Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave

Reebok was one of the first and remains the emanate name in CrossFit shoes, gear, and equipment. The Nano has been the CrossFit shoe of choice by the elites as well as the beginner crossfitters since 2010. In its 8th iteration, Reebok makes key changes to the upper to make it more flexible overall. The new figure eight design of the upper keeps the foot supported and the material is designed to provide maximum breathability. As CrossFit has developed and become more and more popular over the years, the engineers at Reebok have worked hard to create a shoe that is as tough as the sport. This is uniquely designed for the multiple activities and movements that crossfitters specialize in. A lower drop provides a stable base for heavy weight lifting, the low ankle profile allows the foot to move freely and a dual density midsole bounces back for high-intensity movements. This shoe is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but many crossfitters swear that this shoe is the best option for this unique sport. The shoe is also offered in multiple color and style options to fit every runner’s fashion sense.

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Pros & Cons

- Durable and designed for the unique needs of a CrossFit athlete

- Multiple colors and styles available

- 4 mm drop


- Not suited for distance running

Key Features
The outsole of this shoe is specifically designed for indoor surfaces. The base of this shoe is nearly flat, providing a stable surface for heavy Olympic style lifts as well as dynamic movements like plyometrics. The outsole is lined with flex grooves along the forefoot to add flexibility and help the athlete complete dynamic movements. The high abrasion rubber outsole material serves two key purposes. The first is that it is highly durable and able to withstand punishing workouts. The second is that the high abrasion rubber adds a higher level of traction than other outsole rubbers. This ensures safety during lateral movements and plyometric moves like box jumps and burpees.
The midsole is designed to provide a solid landing pad for athletes. The midsole is made from a dual density material. This multilayered material is able to bounce back to its original form even after extensive use. The cushioning provided is firmer but will condense under the weight of heavy lifting to conform to the shape of the foot and provide stability and support to athletes. The forefoot of this shoe is designed with more cushioning which is uniquely specific to weightlifting and CrossFit shoes.
Some of the biggest updates to the 8th iteration of this shoe can be found in the upper design. The 8th iteration uses Reebok’s patented Flexweave material. This material is made using a figure eight design process that is designed to simultaneously allow for maximum airflow but also provide support and comfort to its wearers. The upper also features Toe Tection technology that provides a higher level of durability to protect the athlete during high-intensity workouts. The inside of the shoe comes with a heel bootie construction. This design element wraps the inside of the foot in support and keeps the foot stable during workouts. The Nano 8 also features a low profile, providing extra room for the ankle to move freely as well as extra flex grooves along the forefoot for added flexibility.
It is important that CrossFit shoes have the right weight distribution. If a shoe is too heavy, athletes will not be able to perform dynamic movements at the level that the sport requires, but if the shoe is too light, they will not get enough support for heavy lifting. The women’s size nine weighs in at 8 ounces while the men’s size nine is 10.8 ounces.
In the 8th iteration of the Nano, Reebok made some key updates to the upper of the shoe to create a more breathable, ventilated feel. The newest iteration uses Flexweave technology. This figure 8 design supports the flow of air into and out of the foot chamber, ensuring that runners stay cool even when things heat up in the gym. Since this shoe is specially designed for indoor workouts, increasing the breathability of the shoe is key to keeping runners comfortable.
Runners found that this shoe is very comfortable for a number of reasons. For starters, the upper is breathable and lightweight. It allows air to flow into and out of the foot chamber, reducing the risk of overheating, blisters, or painful hot spots. Additionally, the shoe has a low profile, leaving lots of room for the ankle to move freely. This is made with a dual density midsole material that conforms to the shape of the foot and is able to bounce back into shape even after heavy lifts and vigorous movements. Athletes also found the higher flexibility of the shoe to be very comfortable as well.
It is no secret that crossfitters love their fashion. This shoe follows that trend and provides runners with nearly endless color and style possibilities. They are offered in a number of classic colors, but for a higher price tag, athletes have the option to customize a pair to their unique style specifications. Regardless of the color palate that athletes choose, the shoe has a sleek, slim look that compliments any athletes look, making it a great option for competitions as well as every day WODs.
In terms of protection, athletes can feel confident that they are working out in a shoe that is uniquely designed for the complicated sport of CrossFit. Since CrossFit includes so many unique movements, wearing the wrong shoe can lead to pain or injury. The Nano 8 has a stable base and a 4 mm heel to toe drop to protect athletes while they are lifting heavy weights. The internal heel sleeve protects runners from unwanted movement while working out, keeping them safe from blisters and hot spots.
The outsole of this shoe is made from a high abrasion rubber. Reebok selected this material additionally because it holds up against excessive use. It can handle the dynamic movements and aggressive workouts that come with CrossFit. Additionally, the midsole is made with a dual density foam. This foam adapts to the shape of each foot and bounces back to its original shape.
Athletes found this shoe to be highly responsive, which is a very important element in a high-quality CrossFit shoe. The shoe has a lower drop and although the high abrasion rubber is durable and protective, it is also thin enough so the athlete can feel the ground below them and make effective changes to their stride.
The upper of this shoe is made with Flexweave technology. This material is made using a unique figure 8 pattern that wraps the foot in a snug supportive fit. Additionally, this shoe comes with an inner heel sleeve to help keep the foot in place. This added support helps keep athletes safe during explosive movements by keeping the foot locked in place.
This shoe is specifically designed for indoor use. The high abrasion rubber along the outsole connects to an indoor material. The design of the underfoot works well for jumping and explosive side to side motion. It is also great for heavy weight lifting. Although this shoe can handle shorter runs as part of a WOD, it is not designed to spend long amounts of time on pavement or off-road terrain.
The Nano line has never been the first option for athletes on a tight budget. This is a top of the line shoe that only uses the highest quality materials and the price tag reflects this. It is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, and while it isn’t the cheapest option, it is quite possibly one of the most popular CrossFit shoes on the market for a good reason.
The outsole of this shoe is lined with a series of flex grooves that cover the length of the shoe. These flex grooves not only provide maximum flexibility to the athlete, they also help to increase the traction of the shoe. This is key for CrossFit athletes who are changing direction during sprints, jumping up onto 20 or 24-inch boxes, performing burpees, or a number of other potentially dangerous movements that require a higher level of traction.
Both the upper and outsole of this shoe support the natural movement of the athlete. The upper has been redesigned to include Flexweave technology. This material is flexible but the inner heel sleeve still allows for a high level of support. Likewise, the outsole of the shoe is made with a durable, protective rubber, but it is lined with flex grooves, especially along the midfoot, that make jumping and moving quickly an easy task. Finally, the entire design of the shoe features a lower profile that promotes full mobility in the ankle.
This shoe is not a traditional stability shoe. This means that the shoe is not designed with added technology that is designed to support the runner’s gait. For runners who struggle with over or under pronation issues, this shoe lacks the added elements that can help improve these issues. However, this shoe offers stability to the athlete in that it features a lower profile that keeps the runner stable and connected the ground below them. This is ideal for lifting heavy weights. Athletes do not need to worry about their ankle rolling under the pressure.
Shoes that are designed for CrossFit require a lower heel to toe drop and these shoes follow that rule. The Nano 8 has a 4 mm heel to toe drop, making it a great option for heavy weight lifting, but for runners, not a great option for any long distance running.
Key Features
- Updated Flexweave technology upper
- Unique figure eight design in the upper for maximum breathability
- High Abrasion rubber outsole
- Flex grooves along the outsole and forefoot for added flexibility
- Dual density midsole foam unit
- Toe Tection technology adds extra durability and protection
- Uniquely designed for indoor activity and CrossFit in particular
- 4 mm heel to toe drop
- Interior heel sleeve
- Lower profile for increased ankle mobility
Bottom Line
Since Crossfit is a relatively new sport, brands that are committed to creating high-quality CrossFit gear need to be committed to constantly updating their product as new information becomes available. Reebok has made 8 updates to the Nano since it came out in 2010 in order to give athletes the best, most up to date technology possible in the CrossFit community. The new Flexweave upper is even more breathable and due to the unique figure 8 design, the Nano 8 is able to provide support without extra weight. The dual-layered midsole foam is dense and conforms to the shape of each unique foot. This helps protect athletes during heavy lifting as well as while they perform dynamic movements. The high abrasion rubber outsole is durable and when it is combined with the Toe Tection technology, athletes know this shoe will last and that they will be protected even during the toughest workouts. While this shoe is good for sprints and shorter runs that are part of the WOD this is not the shoe that should be used for intense long-distance running or training. This shoe is designed for the particular needs of the CrossFit athlete which means that it is best used indoors during WODs. This shoe comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Although this shoe is not a shoe that is suggested for athletes on a very tight budget, the Nano is the leading name in CrossFit shoes, and athlete after athlete commented that it was worth every penny.
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