Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 Fully Reviewed

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 is a superbly constructed daily trainer shoe with a neutral arch, making it perfect for long-distance training. This tenth iteration of the Vomero features numerous upgrades from its predecessors, it providing enough support and cushioning for individuals planning on going the distance.

However, some aspects of the Vomero 10’s design that aren’t a departure from its predecessors is the emphasis on creating a long-lasting, comfortable, and dependable running shoe. Nike has chosen to stick with the same look as well for the most part, but it's still an excellent overall update on a time-tested design.

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Pros & Cons
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Responsive while still having ample cushion
  • Flywire technology provides support while keeping the shoe’s weight low
  • Grippy outsole provides traction and stability
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Cons
    • Higher price
    • Not suitable for long running sessions
    • Poor forefoot breathability
    • Not suitable for running on the trail.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of these Nike running shoes has received quite a makeover since the previous iteration. The rubber lugs placed underfoot provide ample traction and are made of very durable Duralon rubber. The heel area features high abrasion rubber, providing traction and durability.

      In this version of the Zoom Vomero, the transition groove has been deepened slightly to improve flexibility and responsiveness. The blue color that can be seen in the sole marks the lightweight Lunarlon cushion blending with the harder EVA foam. Also noticeable in the outsole are flex grooves which work to enhance the shoe's flexibility. This full-contact outsole is much improved over previous models and provides a more efficient, protective running session.
      Cushlon foam is used in the majority of the Nike Zoom Vomero 10's midsole. As its name implies, this material provides a highly cushioned and comfortable ride, while still feeling very responsive.
      The forefoot cushioning is much softer than in the heel of the shoe, allowing for a greater connection between your toes and the surface you are running on, while still ensuring enough shock absorption for heel strikes.

      When wearing these running shoes, the result of these thoughtful midsole design decisions is a comfortable and highly efficient time on the track or field.
      The upper portion of the Nike Zoom Vomero 10 has been given a slight makeover and it is a definite upgrade. The addition of a seamless FlyMesh material helps to provide a snug fit without any uncomfortable creases.

      Even better, this lightweight and porous material help in maintaining an appropriate level of ventilation throughout the foot. The FlyWire overlays in the upper are now double knit, which help to secure the foot within the shoe. The flexible material used for the majority of the upper ensures an easily adjusted fit when implemented in conjunction with the lacing system.
      Weighing in at 10 ounces, this version of the Zoom Vomero is a bit of an increase from the last one. Because it isn’t the lightest available running shoe of its kind on the market, some runners may find the extra weight to be a hindrance and will want to steer clear.

      However, what this shoe lacks in lightness is made up for in durability and responsiveness. The extra weight used in the design and manufacture of these Nike running shoes isn’t wasted; when compared to similarly cushioned neutral trainers, the Vomero 10 is in the same ballpark weight.
      FlyMesh material used in the construction of the Nike Zoom Vomero 10 upper helps to make them very breathable. It's a definite improvement from the previous version of the shoe and provides a much greater surface area of the ventilated material.

      Because of this design choice, runners can use these shoes comfortably in warmer climates and seasons without fear of pooling sweat and swampy feet. In addition, the excellent distribution of the Vomero 10’s weight manages to prevent undue strain when running in them, which can further contribute to a lower internal temperature.
      In order to best accommodate casual and competitive runners, Nike designed the Air Zoom Vomero 10 to be an exceptionally comfortable shoe. It's flexible, responsive, and built with high-quality proprietary Nike materials such as FlyMesh, Flyknit, and Duralon.

      With the implementation of seamless material, the design of the upper portion is intended to reduce interior friction that might cause blisters on runner’s feet during long exercise sessions. The high cushioning present in the midsole is soft and provides another layer of cushion for the wearer, with special consideration given to providing comfort during heel strikes.
      In the spirit of Nike, the Air Zoom Vomero 10 is an extraordinarily sleek running shoe that showcases a sporty aesthetic. It comes in a variety of neutral and vivid colors that are sure to please most runners, as they make a strong visual impression and can coordinate well with other Nike exercise apparel.

      The outsole features a coordinated but polarized color scheme to the upper, helping it to stand out from the rest of the shoe. This is all par for the course in terms of Nike, however, these shoes are certainly not the most visually appealing out of their entire stock. Even an average Nike shoe blows the competition out of the water with their incredible fashion sense.
      Several tweaks and changes were made to the Air Zoom Vomero model in order to enhance the shoe’s durability. For example, the upper portion of the shoe is much less susceptible to wear and tear than previous iterations due to Nike’s new FlyMesh technology, which is tough and durable while still providing adequate airflow.

      In this version of the Vomero, the upper also features an extra protective layer to increase the shoe’s lifespan. FlyWire overlays also help to enhance structural integrity while also providing a snug fit. As you can see, most of these durability-enhancing changes carry additional benefits to other important design aspects, which is a testament to Nike’s unparalleled design team.
      Features have been implemented in this version of the Air Zoom Vomero to ensure runner’s protection while wearing them. The FlyWire lacing system on the upper ensures the wearer is securely strapped in and the four overlays present on the sides help to protect the wearer from injury and debris.

      This won’t offer the kind of security you may expect from more hardcore trail shoes, but it’s serviceable for general use on a track or around the town. So as long as you avoid jagged terrain and stick to flatter, harder surfaces such as a sidewalk or running track, these shoes will provide the level of protection necessary to finish your run.
      A new Nike technology called Lunarlon was used in the construction of the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10. The titular Zoom Air tech is also included, a staple of this specific Nike shoe line. These newer and older materials help to enhance the overall responsiveness of the Vomero 10, with the midsole being packed with excellent cushioning and a nice rebound effect.

      In order to provide a better feel for the ground on your forefoot, lighter material is used near the front, with heavier padding added to the heel for added comfort. You won’t receive the same feeling of 1:1 responsiveness that you would with minimalist or barefoot-style running shoes, but it’s the same amount you would expect from a basic running shoe.
      The Nike Zoom Vomero 10 is constructed from high-quality material. The midsole features a hard EVA wedge and several pockets of Zoom Air material which provide a good amount of support for the wearer while keeping the total weight down.

      This is a delicate balance for running shoe manufacturers to strike, as it’s important to provide enough support to prevent pain while keeping the weight low enough to maintain solid responsiveness. Fortunately, these running shoes strike that balance beautifully, but did you expect anything different from one of the most popular footwear companies around?
      With a tough outsole and upper, these Nike running shoes are able to tackle a variety of situations within reason. It still doesn’t provide suitable cushion or protection for rough trails or steep inclines, but it still provides benefits comparable to trail shoes that aren’t often seen in running shoes.

      Case in point: the outsole is designed to provide traction on both wet and dry terrain, and the upper works to keep the wearer's foot dry in inclement weather. That makes the Air Zoom Vomero 10 perfect for running even in light to moderate rain storms.
      The Nike Zoom Vomero 10 is priced a bit higher than other shoes of its kind. It's not the most expensive shoe produced by Nike, however, and it is far from the most expensive running shoe. This price is also justified due to the fact that they certainly provide a good product for the price. The fantastic features packed into these running shoes likely play into the high price tag. Overall, the shoe is a good purchase despite the higher cost, especially considering its high durability and impeccable style.
      A tough rubber outsole fitted with flex grooves has been added to the Air Zoom Vomero 10. This helps to provide decent traction in most conditions, but it really comes into its own when used on the roads. In comparison with the Vomero 9, the Vomero 10 features much larger lugs in the forefoot and extends them throughout the outsole as well.

      The crash pad of the previous Vomero version was removed and instead replaced with more lugs to help provide better traction. Dubbed the 'Crash Rail,' This new area provides better grip and enhanced stability for the wearer. As a result, you may feel as though these shoes are able to handle some off-roading, but the lower durability and cushioning will quickly shake these fantasies from your head if you actually tried to put them into practice.
      The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 is fairly flexible, helping to provide a smooth ride for runners. This is accomplished with the implementation of cutting-edge design and materials, such as the lightweight and forgiving Duralon rubber outsole.

      The generous heel drop helps to improve flexibility in the forefoot as well, which provides a fringe traction benefit while wearing them. Overall, the flexibility present in these Nike shoes is greater than you may expect, but not enough to detract from other important aspects of its design.
      With Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 is achieved a terrific degree of stability. The is due in part to the Air Zoom Vomero 10’s outsole, which features excellent grip, and the upper, which provides support through its snug fit. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this shoe’s stability is how well it handles moisture since the highly breathable upper and extremely grippy lower function beautifully in the rain.

      One unfortunate drawback in regards to the stability, however, is that it won’t be able to carry you past a half-marathon length of running. Be sure to limit your running sessions to this cutoff, or plan on taking a few breaks.
      12mm of elevation has been implemented in the midsole of these shoes extending from the heel to the toe. This heel drop is quite a bit higher than the standard for most other running shoes and will take some adjusting for runners more acclimated to trail shoes or minimalist shoes. The higher drop does not hinder the shoe's performance, however, but neutral-footed runners will still need to adjust.
      Key Features

      • Breathable FlyMesh upper

      • FlyWire technology provides secure fit

      • Zoom Air & Lunarlon midsole provides cushioning and impact protection

      • High Abrasion Rubber outsole ensures high traction in rough environments

      Bottom Line
      For those that are seeking a high-performance daily trainer, the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 is a good option. The shoe offers ample cushioning and a responsive ride, all while maintaining a reasonable weight. The re-designed upper provides a better fit, higher comfort, and greater breathability.

      The outsole will blow your socks off if you’re coming from other casual running shoes, as it provides traction almost on par with heavier trail shoes. All in all, the Vomero 10 is a fantastic update to a shoe that's delivered in the past from a manufacturer known for defining an era of footwear.
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      By Harry Bennett
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