Adidas Ultra Boost Parley Fully Reviewed and Tested

Are you a runner who loves comfort, stability, and durability? Do you love really bouncy and responsive shoes? Do you like lightweight shoes so you can run faster? Do you appreciate eco-friendly products? Do you want to help cut back on the plastic pollution in the oceans? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then the Adidas Ultra Boost Parley is the perfect shoe for you.

Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans to create this unique new running shoe. Adidas and Parley partnered up to help address the millions of pounds of plastic that are currently polluting the oceans. These new super comfortable running shoes are made from recycled plastic that is pulled from the ocean.

Runners will be able to enjoy the boost technology that they know and love for added comfort and that extra spring in your step for a faster run.  The Ultra Boost's soles are designed for runners to increase stability and grip while running in many different conditions.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Made of recycled plastic from Earth's oceans
  • Utilizes Adidas's Boost technology
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great for running in many conditions
  • Lightweight 
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Needs to be broken in
    • Fit a little too light on the top of the foot
    • Upper knit is thick and can make your feet overheat
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Adidas Ultra Boost Parley shoes is made of Continental Rubber for an increased grip and to help the runners stability on both wet and dry surfaces. Continental Rubber is a company that also produces vehicle tires so they know what they are doing when it comes to treads and traction and it makes these running shoes just a little bit better.

      The outsoles are not only great for traction for the runner but they are also built to last. The Continental rubber on the outsoles of the Ultra Boost Parley's makes them very durable and hard to wear down. On top of the Continental rubber, there is a stretchweb design to help the shoe flex and move along with the motion of the runner while on the go.
      As the name suggests, the Ultra Boost Parley utilizes Adidas's boost technology for superior comfort. Adidas gives us a full-length boost cushioned midsole that gives runners a soft cushioning and the highest energy return than any other running sneaker.

      The boost midsoles are made of small, solid granular materials that are blown up and turned into small little energy capsules. When the capsules are put together to make the boost midsole they are able to store and release more energy than any of the other shoe designs that are on the market.
      The Ultra Boost Parley's upper is unique in the fact that it is made almost entirely of recycled materials. Adidas's partnership with Parley for the Oceans has them making these shoes from plastic that is dredged up from the oceans and turned into the knit fiber that is used for the upper of these shoes.

      Some runners have complained that the upper of these shoes can feel a bit tight across their foot, but that can usually be corrected by going up a shoe size. Another downside to the upper is that it comes up a little high in the back, higher than a pair of ankle socks, and it can cause some rubbing on the ankles.
      The beauty of this shoe is that it is so lightweight, runners have compared these to running on clouds. The low weight of these shoes is ideal for those who run long distances or are running for speed. The average weight of these shoes comes in at 10.9 ounces. It is a little on the higher end for a lightweight shoe, but it doesn't feel like it when they are on and in use.
      Because of the way these shoes are put together and because they are made from recycled plastics, these shoes are not as breathable as they could be and they do not keep your feet as cool as you would probably like when running for long periods of time.

      Runners have reported that their feet tend to overheat during marathons if they are wearing thicker socks, so they recommend wearing a very light sock with these to keep the feet cool and more comfortable.
      Adidas's boost technology makes these shoes extremely comfortable and it's one of the biggest selling points of these shoes. The shoes are so comfortable they are named after the technology that makes them so. The Ultra Boost Parley offers the runner a midsole that will keep their feet happy and bouncy and as runners know, a happy foot is a happy runner.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost Parley is made from Adidas's Primeknit, which means the upper is knitted seamlessly all in one piece. The benefit of the shoes being made from Primeknit that is made from the fibers of recycled plastic is that it allows the shoes to have a rich texture. Also, allows Adidas to play around with different colors and patterns which gives these shoes a premium look. The shoes wouldn't be complete without Adidas's iconic three stripes which appear on the sides and are used to make the supportive midfoot cage.
      With the combination of the Continental Rubber and stretch-web outsole, the boost midsole, and recycled plastic yarn for the upper, these shoes are extremely durable. The outsole is made from the same rubber that is used to make car tires, so they are made to last.

      The midsoles of these shoes have been found to be fairly durable as well. It is usually the midsole that will wear out on running shoes the fastest but there haven't been any complaints stating that this is the case with these great shoes. As for the upper, the recycled plastic fiber that makes it up is tightly woven and is made to last.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost Parley shoe offers a lot for the runner when it comes to protection. First, there is a supportive midfoot cage that wraps around your foot to give you structure where you need it most. The heel of the shoe uses a four-way stretch material with an external butterfly heel counter that works together to wrap around and support the Achilles and holds your foot into place without restricting your natural movement. The full-length boost cushioning these shoes boast about does more than just add comfort, it is extremely responsive and helps the shoe absorb the force of the impact while running.
      The boost midsole of the Adidas Ultra Boost Parley is extremely responsive. The small energy capsules that make up the boost midsole are made for maximum responsiveness. These shoes give you that amazing little spring in your step while you are running which helps you increase your speed and comfort. This is just one more thing that Adidas's boost technology has perfected.
      Part of the beauty of the Ultra Boost Parley is that they utilize Adidas's Torsion System for added support while you are running. This simply means there is thermoplastic arch support that works like a bridge between the front and back if your foot.

      This makes it so that the back and front of the feet can move independently of each other and allows the runner to more easily adapt to different running surfaces without straining the foot too much. Adidas uses a four-way stretch heel and an external butterfly heel counter to work together to hold your foot in place without restricting your natural movement to give you a little bit of extra support while on the run.
      The Ultra Boost Parley is marketed to be a road running shoe but that does not stop runners from taking these shoes off-road. The beauty of the Continental Rubber and stretch web outsole of these shoes is that it makes it possible to run just about anywhere, on any terrain.

      As previously mentioned, Adidas suggests these shoes be worn running on roads, treadmills, or other flat surfaces, but with the amazing traction, these shoes offer they are great for trail running or jogging down a gravel road. With these shoes, you are free to run just about anywhere, whether in wet weather or dry, uphill or down, inside or out, or on road or off.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost Parley shoes are on the expensive end of the price range for good running shoes. The MSRP of these shoes is $180 but can be found at different prices from different sites across the internet.

      These shoes have a lot to offer runners in the way of comfort, style, and durability, and a lot of people say that these shoes are well worth the high price tag. They may cost you a pretty penny but they are going to last so you won't see yourself dishing out money again for a new pair as soon as you would if you went with a cheaper running shoe.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost Parley shoes have an amazing grip which in turn makes for great traction. The Continental rubber outsole with the stretchweb bottom gives the runner a grip that lets them run in all kinds of conditions without fear of slipping.
      Because of Adidas's Torsion system in the Ultra Boost Parley, the shoes offer great flexibility. The floating arch lets the runner move both the front and back of their foot independently and allows the runner a more natural motion with each step. The Torsion system acts as a bridge between the front and back of the foot and supports the runners midfoot. By supporting the midfoot it serves as a platform to help the runner avoid improper flexing of the arch of their foot.
      The floating arch on the inside of the shoe helps the wearer by giving them some extra support for runners who are prone to aches and pains. There is also an external cap on the heel that holds the runner's foot in place to keep it from moving around as you walk. These two things work in unison to give runners some much-needed support when they are on the run.

      One downfall to these shoes, though, is that it is not the best option for runners who may over or under pronate while running. If you are one of the thousands of runners who have the tendency to roll your foot either inward or outward while running then these shoes might not have the stability you will need; however, if you are looking for a shoe with a normal arch type then this one is for you.
      The drop of the Adidas Ultra Boost Parley sits at 10mm, which means the heel sits about 10mm higher off the ground than the front of your foot. Because of the drop, you are putting a little bit more pressure on the front of your foot but the boost cushioning means that this is not going to be a problem for you.

      Sometimes a higher drop can cause runners to experience some discomfort after a long run from the pressure on the forefront of the foot, but that is not the case with the Ultra Boost Parley. The drop of this shoe runs slightly higher than the average drop in running shoes but still falls within the average range of 8mm - 12mm.
      Key Features
      -Continental rubber with stretchweb outsole
      -Adidas's Boost technology for extra comfort
      -Lightweight running shoe
      -Made from plastic recycled from oceans around the world
      -Durable construction
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas Ultra Boost Parley shoes are a wonderful pair of running shoes for those that are looking for something lightweight, fast, comfortable, and built to last. The eco-friendly shoes are made from recycled plastics from the Earth's oceans as a result of Adidas's partnership with Parley from the Oceans (a company that re-purposes recycled plastics). These shoes are a little on the expensive end but they are well worth the hefty price tag. Adidas makes another amazing running shoe with the Ultra Boost Parley.
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      By Jessica Brown
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