Reebok ZPrint 3D

For Reebok “Fitness is a way of life.” One of the company's missions is to inspire all athletes, regardless of sport and ability, to be their best. The company’s dedication to promoting the best in all athletes without compromising style has produced head turning shoes for decades. The Reebok ZPrint 3D was manufactured to be a lightweight running shoe for short distances (less than a 5k) and high-intensity workouts. If you are looking for a shoe for long distance runs, this is not the shoe for you. Keep reading to see if this shoe continues to uphold Reebok's dedication to combining fitness and style.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Cons
    • Made for short distances
    • Some runners found the tongue to be a little too thin, causing the lacing system to irritate the top of their foot
    • Not recommended for use on trails
    • The toe box is a bit narrow
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Reebok ZPrint 3D is very unique for two main reasons. First, it is constructed with a multi-density sole, which has softer materials in the middle portion of the sole of your foot and tougher, the denser material around the perimeter of the sole of your foot. This allows for a more responsive cushioning upon footstrike. It also offers greater protection around the outside of the shoe, which is where the shoe takes the most damage. The second unique feature of this outsole is that 3D technology was used to create its shape. As a result, the outsole is engineered to better fit the human foot, with convex edges, a slightly curved shape, and a narrower midfoot. Better mimicking of the human foot in the outsole not only provides better support to your foot but also improves the overall fit of the shoe. Even though a lot of engineering has gone into the outsole, it remains extra flexible. The outsole is so flexible, in fact, that the Reebok ZPrint 3D can be rolled up! This is surprising to many runners since it offers multiple densities and enhanced outsole protection.
      The midsole of the Reebok ZPrint 3D is also made of dual-density foam. It provides adequate underfoot cushioning without restricting the natural movement of your foot. It is springy enough to help launch a good toe-off while also absorbing the shock of the impact of your running stride. Users report that the midsole of this shoe is highly durable and long-lasting. This is a great feature for people that run and workout frequently. The ZPrint 3D also has a foam insert that increases the level of cushioning provided by the shoe. An added benefit is that this insert is removable, allowing you to customize the padding of the shoe, or replace it with a customer orthotic or different store purchased insole.
      The engineered mesh of the upper is highly breathable, allowing air to pass through the shoe and around your foot. This helps keep your feet cool and dry and combats odors and fungus. The mesh is also very flexible, allowing for natural movement of your foot. The upper is constructed with stitched overlays, creating a secure, snug fit around your foot. The wrap-around fit also provides your foot with protection from the elements and debris. The Reebok ZPrint 3D has a built-in heel tab to help to put on the shoe easier, which is a handy feature, especially for runners experiencing joint pain or cannot bend down far.
      Even though the outsole and midsole of this shoe are constructed of thick cushioned foam, it still weighs in at only 6.4 ounces, classifying this as a lightweight running shoe. The weight is the same for both the men’s and women’s versions. Having such a lightweight shoe makes frequent runs and workouts less taxing on the legs and feet.
      With an upper constructed of synthetic mesh, this is a highly breathable shoe. The upper is so well ventilated, in fact, that you can see where the waffle pattern of the upper allows air to flow through the materials, then around your foot, and back out again. A breathable shoe, like the Reebok ZPrint 3D, greatly decreases incidences of foot odor, hot spots, blisters, athletes foot, and fungus. Additionally, having cool feet while you run helps cool your entire body because of its promotion of natural perspiration.
      With thick foam underfoot to cushion you from the impact of your footstrike and a flexible, breathable mesh upper, these shoes are highly comfortable for most runners. Some runners found the tongue to be a little too thin, causing the lacing system to irritate the top of their foot. Some users also felt these were a bit narrow for their liking. Ordering this shoe a half size up may help with this issue.
      The Reebok ZPrint 3D is a shoe that will definitely turn heads. Not only does it offer a sleek design, but it is available in a variety of both neutral and bright colors for both men and women. This keeps with Reebok’s mission to provide great athletic shoes that are functional and stylish.

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      These shoes are made for training and short distance running, and users report that these lasted well during both of these activities. Many users were impressed by the quality of materials used to construct this shoe, especially when considering the price. Since they are long-lasting, they are definitely worth the investment.
      The top of your foot is well protected in the Reebok ZPrint 3D because of its snug, wrap around fit. This prevents debris from getting into your shoe and causing harm to your foot. The sole of your foot is protected by the thick foam construction of the outsole. The foam also helps protect the sides of the foot, since it continues right into the midsole. The dual-density foam also provides protection to your joints, because it does a superior job of absorbing impact.
      This is a highly responsive shoe in many ways. The flexible outsole, midsole, and upper react to every movement made as you run, creating a feeling that the shoe is just an extension of your foot. This allows you to run confidently and without fear of slipping or injuries. The outsole and midsole get their responsiveness from their multi-density foam construction. The foam is not just flexible but also absorbs the shock from the impact. This protects your feet, ankles, and knees from pain, as well as gives you the ability to land confidently on urban terrain or a gym surface.
      The multi-density cushioning in the outsole and midsole provide the most amount of support. According to the company, the 3D technology used to map a runner’s footstrike enables this shoe to cushion your foot in exactly the areas needed by a runner. It also absorbs the shock of impact, helping to eliminate foot, ankle, and knee pain. The sock-like fit also provides support to the upper portion of your foot by allowing the shoe to move with you. It also prevents slipping, making you feel more confident while you run.
      This shoe works best on flat surfaces such as track, paved areas, and gym floors. This is especially important to keep in mind considering the shoe is designed for short distances runs (5k or less) and intense workouts. Many users report that in addition to short runs, they also wear these for fitness classes, like spinning, boxing, or CrossFit. This shoe is not recommended for trail runs or long distance runs. Not only will it not be comfortable, such intense wear would compromise the durability of this shoe.
      This is a very affordable running shoe. Its aggressive pricing indicates that Reebok is interested in helping all athletes have access to a high-quality running and training shoe. Considering the quality of materials used to construct this shoe, its durability, and the many other features it offers, the Reebok Z Print 3D is a worthwhile investment.
      The dual density outsole is composed of carbon rubber. This material provides great grip, allowing you to run confidently on flat surfaces, even if they get a little slick from rain. However, this shoe that is not meant for running on rugged trails, ice, or snow. Not only will this shoe not have a proper grip on these types of surfaces, the durability will be compromised.
      Flexibility is the feature where this shoe stands out among competitors. With an outsole constructed of dual density foam and an upper made from synthetic mesh, this shoe is extremely flexible. It is so flexible that you can not only fold this shoe in half, you can even roll it up! A flexible shoe, like the Reebok ZPrint 3D, allows for the most natural foot movement possible.
      The outsole of this shoe is composed of a carbon rubber dual density foam. Since this material is used around the entire outsole, it provides excellent traction and allows for superior stability while running on flat surfaces like roads or the track. This same technology also allows for stability during fitness activities that require agility, such as CrossFit, Zumba, or a spinning class. It will not, however, provide stability on bumpy and uneven trails, snow or ice, so avoid those kinds of terrains while wearing this shoe.
      The heel-to-toe drop of the Reebok ZPrint 3D is 8 mm for both the men’s and women’s versions. Although this is not a minimalist running shoe by any means, users commented that they were able to maintain their natural gait and stride even with the higher drop of this shoe. If you are strictly a minimalist runner, this is not the shoe for you. However, if you are interested in trying something that has a larger drop, the Reebok ZPrint 3D is a good starting point, because it has been designed to promote a natural gait.
      The sizing of this shoe has been judged in a variety of ways. Some users say it fits their feet perfectly, as though they were wearing their favorite pair of socks. Others users feel they are too narrow, especially in the toe box. There are some users that recommend ordering at least a half size up from your normal shoe size to make sure this shoe fits properly. We recommend that you try this shoe on, if possible, prior to making a purchase. This will help ensure your shoe fits properly and will save you time from having to make returns.
      Key Features
      • Dual-density foam
      • Highly flexible
      • Lightweight
      • Sock-like fit
      • Great traction and stability
      • Versatile
      Bottom Line
      The Reebok ZPrint 3D is an excellent choice for the everyday runner or fitness class enthusiast. It offers comfort, traction, stability, and style. If you are a runner, keep in mind that this shoe is best suited for short running distances that are less than a 5k. It is also best suited for flat terrains, like roads, tracks, and gym floors. On top of all of these features, this is a highly affordable shoe. If you are looking for a name brand shoe with top quality features, the Reebok ZPrint 3D just may be the right choice for you.
      Where to Buy
      By Taren Weidaw
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      Where to buy
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