10 Best Reebok Running Shoes Tested & Reviewed


Reebok is a well-known and highly popular brand among runners and many other athletes. They offer high-quality running and workout a gear and they are consistently releasing new products with new tech that makes our lives better in the long run. One product is well known for is their running shoes. They offer high quality, effective, and durable running shoes that are both stylish and versatile. They offer road running shoes, trail running shoes, and shoes tailored to specific feet types—and the list could go on.

If you have something specific in mind, Reebok most likely has an option for you. Since we know there are all types of runners and budgets out their we have taken many factors into consideration when compiling this list. We have made sure to include budget-friendly options along with trail running, road running, durable, and versatile choices—so everyone has something to choose from.

Below you will find the list of top 10 Best Reebok Running Shoes we came up with. We hope you find the best Reebok option for you while you are here!

Last Updated: June 17, 2018
By Giselle Killebrew:

This update brings two new additions—the Crossfit Nano 8 and the FloatRide Run. The CrossFit Nano is a versatile shoe that many barefoot feel lovers will love on their runs. The Floatride run shoes, on the other hand, are well-cushioned and perfect for those who need that feature in their shoes.

Speed Rise
  • Speed Rise
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Memory Tech™ insole
  • Price: See Here
Z Dual Rush 2.0
  • Z Dual Rush 2.0
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fusion Fit technology
  • Price: See Here
FloatRide Run
  • FloatRide Run
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight and well-cushioned
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Reebok Running Shoes

1. Speed Rise

The top rated Reebok shoe is the Speed Rise. It makes its mark because its lightweight, flexible and holds up for a good amount of time.
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Comfort / Stability
As a neutral running shoe, the Speed Rise is quite comfortable with just the right amount of cushioning. If you need more cushioning or are a heavy runner you'll want to check out our Best shoes with cushioning. This running shoe has a low-cut design, a midsole foam that provides cushioning, and it's highly breathable. It has a toe cap in the upper of the shoe that provides protection, its vamp lace-up provides support, and its padded tongue & collar offer comfort as well. It is lightweight, flexible, and its Memory Tech™ insole provides good comfort.

Durability / Quality
Most users raved about the durability and quality of the Speed Rise neutral running shoe. It will last a long time. It has a synthetic rubber sole that is highly durable.

Cost or value
This is a fairly affordable running shoe that you should look into checking out.

Low-cut design

Midsole foam provides cushioning

Highly breathable

Toe cap provides protection

Vamp lace-up provides support

Padded tongue & collar for comfort

Synthetic rubber sole is highly durable

LIghtweight and Flexible

Memory Tech™ insole provides good comfort


They run narrow in size

It's a neutral running shoe so there's not a lot of cushioning

2. Z Dual Rush 2.0

The Z Dual Rush 2.0 is quite comfortable, flexible, and breathable. It provides support to the heel with its Fusion Fit technology.
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Comfort / Stability
Aside from some concerns about the tongue not being quite long enough most runners agree this is quite a comfortable running shoe that provides stability. It is highly breathable, it's a low-cut design, and its midsole provides good cushioning. Its dual density midsole keeps the foot secure, it has great flexibility, and its Fusion Fit technology supports the heel. Additionally, it comes with a heel tab for easy on and off access.

Durability / Quality
Although some users did have issues with the upper of the shoe coming apart, the CRTek high abrasion rubber is highly durable and will last a long time.

Cost or value
Reebok shoes in general, are typically quite affordable. The Z Dual Rush 2.0 is no exception.

Highly Breathable

Low-cut design

Midsole provides good cushioning

Dual density midsole keeps the foot secure

CRTek high abrasion rubber is highly durable

Has great flexibility

Fusion Fit technology supports the heel

Great traction

Heel tab for easy on and off access


Some wish the tongue of the shoe was designed better

Sizing may run narrow

3. FloatRide Run

These shoes may be a bit pricey but they are highly comfortable, stylish, and have quickly become a favorite Reebok model this year.
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Comfort / Stability
These shoes are lightweight and offer adequate comfort and stability. They are well cushioned and provide both flexibility and breathability.

Durability / Quality
These shoes are highly durable and built with quality materials that will allow you to log miles upon miles.

Cost or value
Pretty pricey but well worth the cost given all of their features.

Reebok ZQuick 2.0

Running on the roads is great especially if you have comfortable shoes on. Well, you should definitely check out these shoes from Reebok
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Comfort/ stability
EVA foam is very lightweight and flexible, providing cushioned ride. The return of energy is good and the midsole is very firm. The no-sew construction in the upper makes these shoes really flexible, the mesh provides the air flow so it keeps your feet dry and cool. The upper stabilizes the whole feet and give the secure fit. Runners appreciated the weight of the shoes, these are one of the most lightweight from Reebok.

Durability/ Quality
The high abrasion rubber in the outsole helps to enhance the durability and it also aims to improve the traction. However, some users said that the shoes felt slippery, especially in wet conditions.
Cost or value
This is a very attractive price especially comparing to the other brands. Maybe these shoes aren’t packed with features but if you want good every day running shoes, you should give them a chance.
When it comes to fashionable design, these shoes are the boss. They look sleek and stylish, they have a little bit different look that shoes from most popular brands. Their original design appeals to many users.


There’s special outsole geometry to make shoes more flexible

They’re very lightweight

Not expensive


There aren’t many features

5. Sublite XT Cushion 2.0

This running shoe offers superb comfort, soft cushioning, and excellent flexibility.
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Comfort / Stability
Most runners found the Sublite XT Cushion 2.0 quite comfortable and stable. It has a low cut design, is highly breathable & flexible,and has a heel counter that provides support. Its heel loop allows for easy on & off access, its sublite foam provides a good amount of responsiveness, and its Memory Tech sockliner provides cushioning.

Durability / Quality
Although some runners did find issues with the durability of the outsole there were few to no complaints about the durability of the upper. This is an average durable running shoe.

Cost or value
The price of this running shoe is quite affordable.

Low cut design

Highly breathable

Very flexible

Heel counter provides support

Heel loop allows for easy on & off access

Sublite foam provides responsiveness

Memory Tech sockliner provides cushioning


Some felt it did not do well in rain

Some had issues with durability

6. Crossfit Nano 8

While these shoes have "CrossFit" in their name I can personally attest to their ability as a running shoe. The new Nano model is more flexible than ever and allows for natural running movement. If you like the feel of the road and minimal cushioning like I do, then these are perfect for you!
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Comfort / Stability
These shoes offer both comfort and stability. They offer a wide toe box as well as a forefoot cushioning midsole along with a 4 mm drop. They are a favorite among CrossFit enthusiasts and while they aren't best for long-distance running, you can definitely still log in some miles with them.

Durability / Quality
Like all of their predecessors, this is a highly durable shoe. They have a FlexWeave upper, a TPU heel wrap, and RopePro technology--all this makes them highly durable and able to withstand a beating.

Cost or value
The cost of this running shoe runs at about average in price.

7. All Terrain Sprint

A running shoe that can excel in different types of terrain while remaining breathable, providing excellent traction, and offering support.
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Comfort / Stability
Most users found the All Terrain Sprint quite comfortable and made with stability. Its seamless upper design prevents irritation, it has excellent traction, and it has a well liked low-cut design. It is highly breathable, while still being able to repel mud & water. THe midsole provides cushioning, its midfoot offers good support, and the toe pick allows you to grip surfaces better.

Durability / Quality
This is a very durable and quality made running shoe that can be used on different types of terrain. Sticky Rubber shields you from debris, lugs going in multiple directions provide great traction, and its mid-foot teeth allow you to climb items more easily.

Cost or Value
The price of this running shoe can vary anywhere from average to quite expensive, but it does come equipped with some great features making it well worth the price.

Seamless upper prevents irritation

Excellent traction

Low-cut design

Highly breathable

Midsole provides cushioning

Great for trails, mud, & water

Upper shields you from debris

Toe Pick allows you to grip surfaces better

ION MASK repels mud & water really well

Midfoot has good support


Some users thought the tongue was too short

Not a lot of flexibility as it is a trail shoe

Reebok Ridgerider Trail

As the name implies, these shoes are made for many different kinds of terrain. Excellent cushioning and many other features make these shoes really attractive.
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Comfort/ stability
For the whole length of the foot, there’s very firm cushioning provide very comfortable ride and smooth transition. Runners say that they don’t have problems with debris and little rocks. The mesh in the upper is quite flexible, there are grooves in the outsole for increased flexibility.The shoes are heavy but considering that they’re trail shoes, the weight isn’t too big. In the underfoot, rock guard helps to protect your feet from rocky terrains.

Quality/ durability
These are also anti-abrasion running shoes and there’s carbon rubber implied for more durability. However, some users questioned the durability of the shoes, even after not many uses, the shoes weren’t as durable as expected.
Well, when it comes to features, it can be perfect trail running shoe and when it comes to the look, runners say that this is great trail shoe. It has a very neutral look, dark colors with not many accents are great for running in the mud.

These shoes are very low priced, this a real deal. Reebook sacrificed the durability in this shoe but it’s still a great deal. Great if you run the trail from time to time or you just choose less difficult trail terrains.

Drainage system prevents entering the water to the inside of the shoe

The breathable upper keeps your feet dry

Extremely affordable


Durability issues

Zprint 3d

These shoes will be great if you plan to run on the roads. They will be perfect for runners who aren’t big fans of low cut design. Zprint 3d will be perfect for any type of races all tempo runs, they really help you to increase the speed. Breathable and lightweight, these aren’t the only features of these shoes.
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Comfort / Stability
There is special breathable mesh that keeps your feet ventilated even if it’s very hot. To provide more custom fit, there’s lace up closure. These shoes provide a lot of protection with this anti-abrasion rubber. Shoes stay also very flexible and your movements aren’t restricted. These shoes are very praised for giving this cosy feel while running as there is Tri-density cushioned platform. Some people however say that these shoes don’t provide enough stability.

Durability / Quality
The rubber sole makes shoes more durable. Shoes are made from high quality materials, there were almost no users complaining about durability or quality of the shoes.

Cost or value
The price here is a little bit higher when it comes to this Reebok model. This is very high quality shoe so it’s obvious that the price must be a little bit higher. On the other side, we think that 80 dollars for great running shoes is not such a big deal.

These shoes have really classy look. There are many colors and these shoes are a perfect match for the rest of your running look. Many runners enjoyed the fact that the colors are so vivid and they’re not boring.

As these shoes are very lightweight, it can help you to boost the speed

They provide great arch support

The rubber is no-slippery


There are little holes in the bottom of the shoe and some users may find

Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0

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CMEVA foam is used, this is a different version of traditional EVA foam, there’s more cushioning. This also means better shock absorption.H2O drainage technology will make the water to escape quickly, making these shoes great for rainy days. The upper provides the snug fit and a high level of protection and support. The new bungee style laces provide secure fit and won’t come untied. Big air holes keep your feet ventilated and dry for the whole time. There’s also more cushioning in the heel area.
Durability/ Quality
The toughest terrain will be yours with this shoes. In the outsole, there’s aggressive lug to enhance the traction. Rock guard reduces a risk of injury on a very rocky terrain.
Cost or value
Well, good trail running shoe is made of high quality materials, is durable and protective and supportive at the same time. This means that you need to spend a little more money on it.
It’s traditional trail running shoe, maybe it doesn’t have very fashionable look but there are bright colors to choose from


Special cushioning to improve the durability

H2O Drain technology

High responsiveness


The price is high

As you can see, Reebok offers so much more than just casual sneakers and cross trainers. They also produce some great options for both the road and trail. And, it makes them even more appealing when you can look at what actual customers say about their shoes online, coming up with a lot of really good feedback.

Many runners often tend to go searching for the more “running specific” brands, but it may be beneficial to broaden the search a bit, and include companies like Reebok. You just might like what you find.

The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation Of the Best Reebok Running Shoes:

Searching for the best Reebok shoes doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve sifted through hundreds of reviews by runners on the internet so that we can provide you with this accurate top 10 Reebok running shoes. Below are the areas that we look at when considering which shoes to pick:


Are they Comfortable?

This is the number 1 topic that we search through as we are picking our top 10. We want to make sure these shoes will be comfortable while you run. We will let you know how much cushioning is in them, if others have gotten blisters, and what type of support it has.

Are they breathable enough?

No one wants sweaty feet. So we’ve searched these Reebok shoes to find the ones that are the most breathable and will allow your feet to breathe easily as you run. Aside from comfort, a breathable shoe can help quite a bit in preventing issues caused by moisture such as blisters and even bacterial build up.

Do they provide enough flexibility?

Will the shoe move with you as you run? Or, will it remain stiff and not as easy to manipulate? The more naturally your feet can move during your stride, the more efficient it is. Decent flexibility can also aid in the prevention of injuries or soreness, caused by shoes that don’t allow your feet to function the way they are supposed to.

Is the sole too thick, too thin, or just right?

Finding an outsole that will last a good amount of time is essential.  In terms of durability, normally, a pair of shoes last between 300-600 miles.  However, a thicker outsole might not mean a more durable one.  Also, the outsoles thickness might be personal taste.  A thicker outsole will provide the maximum amount of cushioning with less flexibility while a thinner outsole will provide more flexibility, but less cushioning underfoot.

Is there room for the toes to move?

No one wants their toes to be cramped. Let’s make sure you have ample room so you don’t get any unwanted blisters. Additionally, if the toe box is too restrictive the foot loses some of its ability of more natural movement, negatively affecting the runners’ comfort and stride.

How is their weight?

Is it a lightweight running shoe or does it run on the heavy side? We will let you know so you can decide your preference.

How is the Grip?

Traction is important, especially if you intend to propel forward while you run. We will let you know what other runners thought about the grip and traction.

Do they have good Support?

Does it provide enough support for your feet while you run? This may also depend on your foot type, but you’ll get a good idea of what other runners have said about the support of these shoes.

Other Important Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Reebok Running Shoes:

Most running shoes have something that they are well known for, so what makes Reebok different? They are most known for their cross-trainer running shoes, their widely developed technology, and their affordable price. Take a look below as we break each of these down:



Reebok used to be widely known for its “pump” technology but has expanded their technology to include even more such as the CRTek high abrasion rubber, Fusion Fit technology, JetFuse Technology, NanoWeb, DuraGrip, Kevlar, Ion-mask, Piston Tech, BRTek, SmoothFuse, NanoWaeave, and much more.


If you are an avid runner then you know constantly buying shoes can be hard on the pocketbook. That shouldn’t be the case with Reebok as their shoes are typically in the affordable price range. Even their shoes, such as trail runners that offer more features and protection are often quite affordable.

Not Just Cross-Trainers

It’s true, Reebok does make some really great cross-trainers, but from our top 10 list, you can see that’s not all they can do. They have all types of great running shoes from minimalist running shoes all the way to trail running shoes.



Q. How is the sizing on Reebok shoes?

Most runners state that you need to order a half size up.

Q. Are all their running shoes good for cross-training?

Not necessarily. If you are looking specifically for a cross training shoe you should make sure that is what the shoe is designed for.

Q. What can you tell me about the Memory Tech™ foam insole?

Most runners found it quite comfortable and were surprised by this.

Q. What are CrossFit training shoes good for?

Jumping, running, walking, weight lifting a lot of different activities.

Q. Will Reebok bring back the pump?

The pump actually never went away, but they did bring it back in 2015 with a modern day look.

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