Adidas ZX 500 RM

Way back in 1984, the original Adidas ZX 500 was introduced at the Los Angelos Olympics as a cutting-edge running shoe. It was a very popular sneaker in both design and performance. Adidas decided to mimic the look of this famous sneaker by redesigning the original and adding a few new technological advances. If you look at the two sneakers side by side, the original and the ZX 500 RM, you’ll notice how incredibly similar the two sneakers look. However, sneaker technology has come a long way since the 80’s so there are a number of differences as far as comfort and performance go. For one, the ZX 500 RM contains Adidas’ infamous Boost midsole which delivers amazing response and comfort. Secondly, the materials used in the modern version are both comfortable and breathable. This resurrected model is a really great-looking sneaker and would be an excellent addition to anybody’s collection.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Style relevant with its vintage design
  • High-quality suede and mesh upper
  • Boost midsole delivers response and comfort
  • Durable rubber outsole provides traction and grip
  • The tongue is sewn into the sneaker to provide support as it hugs the foot securely
  • Stabilizing heel counter
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • The outsole may be a little clunky for some
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this revamped version of the ZX 500 is made of a tougher rubber than the original. This rubber is durable and will prevent breakdown from every day and exercising abrasion with the road and ground and gives the shoe more ability to stabilize your run or walk. On the forefoot of the outsole, along with the sides of the midfoot, you will see a waffle-like pattern in the rubber with holes in each rectangle. These durable lugs are textured and will help deliver grip and traction. The back of the outsole boasts a semi-circle with diagonal lines designed to aid in heel grip and to help you have a smooth transition from heel to toe as it works with the rest of the outsole. At the center of the outsole, you get a little sneak peek at the springy Boost midsole.
      Appearing for the first time in the Adidas ZX 500 is the company’s technologically advanced Boost material. This material is made from TPU (thermoplastic urethane) pellets that are molded into a pill shape and then compressed together to form the shape of the midsole. This Boost material is responsive, shock-absorbing, and lightweight. Also known as Energy Boost, this midsole delivers excellent response and adds a great amount of spring to your step. You will also notice a small foam strip at the base of the forefoot on the bottom of the midsole and at the back of the shoe. These inserts add durability and stability to the sneaker.
      This shoe’s upper bears a large resemblance to the original Adidas ZX 500 which was introduced back in 1984. This retro-style of sneaker lends a nod to its original design with the details on its upper including a suede accent around the toe box, around the lacing system, and around the bottom of the shoe’s upper. With its vintage silhouette, this shoe includes two different kinds of mesh: a traditional mesh on the toe box reminiscent to the original and a stretch mesh at the midfoot and toward the rear of the shoe. Even the available colorways give off a retro vibe with their grey and off-white look and pop of red on the tongue and heel. The tongue of the sneaker is sewn into the bottom of the shoe using a breathable mesh material to deliver both comfort and support. At the top of the tongue, you will find Adidas’ iconic Trefoil logo on the pop of red material. The insole in this sneaker is sewn into the shoe, so you cannot remove it, but it definitely adds additional comfort.
      Thanks to the lightweight materials that make up the midsole and upper, this is a relatively lightweight shoe. However, because the outsole is made of a thicker, harder rubber, it may be a tad bit heavier than some other sneakers out there. Unfortunatly, there is no concrete information online as to the exact weight of these shoes.
      The upper on the ZX 500 RM has a few different layers of material to it, but much of that material is mesh. The toe box area is made up of a simple breathable mesh while the rear of the shoe has a more flexible mesh. There are embellishments and details in other materials such as suede and a leather-like material at the heel, but these are really just for aesthetics. Mesh is also featured inside of the sneaker, attaching the tongue to the bottom of the shoe. All of this mesh allows great airflow so your feet shouldn’t get too hot.
      One of the most frequent comments by consumers when speaking about the Adidas ZX 500 RM is referring to how incredibly comfortable these training sneakers are. While not everyone will be purchasing this retro-looking shoe for running or training purposes, they will work well performance-wise as well as casually and in either event, your feet will be nice and comfy. Unlike a similar model of Adidas, the Iniki, the ZX 500 boasts ample toe room. The Boost technology found in this sneaker’s midsole will give you a cushioned and comfortable ride while the sewn-in tongue hugs the foot with its flexible mesh. Once you slide these shoes on, you’ll definitely feel their comfort.
      There is no doubt about it, the ZX 500 RM is a great looking shoe. Adidas did an excellent job of modeling it after the original 1984 version with its suede and red embellishments. In fact, it looks surprisingly similar. The company also did a great job of updating the model with its springy Boost midsole. This sneaker can be worn as a light to moderate running shoe, or as a casual sneaker; either way, you will be hitting all of the current vintage-inspired trends with these shoes. The sneaker boasts Adidas’ iconic three stripes on both sides as well as their well-known Trefoil logo on the tongue. The pops of red on the tongue and heel, just like its 80’s predecessor, give just the right amount of color to this sneaker. A large number of consumers have said that they just look awesome, on the foot or off.
      These sneakers are made of high-quality and durable materials. For one thing, the outsole is made of a thicker and more durable rubber that lends itself to adding a great amount of durability and will resist wear and tear well. Secondly, the upper is layered with high-quality mesh and suede-like embellishments to give this sneaker a fighting chance against the elements and everyday activities. The toe box and upper just above the midsole and up around the lacing system features a soft yet durable suede material that will withstand much wear. Around the front of the midsole and also around the heel, the shoe boasts a foam that will help protect the upper from getting damaged easily. The top of the heel cup features a plastic-like leathery material right on the pull tab which will help the heel keep its shape. The back of the shoe has a tougher plastic material lining the heel cup at the base of the upper which will not only stabilize or heel but will also protect the upper from damage.
      The most protective part of this sneaker is the outsole with its durable harder rubber. This rubber will protect your feet from underfoot debris and will keep you comfortable and safe when walking or running. The outsole is packed with textured flush lugs with holes in them to help you stay sure-footed with plenty of grip and traction. Adidas’ Boost midsole will absorb a great amount of shock as you step to protect your feet and joints from any undue stress. The toe area and the bottom of the upper are covered with suede which will protect your feet from wetness as well as protect the shoe from getting damaged.
      One of the most impressive performance features on this shoe is the Boost midsole. Boost technology is designed to absorb shock and deliver excellent energy return. The Boost will provide a springy feel and supreme cushioning under your feet.
      The ZX 500 RM provides a decent level of support. The Boost midsole helps your foot to sink into the sneaker while the tongue, which is sewn into the bottom of the shoe, wraps your foot with comfortable support. The midsole features EVA inserts in the front and the back which offer additional comfort and stabilizing support. At the rear of the sneaker, you will find a harder plastic heel counter that wraps around the base of the upper as well as a suede heel support. These features will help keep your foot aligned properly and keep your ankle supported and safe.
      These sneakers are great for both the concrete jungle and indoors as well as well-groomed trails. Although they have a durable and fairly grippy outsole, they lack aggressive lugs that will help you on technical trail runs. The Adidas ZX 500 RM will work well as either a casual sneaker where you may have to stand on your feet all day, a training shoe for short to moderate distances, or for both.
      Adidas is known for manufacturing high-quality shoes and is always looking for ways to better their products and brand name. The ZX 500 RM is not only a great-looking retro-vibe sneaker, but it is also well made. These facts add up to a heftier price tag but many consumers have said they are definitely worth the price considering the quality, comfort, and durability.
      The traction on the ZX 500 RM is sufficient for everyday use and for running on even to slightly rough terrain. The rectangular textured lugs are sufficient for both wet and dry surfaces whether you are out for a jog or just out with your friends.
      The Adidas ZX 500 RM is flexible enough for everyday activity but if you are looking to up your running performance speed, you may want to look for something a little more flexible and less stabilizing. The upper does include mesh and other flexible materials but because it has suede overlays and a pretty solid outsole, they are not the most flexible sneaker out there. They deliver enough flexibility for casual wear or for light to moderate activity.
      Although this sneaker is not necessarily a “stability sneaker”, it does offer quite a bit of stability through its stylish features. The heel cup is surrounded by suede and it will ensure a stabilized heel. Also at the heel, Adidas placed a tough plastic overlay that surrounds the shoe toward the bottom of the upper which with not only aid in durability but will help your foot stable. The Boost midsole will also help stabilize the foot and keep it cushioned and supported as you run. Another stabilizing factor is the tongue and how it wraps snugly around the foot to keep it in place.
      These sneakers have a vintage tapered design and drop slightly from the heel to the toe. This drop is a pretty neutral one and these sneakers should work well for almost any foot-type.
      Key Features
      - Style-relevant design with its throwback to the original ZX 500
      - Breathable mesh and suede upper
      - Durable tough outsole design to withstand wear and tear
      - Boost midsole delivers excellent cushion and response
      - Support features such as a sewn-in tongue, heel counter, and solid construction
      Bottom Line
      The fact of the matter is, the ZX 500 RM is an awesome sneaker that both meets the current style trends and delivers performance technologies. With its durable outsole, Boost midsole, and retro supportive upper, Adidas hit it out of the park with this resurrected design. The comfort and aesthetically pleasing design make this sneaker great for both casual use and light to moderate athletic activity. Because these are such great-looking sneakers, many people will probably buy them to use as casual shoes, which is a great way to wear them. If you choose to purchase them for running or exercise, you will get the full benefits of the support in the upper, response in the midsole, and durability of the outsole. However, these sneakers may not stand up against other more technologically advanced running shoes out there. With that said, if you want a great pair of sneakers that will look awesome no matter where you go, then go ahead and get yourself a pair of Adidas ZX 500 RM’s.
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