that’s more than fair, especially given the time this shoe will resist the abrasive asphalt surfaces. If you’re looking for a shoe that will take you everywhere you need to go, day in and day out, without making you look overly “sporty”, you’re in the right place.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Very durable, abrasion-resistant outsole
  • CMEVA cushioned midsole
  • Lightweight
  • Very responsive
  • Versatile and stylish
  • Flexible, with smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Good traction
  • Protective
  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Cons
    • Some runners said that the inside of the upper cause irritation to their pinky toe
    • Can be used only throughout spring and summer
    • Key Features
      The outsole unit of the Under Armour SpeedForm Intake 2 uses an abrasion-resistant blown rubber compound that protects the rest of the sole from premature wear and tear. The outsole of the SpeedForm Intake 2 is capable of some great flexing, thanks to the deep and wide grooves throughout the outsole. The grooves and traction rubber pads form a foot-shaped pattern that enables the runner to move naturally and with ease. The blown rubber is known to offer great grip on the ground, which creates a safer and more stable running experience.
      The midsole of the SpeedForm Intake 2 makes use of compression-molded EVA foam that is lightweight and extremely responsive. On top of that, this foam offers amazing bounce-back, converting the impact forces into kinetic energy, used to make your stride faster and lighter the more you run. The use of CMEVA practically guarantees that the end result is a very durable midsole that won’t lose its energy-return properties any time soon. Another important benefit of this Charged Cushioning foam is that it provides some much-needed cushioning and protects the feet from the same impact forces it utilizes to develop speed. An embedded sock liner is there to amp up the cushioning and comfort, without making the midsole too thick so as to lose some of its flexibility.
      Right off the bat, the most obvious thing about the Intake 2’s construction is the super lightweight mesh material used for its entire construction. The only parts of the upper that are not entirely mesh are the protective toe cap and the heel counter in the back. The idea behind an all-mesh upper is to increase the shoe’s breathability as much as possible while preventing debris from getting in as well. The stretchy textile adheres to the shape of the foot and follows its movements seamlessly, offering a sock-like fit that’s supportive and ultra-comfortable at the same time. The external heel counter offers some structure and stability and prevents you from accidentally removing your shoe. The lacing system is traditional, and the tongue isn’t padded, but very thin and aimed at keeping the airflow consistent throughout the upper.
      The (light)weight of this shoe was praised by a vast amount of runners. The men’s half pair of the UA SpeedForm Intake 2 weight 285g or 10oz, while the women’s size 7 half pair is a mere 7.8oz or 221g. This makes this running shoe very lightweight, increasing your racing capabilities. Additionally, this means that your feet won’t ever feel worn down by the Intake 2.
      The ultra-breathable engineered mesh upper allows for constant and abundant air flow that will prevent any overheating, sweating or blistering. The mesh of the Intake 2 provides a fresh and healthy environment for the foot, which makes this running shoe an ideal choice for warm climates and summer weather. The materials chosen for the construction of the upper will not protect your feet from getting wet, but the ventilation will dry the upper mesh out in no time.
      Most runners agree that the Intake 2 is an immensely comfortable shoe that offers great cushioning and has a sock-like fit that enwraps the foot in a supportive way. While some runners have commented how the interior of the shoe irritated their pinky toe, this is probably due to the fact that the shoe runs a bit too small and it’s recommended to go a half size up when ordering. The few stitches that exist on the mesh upper are flat, which practically eliminates the danger of blisters or pressure points in those areas. The Intake 2 comes in standard widths, namely D – Medium for men and B – Medium for women. The semi-curved shape of the heel provides a locked-in feel without forcing the foot to adhere to an unnatural shoe shape.
      Sometimes, less is more. Unlike a lot of running shoes nowadays, the UA SpeedForm Intake 2 has taken the minimalist route and decided to keep only the essentials. The uniform, engineered mesh upper is anything but boring, despite its simplicity. The reason for this is the fantastic color choices that are vibrant, but not flashy; bright, but with slightly pastel tones coming through. The SpeedForm Intake 2 is a real looker and will suit a variety of styles, outfits, and occasions – it can even be worn as a walking shoe and a fashion statement. The neutral-colored midsole and the tongue feature the “SpeedForm” letters and the famous Under Armour logo decorates the outer midfoot side of the shoe. Other than that, the shoe is free of anything, except some stunning color.
      Each part of the Intake 2 is quality made out of durable compounds that make for a shoe that will last you a long time. The blown rubber, abrasion-resistant outsole, Charged Cushioning CMEVA midsole and the high-quality mesh are all hard-wearing and will provide a smooth running experience for miles and miles. The least durable part of this shoe is the upper, which could be torn when in contact with branches, roots or sharp objects; however if you don’t steer off from the beaten path into the “light trail” category, you shouldn’t face any issues with the longevity of the upper.
      All of the protection capacities of the UA SpeedForm Intake 2 are aimed at cushioning and underfoot protection. The lightweight, responsive compressed foam midsole will dampen the unwanted shock impact, and the combination of the Micro G heel cushioning unit and the high-abrasion rubber beneath the heel create additional layers of cushioned protection that will leave your feet feeling rested even after a long run. The Intake 2 is equally as good in absorbing impact forces as it is with turning them into energy.
      The Charged Cushioning midsole of the UA SpeedForm Intake 2 provides excellent responsiveness and can help you achieve an energized run and a faster running time. The part of the impact forces that the Intake 2 leaves unabsorbed will be turned into kinetic energy that will provide a springy, smooth ride and allow you to go faster than before. The compressed midsole won’t slump over time and will keep the bounce for a long time.
      This is a neutral running shoe ideal for people who have normal, medium-high and high arches and don’t need any additional arch support, which amounts to about a half of the total number of runners in the world. The Intake 2 features a Threadborne panel in the midfoot that offers structure and support to your stride. The flexible, yet snug upper provides additional support, making the foot feel tight at all the right places. If you need some minor arch support, you can always opt for a customized insole, although if you overpronate significantly, we recommend going for a stability shoe.
      The Under Armour SpeedForm Intake 2 is a running shoe made for flat surfaces such as roads, track, light gravel, pavements, treadmill, and gym floors – why not? They are durable, light and comfy, so people use them for daily running and even just walking around town. Be careful with taking the Intake 2 on a trail – while the outsole might take the challenge without a problem, the upper isn’t made to be resistant to tearing, which is practically guaranteed to happen, even on a light trail.
      The pricing of the Intake 2 hits the sweet spot with most runners who appreciate a well-made neutral runner that’s durable, high-quality, responsive, cushioned and flexible. You can expect to spend around a C-note for this stylish shoe, and if you get it at a discount, the price can even be significantly lower. For all intents and purposes, the Intake 2 is worth the money and having the shoe in rotation for days when you want to have a faster and more energized ride.
      The high-abrasion blown rubber featured on the outsole has been praised for providing great and easy grip on flat surfaces that made city running a breeze. That being said, this isn’t a shoe meant to take on the rain (mesh upper is one major reason), and the shoe will perform slightly worse on wet surfaces. This isn’t to say that you’ll slip on the pavement, but pay attention to turning around a sharp corner and changing directions when running on a lightly wet surface.
      The ultra-lightweight mesh used for the upper construction is superbly flexible and will adhere to your foot like a sock and move along with it as well. The mesh material used for the upper was specifically chosen for its breathability and flexibility, and the imaginative outsole thread allows for a lot of sole flexibility, that is further encouraged by the firm, yet agile CMEVA midsole. The Intake 2 will provide a smooth stride without constraints and limitations, that will encourage a natural gait cycle, while also discreetly supporting your foot by holding it firmly in place.
      There are two major stability features on the UA SpeedForm Intake 2 running shoe. The first and more obvious one is the heel counter that’s hard to miss on the all-mesh upper. The stabilizing heel counter will hold the heel in place, preventing it from slipping during the run. This not only minimizes the chances of injury, but it also prevents possible pain that could stem from an unstable heel. On the forefoot section, the broadening of the sole platform on the sides of the shoe is unobtrusive but noticeable. This will make the toe-off phase of the gait cycle more reliable and secure, preventing the foot from twisting outwards when running.
      The Under Armour SpeedForm Intake 2 has a standard 10mm drop which implies that you’re in for a cushioned ride, especially in the heel area. The 10mm drop is a compromise zone both for heel strikers and midfoot strikers, making it a drop where a lot of runners feel like home. Additionally, if you’re a heavy heel striker, a 10mm drop shoe might be a great start towards developing a more natural stride.
      Key Features
      ● Abrasion-resistant blown rubber outsole
      ● Compression-molded EVA foam midsole
      ● Charged Cushioning technology
      ● Lightweight
      ● Stretchy & lightweight mesh upper
      ● Extremely breathable
      ● Very comfortable
      ● Great price point
      ● Great outsole and midsole durability
      ● Road, track and treadmill shoe
      ● Flexible, with smooth heel-to-toe transitions
      ● Fantastic responsiveness
      Bottom Line
      The Under Armour SpeedForm Intake 2 generally received almost all positive reviews from runners, with the exception of the ones that felt like the inner material of the upper was irritating to the toes. As previously mentioned, this is more likely due to a sizing issued than a construction issue, given that the majority of runners have agreed that the Intake 2 is a very comfortable shoe. This is a neutral road running shoe that offers great breathability, cushioning, responsiveness and a flexible and supportive ride. Add to that the affordable price, and there’s not any reason for us not to recommend the Intake 2 to anyone searching for a durable, reliable summer running shoe – provided you don’t need some extra arch support.
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      By Lizzy Pavlovic
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