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Quiz Fun: What Animal are You Based on Your Running Preferences?

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take our quiz today and find out what animal you are based upon your running preferences. Quiz Fun: What Animal are You Based on Your Running Preferences? www.runnerclick.com

Who’s ready for some good old-fashioned fun?? In this modern age, we are so quick to cure boredom and social media is definitely a popular tool that is fast and efficient to tackle the task and, conveniently, fits right in the palm of your hand. Whether scrolling through Instagram, laughing at a cat video on YouTube, or taking a ridiculous quiz on Facebook to discover which Friends character you are twinning, it is easy to get a good laugh and mindlessly waste time while waiting for a bus, commuting on a train or when trying to fall asleep. Well, here is one more coming your way for the runner in us all!

Here is a quiz to discover your spirit animal based on your running preferences

When did you start running?

1: Elementary school

2: High school

3: University

0: Adulthood

Who do you run with?

1: Friends

2: Family

3: Teammates

0: Alone
What time of day do you like to run?

1: Morning

2: Lunchtime

3: Evening

0: Whenever I can
Where do you prefer to run?

1: Roads

2: Trails

3: Beaches

0: In my dreams
What is your favorite running brand?

1: Asics

2: Brooks

3: Nike

0: Other
What fuels your runs?

1: All the carbs

2: Gels

3: Blocks

0: Tacos
Who is your running role model?

1: Steve Prefontaine

2: Shalane Flanagan

3: Eliud Kipchoge

0: Des Linden
What is the longest race you have run?

1: 10 km

2: Half marathon

3: Marathon

0: From your house to your car when it is raining
What keeps you motivated?

1: The medal

2: Sense of accomplishment

3: Achieving what seems impossible

0: Eating all the food
What is your ultimate dream run?

1: The Boston Marathon

2: Running the Great Wall of China

3: The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc

0: Running from your cabana to the Pacific Ocean on a Hawaiian Beach

The Results:

To get your results, take the number in front of your answers from all 10 questions and then tally the total. Your total number will provide the result of which animal you are below, based on your running preferences.

0-1 points: Surprising Sloth

As one who prefers to keep to the woods in warm climates, you are often the butt of the joke about being lazy but to your defense, you are quite agile in the right environment. Quiet and undetected you can trick others into thinking you are not even in the same room which can lead your competition to slack off.
2-3 points: Strong like Bull 
You are a social creature, bold and dominant. You can become aggressive if pushed or needed. You are known for your many resources but are somewhat of a homebody.
3-4 points: Race Rabbit
You are powerful and fast for your size. You are lovable and friendly. You crave veggies and would not hurt a fly. Sometimes you find yourself with too much energy but always choose to run it off!
5-6 points: Wise Whale
Although you have a calm temperament, you are competitive. You prefer to work with others to accomplish tasks if they work to achieve the same goal as yourself. Your endurance is to be admired and you like to travel to all parts of the world.
7-8 points: Lightning Speed Cheetah
You are basically the fastest land mammal on the planet. Your physique is unmatched and your speed comes effortlessly. You are a go-getter and do not take no for an answer!
9-10 points: Graceful Gazelle
You are smart and adaptive. You are continuously aware of your surroundings and can outrun your competitors. Graceful and agile, you can turn on a hairpin and can outwit others.
11-12 points: All Mighty Ant
You are a team player. To the naked eye, you may seem delicate but unbeknownst to the judger your strength is ten-fold. Typically docile and calm in nature, you can trick your opponents into thinking you are harmless but your skill set is plentiful.
13-14 points: Busy Bee
You scurry to and fro. Working hard, making progress and collecting the honey pot in the end. You are feared by some but most know that Earth wouldn’t survive without you on the planet!
15-16 points: Perfect Puppy
You are loved by all and everyone wants to be around you. You get along well with others but can be competitive if you feel you need to be. Full of energy, you sometimes have to be reminded to take a rest. You like to go out everywhere and like the attention!
17-18 points: Independent Cat
Your agility is unmatched and if you fall seven times you get up eight. You are clever and have little fear. You do not need a lot of attention and can survive purely on instinct making you very independent but to be admired.
19-20 points: Eager Elephant
Your personality varies from playful to a leader. You prefer harsh elements and find comfort in them. You prefer to be with your friends and family. Your strongest trait is you will do whatever it takes to win. You have a superb ability to problem solve and are respected within the community.
21- 22 points: Menacing Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat
While hanging with your buddies, you prefer the high altitudes of the mountains. You are quite agile on your feet and you are equally strong, excellent qualities that are necessary for dangerous terrains. These traits can help you out with your competition as well.
23-24 points: Curious Coyote
As a lover of the dark, your curiosity can sometimes get you into trouble but you are just like anyone else trying to win at the rat race we call life! You are somewhat shy and prefer your closest pals. If you are being chased, you will fight to win!
25-26 points: Persistent Penguin
You are a mostly a cold lover and excel at cross-training. You are trustworthy but competition can still try to attack, so you have to remain agile and clever to work well in tough environments.
27+ points: Snarky Shark
Often misunderstood and feared, you are actually quite brave by constantly training. You prefer the evening and like to take risks in uncharted territory but are not fond of having too much stress.


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