Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0

The Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0 is designed for extreme adventures and obstacle course races. Reviewers used this shoe to successfully train for and race in Tough Mudders and Spartan Races, as well as others. Reebok really took into consideration the feedback they received from the All Terrain Super OR and made some powerful changes to the shoe. The key difference is in the durability of the upper. Reebok covered the entire upper, not just the toe box, in a breathable rubber coating to protect the shoe against wear and tear that can so easily take place during these races. The shoe maintains its lightweight yet rugged feel. It uses some of the newest, smarted technology to meet the unique needs of the obstacle race runner. The shoe doesn’t just look intense.  It is intense, and runners love that it is durable with great grip, perfect for obstacle course races. The price is higher than some, but runners reported over and over that it was worth the higher price tag.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Perfect for obstacle racing
  • Unique H20 drainage technology
  • Added durability to improve the upper
  • Cons
    • Pricey
    • Key Features
      This outsole is designed to tackle some of the toughest terrain imaginable. It features durability and traction technology designed to protect the runner and help them tackle obstacle racing like never before. The rubber outsole is covered with an aggressive lug system that is designed to provide superior grip on any terrain. These durable square lugs line the underfoot almost like cleats. Runners can also expect to find a rock guard on the underfoot of the shoe to protect against any sharp or hazardous elements on the trail.
      The midsole of the shoe is made using a durable CMEVA foam. This foam is more cushioned and more durable than a traditional EVA midsole foam. Runners reported that the higher level of cushioning provided a perfect landing pad for long, grueling miles. This midsole also provides a higher level of shock absorption which is key on the tougher, longer obstacle races. The midsole also has great energy return to help reduce fatigue and help runners maintain good form. The shoe also features Reeboks patented H20 Drainage technology which allows waters to escape quickly and efficiently from the shoe in order to keep the foot dry and comfortable.

      The biggest improves to the All Terrain Super 3.0 from the OR (2.5) can be found in the upper. Reebok listened to the concerns of their athletes and added more durability and rugged additions to the upper to help it last longer and protect the runner better. What runners can expect to find is a breathable, durable system that allows the foot to move freely but also provides maximum protection and support. Reebok uses a rubber coating for the upper to protect the shoe from wear and tear. This uniquely designed shoe also utilizes technology that adds extra grip to the outside of the shoe as well as the outsole of the shoe. This technology is called Dura Grip. Runners can also expect to see features that are unique to obstacle course racing like the Rope–Pro which is designed to help runners climb up ropes. The upper is a very breathable and employs a superior water drainage system. Runners reported that their feet felt dry quickly after running through wet and muddy obstacles. The lacing system is also new. The bungee style laces keep the shoe secure and won't come untied like a traditional lacing system would.

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      Runners will be relieved to see that this shoe is not only highly durable and protective, but also very breathable. The Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0 opted for a breathable upper material as opposed to a waterproof design. In place of the waterproof material, they incorporated their patented H20 Drain technology that helps water escape quickly from the shoe. This decision translates to an ultra-breathable, airy ride for the runner. Visually, it is easy to see the larger air holes along the seamless mesh upper. Runners reported that the airflow kept their feet cool and dry and free of painful irritation and blisters.
      Runners raved about the overall comfort that this shoe provides. This can be attributed to a few key factors. For starters, the design helps eliminate moisture problems for the runner. The upper provides superior breathability and the shoe utilizes its patented H20 drain technology to quickly and effectively drain water from the shoe. Runners reported that they did not need to worry about soggy feet during their races or training. Additionally, the CMEVA midsole foam provides a good amount of cushioning to help the runner run mile after mile without feeling fatigued or sore.
      This is a rugged, aggressive looking shoe. The All Terrain Super 3.0 comes in the following color options: ash gray, black, coal, pewter, white, and electric flash. This is not a shoe that is designed to appeal to the runner who likes fun, bright colors and designs, but rather the runner who is looking for a more serious look to their racing shoe.
      The All Terrain Super 3.0 weighs almost a full ounce more than the OR. This is because of the added durability and protective features that were added to the upper in the shoe's redesign. However, that ounce doesn’t do too much in terms of the overall feel of the shoe which still maintains a lightweight, flexible feel.
      Reebok worked hard to incorporate superior durability features to this shoe. For starters, the upper is covered in a rubber coating to help protect against wear and tear. Additionally, the lug system to the outsole of the shoe is extremely durable. It not only protects the runner through its superior grip, it also added an important durability layer to the outsole and ensures that this shoe won’t prematurely wear down. Finally, the CMEVA midsole foam is known to be more durable than some other more traditional midsole materials.
      This shoe offers two key protective elements to the runner. The first is the rock guard that is found in the underfoot of the shoe which protects the foot from sharp or hazardous debris that can be encountered on the trails. Another is the H20 drainage technology. This might not seem like a protective element, but by draining water quickly and efficiently from the shoe, this technology is protecting the runner from the risk of blisters and discomfort.
      Runners found this shoe to be highly responsive. They loved that they shoe was thin enough, and the drop low enough to feel connected to the ground. This allows runners to respond quickly to changes in direction and speed without the risk of injury. The CMEVA midsole is a springy foam that not only absorbs shock, but returns energy back to the runner which also adds to the responsiveness of the shoe.
      The key support features of this shoe can be found in the heel and through the lacing system. The heel of the shoe provides added cushioning to the ride and employs a unique design feature that helps keep the foot locked in place. This reduces slippage and potential injury to the runner. The other support feature is in the lacing system. The lacing system of this shoe is unique in that the laces are actually tied into the shoe. This helps lock the foot in place and provides a supportive fit all around.
      The unique, larger squared lugs on the outsole of the All Terrain Super 3.0 are specifically designed to tackle rugged terrain, like in obstacle course races. This includes technical trails as well as slippery water pits, rope climbing and more. The Rope Pro technology helps specifically for rope climbing courses. This isn’t just a trail shoe. It is an all terrain running shoe as the name implies.
      This shoe is priced a little higher than some reviewers were comfortable with. Some commented that they were concerned that the 3.0 would have some of the same durability problems as the OR, making the higher price point difficult to swallow. However, once runners tried the All Terrain Super 3.0 they saw that Reebok worked hard to redesign the upper and fix some of the problems the earlier version was experiencing. The durability is great and runners did not have to replace this shoe as soon as they did with the OR version, making the All Terrain Super 3.0 a better value than its predecessor.

      This shoe provides the runner with superior traction. Many trail shoes do well with on light trails, but this shoe was specifically designed to grip even the most difficult terrain as well as obstacle course. The lug system is aggressive and resembles the look of a cleat allowing it to grip onto any surface.
      This shoe prides itself on being a flexible shoe. Part of the success of this shoe depends on it being able to respond quickly to changes in pace, terrain, and direction. Even though the outsole is lined with aggressive lugs, it still moves naturally with the foot. The mesh upper is also extremely flexible. Another small detail that adds a lot of flexibility to the shoe is a lower collar around the ankle that allows the foot to move freely.

      This shoe offers the runner a decent amount of stability, but it is not particularly designed for to correct pronation issues. The heel offered added stability and cushioning. The CMEVA midsole foam conforms to the shape of the foot which provides some stability to the arch.
      This shoe features a low drop for a natural running experience. Runners liked that the shoe doesn’t overwhelm with unnecessary cushioning or stability features that could weigh down the foot and impede natural movement. Runners felt very connected to the trail below them.
      Key Features
      - CMEVA midsole foam
      - Rock guard protection underfoot
      - H20 Drain Technology
      - Rope Pro technology
      Bottom Line
      This is a top of the line adventure shoe. It is uniquely designed for obstacle races like the Tough Mudder or Spartan race. Reebok reworked the upper of the shoe to add more durability. The outsole provides excellent traction to keep the runner safe on a variety of different terrains. The price is a little higher than some would have wanted, but when you consider the high level of durability and how well this shoe performs on obstacle course races, it is worth every penny.
      Where to Buy
      By Stacey O'Connor
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