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10 Lesser Known Companies with Running Products that You will Love

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10 Lesser Known Companies with Running Products that You will Love 10 Lesser Known Companies with Running Products that You will Love www.runnerclick.com

The running world seems to have grown exponentially and with this expansion, it can be hard to keep up with new products and gear that can help your running game. We all are aware of the big guns like Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Saucony, Under Armour, etc… just to name a few. Thanks to the internet and social media influencers, there are a lot of smaller “mom & pop” like businesses that have developed and gotten their name out there over the last few years, all of which have various running products for pre, during, and post workouts.

But where to start? Here is a list of 10 up and coming brands you should check out!

Running gear from head to toe for her and him



A startup sunglass company from California that wanted to bring the “fun” to working out. Love for running, people, storytelling, making the most out of your day while having a blast doing it describes the basics for the foundation of Goodr sunglasses. The shades are versatile, fashionable, and allow you to move freely for an epic performance. Funky named and themed glasses with bright colors, perfect grip, and polarized lenses for as little as $25 a pair make them difficult to pass up. If you want to work hard while looking good doing it, head over to Goodr and grab a pair of fresh, stylish, and fun shades.janji shorts


A Boston based brand that travels the world to bring unique, artistic, and one of a kind textiles to performance running apparel while each purchase, additionally, provides a contribution to help assist in accessing clean water globally for those in need. Not only do they provide cool looking, functioning gear while giving back, but they have also established a yearly running and exploring retreat internationally. Janji has also recently developed a lifetime membership program where you can contribute to support the clean water initiative while receiving awesome discounts. Win-win!

Mind Over Matter Athlete

Hot stuff comes from hot places like Texas. This Houston brand has your mantra for those tough competitions when you wonder how on earth you will finish. From tanks to tees to racing tech singlets and triathlon kits, your perfect catchphrase like “Mind over Matter”, “Silence the Enemy”, or “I’m all Heart” will help you get over the hump of your daily grind. Additionally, the brand gives back to local Houston charities with an annual 5k, 10k and virtual charity run held in November.



Are you looking for a comfortable, efficient pair of workout socks that are also made from all sustainable materials? Look no further, ROCKAY Accelerate running socks are made from organic wool merino providing just the right amount of cushioning, arch support, and wicking to help keep your working feet stay blister free. The best news is these socks are guaranteed for LIFE making these socks an absolute no-brainer.


Boa Fit System

Making a name for themselves in the cycling world, the folks at Boa Fit System out of Colorado have ventured to bring their innovative lacing technology into the running world. The unique micro-adjustable dial, lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides have enticed quite a few well-known shoe brands to create custom and secure fits with every run. Providing simplicity in navigation, the Boa Fit System creates a precision fit which may make you believe that tying laces will become a thing of the past.

To transport your gear



Coming straight from down under Regalo, a symbolic word for “gift” in several languages, has developed a novel handsfree wearable pocket for carrying your essentials while on the go. Armbands can throw off running form and this minimalistic, durable pocket is sleek, comfortable, and versatile. Attaching to a waistband with some of the strongest magnetic clips on the market, you can feel safe and secure that your valuables will stay close to you while you run, walk, hike, or explore. And it’s water-resistant, so you can tackle your adventures in almost any weather and feel at ease that your phones, keys, cards, medicine or anything else you need while being the best version of you, will stay safe and dry.



NYC founders have made a washable, transferable, easy to use accessory to place on the outside of backpacks to get your footwear to and from without dirtying up your other packable items, while smart vents help to keep the shoes fresh. Functional, hygienic, and genius! The SP-1 model allows for more space inside your backpack by attaching with adjustable straps to the outside of your pack. Solepack accessories are ergonomically designed to allow for proper fit in overhead bins on flights for those of us who like to travel far and wide and still get in a good workout with minimal luggage. Now you can travel with your shoes by your side and keep your hands free and your other gear clean.

Recovery gear


All Strides In

A mother and daughter athletic duo have created an attractive and sleek post-workout, premium, lifestyle apparel line for women. The tees and hats adorn clever phrases that are sure to make you smile. Reminders of why we love the sport of running are so important for training and to assist in minimizing burn out which is why these cute tees like “Ready for Awesome” & “Release Your Strong” are a smart fit for your recovery days. The comfort line with its inspirational logo reflecting sweat, blood, and tears, supports women who push, play, and reflect.


Legend Compression Wear

An American based brand that has the medical expertise in compression line wear technology. Offering products that work best during or after your runs, including socks and sleeves, Legend Compression Wear provides straight forward colors with graduated compression proven in research to improve symptoms of discomfort, swelling, fatigue and aching of the feet and legs. Targeting relief in shin splints and calf cramps, Legend Compression socks provide faster recovery improving your efficiency and game.


Roll Recovery

Colorado runners founded the unique rolling massage device that REALLY works. The patented R3 and R8 models are two exceptionally designed, state of the art, functional tools that are small enough to transport anywhere and work with just the right amount of strength and force to help tired muscles and release toxins and waste to get them ready for the next workout. Popular with elite athletes, it would be of no surprise if you already own one of these rollers yourself!

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