Adidas Ultra Boost Laceless

The Ultra Boost model is among the more popular designs within the Adidas brand. So when they created a  laceless version of this best-selling shoe, it’s safe to say that it did not disappoint. This seemingly simple shoe includes a number of the brand’s advanced trademarked features. From a durable Continental outsole with Stretchweb technology to a cushiony Boost midsole and flexible Primeknit upper, all of these features go into creating a shoe that’s surprisingly supportive even without laces. Though the color options are more limited than those of the original model, much to some buyers’ disappointment, its simple design and an incredible level of comfort will make this a staple in any Adidas fan’s closet.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Durable and protective outsole
  • The cushioned midsole offers an added bounce
  • Feels extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Offers a breathable and flexible fit
  • Supportive and stable, even without laces
  • Cons
    • Has a very high price tag
    • Does not fit true to size
    • Key Features
      Reviewers love the traction that the Ultra Boost Laceless’ Continental rubber outsole provides. Adidas chose to model this particular outsole off of a rubber tire, using it as inspiration for giving runners a more stable stride. The outermost part of the sole is made of Stretchweb technology that maps out the foot and reduces the impact of each step and jump, as well as provide an adaptable grip on any road terrain that the runner may travel on. In addition, the midfoot area of the sole is equipped with Adidas’ Torsion system, which aids in creating a more natural heel-to-toe stride by keeping the foot from over-flexing.
      As the name of the shoe suggests, Adidas takes full advantage of their Boost midsole technology when constructing their Ultra Boost Laceless model. When compared to more common materials like EVA foam, it is not only for durable and responsive but also gives the runner an added bounce with every single stride. This particular midsole is also equipped with TPU capsules for added sturdiness and pliability. The Ultra Boost’s sock liner can also be removed to allow the wearer usage of custom inserts, should they be needed.
      Since this Ultra Boost model does not have laces, it’s upper has to not only be comfortable but also supportive and sturdy. This is why Adidas’ ever-popular Primeknit material is the perfect choice for this shoe. With a sock-like fit that completely conforms to the shape of the foot, this material Instead of laces, this shoe is equipped with textured ridges that form a cage around the foot to keep it locked in and protected. A pull tab at the front of the opening, as well as a stretchable heel collar, allowing for easy insertion and a fit that stays snug all day.
      The average weight of a men’s Ultra Boost shoe is 10.5 oz. A size 7 women’s shoe of the same model weighs 8.2 oz. No matter the size, however, buyers are extremely happy with how lightweight this shoe is. As this particular model is meant to be an everyday shoe that the wearer can quickly slip on before heading out for errands, it’s best if it not include any added weight. This is even more impressive, considering the number of advanced trademarked features that Adidas incorporated into this shoe.
      Aside from being incredibly comfortable and flexible, another standout feature of Adidas’ Primeknit material is its ability to be completely breathable. Reviewers noted that, during their runs, sweat was wicked away very quickly and their feet were able to stay drier as they wore this shoe. For this reason, it also proves to be incredibly helpful during jogs in the rain. This feature also helps to prevent foot odor and possible infections.
      A standout feature of the Ultra Boost Laceless model is its comfortable fit. The shoe’s Primeknit upper material is known for its high level of comfort and flexibility. Its cushiony Boost midsole has been described as plush by some reviewers. And it’s Primeknit upper is so comfortable and supportive, some consumers say it feels as if they’re only wearing socks. Across the board, buyers love knowing that they can just slip on something easy and head out to run errands. Some reviewers have noted that this shoe can be uncomfortably tight, especially those who have wider than average feet. And some have also noticed that the heel collar tends to rub the ankle by the end of the day. As a result, they recommend buying this model at least half a size up and wearing socks.
      For the most part, the laceless model keeps the same silhouette of the original Ultra Boost shoe. The one obvious difference, other than the laces, is that this design does not include a pull-tab. Instead, it offers a sock-like collar for easy foot insertion. Though some consumers find the ribbed midfoot texture on this shoe to be unpleasant looking, most considered the overall shoe to be very stylish and modern. The one obvious downside is that this Ultra Boost’s color range is quite limited. Options available are white, black, and various shades of grey. Olive green is available at some outlets, and pink is also sold in women’s sizes. At very few online outlets, a grey model with a red ribbed texture can also be purchased.
      The Ultra Boost Laceless’ Continental outsole has received very high reviews across the board for its sturdiness. Even after multiple long distance runs, consumers can’t help but notice how well it holds up. The same is said for its patented Boost midsole when compared to traditional EVA foam. Not only is it able to retain its shape for much longer, avoiding compression, but it can also better withstand rougher terrains. The Primeknit upper, on the other hand, has been known to wear and tear over time, particularly in the toe area.

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      Though it wouldn’t seem so at first, the Ultra Boost Laceless offers a surprising amount of protection. The outsole grips tightly onto most terrains, protecting the runner from possible accidents. The Stretchweb rubber and Boost midsole guard the foot against impact during movement and transfer the energy back into the wearer’s steps. Its Torsion system, based in the midfoot area of the sole, keeps the arches from over-flexing and promotes a more comfortable, natural stride. The Primeknit upper helps prevent possible infections by allowing ventilation and drying away sweat at a faster rate and is also able to keep out dirt and other outside elements. In addition, the material of its pull tab and heel collar are padded in order to prevent minor injuries.
      Adidas’ patented Boost midsole has proven to be much more responsive than traditional foam material. And fans of the Ultra Boost laceless note an added spring to their step as they continue to move. In addition, the Continental outsole’s Stretchweb rubber technology further reduces impact and is able to adapt to whatever wet or dry terrain the runner is on. Though it has been known to wear down over time, the shoe’s flexible Primeknit upper conforms to the foot while allowing the most natural range of motion possible.
      Buyers note that the Ultra Boost’s cushiony Boost midsole keeps their foot supported even throughout mile-long runs. By transferring energy back into every step, this feature is able to reduce the amount of foot and leg pain that the runner would experience by the end of the day. What's more, its Fitcounter heel counter, placed at the base of the heel, provides extra support by ensuring that the foot stays in place throughout the day. Yet it is the Continental outsole that provides a base for these supportive characteristics, plus the Torsion system which provides additional arch support for the wearer.
      Reviewers are extremely impressed with just how well the Ultra Boost Laceless performs on different road terrains. It’s Continental outsole, modeled after a car tire, is able to adapt to many different settings and has proven to consumers to be extremely durable and protective even after many months of use. In addition, the Boost midsole greatly reduces the impact of each movement and gives a durable cushioning. This shoe's ability to keep the runner going on both wet and dry conditions makes it perfect not just for long-distance running, but also for activities such as basketball or tennis.
      For a shoe that seems so simplistic, it has a surprisingly high price tag. Across all online retailers, the Adidas Ultra Boost runs for $200. For some consumers, especially those who are unsure of their foot size, this price is entirely too high. But when buyers consider the number of advanced features that are included in this shoe, its cost seems a bit more understandable. That said, this model is available on outlets such as eBay or Amazon at a much cheaper price. It is recommended that buyers read the listing reviews before making a purchase.
      Because the tread pattern on its continental rubber outsole is modeled after a car tire, it’s no surprise that the Ultra Boost Laceless offers incredible traction. Aided even further by the Stretchweb rubber material, this shoe is able to adapt to a number of different terrains and provide a firm grip on the ground no matter where the runner finds themselves. Whether they ran in wet or dry conditions, reviewers took notice of just how well these shoes were able to keep them going without any risk of an accident.
      As Primeknit is known to be an incredibly flexible material, it’s no surprise that the Ultra Boost Laceless offers this same feature. Many reviewers have noted how unrestricted their movements feel throughout the day, and that jogging is easier thanks to the natural range of motion this shoe offers. Along with the shoe’s upper, it’s Boost midsole has also shown to be extremely pliable. And it’s Continental outsole, though supportive and extremely durable, is still designed to allow the runner the freedom to move their foot the same as they would without shoes.
      For a shoe that does not have laces, this Ultra Boost model offers an incredible amount of stability. Adidas’ trademark Torsion system, which keeps the arch from flexing improperly, is built into the outsole’s midfoot area. This allows for the most natural movement possible and provides a more stable stride to those who walk heel-first. At the back, a Fitcounter heel counter is placed to ensure that the foot stays secure and allow for an overall better fit. In addition, the Boost midsole further stabilizes by absorbing shock and transferring it into an added bounce with each step.
      With a heel cushioning height of 29mm and a toe cushioning height of 19mm, both men’s and women’s Ultra Boost models have a heel to toe drop of 10mm. This is an average height for running shoes, especially those within the Adidas brand. And it seems to be especially perfect for those runners that enjoy both extra heel support and a more natural stride.
      Key Features
      - Advanced Continental outsole with Stretchweb technology
      - Boost midsole cushions and provides an added bounce
      - Primeknit upper gives comfort and flexibility
      - Ribbed midfoot provides much-needed stability
      - Footcounter heel counter keeps the foot in place
      - Very durable and protective
      - Higher-than-average price tag of $200
      - Limited color options available
      Bottom Line
      At first glance, the Adidas Ultra Boost’s Laceless model seems quite unremarkable, especially when compared to the original Ultra Boost design. And they’re even more alarmed when they see how much it costs. But when buyers take a much closer look, they find that they are pleasantly surprised by all that it has to offer. The outsole is incredibly durable and supportive. The midsole cushions the foot all day and adds an extra spring to each step. The upper conforms to the shape of the foot while still being breathable and flexible at the same time. And thanks to its unique ribbed design, it stays completely stable even without any laces. Though some reviewers are not satisfied with the look of this shoe, most find its appearance to be simplistic yet stylish. Whether they choose to use it for athletics or for everyday activities, most consumers say that purchasing the Ultra Boost Laceless was money well spent.
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