Adidas NMD_CS1

The Adidas NMD_CS1 (which stands for Nomad City Sock), is a take-off from the company’s extremely popular and coveted NMD Runner introduced a few years ago. Although the NMD_CS1 is not engineered to be a running or performance sneaker, it does bear some resemblance to its laced predecessor. Unlike its running shoe cousin which had a partly Primeknit upper, the City Sock boasts an upper completely derived from Primeknit material. This advanced fabric is designed to deliver support and durable flexibility where you need it most on the shoe. As a casual sneaker, it provides an easy on and off design due to its bootie-like silhouette and heel pull tab. Just like the running shoe version of the NMD, the CS1 features a cushiony Boost midsole which delivers comfort and responsiveness. These shoes hit the marks of today’s city sock sneaker trend, as well as the woven look. The upper is in no way flashy, but it does feature an aesthetically pleasing design with lines subtly going in different directions. Perhaps the most appealing characteristic of this shoe is how incredibly comfortable it is. Many users have commented on how they can wear them for an entire day and still not feel the need to take them off. This sneaker was designed to take on the day-to-day and can even go from day to night easily and with style. 

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Comfortable city sock silhouette meets today’s trends
  • Highly versatile design
  • Boost midsole delivers a comfortable cushioned ride
  • Heel pull tab makes them easy to put on and off
  • Can wear them all day and not feel uncomfortable
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Tends to run a little big for some
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this city sock is designed for walking in the modern jungle. The NMD_CS1 has a webbed rubber outsole featuring a hexagonal pattern throughout the midfoot. The heel is has a different semi-circle pattern while the toe portion of the outsole has a more solid small lug-type pattern. The outsole does not boast any type of lugs and is flush with the ground. However, there are enough textured lines to give you traction during your everyday activities. Underneath the arch of the foot, you will notice a pop of color with the Adidas word logo and their famous trefoil logo.
      Although this is a lifestyle sneaker and not meant as a performance shoe, the NMD_CS1 delivers excellent cushioning through the use of Boost technology. This cushioning system is present in many of Adidas’ performance shoes and is designed to deliver enhanced energy return with each step, all while also delivering supreme comfort. The midsole is accentuated by the placement of the NMD’s signature bumpers on the lateral side of the shoe. These rubber bumpers are on all of Adidas’ NMD series of sneakers.
      The upper of the Adidas NMD_CS1 is definitely current with today’s trends. As a city sock, it is designed to wrap around your foot just like a sock and keep you comfortable and supported. On this sneaker, the upper is made of PrimeKnit construction and is put together in three separate sections, which is very eye-catching. Each section has lines going a different way: horizontal, perpendicular, and diagonal. The flexible Primeknit construction gives the shoe a lightweight, breathable, and customized fit just like a sock would. The upper comes up just above the ankle, giving it a mid-cut design. The ankle collar is soft and elastic, replicating a sock-like feel. There is no insole in this shoe, rather your foot is right up next to the Primeknit, which is fine because it’s really comfortable like a sock would be. At the back of the shoe, you will find a heel pull for even easier on and off. On one particular model of this shoe, the Parley Primeknit, you will find both the Parley logo and the Adidas logo on the pull-tab, while on all others, you will only find the Adidas logo. The Parley Primeknit version has an upper that is partially made up of recycled plastics taken from the ocean. This is a great way the company is trying to reduce its carbon footprint on the world.
      Because this shoe does not have a lot of performance technology or bells and whistles, it is very lightweight. Being a city sock design, it is engineered to feel like a sock on your foot, so obviously, it’s going to be light.
      The Primeknit upper of the NMD_CS1 gives this shoe excellent breathability. This lightweight knit upper is designed to not only be light on your feet but also allow airflow in and out of the foot chamber. Many users have commented that they often don’t even bother to wear socks with these because they feel so comfortable and great on their own which would make them even more breathable. You won’t have to worry about unusually sweaty feet in these city socks.
      There’s no question of comfort when it comes to the NMD_CS1. Designed as a lifestyle sneaker, or as a City Sock, this shoe will definitely deliver all-day wearable comfort. The shoe’s Primeknit upper is surprisingly comfortable and very flexible. Even the Parlay for the Ocean’s version has a comfortable upper, despite being made partly of recycled plastic. Because this city sock is designed to fit like a sock, it will hug your feet comfortably and work great with any foot shape. Adidas also put cushioned EVA Boost foam in the midsole which is soft and responsive. These shoes deliver all-over comfort and you should be able to wear them for hours on end with no problem at all.
      One current sneaker trend is the not-so-flashy city sock which is basically a sock with a sole on it. Another current sneaker trend is the knit-looking upper. The NMD_CS1 hits both of these points easily. The flexible Primeknit material of the upper is both attractive and relatively durable. These minimally flashy shoes are easy to put on and take off and look great with either casual or dress-casual attire. Users have commented that they have worn them to work, out with friends, or running errands, making them extremely versatile. Not only will you be comfortable in these great-looking city socks, but you will also be stylish.
      The NMD_CS1 is a non-bulky and minimally adorned lifestyle sneaker. Therefore, it isn’t really meant to go trekking through harsh terrain and weather conditions. The flexible Primeknit material making up the shoes' upper is surprisingly durable given what it is - simply knit synthetic material. The boost midsole should hold up well and not sag too much, seeing as that’s what it was designed to do. With a flush-to-the-ground outsole, it won’t give you durability in terms of running a marathon or two, but they should hold up nicely in the day-to-day. In the end, as long as these lifestyle sneakers are worn appropriately, they should last you as long as most other lifestyle sneakers.
      Again, these lifestyle sneakers are meant to be stylish kicks and to be worn for casual or work casual purposes. For this reason, they aren’t going to protect your feet from harsh elements or severe underfoot terrain. The upper on this shoe is made up solely of Primeknit material which is great, but it won’t protect your feet if you happen to slosh through a puddle, so check the weather forecast before throwing these on. They aren’t the most protective sneakers out there but they will keep your feet comfortable and protected as a regular old casual shoe would.
      The EVA Boost Foam that makes up the midsole of the NMD_CS1 is designed to deliver excellent responsiveness. Boost material is derived from compressed foam pellets and molded for various shoes. These TPU pellets form together to make a responsive and cushiony material. Although you won’t be running any 10K’s in these sneakers, you will definitely feel an added spring to your step with the Boost midsole.
      The main support that is delivered to your feet in the NMD_CS1 is through the Primeknit upper. Primeknit material is a knitted fused yarn that delivers the exact amount of flexibility and support needed in each part of the shoe. This lightweight material wraps around your foot and adapts to any foot shape, giving you support. Another supportive feature is the Boost foam midsole. This will support your feet in cushiony comfort and prevent stress on your joints. Since this particular model of sneaker is a lifestyle shoe, it isn’t meant to provide support during athletic endeavors, but it will support your foot well in everyday usage.
      The Adidas NMD_CS1 is engineered to tackle the concrete jungle, not the trail. Because it lacks aggressive lugs and has a smoother outsole than your typical running sneaker, it won’t be great for anything other than wearing around casually in the city or to work.
      If you are looking for a casual sneaker that is easy on the wallet, then you may want to look elsewhere. Because the NMD_CS1 comes with the well-trusted name brand of Adidas and is engineered with excellent materials, it’s a little pricey. Currently, the sneaker is priced anywhere between $100 and $140 depending on where you shop. This is a higher price tag for a lifestyle sneaker, but many consumers have commented on how incredibly comfortable and versatile it is, making it worth the money.
      The NMD_CS1 is not going to give you a ton of traction due to its outsole. It does feature a webbed rubber outsole which will help you get some level of grip, but it isn’t going to be the best if you are planning on wearing them on a rainy day or if you are trying to play basketball. As far as a casual sneaker goes, the rubber outsole is sufficient for enough traction to keep you sure-footed as you go about your daily business.
      This sneaker really doesn’t have anything on it that would make it clunky or stiff. The rubber outsole is pretty thin and the Boost midsole is soft and relatively flexible. The shoes’ upper is comprised solely of Primeknit woven material and has a sock-like feel so it is incredibly flexible. Designed to be a city sock, it should feel pretty much like a sock on your foot, which of course, makes them flexible.
      Due to the fact that this sneaker is a lifestyle casual shoe, it does not provide a lot of stability features like other sneakers meant for activities such as running and hiking. With that said, the Primeknit upper hugs your foot to give you personalized support, which will keep your foot stable.
      The Adidas NMD_CS1 has a pretty low drop, which is normal for lifestyle sneakers. Because you don’t have to really worry much about heel striking or pronation when you are just walking around, they have a typical drop when it comes to casual sneakers.
      Key Features
      - Primeknit upper hugs the foot and provides comfort, support, and breathability
      - Boost midsole delivers a comfortable cushiony ride
      - Stylish city sock silhouette which is highly versatile
      - Easy to put on and take off, especially with the heel pull tab
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas NMD_CS1 is a stylish city sock that offers a cushioned and comfortable ride. It scores high on the style meter with its trendy no-frills silhouette and Primeknit upper. Many consumers who have already worn this shoe have commented on how incredibly comfortable they are and how you might even forget you are wearing shoes, thanks to the bootie-like construction and sock ankle collar. These sneakers are meant to be worn out on a run or when trekking through the woods, but they do perform well as a casual lifestyle sneaker. They are a tad bit pricey but a lot of people have said that the price is definitely worth the quality, style, and comfort that the NMD_CS1 delivers.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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      Where to buy
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