Altra Timp 1.5

The Timp 1.5 is the latest model in one of Altra's newest and best-received lines. Along with the brand's zero-drop platform, it also includes a number of other supportive and stabilizing features. The outsole is made from a long-lasting DuraTread compound and includes a TrailClaw for greater levels of traction. EVA foam is used to create the shoe's thick midsole unit, ensuring plenty of soft cushioning and a flexible wear. And a new multi-directional mesh forms the upper for a breathable, sock-like fit that's reinforced with TPU overlays. Reviewers have marveled over the fact that they can easily use this model on both rugged trails and everyday paved surfaces.

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Pros & Cons


-Very comfortable

-Incredible traction

-Relieves foot pain



-Does not fit true to size

-Cushioning might be too soft for some

Key Features
The Timp 1.5's outsole is made using Altra's trademarked DuraTread rubber compound. Aside from being long-lasting, it's also meant to give the runner a more enhanced grip on both rugged terrains and everyday surfaces. It also features the brand's Trailclaw design, which perfectly maps out every single section of the foot for a more precise and controlled run. Its gripping lugs also heighten overall responsiveness by maintaining traction and support even during the toe-off phase. And the horizontal lugs on its medial and lateral sides prove especially useful during uphill and downhill runs.
Like all other models within the line, Altra relies on standard EVA foam for the Timp 1.5's midsole. Though brands have begun to develop their own materials to provide a more enhanced and more customized wear, many still rely on EVA for comfortable cushioning and a responsive wear. Though it may not be as advanced as what other brands have to offer, its 29mm platform height still ensures runners a substantial amount of cushioning as well as protection from jagged surfaces and many other hazards that they might encounter. In addition, this feature is also equipped with Innerflex technology to allow easier and more natural bending and flexing. This, in turn, creates greater comfort and stability. Added support and stability come in the form of a 5mm Contour Footbed, which follows the natural shape of a human foot.
A welcome update from this model's predecessor, Altra uses a brand new multi-directional mesh for the Timp 1.5's upper. Aside from providing unrestricted breathability, it also bends, moves, and flexes in every direction to ensure a truly natural and unrestricted wear, allowing the runner to move over rocks and through forests with ease. Minimal yet effective TPU overlays are present, as well as an aggressive heel clip that wraps around the back, strengthens ankles support, and integrates with the shoe's lacing system. A 4-Point Gaitertrap system is also in place, allowing runners the option of wearing gaiters to block out possible trailing debris. A Footshape Toe Box follows the natural outline of the runner's toes and provides a suitable amount of toe room for greater stability. Finally, a toe bumper is formed at the front to safeguard against accidental impact.
Because it is a stability trail-running model, it's not entirely surprising that the Timp 1.5 is on the heavier side. According to product listings, men's sizes average at around 12 oz. while women's round off at 9 oz. It's actually quite common for shoes with this kind of purpose to have a little extra weight on them, due to the additional features they contain. Though most reviewers feel that this particular shoe is lightweight enough for constant wear, a small handful of buyers feel that it's a bit too much on the heavy side.
Reviewers seem to be very satisfied with all the benefits that the Timp 1.5's new mesh upper offers them. Of course, there's the support and stability of its sock-like fit as well as its ability to allow natural movement. But its high levels of breathability is what truly adds to its comfortable wear. Minimalistic overlays allow unrestricted airflow to reach hotspots from almost every direction, especially along the forefoot and sides where they most occur. This not only ensures a cooler and dryer wear but also makes them an especially good fit for summertime runs.
Its comfortable wear is easily the Timp 1.5's biggest selling point, according to most reviewers. The EVA midsole, which offers softer cushioning than its predecessor, is responsible for most of this. A 5mm Contoured Footbed adds to this by being molded around the natural shape of a human foot, fully supporting the runner and preventing in-shoe wobbling. The upper's multi-directional mesh adapts to the runner's every movement, preventing blisters and irritations, while its breathable wear keeps the foot cool and dry all day. The only real downside is that some runners feel it doesn't always fit true to size.
For the most part, the Timp 1.5 has the same silhouette as its predecessor. The only noticeable difference is that the upper is structured to fit closer to the natural shape of the foot. Its design details, on the other hand, are very different. Multi-directional mesh replaces water-resistant mesh, and stitched-on overlays have been swapped out for printed-on TPU overlays. Even its color schemes are different this time around, as it's now offered in shades of blue or grey with an accent color. Men's options are Blue/Lime, Grey/Blue, Grey/Orange, and Red/Grey. Women's are Dark Blue, Blue/Raspberry, Grey/Lime, Grey/Plum.
Multiple reviews indicate that runners are extremely happy with the Timp 1.5's level of durability. Its outsole's DuraTread compound is known to be incredibly long-lasting, especially when used on rough and challenging surfaces. Even areas of the sole that would otherwise wear down easily stay intact. Though EVA foam is considerably less durable than newer technologies that have been developed, comments suggest that it's still able to maintain its shape fairly well considering its intended usage. The mesh upper's adaptive, multi-directional construction means that it's much more resistant to wear and tear than standard materials. The printed-on TPU overlays, toe-bumper, and heel clip enable it to hold its shape for even longer.
Though not as extensive as some other trailing shoes on the market, the Timp 1.5's protective features still keep the runner safe from almost every hazard that they could face. Its outsole's DuraTread compound and TrailClaw design provide a long-lasting grip on both challenging surfaces and paved roads, whether they're wet or dry. The EVA midsole cushions the foot while providing a decent amount of shock absorption and energy transfer, and its 29mm platform height protects the underfoot against any sharp or jagged hazards that they may encounter. Its new mesh upper adapts with each movement while providing complete breathability, keeping everything from blisters and irritations to foot odor at bay. Its 4-Point Gaitertrap system enables runners to don extra protection against all types of trailing debris. A toe bumper is placed at the front to shield against accidental impact, and its heel counter integrates with the lacing system for a more secure fit. The only downside is that, with the replacement of waterproof mesh for newer material, this model will give less protection against wet environments.
Though its level of responsiveness isn't nearly as high as Adidas' Ultra Boost or Nike's Zoom technology, EVA foam still offers runners a pretty substantial amount of shock absorption and energy transfer. This allows the Timp 1.5, as well as other models made by Altra, to give trail runners a relatively pain-free wear. The traction provided by the outsole's TrailClaw design, and it foot-like design, enhance this quality even further. The multi-directional mesh upper has some responsive qualities as well since it can easily adapt to each of the wearer's movements.
Along with comfort and stability comes the incredibly supportive wear that the Timp 1.5 provides. Its EVA midsole has a platform height of 29mm for maximum cushioning, and it's paired with a Contoured Footbed for a more stabilizing and supportive wear. Its upper also gives greater support than that of its predecessor, thanks to its multi-directional mesh that wraps around the foot for a truly adaptive sock-like fit. TPU overlays add to this sensation, as does a padded collar which sits right underneath the ankles.
According to product listings and reviews, the Timp 1.5 can perform just as well on everyday surfaces as it can on rugged terrains. Thanks to its DuraTread compound and TrailClaw design, trail runners are able to move across everything from rocks and roots to dirt trails and even mud with ease. Wet environments prove to be no challenge at all, and its breathable wear keeps things nice and comfortable during warm-weather runs. Its ability to transition onto everyday paved surfaces with no issues makes it an excellent starter shoe for those who are just getting into trailing.
The Timp 1.5 is definitely on the higher side of average when it comes to its price tag. Across all online outlets, from Zappos and Road Runner Sports to Altra's own website, this model is listed for $130. Though this seems quite expensive to a number of buyers, its levels of comfort and stability, durable wear, and protective features more than justify its cost. Those who enjoy trail running or are in need of some corrective footwear would absolutely find that this model is worth every dollar that they spend on it.
All aspects of its outsole's design allow the Timp 1.5 to offer an incredible amount of traction. Altra has engineered its DuraTread compound to not only be long-lasting but also to enhance the shoe's overall grip on everything from rocks to mud. Its overall design resembles a human foot, indicating that it maps out the runner's anatomy to allow them greater control over their movements. And a TrailClaw is comprised of specialized lugs that enable a more secure and controlled toe-off.
Reviews indicate that the Timp 1.5 allows for a reasonably flexible wear, despite its thick 29mm platform. This is thanks primarily to its EVA midsole material, which is softer and easier to move around in than that used by its predecessor. Even the DuraTread compound outsole still enables the runner to move around naturally. Of course, this wouldn't be nearly as easy, or comfortable, without the multi-directional mesh upper, which wraps around the foot and allows the runner to bend and flex it in all directions as they run.
Though it does not include any corrective features, the Timp 1.5 is still marketed as a stability shoe thanks to its overall design and level of support. First off, its outsole completely maps out all parts of the foot, ensuring a natural run, and its TrailClaw design makes for a very secure toe-off. While its EVA midsole already gives enough cushioning and responsiveness on its own, a Contoured Footbed is also included to prevent in-shoe wobbling. The multi-directional mesh upper provides a sock-like wear that wraps completely around the foot while adapting to its every move. Printed TPU overlays, an extensive heel counter, and padded collar ensure further stability by maintaining structure and helping the lacing system with preventing accidental removal.
Just like all other Altra models, the Timp 1.5 features a zero drop platform for runners who need optimal balance and enhanced posture from their footwear. It also allows them better control over their movements, especially on more challenging terrains. And with a full-length platform height of 29mm, runners are guaranteed plenty of cushioning that will protect them from both impact and jagged surfaces. Of course, those to prefer the added heel support might not be happy with this model or any others released by Altra.
Key Features
-DuraTread rubber outsole with TrailClaw
-29mm EVA foam midsole with Innerflex
-Multi-directional mesh upper
-4-Point Gaiter Trap
-Footshape toe box
-Zero-drop platform
Bottom Line
The Altra Timp 1.5 proves to be an excellent trail running shoe for those who prefer their footwear with a zero-drop platform. Its outsole provides stable and long-lasting traction, and its midsole unit gives plenty of soft yet protective cushioning that's also highly responsive. And with this model's more close-fitting design and new multi-directional mesh upper, it also ensures a supportive, sock-like wear that offers breathability, protection, and a very appealing look. Obviously, there are a few aspects of this shoe that could use some improvement, such as its inconsistent fit. But overall, fans of stability and trail running are sure to get plenty of use out of this model for a long time.
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