Nike Air Max Trainer 1

The modern-day version of the 1987 classic is back and it’s better than ever. The sublime cushioning will dampen the stress on the joints and impact-absorption won’t even be an issue once you step into this timeless, elegant pair of shoes. The rubber outsole that extends and thickens at the rearfoot blends effortlessly with the cushioning system and the lightweight midsole foam will provide your feet with enough flex and responsiveness. The midfoot strap is the retro-element reminiscent of the original, and it has a key role in stabilizing the top of your foot and keeping it in place while jumping. This remake doesn’t have any obvious flaws and at its reasonable price, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to purchase two at once – that’s how blown away we are by this gym shoe.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
Road Runner Sports Link
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Pros & Cons
  • Breathable mesh upper provides airflow
  • Max Air units are seamlessly integrated into the outsole for added stability and shock-absorption
  • Outsole lug patterns provide great traction
  • Lace-up design features a drawstring closure
  • Midfoot Velcro strap provides stability
  • Beautiful, timeless design
  • Flex grooves on the outsole
  • Flat heel provides stability when performing compound movements
  • Great price point
  • Lightweight
  • Durable materials
  • Cons
    • Not suitable for overpronators
    • Key Features
      The Nike Air Max Trainer 1 workout shoe is equipped with durable, long-lasting rubber on the outsole that is specifically designed to transfer the weight evenly and provide good traction during quick compound movements. The outsole of this fashion-forward trainer seems a bit fragile, but it’s anything but – it’s sturdy, textured and patterned while being thinner and more flexible into the forefoot in order to provide natural foot movements. Trident-like grooves can be found in the forefoot area of the outsole, and they’re designed with the intent to increase lateral flexibility and quick toe-off movements. The front part of the outsole rubber extends to the toe box, creating a discreet protective cover. The midfoot area is covered in dense, small lugs and the heel area features circular dents in the sole that create a suction-cup effect.
      The name of this trainer already evokes a clear expectation of what this midsole has to offer – supreme cushioning and bounciness, without the bulky foam that changes the shape of the whole shoe. The midsole features an air cushioning unit which is essentially a transparent layer of pressurized air. This cushion unit is designed to return the energy the weight pressure produces and quickly snap back into place. The unit itself is surrounded by Phylon, which is a lightweight and durable protective and responsive material. The AirMax cushion system is partially embedded into the outsole rubber so that it works in synergy with the form outsole to prevent any instability in the heel. A layer of firm, yet spongy foam goes through the rest of the midsole and is specifically designed to increase midfoot and forefoot flexibility, along with the outsole grooves.
      The most prominent part of the Nike Air Max Trainer 1 is the Velcro strap that goes over the top midfoot area which comes in really handy when performing lateral weight lifting exercises. The whole upper is made out of synthetic leather materials, strap included, and the trainer comes in two variations: the leather one and the mesh one. This is really a refreshing take on this training shoe because now you can get the same exact sole, cushioning and build, but adjust it to your daily needs and climate. The mesh variation looks a little more elegant and minimalistic and provides better ventilation overall. The lacing system is small and works like a drawstring to add another layer of stability to the foot.
      The Air Max Trainer 1 is an incredibly lightweight shoe that you won’t even feel on your feet while exercising, which can prove to be immensely beneficial while doing squat jumps, burpees, and other plyometric exercises.
      The breathability of this trainer is quite satisfactory; although the Velcro strap effectively prevents the whole upper from being one large mesh ventilation panel, your feet will not overheat or sweat in this perfectly balanced trainer.
      As with all Air Max shoes, we have grown accustomed to them being extremely comfortable and supportive. The shoe is available in men’s sizes US 6-15, including the half-sizes as well. It comes in classic D-medium profile sizes, which means it favors people with regular feet measurements. The inner padding around the ankle provides a snug fit and really gives the feeling of security and ultimate comfort. This is the ultimate comfort shoe that is perfect for jogs around the neighborhood, gym, HIIT training, weightlifting, as well as everyday wear. The fit of this versatile trainer is true to size, so you’re able to purchase it online without much concern for whether you'll have to return it.
      While a lot of people would call the Air Max Trainer 1 a retro-style shoe, due to its midfoot upper Velcro strap, we would go as far to say that it’s not retro at all – it’s actually pretty fashion-forward. With the dad-shoes coming back with a bang, this minimalist-looking trainer plays a perfect flirting game with the current trends, while keeping the classic look of the Nike Air Max unit intact. It is reminiscent of the brand’s first 1987 cross-training shoe, but on the other hand, it has a stance of its own – it nods in respect and pays homage to what was while knowing exactly where it wants to go. This gym buddy comes in five amazing color combinations that are bold and subdued at the same time. If we had to use one word to describe the immaculate design of the Trainer 1, it would be - timeless.
      One thing that becomes clearer by the day is that, with the recent compound engineering and design development, lightweight doesn’t mean less durable. This Air Max Trainer could have fooled you, with the pliable sole and the discreet pattern lugs on the bottom. Contrary to what it looks like, this gym shoe is made to sustain vast amounts of traction and not just any traction, but the multidirectional kind, and sustain it shall. No matter how heavy you lift or how many burpees you do, it’s going to be a while before you notice the first sights of wear and tear on this trainer.
      Quiet protection is what this shoe is all about. It might seem like a regular walking shoe at first glance, but with the midfoot strap, the drawstring lacing system, collar glove-like padding, stabilized outsole and the toe box rubber protection layer, this shoe will protect you from both heel and toe impacts, rubbing, blisters and skin irritations. The rearfoot and heel lateral brace are rubberized and thickened for additional abrasion-resistance. The cushioning and impact-protection is a story for itself – the small air bubble works great under pressure (pun intended). It will minimize any excess stress on the joints and allow you to focus solely on your workout.
      With the supremely implemented Air Max cushioning system and the pliable forefoot midsole, the Trainer 1 retains an optimal amount of responsiveness and a springy, swift feel in the foot, while providing extensive cushioning for those who need a little more support than usual. The feel of the abrupt movements in the Air Max Trainer 1 is effortless and elastic, and the energy return is just what you need to do that one repetition more than what you thought possible.
      The Nike Air Max Trainer 1 is made for people with normal pronation as well as Underpronation, and people with normal, medium-high and high arches. The forefoot Velcro strap provides a snug fit and additional support with plyometric exercises such as jumping jacks, jumping lunges, and burpees. These sneakers are neither high top nor low top but are specifically designed to be somewhere in between and cater to a broad audience. The molded collar is there to provide additional support and hold. The Trainer 1 does a truly great job at keeping your feet engaged and snug at the same time, creating a mildly supporting shoe that doesn’t restrain any movement whatsoever.
      This is a workout shoe. What that means it that is primarily intended to be used in the gym: on the treadmill, the elliptical and other cardio machines, but also for some light outdoor and indoor running, performing compound movements, HIIT workouts and other circuit training, as well as lifting weights. This is an amazing venture into creating a satisfactory all-round shoe for people who get tired of listening about all the different shoes intended for specific activities. For all of you in the back who have been asking “Where’s just a good ol’ regular shoe that I can do a lot of different things in?” – It’s here.
      The pricing on the Air Max Trainer 1 is nothing short of ideal. For this kind of quality and the multitude of purposes this shoe can be used for, the double-digit price is really a bargain.
      This workout shoe grips amazingly well to a variety of dry, flat surfaces and is made specifically with fast movements and pace changes in mind. The miniature lugs on the outsole are multidirectional and able to transfer pressure equally throughout the sole in a split second. They are close to the ground so you can really feel your surface without being overwhelmed or stressed by it. For all intents and purposes, the combination of grooves, lugs, and circular dents has provided this shoe with excellent traction.
      The pliable outsole rubber and midsole foam that goes through the midfoot and the forefoot, along with the fork-like grooves on the outsole, make this shoe as flexible as possible, all while providing optimal cushioning, lateral movement stability, and flexibility for daily workouts.
      When it comes to stability, the Trainer 1 has gone the odd-route and succeeded. While most shoes choose between stability and cushioning, this workout shoe blended the two so seamlessly, that it has left us wondering why everyone isn’t doing the exact same thing. The Air Max cushioning system is, naturally, great at shock absorbing and providing energy-return, but because of it being integrated into the outsole rubber compound which is then extended and blended into the heel rubber thickenings, there is a steadying effect on the rearfoot. This combination provides a good amount of stability as well.
      A flat heel might seem like an odd choice for some, but if you think about what this trainer is designed for, it all falls into place and becomes logical. Since the shoe is intended for bodyweight movements that include a lot of squats and positioning your bodyweight behind your heels in general, the designers have concluded that creating a drop in the heel would be counter-productive for stability, and they were right. The flat heel is a great feature that gives an extra confidence boost and makes you feel grounded, rather than wobbly.
      Key Features
      - Breathable mesh upper
      - Molded collar
      - Durable materials
      - Midfoot Velcro strap provides a snug fit
      - Max Air cushioning unit for impact protection
      - Rubber outsole provides great traction
      - Forefoot grooves allow for increased flexibility
      - Great price
      Bottom Line
      This is hands-down one of the most thoughtfully constructed and high-quality workout shoes around. The Nike Air Max Trainer 1 isn’t pretentious or flashy, and can easily be missed in the sea of flaming colors and outlandish-looking uppers. However, it’s one of the most stable, reliable and durable shoes you can buy (at an amazing price at that!), that will provide you with enough support and cushioning that you’ll feel like you can do more in the gym. The thoughtful flat heel will help you maintain perfect form while doing compound bodyweight movements, and the rubber toe bumper will shield your toes from ground impact while doing burpees and other jumping moves. All in all, this is a terrific sneaker that has absolutely everything a great gym shoe should have - and it throws in a little extra just in case.
      Where to Buy
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      By Lizzy Pavlovic
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