Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 Fully Reviewed

The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 is a hefty looking trail shoe. The shoe features a subtle reflective Reebok logo and is available in a variety of color schemes. But does it hold up on rough terrain? It's fairly well suited to dry surfaces, but anytime the shoe encounters slick ground it fails to provide traction. For a trail shoe, that's a major deal breaker and it's a disappointing aspect. While the shoe does have a few positive aspects, overall, it falls short of its trail runner label. You'd be better off choosing an alternate option for your off-road adventures.

That said, it comes at a budget price, so if you're a weekend warrior looking for something that will hold up for occasional trail runs, this might be a good option. You'll get decent protection and a comfortable fit with the Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0. Sure, the midsole is rigid but it definitely minimizes ground-feel which is great if you're running on a debris-filled trail.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Closed mesh protects but breathes well
  • Comfortable fit
  • Great traction on dry surfaces
  • Supportive cushioning and fit
  • Great for high arched runners
  • Lightweight compared to other trail shoes
  • Affordable
  • Cons
    • Major durability issues
    • Narrow toe box
    • Very hard cushioning felt uncomfortable to some
    • Key Features
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 features a carbon rubber outsole with prominent lugs. You can see how thick they are just by looking at the shoe's profile. The shoe certainly looks aggressive enough to tackle uneven trail surfaces but the consensus from reviewers is that that's just not the case, especially when the ground is wet. It's surprising when you take a closer look at the outsole, the lugs look like they would be able to grip surfaces well but they just don't have the ability to provide traction in wet weather.

      The outsole also features grooves in the forefoot area to provide a bit of flexibility. The midsole is really hard so the grooves are a welcomed addition to help make the ride in the Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 feel a bit more natural.

      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 features a CMEVA midsole. It provides some padding but most reviewers found the shoe a bit too rigid for their liking. The hard midsole cushion is supportive but not particularly comfortable, especially for long runs. After a while, the hard feeling underfoot results in fatigue and discomfort.

      A few reviewers also noted that the heel cushioning was lacking and found landing in that area a bit jarring. There were also reviewers, though, who liked the rigid midsole CMEVA cushioning. They found it very supportive and preferred it over a cloud-like feel underfoot.
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 features a closed mesh upper. The closed mesh construction helps keep debris out which is especially convenient for running off-road. Inside the shoe, there's a well-cushioned liner which provides a bit of padding. Reviewers appreciated the generously padded liner since the midsole cushioning felt so hard underfoot.

      There's also more padding in the heel collar and tongue areas. The upper also features a handy heel tab to make it easier to slip the shoe on and off. The upper looks super sturdy but it does have its own durability concerns. Reviewers complained that the closed mesh tore easily. It's surprising since it looks so much stronger than your typical open mesh found on many running shoes.
      You might assume just from looking at the Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 that it's a pretty heavy shoe. You'd be about half right. It's not the lightest trail shoe available but reviewers were pleasantly surprised at how lightweight it felt compared to similar trail shoes. The supportive and protective mesh upper provides structural integrity without weighing the whole thing down.

      You have to accept a bit of a tradeoff with the Ridgerider Trail 2.0. The closed mesh upper does provide some measure of breathability since it does feature mesh after all but the upper doesn't circulate air as well as other shoes. The shoes upper isn't actually fully covered in mesh so there are quite a few areas that prevent air circulation.

      The closed mesh does keep debris out but it reduces breathability, too. Some reviewers were disappointed that the shoe was not waterproof but if it had been, that would have made the shoe even less breathable. It's definitely a good thing that there's some mesh included in the upper.
      Reviewers complained a fair bit about the Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0's very rigid midsole cushioning. A few reviewers did actually prefer the harder cushioning but many commented that it put too much pressure on their arches and made landings feel too severe. A few reviewers even pointed out that the heel was missing some cushioning just as much as the forefoot.

      Otherwise, the Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 fit well for the majority of users without any significant sizing issues. A few reviewers did point out that the toe box felt narrow saying that it felt much smaller than the previous version's forefoot area. If you're concerned about your toes have enough room to splay naturally, try this shoe on before you buy.
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 looks like a heavy-duty shoe. It's unlikely runners would want to wear it anywhere but outdoors for training on the trails. That's not to say the shoe isn't well-designed. Aesthetically it looks just fine, it's just that it really does look like a shoe dedicated to trail running. A bonus is that it comes in a huge array of colors.

      There's something for everyone, there's no doubt about that. The men's version comes in grey/orange, black/red, blue, grey/neon, and that's just a small selection of what's available. For women, there's a grey/violet version and more.
      Here's the thing, when you look at the Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 for the first time, the shoe looks like it could take on anything. The shoe looks sturdy and well-constructed but reviewers said the opposite. Many users had durability issues with the shoe.

      After a short period of use, they found the sole peeling off, the upper tearing and even laces breaking off. Although the outsole looks thick, it seems that's just an illusion. It wears through quite easily and reviewers were not at all impressed with how long the Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 lasted.

      You get what you pay for, though. The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 is a low-priced trail runner so be aware of that if you settle on this shoe. For a lower price, you get a shoe that will last fewer miles but if you're looking for a shoe for occasional trail runs, this isn't a bad option at all.
      Durability issues aside, this shoe does provide a nice amount of protection. The front of the shoe features a thick toe bumper to protect your feet from trauma on the trail. The rubber outsole is meant to provide traction on different surfaces (it's much better on dry ground, though).

      There's some midsole cushioning to help with the forces of impact but reviewers did point out that it felt very hard underfoot. The cushioning received mixed reviews from users, though, some preferred the harder base saying that it felt more supportive.
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 doesn't provide too much responsiveness. The midsole isn't squishy but the outsole is thick enough that it prevents the wearer from getting too much ground feedback. The hard midsole cushioning provides barely any energy-return which definitely took away from the ride experience for many reviewers.
      The Ridgerider Trail 2.0 does well when it comes to supporting. Even users who complained about the hard cushioning did feel that it offered plenty of support. The upper, which fits well, is plenty supportive, too. A few reviewers also pointed out that there was plenty of support for runners, therefore, good high arch running shoes.
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 is made for trail running, there's no doubt about that. It doesn't have a rock plate but reviewers still felt well-protected. A toe bumper keeps toes from getting pulverized by hard obstacles and the upper is outfitted with closed mesh so feet can breathe without letting in little rocks and pebbles.
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 is a low-priced option for trail running. Sure, it's not perfect, but for the price, you get a decent shoe. It's fairly breathable, pretty lightweight fits really well, and is extremely supportive.
      If only this shoe was able to conquer wet surfaces. Unfortunately, that's its downfall. The shoe grips extremely well on dry ground but aren't as great when it comes to wet surfaces. Runners were super unimpressed with the lack of traction provided by the Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0. For a trail some, this is a big misstep. The lugs underfoot are prominent but it seems they just don't perform well outside of dry conditions.
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 does have really rigid midsole cushioning but there's some degree of flexibility which allows for a natural heel to toe motion. The outsole features Flex Grooves in the forefoot area for added flexibility. This helps the feel of the shoe immensely even with such a hard midsole.
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 is a neutral trail shoe but it still provides a stable ride. The outsole provides stability on dry ground (not so much when it's wet, though). The upper, according to reviewers, fits really well and securely anchors the foot so that stability is never an issue. The lugs underfoot aren't overly prominent so that they interfere with stable landings.
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 has a fairly standard drop. It's not going to provide outstanding ground-feel but that's just fine since it's meant to be used on trails. It does promote a heel strike and heel strikers did find that the shoe's heel cushioning just wasn't up to par.
      Key Features
      - Carbon rubber outsole for durability
      - Prominent outsole lugs for traction
      - Grooves in the outsole for flexibility
      - Protective toe bumper in front of the shoe
      - CMEVA midsole cushioning for support and impact protection
      - Well-cushioned inner liner
      - A closed mesh upper breathes and keeps out debris
      - Padded heel collar and tongue for comfort
      - Heel tab for convenience
      Bottom Line
      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 is a solid choice for the budget conscious trail runner who doesn't mind a lack of durability. If you don't mind a shorter lifespan, then this shoe is a decent option. It'll be better suited to runners who prefer more rigid midsole padding but the fit should feel secure to most runners. The other bonus?

      The Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0 comes in a wide variety of colors and at such an affordable price you can choose to buy a few pairs to match with different outfits. This definitely isn't the right shoe for the seasoned trail runner. It's better suited to occasional trail runners or hikers who need a shoe for weekend adventures. It will hold up as long as you don't put too many miles on it. It's a well-priced affordable option for occasional use.
      Where to Buy
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