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What Is Gel Water? The Benefits Of Drinking For Runners

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Gel water is known for its hydrating properties, and is found in many foods like melons. What Is Gel Water? The Benefits Of Drinking For Runners www.runnerclick.com

We all have heard that we should be drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. And runners might need to hydrate even more when it comes to their long runs. But there is now a new type of water that might be best for preventing dehydration. Gel water is the latest trend that has some seriously good health benefits for runners.

What Is Gel Water?

It should be pretty simple, water is water. We all know there are flat or sparking options, and those bottled come from spring water or purified water. But gel water is the new kind of water that is unique in its own right.

We all know water as being H2O. Gel water also called structured water or living water, has an extra hydrogen and oxygen atom, meaning it is H3O2. According to co-authors Dana Cohen, MD and health coach Gina Bria of the book Quench: Reclaim your Energy and Health with the New Science of Hydration, Including Your Five-Day Plan to Hydrate, gel water isn’t really liquid, vapor or ice. Think of it as water in a different phase (molecularly). However, it is still in a fluid state, but closely similar to being like plasma.

Gel water is found in cacti, chia seeds, collagen, and other fruits and vegetables.

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Benefits Of Drinking Gel Water

The body needs water in order to function. But gel water has added benefits. This includes leaving a runner hydrated and with energy. Most of the water in our cells are in the form of gel water, it is believed that our bodies are able to absorb gel water more efficiently than just plain old water. Where the bloodstream absorbs regular water, gel water uses the fascia to absorb it, which means better hydration.

Gel water also contains other nutrients, which give it that added bonus. Phytonutrients, which naturally are found in plants, have health benefits such as having antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Examples of phytonutrients include flavonoids (which have anti-cancer properties) and carotenoids (which boost immunity).

For runners specifically, gel water is great to drink because it contains glucose and sodium. This helps to replenish these stores that are used up, specifically during a long run.

It’s important that runners properly hydrate before, during and after a run. While some runners don’t carry water with them for shorter runs, it’s recommended runners drink 8 oz. of water two hours before a run or race so the body has time to process it, and then a decent mouthful of water another 30 minutes before the start of a race.

The athlete should weigh themselves before a run and then after. For every pound lost during the run, the runner should drink 24 oz. of water. Gaining weight during a run means the runner over hydrated.

How To Consume Gel Water

But this is the basic H2O we are talking about when it comes to being properly hydrated. So how does a runner consume gel water?

This doesn’t mean drinking from a cactus plant during a run which would be impractical. Instead, runners should start this day off with a healthy smoothie or yogurt parfait that includes chia seeds. Chai seeds that are soaked in water are one of the best ways to consume gel water.

Consume food like cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe tomato, and pears, which all contain gel water. Adding a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt to the runner’s fruit plate will increase the osmolarity.

Other foods that contain water include spinach, cooked squash, avocados, apples, and baked potatoes. Bone broth is another item that contained gel water, so cook with it or just drink it by itself.

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The idea is that these foods that are high in water also contain other nutrients like natural electrolytes and fiber that can assist in absorbing gel water According to experts, eating these foods can prove to be better for hydration rather than a traditional bottle of water.

Do not try to drink aloe in its gel form. Think of the gel squeezed from the plant get for soothing wounds and burns. Instead, drink aloe vera juice. The juice is made by grinding the entire leaf, which is then purified. There are some options available to buy from drugstores and supermarkets.

Just keep in mind that gel water should not replace regular water. It simply is a better way to hydrate.


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