Adidas pureBOOST Xpose

Adidas has become an iconic company in the world of sportswear. Besides their sneakers, the Adidas logo has become a fashion statement unto itself, with the ubiquitous Adidas jumpsuits holding their own place in the culture. And being a large, successful company means that you can cater to specific markets without worrying about a drop in the bottom line. Towards this point, the Adidas pureBOOST Xpose is a neutral running shoe that’s geared to specifically fit a woman’s foot for superior comfort.

The pureBOOST Xpose features a “floating arch,” which takes into account natural foot movement and expansion of the upper during a run. Its cushioning is made of the proprietary boost™ technology, which provides maximum energy return with each step. This new midsole tech is three times more temperature-resistant than standard EVA foam midsoles, making it highly resistant to heat changes, lengthening the lifespan of the shoe in the process. The Boost™ technology is also highly responsive, as well. The STRETCHWEB rubber outsole adapts to natural foot movement during a run and provides much-needed flexibility when miles into a ride. This also adds to the overall durability and lifespan of the pureBOOST Xpose, which allows for runners to use this trainer for daily runs without worrying about wearing down its elements too quickly.

Coming in a standard length that’s specifically designed for a woman’s fit, it comes in a standard B width that’s ideal for medium-sized feet. A moderately priced running shoe, the pureBOOST XPose is also rather lightweight and comes in a number of attractive color schemes. Boasting of superior arch support for runners with high arches, the Adidas pureBOOST XPose is a stylish, comfortable trainer that will take you around the block, or mile after mile, in comfort and style.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Delivers superior comfort 
  • Highly durable and long-lasting 
  • Very stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Superior arch support 
  • Cons
    • Shoe is too lightweight
    • Not a long-distance running shoe
    • Key Features
      With its proprietary STRETCHWEB rubber outsole, which adapts to and stretches on various surfaces for superior grip and less slip, the outsole of the adidas pureBOOST Xpose is equipped with a powerful outsole. This flexible material molds itself to the shape of the wearer’s foot, providing a great fit throughout both long and short runs while ensuring durability and safe rides, especially on slick surfaces.
      What gives the pureBOOST its, well, boost, is its boost™ technology that comprises the midsole. Perhaps the most responsive cushioning system on the market, this molded foam insole takes the shape of the runner’s foot so that over time it will fit the wearer like a glove. Comfortable, customized, and with great arch support, the midsole of the pureBOOST Xpose boasts of one of the best midsoles out there today.
      The upper of the pureBOOST Xpose is made of a neoprene mesh fabric that ensures maximum breathability to keep the runners’ feet dry and cool during long runs and in the hottest weather. Its innovative synthetic overlays helps give structure to the upper and overall shape of the shoe. Its “floating arch” adapts to foot movement during walks and runs and its DYNAMIC upper is similarly adaptive, working along with natural foot movements capable of shifting along with changes over time and helping prevent foot chafing. Its detached upper gives a customized feel while the smooth fabric lining has a silky feel against the foot, avoiding irritation.
      One of the most exciting aspects of the Adidas pureBOOST Xpose is how radically lightweight it is. Coming in at an incredible 7.5 ounces/213 grams, this is an incredibly lightweight running shoe that can handle both short and long runs. Even as an everyday shoe, the Xpose is a well-constructed, durable shoe that’s incredibly lightweight.
      Thanks to its neoprene mesh upper, the Adidas pureBOOST Xpose is a highly breathable trainer. Adaptable to the hottest, most uncomfortable conditions, the runner’s foot will be kept cool and dry throughout a ride. In addition, its boost™ midsole is highly resistant to changes in heat, which keeps the foot cool and lengthens the lifespan of the shoe.
      The pureBOOST Xpose is an incredibly comfortable shoe. This is one of its greatest strengths and one that runners will find well worth the purchase. Its midsole features a molded foam that takes the shape of the runner’s foot while the overall shape of the shoe is crafted to the female foot, and overall the pureBOOST Xpose is a running shoe made specifically for women. Both comfortable and customized, the Xpose is one of the most comfortable running shoes on the market today at its price.
      Not to sound like a stereotype, but this is a shoe designed for women and made to look as aesthetically pleasing and attractive as possible. For this, the pureBOOST Xpose is one really good-looking running shoe. Coming in a number of colors and, based on its color, can either be a subtle shoe that can double as an everyday shoe or a vivacious, eye-catching trainer, the sleek, cool look of the Xpose is a great-looking sneaker that women looking for any type of look will find it in this sneaker.
      Thanks to its construction, the pureBOOST Xpose is a highly durable trainer. With the boost™ technology being temperature-resistant to resist the wear and breakdown that heat differentiations can wreak on a midsole and its STRETCHWEB rubber outsole that similarly adapts to the runner’s natural foot movement during a run, which similarly extends its lifespan, the Xpose will last for a very, very long time.
      Made to traverse and adapt to the terrains of regular running surfaces, from the asphalt jungles of your town to the concrete surfaces of the cityscape, along with the aisles of the supermarket, mall, and any other domestic setting, the pureBOOST Xpose will keep the runner safe on these surfaces. Its STRETCHWEB outsole adapts to running surfaces to provide excellent grip while synthetic overlays provide both structure and protection to the upper. However, while this shoe is built for both short and long-distance runs, it is made for these surfaces alone. It is not a trail-running shoe nor is it made for extreme climes and conditions. But if you’re looking for a comfortable, long-lasting, and adaptive trainer, the pureBOOST Xpose will offer all the protection you’ll need.
      The boost™ technology in the Xpose’s midsole may be the most responsive cushioning system out there today. Its molded foam insole takes the shape of the runner’s foot so that over time that the fit and its responsiveness is incredible. Its STRETCHWEB outsole also adapts to running surfaces to provide great traction and responsiveness across shifting terrains.
      A major advancement the pureBOOST Xpose offers is its “floating arch” technology. This technology adapts to natural foot movement in all modes, from walks to short runs to long-distance running. Its DYNAMIC is similarly adaptive, shifting its support throughout the run. For those with high arches looking for a great shoe with neutral support, the Xpose is here to provide the support you’re looking for.
      A shoe can’t be all things to all people. While the pureBOOST Xpose excels on the common running surfaces any everyday runner will encounter, from the asphalt streets to pavement sidewalks to concrete surfaces that dominate their town or city, or the springy tracks that some may take on, it’s not necessarily made for the more extreme surfaces and conditions that one may decide to take on. Instead, this shoe is here for smooth surfaces, not trails, not mountains, but sidewalks and streets. That said, the STRETCHWEB outsole will provide the grip one needs on any slick surface or dry terrain they may find in these parameters.
      What does the Adidas pureBOOST Xpose provide to the runner? Great support, an adaptive construction, elements that are both responsive and comfortable, and durability that lasts long into the shoe’s lifespan. Besides this, it’s a shoe designed for the female runner, one that was designed to perform and conform to their needs over time. For what it provides, the pureBOOST Xpose is a great investment. It’s not the most expensive sneaker on the market, that's for sure.
      The STRETCHWEB outsole is a dynamic construction that offers some of the best traction on the market today. Adapting to various surfaces that provides excellent grip with no slip, the rubber outsole of the adidas pureBOOST Xpose is a flexible material that, over time, molds itself to the wearer’s habits to provide a great fit and incredible traction.
      The neoprene mesh fabric ensures great flexibility in the upper while its STRETCHWEB outsole is also incredibly flexible and adaptive to provide a great amount of flexibility throughout a ride. Few female-oriented shoes on the market today are as flexible as the adidas pureBOOST Xpose.
      Made for neutral runners and providing excellent support for such runners, the stability the pureBOOST Xpose is great for such runners. However, this is not specifically a stability shoe. Although it will serve those with a neutral running gait well, this is not specifically a stability shoe.
      Featuring an 8mm drop, this is a slightly lower drop than the standard running shoe. It’s not zero-drop and it’s not maximalist. Instead, runners will find the drop just a little lower than usual, which will serve the runner well with a slightly slicker transition through the running gait.
      Key Features
      - Boost™ technology in the midsole
      - STRETCHWEB rubber outsole
      - Highly adaptable shoe while also being stylish
      - Incredibly responsive
      - Competitive price
      - Stylish and sleek
      Bottom Line
      After this review, there’s little else to say about the adidas pureBOOST Xpose and its great qualities. Forget about price (which is reasonable, considering what it offers). Its comfort level, support, responsiveness, and overall durability is something to consider when purchasing a pair. Besides this, its overall aesthetic is something that many runners will respond to: it’s a fine-looking pair of trainers, one that can serve as a slick pair on a ride or something that can be enjoyed as a daily trainer. Everything that this pair of shoes offers makes it a great investment for runners that are looking for a comfortable daily sneaker or those that want a solid shoe for short or long-distance runs. Don’t fret: here’s a great, lightweight sneaker for women that delivers every step of the way.

      Adidas has been making great sportswear for generations now, and focusing on the female-exclusive market has become a boon to its business, mostly because it has developed a great shoe that addresses the needs of this demographic without skimping on quality. In fact, the adidas pureBOOST Xpose is strong because of its specificity. Focusing on women, they delivered an excellent running shoe that will conform and develop along with the women that hit the road every day to hew closer to perfection. The adidas pureBOOST Xpose is a shoe for women that performs at the level women not only deserve but demand. Mile after mile, this is a shoe they can depend on to attain their goals and get to where they’re going, wherever that may be.

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      By Mike Gray
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